• Ouma: hey Akamatsu-chan, did it hurt?
  • Akamatsu: when?
  • Ouma: when you fell from heaven ;)
  • Saihara: very nice Ouma-kun. But did it hurt?
  • Ouma: when?
  • Saihara: when you fell from the stairs, hit your head and became a fucking idiot.
~Growing Pains~

How do a cat and dog hybrid get along? Very carefully.


Word Count: 9,216

The sun was already going to bed and the moon was beginning to rise for her job.  You got out of your afternoon class later than normal, your professor was one of those who was very passionate about their subject so you were kept almost 15 minutes past the cut off time.  You had just finished making a few purchases from the grocery store that was right next to the campus and with your bags in hand you start the relatively short walk to your apartment.  

Rotisserie chicken acquired, you head down the sidewalk, but as you are passing by a small alleyway you see movement coming from somewhere inside, causing you to freeze in place. You turn towards the general direction of the shadow, but don’t want to move any closer, not with your imagination running wild inside your head.

Cautiously taking a step into the darkness, you slowly take a peak and then there’s a loud crash.  

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Namjoon’s Hogwarts House BTS AU | By @jeanchevaljean and @aestaeticpotato based on this post

Hufflepuff: Jung Hoseok and Kim Taehyung
Slytherin: Park Jimin and Min Yoongi
Gryffindor: Kim Namjoon and Kim Seokjin
Ravenclaw: Jeon Jeongguk