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hello i want to point out a funny thing in separation arc

so in these panels

i’ve seen it translated as this:

they did a p damn good job, but missed one thing by simplifying what reigen says in the panel where he looks all distraught and dramatic with his hand on his face.

what he says in there, if translated more literally, is…

ohhh the gall! they DARE to smear ME with this bullshit setup, this handsome, gentle me who is letting everyone and anyone rely on himself!" “SHIT…”

but the next second in the next panel he has righted himself and looks calm, and says:

"but even saying that, no matter how much gossip management i do, if i’m doing it alone it’s just wasted effort.”

and yes, the “but even saying that” lampshades what he just said as something ridiculous. so basically the feeling is…

“they DARE insinuate that? at this gorgeous face!? lol but seriously tho i might be as well yelling shit like that, nothing is working.”

makes you think about reigen’s self-awareness and sense of self-worth and confidence, doesn’t it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!! (◕‿◕✿)

This is my present for you all! This a comic of the Figure Skating AU, it’s 26 pages-long but due to the fact that some days ago I lost all the work I was doing, I managed to complete only the first part (11 pages). The second part will come out in 4 days, tho, on Miyusawa day 2/18 (*≧▽≦)

It was inspired by and a continuation of the ask lovely @starrwinter sent me some time ago! 

Miyuki and Sawamura went to Alberta for the ISU Grand Prix of the Figure Skating. They’re sharing a hotel room. 

First part is Sawamura-centered. Second part will be Miyuki-centered

I hope you enjoy this!

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i cant believe how talented you are im literally in love with your art its honestly amazing, can i ask you how long it took you to learn how long it took you to define your art style and to use photoshop so well? i love drawing and last summer tried to dedicate my time to learn how to draw in photoshop and failed miserably, im afraid that its something that i'll just never get to do because of its complexibility, also figuring out an art style is hard, so anyway end of ranting love ur art bye

awww thank you so so much!!! So I actually am a bit clueless when it comes to Photoshop. I use paint tool sai (it’s like the watered down version of photoshop that’s like so much easier to understand!) So I’m in the same boat as you haha! 

And for how long it took to develop my art style… well… here’s a timeline? 

2006: No photgraphic evidence… shortly gave up after a year in 2007

2009: I tried again and was still terrible!

2010: Gave up and started working on more traditional art pieces. (bowls of fruit, etc.) 

2013: Eh… third times the charm, right? 

2014: I was just being stubborn at this point.

2015: Steadily practicing and ended up switching the way I draw entirely.

2016: Found a lot of time to practice this year, along with different tutorials and experimenting with brushes. There were so many drawings… so so many…

2017: And that all leads up to here :D 

My style is always evolving and will continue to do so for a while because I’m still learning :D So don’t give up! It takes a lot of effort into developing something of your own but it’s totally worth it, in the end! 

The World(s) of Entropic Horizons - Nations


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A rocky earth-like Planet, Ferelden  is at the outer habitable edge of the Thedas System and has a moderate to cold weather overall, with both poles capped with ice. Ferelden cities often make use of geothermal energy and hot springs are popular with travellers and locals alike. Ruled by King Alistair and Queen Rythlen, Ferelden exports natural resources such as steel, fresh water, and lyrium that is mined by Orzammar transplants.

Noteworthy Locations

  • Haven - A station dedicated to serving and hosting pilgrims to the Temple of Sacred ashes that was on Frostback, Ferelden’s lone moon. Both are now destroyed, and debris periodically falls into Ferelden’s atmosphere causing blazes of light as they burn up. These are now called ‘Andraste Tears’ and are rumoured to be signs of the dead passing into the Maker’s arms.
  • Denerim - The Nation’s capital and seat of power. Home to the Royal Couple, both veterans of the Fifth Blight.
  • Redcliffe - Ferelden’s primary mining city, near to Kinloch hold, a former circle.
  • The Blight Lands - (including Lothering and Ostagar) Lands ravaged and poisoned by the Fifth Blight

