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Teiko hair problems~

Kise: “Hey Akashi-cchi? Yo mama hair is so short… she curls it with rice!” *laughs*

Akashi: *Pissed off* “Hey Ryota, hasn’t your hair grown quite a bit? Alright since you asked so politely, I’ll cut it off for you.” *gets dem scissors ready*

Kise: “EH?! NO.NO.NO. AKASHI-CCHI?!! