eheh oops

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tagged by two radical people: @jeanthefrenchplum and @patheticspecter

relationship status: In a committed relationship, promise rings were given<3

lipstick or chapstick: I had the tendency to pick at my lip skin so I should be using chapstick, buuut I don’t, oops eheh. Lipstick has more vibrant color.

last movie i watched: Kubo and the Two Strings (It’s on Netflix!)

last song i listened to: If in the one singing it, it’s a choral piece my choir’s singing called Kalinda. If it has to be not me, then I think it was Stay by Zedd and Aleissa Cara

top 3 shows: Steven Universe, Miraculous Ladybug, Sleepy Hollow

top 3 (Nope I’m adding four because I can’t drop one) ships: Starco, Adrienette, Nick x Judy [Zootopia; I’d love something tackling a interracial/interspecies relationship!], Lapearl

tagging: @iamthealphaai @misscreatureist @chubbydarks-


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anonymous asked:

For some reason I thought your birthday was June 6th and I had it written down as that? But it was a few days ago, apparently, so... Happy Late Birthday!! I've seen you get by through the years and you're so strong in blown away. You're in my prayers constantly, and I hope you find peace, and that you had a generally okay day. 🍓🍓🍓

Oh oops! :D Eheh, well, thank you!

It’s been a long time for us, huh? Were you here in the early days? Did you see the Loki eyeball incident? I hope you did, because I still think of that fondly and wonder if anyone’s still around to laugh at me for that. XD

But, really, thank you so much. I’ll do my best for a generally okay day, and I hope you have a good day as well. :)

RE:LOAD, Overwatch Dating Sim Game All Endings Walkthrough

Hey guys so I’ve been playing Re:Load, by @fullofbullets

Because I’m really into Overwatch right now basically everything about it gets me hyped so I made a complete and detailed walkthrough, here it is!

You can just ctrl+f and search for the character you’re looking for. Each character has 2 endings, and I’ve included the dialogue you get for EVERY ending, so you can take a look if you’re curious.

Walkthrough under the cut!

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I got confused why people were saying Pidge was Canadian and asked my friend about it and they said Pidge apparently has a southern Ontario accent. I had no idea. I live in southern Ontario, I didn't notice. They just sounded normal. Which I guess means that they do have an accent. Oops.

Ehehe tbh I didn’t really notice any particular accent on Pidge either, but then I’m not good at recognizing accents in general :P

But doesn’t Pidge also do the “eh?” at one point?