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I was wondering if you could write a little snippet of Boil and Waxer being caught by Obi??? I love your writing it makes my day 💙💙

Crossing his arms over his chest with hiding his amusement, Obi-Wan raised his brows at the two arch troopers staring up at him in shock. “Well then, I must admit I was not expecting to find you two n the supply closet.” He drawled calmly.

Finally jerking out of Waxer’s arms, Boil got up while clearing his throat, face turning a horrid shade of red as he did. “G-General! I can explain!” He fumbled for an explanation outside of the obvious one but found none as he glanced desperately between his grinning lover and his exasperated commander who was hiding his face in his hands.

“Indeed? Now this I have to hear.” Obi-Wan’s lips were twitching but he fought down the smile as he cocked his head, watching Waxer push himself up while brushing imaginary dust of himself. He had to say, Waxer looked both quite proud of himself and even a bit smug.

Finally Boil’s shoulders just slumped. “Okay I have nothing.”

Chuckling Obi-Wan gestured to the supply closet. “I imagine Waxer managed to convince you that a few moments playing… hooky wouldn’t be of any consequences and you, in a fit of distraction, agreed?”

Sending his now sniggering lover a dagger like glare, Boil gave a red faced nod. “Yes sir…”

Uncrossing his arms, Obi-Wan gave into his urge to chortle sharply with amusement as he shook his head. “Oh Boil, you’re usually so level headed.” He patted him on the shoulder before making his way around them to get the box of rations he needed from the supplies. “Next time, if you’re gonna let him convince you, head to the bunks huh?” The Jedi couldn’t resist teasing.

Mumbling to himself, Boil shot Waxer another glare. “Its gonna be a loooong time until next time sir, don’t you worry about that.”

Waxer shot him a startled look and then whined quietly but kept his peace as long as Obi-Wan was there, pouting at Boil.

“Another time gents.” Obi-Wan nodded, heading down the hall with his supplies and listening to Cody quickly catch up to him. Before the two rounded the corner they could hear angry hissing behind them and quiet pleading.

“…I am so sorry General.” Cody sighed.

“Oh don’t be, I’m glad those two are finding time to have some fun and its not like they were on guard or anything.” Obi-Wan grinned. “Honestly Boil’s look when the two fell out of the closet…” He sniggered hard.

Cody couldn’t resist joining him with a quiet snort. “I’ve never seen him look so startled before.” He agreed.

“And a bit of fun in this war is not to be denied… don’t take it out too hard on them Cody eh?” Obi-Wan patted the other on the shoulder with a small grin. “I’m glad they’ve found each other and Boil can do with a bit of sunshine in his life.” He shrugged.

“You may have a point General. And stars knows Waxer is a bundle of sunshine.” Cody agreed with a quiet laugh.

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Can I please please please ask for more teeny tiny Obi-wan? Perhaps having to shave and posing as a child for a mission/escape notice? Pretty please?

“You know, I’m not sure what I feel about the fact that you can pass for a teenager if you just shave.” Cody got out quietly to the Jedi.

“Be grateful.” Obi-Wan muttered back as he peered around the room while clinging to his bag and shifting nervously like said adolescent he was pretending to be, the droids of the port scanning each and every outgoing passenger. “Or we wouldn’t be leaving this port together.”

Cody made a low hum of understanding, resting his hand on his ‘step brothers’ shoulder in support as it was their turn to get scanned.

Holding his breath, Cody expected any moment for their false identification to ping red and felt himself slowly reach for his blaster when it chimed pleasantly and turned green, Obi-Wan moving past to wait for Cody to have his scanned.

His chimed green too and the two moved towards the skiff, moving up the ramp with a quiet murmur between the two.

Cody slid his arm around his small Jedi’s shoulders and kept him close, looking for all the world like a protective bounty hunter brother with his teenager brother at his side.

And it kept anyone from approaching them at least, Cody did notice a few people sending Obi-Wan furtive glances.

It made his stomach turn because they’re gazes meant nothing good, especially coupled with a few obscene gestures and low chortles.

“Ignore them.” Obi-Wan murmured as they both reached for the straps, Obi-Wan barely reaching them.

Actually he was standing a bit on his toes from the look of it.

“I don’t like the way the-”

His Jedi cut in with ease. “That’s been happening since I was a teenager Cody.” Obi-Wan murmured. “Its nothing I haven’t heard or seen before.” He assured.

Or tried to.

Little stars, Cody felt like snarling and he quickly shifted hand on the strap to wrap the one closest to Obi-Wan around his little boyfriend, giving the lechers a sharp glare as he did.

It was enough to turn them away even as ‘Ben’ turned into his side, pretending to seek comfort even as he gave a pleased little sigh.

Feeling the other settle his head on the scrounged up chest plate that was part of Cody’s disguise as a bounty hunter, Cody let himself settle in for the skiff to take off and bring them to the moon where they’d be able to meet up with the rest of the 212th.

It would certainly make Cody feel better about having more vods around his General.

Especially when the Jedi looked so young and vulnerable.

It made him question a bit their relationship but he knew he wasn’t attracted to adiik’s.

“I can’t wait until you got that beard back, you look way to young right now.” He grumbled a bit even as he held his Jedi to his side.

“The downside of my height, I look like a teenager. I promise you Cody, I’m getting the scruff back as soon as I can.” Obi-Wan snorted against his plate. “…Just please rescue me from Anakin when we meet up with him again.”

“Huh?” Cody blinked, confused.

He understood what his General meant when the blond General took one look at the redhead and then a gleeful grin broke out on the others face before he dropped the tools in his hands and ran for him. “Teeny!” He swiped Obi-Wan off his feet and into his arms, hugging him tightly. “Oh no you are back to being adorable!”

“Anakin put me down this instant!” Obi-Wan yelped, flailing to escape.

“You could pass for Ahsoka’s age! I think she’s taller then you with her monterals!” Anakin hefted his former master up on his hip with a wide grin. “Look at those smooth cheeks!”

“Commander! Help!” Obi-Wan yelped out and tried to knee the other in the stomach while shoving at his chest with his hands, face turning bright red as he squawked and flailed as much as possible.

Unable to help himself, Cody just started laughing with his other vods, knowing he’d pay for that by not sharing his riduurs bunk but come on, he was blushing so heavily and squeaking, his adorable Jedi was just too much.

And hey, at least by the time he got to join his bunk again, the beard would be back?

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All your blind Obi stuff is awesome and adorable and what happens when Qui Gon *does* come back to the front lines? Is Obiwan sent back to the Temple? Or is he kept around, like a cat?

There was a soft growling on either side of him as the gunship shook under them and Obi-Wan held onto the strap. “Steady there pilot.” He called out, grinning at the brush of fur on either side of him.

“Sorry General! Its really bad down there. I don’t think I’ll be able to land.” The trooper called back.

“That’s fine. I like making an entrance anyhow!” Obi-Wan laughed as the two creatures beside him growled in pleasure at the laugh. “Just open the hatch for me and we’ll take care of it.”

“You sure sir?”

“I’ve made far sharper drops then this.”


Anakin cursed as he deflected yet another blast, ignoring the blood trailing down his cheek. “Qui-Gon! This isn’t going to well!” He called out over the battle dim.

“I know! This is not according to pla-ah!” The far taller Jedi was floored by shrapnel and Anakin cursed as he jumped to the mans defense. “Again master?!”

“To many projectiles for an old man Anakin.” The bleeding Jedi offered in return. “But its just a flesh wound despite the heavy bleeding.” He breathed out and put his hand to healing it to return to the fight. “We should consider retreat.”

“If we go now, we will never get back the advantage we have and we’ll never reach the city!” To many lives had been scarified already for this to not let it matter. “What we could really do with is some Force forsaken backup!” Anakin snapped.

Qui-Gon was about to answer when they all heard the low hum of an approaching gunship.

“Anakin, how did…wait.” Qui-Gon reached out his senses to the ship, feeling an all to familiar Force energy bubbling in it. “Obi-Wan.” He breathed out.

“Oh thank the Force, we could do with his help.” Anakin laughed breathlessly. “But I’m not sure the gunship will be able to land.”

“I’d appreciate any help General Kenobi could come with honestly.” Commander Cody called out to them. Qui-Gon lost a bit of track of the gunship after that as he was forced to defend himself and his troopers from a volley of droids.

When he looked up again the gunship was hovering and the ramp was lowering. “Oh no.”

“What? Oh dear, he’s going to jump!? oh fuck he brought the cats!” Anakin laughed out in delighted shock shock.