Noteworthy Fereldens

  • Rythlen Theirin - Queen of Ferelden and Hero of the Fifth Blight, Rythlen’s become somewhat of a celebrity in Thedas as footage of the heroic (and beautiful) woman saving her planet spread to Orlais and beyond. Now married to fellow Grey Warden and Blight Veteran, Alistair Theirin, Rythlen is back in the fray, working with the Inquisition to make her planet safe once more.
  • Haylan - A former Templar Hound, Haylan was born in Ferelden but was transferred to a Starkhaven Circle when her magic appeared. She now works with the Inquisition as their main doctor and healer.
  • Leliana Nightingale - Spymaster of the Inquisition, veteran of the Fifth Blight
  • Garrett Hawke - Former Champion of Kirkwall and instigator of the Great Mage Rebellion
  • Carver Hawke - Grey Warden and reluctant brother of Garrett


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Ferelden’s nearest neighbouring planet, Orlais is closer to the Sun, and is significantly larger and richer. Formerly spanning both planets, the Orlesian Empire contained to it’s titular planet and it’s two moons. Officially ruled by Empress Celene, Orlais has been embroiled in a brutal Civil war as General or the Orlesian army Gaspard attempts to take the throne.

Noteworthy Locations

  • Val Royaux - The Capital of Orlais and seat of the Divine, Val Royaux is a picturesque city. Everything about it is manicured and ornate. The slums are kept in an undercity, kept out of view. Elves are rarely seen above ground.
  • Halamshiral - The true heart of Orlais. Halamshiral was built on the blood of elves, and had one of the worst alienages among the outer Thedan planets. Unlike Val Royaux, Halamshiral’s slums are still above ground, although Celene had the Alienage purged shortly before the War of the Lions broke out. Construction to tear down the Alienage and build a gentrified neighbourhood has ceased in the meantime.
  • The (Hissing) Waste - The larger of Orlais’s two moons, whatever greenery and life once covered this moon, now there is only poisoned sand and ruins from the Second Blight. It was renamed after the Blight.
  • Approach - The smaller of Orlais’s moons, Approach is similarly tainted by the Second Blight and little survives on the arid surface. However, there is an oasis on the far side of Approach where something has kept the Blight’s Poison at bay.
  • Adamant Fortress - A station built above The Waste by the Grey Warden Corps ages ago, Adamant was one of many staging grounds the Wardens used to fight back and defeat the Second Blight.
  • L'Emprise du Lion - A province-continent towards the northern Orlesian pole, L'Emprise is temperate, and was formerly known as a resort getaway for Orlesian Nobility and the nouveau Riche.

Noteworthy Orlesians

  • Milliara Lavellan - Unwilling Herald and reluctant Inquisitor, Milliara is a former 'pet’ bard (a bard sponsored by a singular patron and looked down upon by others in the profession). She grew up in Halamshiral’s Alienage before meeting her Patron and eventual lover, Frederic. When their son, Nils, exhibited magic, she abducted him and fled to reconnect with her father’s Dalish clan. Bargaining for them to instruct Nils in magic and take them both in, Milliara offered her services as spy to the clan, and wound up at the Conclave. Brusque, short tempered and bitter, Milliara has a soft spot for family and a habit of throwing herself headlong into danger.
  • Nils DuLion - The son of Milliara and Frederic, Nils is sweethearted and kind. Like all Half-elves he exhibits no elven traits aside from slightly more pigmented irises and a predisposition to magic which he revealed at a young age. He’s currently being tutored in magic by Peanut Adaar, Dorian Pavus and Solas.
    • DuLion is a common name given to bastard children of nobles.
  • Frederic Rousseau - A Captain of the Chevalier Legion and Baron in his own right, Frederic is loyal to Gaspard, and even considers him a close friend. However, Frederic’s love for his son drove him to renounce his ties to the Orlesian Empire and join the Inquisition so he could spend time with Nils. He holds Milliara accountable for stealing away their son, but old feelings resurface the longer he’s around her.
  • Empress Celene - The Empress of Orlais (contested).
  • Grand Duc Gaspard - The General of the Orlesian Army and head of the Special forces the Chevaliers Legion.
  • Galaren DuMarc - a bastard son of the nouveau riche family the DuMarcs, Galaren was sent away to live with a great aunt rather than bring shame to his family. He’s been rather forcibly recruited into the Inquisition.


