get to know me meme: favorite female characters » Eurus Holmes (Sherlock)
↳ “There’s no such thing as bad. Good and bad are fairytales. We have evolved to attach an emotional significance to what is nothing more than a survival strategy of the pack animal. We’re conditioned to invest divinity in utility. Good isn’t really good, evil isn’t really wrong, bottoms aren’t really pretty. You are a prisoner of your own meat.”


agentsofshield: Thanksgiving experts @lil_henstridge and @iain_decaestecker have a message for you! (x)


Here are some street snaps from Paris in 1994. They’re okay. They’re not FRUiTS or TUNE. Eh

Edit: After actually reading through the captions instead of skimming, I noticed that the first one reads “Hats and furs of the London faction” whereas several others make reference to Parisian style. So I’m not entirely clear on where these were taken now.