“The cats?” The Commander asked before quite a few were left staring as a blurred tan and white shape suddenly jumped from the ramp of the ship only to be quickly followed by two much larger furred shapes in a blur after it.

Obi-Wan Kenobi landed in a smooth crouch, one hand to the ground to take some of the impact of his legs as two felines landed beside him on their cloven feet. The two meter tall cats snarled, their tusks jutting out on their lower jaw as their body tensed for the sprint, spur ended tails flickering in agitation behind them. Around their necks blue collars with lights on activated each time a blast came near the creatures, deftly deflecting them out of the path of the cats.

“Tusk cats.” Cody blinked.

“Obi-Wan’s tusk cats to be precise. Gifts from Naboo years ago now. Also fiercely protective of Obi-Wan and only listen to him.” Qui-Gon laughed a tiny bit as his former padawan stood slowly and activated his lightsaber, a fierce grin crossing the blind mans face.

With Force enhanced speed Obi-Wan moved forward, swiftly cutting a path through the droids with the cats first behind him before they speed past their master and plowed into the army in front of them, the squeal of metal crunching under their hooves

“We wanted backup, we got a one man army and his pets.” Anakin shook his head then grinned and vaulted forward to catch up to his brother padawan and the cats, leaving Qui-Gon to cover the rear.

“Commander, please stop drooling. Obi-Wan is quite nice to look at but please do it when we’re not fighting.”

“Y-Yes sir!”

Obi-Wan gave a loud laugh as Anakin landed beside him, Los and Atlast snarling in greeting to the other Jedi.

“I thought you were on medical leave!” Anakin called out while slicing through several combat droids as the cats stalked around them, swiping out their own to keep them of the clones and the Jedi’s.

“I am!” Obi-Wan laughed, a smear of oil on his face and armor. “And then I convinced the healers to fix me up and send me out!”

That got a laugh out of Anakin. “ONLY YOU!” He called as they advanced forward.

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Haha Tusk Cats? That is an awesome gift! Why and who gave them to him (I have my guesses haha). Did he get them as kittens (?) Your AUs just get better and better!

“No.” Obi-Wan tugged on Los right tusk firmly. “Bad, no growling.” He said sternly, smiling when the large cat huffed and flopped down beside Obi-Wan, tucking her head into the humans lap.

“Apologies Commander, sometimes they need to be reminded who’s in charge.” Obi-Wan tilted his head up towards the man in question, smiling that smile that sent Cody’s stomach flipping in the most pleasant of manners.

“That is fine sir. I was just…curious I guess.” He looked at the two creatures laying on each side of the human. Los he had learned was a female and Atlast a male, they were life mates. Gifts from Naboo from several years ago.

“Yes? About?”

“The Tusk cats. They are gifts, they belong to you. Yet Jedi are not suppose to accept gifts?”

Obi-Wan hummed at that and gestured for Cody to sit. “First of, its more that I am pride leader then owning. Second…yes, Jedi are not suppose to accept gifts. However its hard to ship two Tusk cat back to Naboo when they are delivered to the temple.” He grinned at Cody. “Senator Amidala has always been a clever woman, even when she was Queen of Naboo she was very cunning in how she acted.” He scratched behind Atlast ears, resting a hand on each.

Cody blinked then smiled a bit, seeing how the once Queen had gotten around the Jedi’s insistence of not accepting gifts. “She must have been very grateful.”

“That and I had already bonded to them.” Obi-Wan shrugged. “While on Naboo me and my master ended up in the Tusk cat pens. On Naboo they are breed as pets and mounts.”

“…Very large pets.”

“Indeed. And fiercely protective too, they are often used to guard herds of farmers.” A rough tongue licked his hand. “They are also quite gentle once tamed, they must consider you a threat…” Obi-Wan waggled his eyebrow at Cody and grinned a bit at the embarrassed silence.

The trooper cleared his throat.

“Technically speaking, one is mine and the other belongs to Qui-Gon. But as mentioned, they only listen to me.” Obi-Wan gave a tusk a gentle tug. “I do adore them.”

“How did you two end up in the tusk pens?”

“Oh, well, after the celebrations we were still on Naboo and we were bored…well I was bored. I ended up walking into the pen and there these two were. They were very unhappy with my invasion until I started giving them belly rubs.”

Two giant cats and Obi-Wan had just…given them belly rubs…okay.

Cody shook his head. He was starting to realize that Obi-Wan Kenobi was insane even by Jedi standards.