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Stronghold of the Inquisition, Skyhold is a large and ancient fortress found in the asteroid belt beyond Ferelden. Built before Tevinter influence, it runs on spells and mechanisms that have been lost to time but maintain a planet like atmosphere and barrier to help protect those that live inside. Now it’s home to the remnants of the Lavellan clan, and other wayward souls that have joined forces with the Inquisition.

Noteworthy Skyhold Residents

(Who are not otherwise listed as part of another nation)

  • Clan Skyhold - What’s left of Clan Lavellan
    • Fiowyn Lavellan - 'Auntie Fi’ to Nils and often the volun-told babysitter, Fiowyn is actually Milliara’s cousin, not her sister. Sweet, awkward, and with a love of books and pretty people, Fiowyn’s happy to stay in Skyhold caring for the residents. After all, there’s bears out on Orlais and Feredlen
    • Aldes Lavellan - A hunter and consummate flirt, Aldes and his sisters survived the purge of Lavellan’s clan by being out on a salvage mission when the Marcher nobleman’s forces attacked.
    • Karya Lavellan - The youngest of the lavellans, Karya is shy around strangers. Quiet and thoughtful, she’s still reeling from losing her family, although being at Skyhold helps. Especially around so much knowledge and this sweet android who she keeps seeing around.
    • Kalieth Suryana - A warden mage, half sister to Aldes and Karya, veteran of the Fifth Blight. 


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The closest habitable planet to the Sun, Tevinter is only habitable in sub-polar lattitudes and above due to the proximity of the Sun’s rays. once the centre of an empire that conquered nearly the entire Thedan system, now Tevinter is a crumbling shell of the glory it once was.

Noteworthy Tevinters

  • Dorian Pavus - Pariah Altus, wonderful, sparkly, sassy man.
  • Kenslynn - a half-elf from Tevinter, she’s now joined the Inquisition. Often seen hanging out with Clan Skyhold.

The Free Marches

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Composed of different stations and colonies scattered throughout the asteroid field between Nevarra and Orlais, the Free Marches are a collection of independent nation-states that often band together to bargain with and defend against the larger planetary nations. Each colony has it’s own culture, from Kirkwall’s reputation as a Sin City (and now anarchy and terrorism) to Ostwick’s trade hub and Starkhaven’s…. accents.

Noteworthy Marchers

  • Theseus Trevelyan - formerly a Templar of Ostwick, Theseus, the 'spare’s spare’ of the Trevelyan family was attending the conclave when the Breach exploded, destroying Ferelden’s moon Frostback. He joined the Inquisition shortly after.
  • Maeve Trevelyan - A distant cousin of Theseus, Maeve is one of the two Heralds that emerge from the Breach after the Conclave is destroyed. A trained assassin, Maeve worked for a time with the Antivan Crows. In a relationship with the Commander.
  • Peanut Adaar (and brother Tanim) - A Vashoth mage, Peanut was always an apostate, but she’s as far from the snarky tourtured stereotype as you can get. She’s sweet and prefers baking to fighting. Often seen giving hugs to those who need it, like Clan Skyhold. Part of Team Nanny with Aunti Fi.

Par Vollen

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A large flotilla of stations and ships that appeared in Thedas in recent times. In an endless war with Tevinter, with the Tevene moon Seheron as the main battleground.

Home of the Qun.

The Dalish

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A nation with no homeland left to them, Dalish elves travel in clans, using special ships with solar sails called aravels. The main ship’s systems are powered by magic-infused animals called Halla, who are sacred to the Dalish.

Dalish elves are easily identifiable compared to 'city’ elves by their glowing facial tattoos called vallaslin that are made with luminescent ink that often will visually pulse in time with their heartbeat.


