radstuffbro asked:

radical man hope ya feel better and such. also ya missed you in science but at least i got to jam to my music. (can we take a moment to praise the random gods who will listen because she actually let me listen to music.) the numbers might be a little off but eh, i think its fine. and yeh mrs quinn can suck it. (or i mean get a life. that works too)

These are all appropriate responses and

Once upon a time in 8th period science a child named Havi asked ms. Quinn if we could play music during our lab. Now all the children play Music during the endless labs that involve exciting activities such as

-Putting things in water

-Removing things from water

-Pouring water onto water


-Writing down numbers every 30 seconds

-The advanced art of how to use a thermometer 

And then a child named Sara played un poco too much Shawn Mendes.

anonymous asked:

E-eh... Its the anon that sent the long one about my issues. It made me happy to see your reply. And to see others would like to help felt really nice. Im sorry im too nervous to say this off anon, but thank you. I really mean it. Thank you. I guess for a bit longer i'll try my best and take your advice. Thank you.

it’s no problem at all sweetheart. I hope you end up feeling better at least a little. please treat yourself well. I send you my love.