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I’ve Found You

Summary: You had lost your son years ago. You’ve managed to track him to the one spot that holds one of the most feared villains, yet you go anyway. You’d do anything for Rumple, no limits, no boundaries will keep you apart from him. When you finally reunite with him, you find someone else. Someone you haven’t seen in years. Someone you once called your fiance… 

Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader, mother!Reader x son!Rumplestiltskin

Word Count: 2785

Warnings: None

(A/N): Yeah, I know. Haven’t posted in a while. But, I’ve got a GOOD explanation this time! So, first of all, I was grounded. Then, I had to take Driver’s Ed and I was very stressed. Yes, that’s right, I’m a 16 year old just NOW getting her permit. But eh, it’s whatever. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little thing that has been sitting in my drafts, collecting metaphorical dust. I don’t know if I’m gonna do a part 2 to this yet. Tell me what y’all think. Enjoy!

The ~’s means that it is a flashback. The bold/italic words within the ~’s are you speaking. The regular italics are some one else speaking. If the italics are outside of the ~’s, then that is indicating your thoughts. (Sorry if this is confusing)

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anonymous asked:

For your story! Don't think too much. Just write, whatever inspired you that day for the idea, or whatever part you've got stuck in your head. If you really want to, start with a few plot points, but don't get stuck on rewriting stuff in the first draft^_^ Good luck! You can do the thing! And remember, first drafts are supposed to be messy and eh and cringeworthy when you're sitting at the second and third and nodding at how far it's come^_^

That is excellent advise. I do have an outline in my head, but it would probably help to actually write it down. I guess I’m used to just telling stories, not writing them down. You don’t get multiple drafts when you’re making them up as you tell them. I’m afraid it won’t turn out as well as what’s in my head. Oh well, I suppose I shouldn’t let that stop me. Thanks for your encouragement. :)