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A dwarf planet (hah), Orzammar is between the Astroid belt of the Free Marches and Orlais. It’s surface is barren and the residents live in vaults and cities carved out of the planet’s caverns. However the continued excavation over millennia resulted in an unstable crust, and after a massive quake, Darkspawn erupted from an undiscovered cavern, overrunning most of the Dwarven kingdoms.

Now, only a few cities remain, and the dwarven diaspora has spread across the whole Thedan system, with many dwarves creating new cities in the crust of other planets. Unfortunately, it appears darkspawn have followed.

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I was thinking... If that scene with Frank in front of a mirror is after the explosion then surely he's looking at Karen. He wouldn't leave her to go off by herself after that explosion. Not until he properly took care of her and made sure she was okay. I know it's possible that scene isn't gonna happen that way, but it would make so much sense to be.

This is why I’m so hesitant to speculate on where the show’s gonna take Karen and Kastle development after the explosion sequence because that’s exactly what my instincts are as well? There’s no way that Frank leaves her side without making sure she’s okay first and somewhere safe – especially because her having walked into this dangerous situation all on her own is only likely to trigger his protective ‘see it through myself’ kind of behavior even more? But then, who knows. He could make sure she’s okay and, if she’s too tied to the scene by witnesses beforehand, leave her to spin a cover-story to the police. He could make sure she’s okay somewhere else and then go back to that bathroom in the hideout (assuming that’s where it is) by himself. And I’m sure there’s a hundred other spin possibilities from there and among them what TP canon is actually going to do, lol.

On the very very very slim chance that she DOES go back there with him, though….then I think it being her in the mirror is a safe bet. There is also this scene from one of the other trailers, and the blood patterns appear to be roughly the same:

There’s more on his nose in the first, but they’re not out of the building yet in that last one, so who knows what else can happen. I’d say it’s like a 5% chance these two gifs could be related? (And I’d be remiss not to point out again what seem to be blood trails on his chin in the last which would fit with his bloody mouth in the first. Because tbh Karen getting to look him in the eye after one of his blood-over-face/ragged-breathing rampages has been a Dream for so long. I’m a little dead.)

Soooo. In the extreme likelihood it’s not as cut and dry in the show (I mean, we do get 13 hours of content) and we just get to see Frank bloody and chancing further head-trauma all the time….someone please be keeping track of all of this to write a great AU fanfic, haha.

mrcringe203  asked:

Do you really think Britain wasn't torn up about losing America as a colony in Hetalia? I mean in the show, there is that famous scene of America and Britain in the rain during the American Revolution. Britain had America at Gunpoint but couldn't bring himself to do it, and he breaks down crying. I mean, it's unclear whether America feels bad, but it's kinda clear that Britain is still bitter about it. Not to mention, Britain still dreams about Child America.

thank you for your ask! i’ll try to explain this because i have a lot of thoughts about it. i should make it clear that while i do use canon as a starting point i put no limits on rewriting and reinterpreting it. you’re quite right that canon unambiguously makes it such that the whole affair was sad from england’s point of view but i’ve personally never liked that depiction for several reasons. so…well, i’m gonna criticise canon a lot: 

  • woobification of the British Empire. that flag ain’t called the butcher’s apron for no reason. i don’t like the entire vibe of feeling sorry for an empire losing a grip on a colony, generally. whether it’s america and england, or mexico and spain, and so on.
  • having lived in england for some time, eh. the Stiff Upper Lip is a thing. england, as I see him, doesn’t cry easily. (unless maybe he’s piss drunk). even so? this is england. as i see him, he’s near a thousand years old in 1776. he would have been born in the chaos and violence of medieval europe, of the normans and the anglo-saxons. the numerous other medieval european wars, the english civil war. is losing a colony really the worst thing to ever happen to him? i highly doubt it.
  • in my headcanon, england wouldn’t have cried. he wouldn’t even be on his knees. he’d have fucking shot alfred in the head, even, for daring to be such an ungrateful piece of shit (as he sees it). if he was upset; a lot of it was ruined pride and fury that he pampered and protected america only for the dog to bite the hand that feeds. and worse still! cavorting with his enemies, france and spain. 
  • all of this is because to begin with, i feel like england wouldn’t have been such a warm parent to america but more high-handed and quite authoritarian at times. those kinds of parents that treat their kids as an extension of themselves (remember you belong to me). as i see it, america is kind of a project of his, to prove that he can make an Englishman out of this mixed-raced kid he found in the middle out of nowhere. to me, nations being nations, an empire-colony dynamic is gonna have that unsettling bit. i think he does come to care for america in his own dysfunctional way, but otherwise he wasn’t exactly a good parent.
  • england still being upset about it in the present or dreaming about child america tbh, i feel like it over-exaggerates the importance of america to british national pride and imperial nostalgia. a lot of the empire nostalgia here nowadays is with the more recent colonies that gained independence after 1945. (india, jewel in the crown and all)
  • more importantly: i very much see them as father and son, but making england still hung up about the War makes no sense given that literally…noone here cares today. there are 4th of July parties and restaurant specials. i hate the thought that their relationship is frozen in the past (in addition to the fact that i find it questionable this is something we should pity england for). there was WW1 and WW2. WW2, especially. the american lend lease scheme, the american atlantic convoys that kept england (and his siblings) afloat during the battle of britain, where europe’s fate really hung in the balance…after all this time? is england still going to be upset america ran away from home? 
  • general over-exaggeration of the anglo-american r/ship to the point it obscures other english/european history: imo things more likely to bother england in the present would be the Troubles, that went on right up till the 21st century. or the European Union and all the neighbouring states. we’re also still dealing with all the british empire’s demons in places that were only recently decolonised after 1945, loads of conversations about what it means to be british and english in the present where there are now many british citizens from the commonwealth etc etc. 
  • so: eh. i’m not here for england being hung up over the revolutionary war. as i see it, he and america get on pretty well in the present, they might make snippy comments about The War but…it’s mostly joking and not actually a Seriously Upsetting thing. 

então amados, eu quero falar sobre uma coisa que está ‘’prejudicando’’ não só a mim, como outros. ‘’headers arent mine’’, bom, primeiro, se a header não eh sua, eh sua função colocar os créditos, não custa nada olhar os ‘posts’ que você curtiu e colocar os devidos créditos, não vai cair a sua mão. segundo, dá um trabalhão da porra procurar as imagens ideais, salvar, editar, etc. não eh algo simples, eh complicado, e fazemos um esforço tão grande pra alguns apenas salvarem, colocarem um efeito e postarem como suas ou como ‘’headers arent mine’’ poxa caramba. isso eh bem chato porque nem sempre ‘a gente’ sabe se e qual blog postou algo seu, raramente encontro por acaso mesmo, ou porque me mandam o link. enfim, eu sei que não posso simplesmente obrigar alguém a creditar, isso vem do caráter de cada um, quem tem, bem, quem não tem, desdem. só isso amigxs. fora temer

NDRV3 Transcripts: Chabashira Tenko’s FTE#2

Here’s Tenko’s second FTE! Another huge thanks to @shinjiroaragaki for transcribing the Japanese text and providing icons!

This FTE is spoiler-free, so anyone who wants to reblog it can feel free! If people would rather read on the Google doc for convenience, both Tenko’s first and second FTEs are there currently!

Google doc link.

More translated transcripts.

Also, @kaibutsushidousha, Kaede still doesn’t know what “gay” is.

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Some dirty little secret headcanons about Neji? Things he'd never reveal? Secret kinks, bad habits, a naughty deed/mishap, etc.

Eh, I couldnt think of much. I’m not the right person to write headcannons about this stuff. Sorry. 

NSFW Headcannons of Neji

  • Neji is pretty vanilla when it comes to being intimate. He prefers missionary style during a nice, quiet evening. He can even be a bit of a romantic with rose pedals on the bed, soft music, and lit candles. He can make the experience almost like a scene in a movie.
  • He’s not into raunchy and fast sex, but what can get his blood pumping is his s/o walking around casually in their underwear. Something about his s/o being so free and comfortable with themselves to walk around their  house semi-naked can get him aroused.
  • One of his fantasies that Neji will not admit is if he came home and saw his s/o in a sexy maid outfit. He would turn red automatically and would be frazzled. Just seeing his s/o dusting and bending over to reveal black lacy underwear would make his pants tight.
  • Despite that fantasy, Neji isn’t very experimental or much of an explorer in the bedroom. He has to put up his hair in a ponytail or bun for sex. He hates having his hair in the way and blocking his view of his partner. He also doesn’t care for having his hair pulled and can get annoyed if his partner does it purposefully.
A little...well no sorry a long rant about SM....

