eheh it looks kinda

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Before he had a nose, but the thing is that I want people to only focus on his eyes. Plus his eyes are fucking big so he looks kinda weird with a nose eheh
Also I think he looks funnier without a nose

I got to 100 followers in less than a week of making an art side-blog for myself! Thank you all so very much! Here, have a crappy sketch of a fanged young Jesse McCree~


Hunger Games characters in Hogwarts oh yeah! (idk just felt like sorting some characters and then I drew this and…yeah)

Not really a story, although I’m thinking about some ideas, just I don’t have anything yet lol

Some of these guys were a real challenge to sort, hopefully I did decently xD You obviously are completely free to disagree with me, just don’t scream at me that I’m wrong cause really, there’s no way to tell! …Unless you’re J.K Rowling… in which case…my art is not worthy of your presence! D:

I gave Effie pink-ish hair!! :D I thought it’ll be cool if she was a Metamorphmagus so she could change her appearance into crazy capitol-ish stuff without the wigs and whatnot….but then I thought she would look too much like Tonks with the pink hair and all…I’m not so sure about that anymore xD

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How do you feel about kingdice/devil

I was neutral on it, didn’t really interest me that much initially… But it’s somewhat tainted now. Eheh. I kinda can’t look at that pairing without thinking of the people who wrongly insisted I drew child porn so it leaves kind of a bad taste in my mouth. One or two of them ship DevilDice and were kinda like “why ship DiceCup when DEVILDICE exists” and … bluh. 

I don’t mind drawing it as gifts for friends or commissions though! It’s just not something I have inspiration to draw art for of my own volition. Sorry! Who knows, though? That could change in future, once I get over my own personal bias. 


“You wanna give the toy machine a shot?”

“Ahh! I can’t wait to see what I get! It’s kinda like a treasure hunt! My heart’s starting to beat faster…! I didn’t get much allowance when I was a kid, so I could only afford one spin a week. But now I can do it all I want! Ehehe… It makes me feel kinda grown up.”

It looks to me like she had a really good time.


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Does Roxy have a beauty mark under her eye in the santa pic?

yeah she does! 8’)

Anon:You know for some reason the way you draw hair makes it look really soft. Whenever I see you on my dash I think “oh look its the floofy hair artist”

omg that me

(I read this comment about the hair (and drawings?) looking soft a lot it’s kinda funny eheh)

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what if mer!vriska was a siren and sunk pirate ships so she could loot their stuff

yeah haha she would do that at times probably, I was also going for the whole “singing to lure sailors” thing at first but then I found out sirens would be half-bird women actually, so I thought she could still do this sort of things while still being a mermaid 8’)

Anonymous said: In your awestruck (which I LOVE by the way!) why did Cronus leave the ocean?

(awestruck >:? ) thank you! I was just going for the parallel with regular troll Cronus not wanting to be a troll but a human!

Anon: Hi! I heard you say that the mer-people in the AU each had diverse powers. Could you tell us them?

I haven’t thought about them a lot yet but I was thinking something based on their usual Hs powers! like instead of controlling air John could be controlling water in a similar way and use it to attack enemies and stuff!

Anon: Is it bad that I kinda want to see the Merstuck merpeople in their abyss mode? Cause I kinda want to see how they look. »;;;

eheh it’s ok! I’ll try drawing more of them! c: