eh well i tried


@jamesdijit as Hazama Blazblue


*incoming rant-ish* (if you wanna skip, then just scroll down to the bottom ish)

Okay okay!

Now before some anon comes and says something like “Oh i hate your art” or “Oh who’s this? You don’t post art in a long time and you suddenly pop outta nowhere with something I don’t know?! Unfollowing you.”

I’ve been lately feeling insecure about my art because…well lately my littlest sister and one of my uncles have been demanding art out of me because they want me to always draw something for them. And I’ve been feeling useless as they saw they don’t want their portrait looking like this or that or whatever.

I’ve told my family and things just got hectic.

*rant over*

So I wanted to draw something for my own fun. I wanted draw something I knew I would love drawing.

So I went through my “Save for later refs” tag and saw an anonymous ask I had sent to a voice actor/comic dubber on Youtube that I love watching named James Dijit (go check him out, he’s awesome and he’s got a really great voice and just go check him out because I love him). And I had anonymously asked him what would he dress up as and he mentioned a character named Hazama Blazblue (and another character from something called Dragon Maid (I think???) and I’m gonna get to that one soon). And I felt really inspired so I decided to draw him as Hazama (even though I’ve never watched the anime he’s from)

Soooo…taa da???


(Click on picture to see HD)


Notice: Do not steal, repost, or copy any of my artwork. If you do so, I’ll take action and sue you for art theft.

Teiko hair problems~

Kise: “Hey Akashi-cchi? Yo mama hair is so short… she curls it with rice!” *laughs*

Akashi: *Pissed off* “Hey Ryota, hasn’t your hair grown quite a bit? Alright since you asked so politely, I’ll cut it off for you.” *gets dem scissors ready*

Kise: “EH?! NO.NO.NO. AKASHI-CCHI?!! Why are you focusing on me?! Isn’t that taking the joke to far?!!”

Akashi: “Even though it’s a joke? You made fun of my mother, Ryota. You’ll have to pay the price.”

Kise: “Hey-! Stop i-!! Aaaaomine-cchi!!!!S-sa-save me!” *Trying to get away*
“This guy is seriously gonna…”
*Tries to reach for Aomine*

Aomine: “Shut up Kise. Right now I’m…” *Ignoring Kise*
*putting bows in Midorima’s hair secretly*


Aomine: “This guy doesn’t even realize…” *laughs* “Interesting.” *snickers as he puts more bows in Midorima’s hair*

Midorima: “Why is it that even though I comb and comb, Kuroko’s hair won’t stay down?!!” *#Frustrated*

Kuroko: “Even though you’re Haizaki-kun, you’re pretty good at this. I am surprised.”

Haizaki: “Eh?! Tetsuya, you bastard. You made fun of me just now, didn’t you?!

Kuroko: “Ah, so you understood that?”

Haizaki: “I’m gonna punch you, you jerk!”

Kuroko: “The braids really are pretty, aren’t they Haizaki-kun?”

Haizaki: “Listen to what I’m saying! Don’t ignore me!”

Momoi : *thoughts* “Kyaaaaaaa~ Tetsu-kun is doing my haaaaair~ Even though he’s messy, the Tetsu-kun that’s doing his best is too cute. What should I do I WANT TO HUG HIM!! Tetsu-kun is really an angel from heaven! *#fangirling*

Murasakibara: “Kise-chin, so noisy…” *munching on chips* *#Food4life*

-Admin S ^-^
Thanks for all your asks and love!~ They always keep me motivated! :) hope you liked this one XD any requests? Ask~ ^^
(Btw: i translated half and then gave up cuz it was way too confusing… Soooo i just wrote it freestyle. Hehe sorry bout that) :3

First Time - San E (smut/fluff)

Feeling the softness of his skin as his fingers glided gently over your legs; you felt both a trickle of fear and excitement run over your back. San was just watching the TV, not indicating anything specifically with how he was touching you. It was simply something he always did whenever he got close to you. And normally the two of you were on the same page when it came to taking things slow. He knew you were still a virgin; telling you over and over again that he certainly did not mind waiting for you and that you were definitely worth it. It had been 3 months now of dating though; and as your eyes had been gliding over him; leaning back in the couch of your apartment and wearing nothing but his boxershorts; your mind had drifted elsewhere all of a sudden.

He looked handsome. Very handsome. And although you had already known that before this moment, there was something in that moment that made you feel different about him. You wanted to kiss him passionately and feel his hands all over you. Yes, you definitely wanted that… It was the perfect sign for you to realize that you truly were ready for this; not a second of pressure added to the whole situation but you simply realizing it was time. You wanted him.

Snuggling closer to him was easy with how his arm was already around your shoulders and with your legs sideways over his lap. You shuffled closer and placed your hand on his chest as you pressed a kiss to his cheek. Thinking about how subtle you could be when doing this, you came up a bit blank and simply decided to slide your hand down a bit lower; inching closer to the hem of his boxers ever so slowly. And oh he didn’t miss it. You felt how his body  tensed slightly.  Even if his eyes remained on the tv, he was definitely paying attention to you right now. And you knew you were right when a small chuckle escaped his lips. “Jagi, what are you doing?” he smirked as you looked up at him and mirrored his grin. But of course it was accompanied by you blushing almost instantly as well as you started to talk. “Well I… euhm.. I was thinking maybe we eh…” you tried hard to find the right words to explain it all and saw his eyebrows raise in question. “Is this conversation going in the direction I think it is?” he questioned once more as you went to sit up straight and nervously looking away from him for a second. “Yes, maybe it is.” You replied. “Really?” his voice was excited for a second before he recovered and spoke again. “I mean, I, uhm, are you sure babe? I told you before, I honestly don’t mind.” He told you with that gentle smile of his.

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Dauntless: Where is He!? (Part 1)

Eric x OC
​​​Warnings: language, angst

​A/N: why can’t I let go of these characters?

Dauntless (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6,Part 7, ​Part 8​, Part 9​, ​Part 10​, ​Part 11​, ​​​​​​​Part 12​​, Part 13​​, Part 14​​, ​Part 15,​Part 16,   Part 17​, ​Part 18,​Part 19​,Part 20, Part 21)

Dauntless: Jealous Much?

​Dauntless: Competition

​Dauntless: Uh oh

​Dauntless: What Are You Afraid Of? (​Part 1​, ​Part 2​)

“Where is he?” I snarled, stalking forward angrily.

I would fucking rip him in two, no, fours!

Just like his stupid name!

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