I read a lot over the last while, amongst the bubble of new Samzie shippers & just general Outlander fanning, I also saw a lot of hate towards Sam & a lot of trolling towards MM after recent events in late Feb & now in SA. Like I said when I first started this blog I would try my hardest not to include other ppl than SamCait & I was doin a pretty good job if I do say so myself but then some weird shitstorm happened & here we are!!

So back to my point & SM….I’ve seen quite a few ppl from all sides of the fandom arguing about why a certain blonde doesn’t control her SM better & others sayin she shouldn’t have 2, shippers need 2stop wit the hate etc so here’s my two cents on it all for what it’s worth!!

I work in a job that doesn’t require me to moderate my personal SM activity, even tho I wouldn’t have too as I don’t troll, target, bully, harass or send hate to any1, I’m not posting scandalous pics or engaging in illegal activity (other than shipping as according to some apparently the police need to b involved in this fandom) I am however also responsible 4the digital marketing for the company I work for so of course when I’m utilising them I keep them professional.  

Now being say an “actor” this is your work, you have to mix your personal with your professional & find a balance on SM or you create separate accounts for the two in order to help you seperate the two lives if must be! Now the actress who at the very least has a friendship/whatever-the-fuck-ship with Sam baffles me as to why she allows the crazy shit storm of comments on her IG….since November she has received so much hate on every dam pic & the latest ones in SA, like sock accounts & trolls are going to town on her……so firstly disable commenting bcos even the comments praising you or your “romance” come across as creepy from second hand fans & it’s just desperate & slightly mortifying regardless if it’s true or not….secondly if a casting director or studio executive was looking for the next big up and coming star of say a franchise, the next Jennifer Lawerence & your name was thrown around, they would look to c how marketable you are, who you would appeal too, they would go to your SM as well as past works, it’s now a facet of your cv, it reflects how you conduct yourself in real life so why in gods name would you keep up such gross commentary, it affects your image negatively. Because at this rate on her IG there’s more hate than support & that wud be alarm bells for a casting director…she’s controlling the perception of herself very poorly…she’s allowing trolls to write her narrative…sometimes “I suggest you ignore” isn’t the best advice & wont cut it!!

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Fever observation (m)

So I’m a nursery school teacher and my co-teacher is a very beautiful man with a lovely spanish accent. Tall, built, permanent beard scruff and generally the kindest person in the world.

Today when we sent our class to lunch, he closed the door on them and immediately groaned and sagged to floor, and said, “uughhhh ok I feel really bad.” We walked back to our class together and he had his hoodie pulled up over his face and walked slowly slowly. “Sorry to be so slow, my legs are aching.” I hadn’t even noticed he was ill (!) but then we hadn’t been in the room much together, he had been outside and I’d been in the art room.

When we came into the class he sat down. Our classroom teacher walked by and said, “You look awful, go home!” 

“I don’t know if I can go home. But I will take my temperature because I took it before and it was 38.” He got out the first aid kit and took his temperature with an ear thermometer. 

And I was dying. I’ve literally never seen anyone take their own temperature before and he does it all casual just like that because he’s so capable and he’s a great teacher etc. 

“Eh, 38.3″

So me and the classroom assistant basically made him go home.

Poor guy. He’s the sweetest and really deserves a rest and clearly felt so guilty for leaving me.

Also I had to explain to the kids all afternoon where he had gone. And they had sooooo many questions about was he in bed, and was he at the doctors, and was he taking medicine and did he have a temperature and uuuugggggh it felt weird. I said the words, “He’s poorly.” So many times. 

I’m going to tag @hothedgie because I remember they like the numbers talk?!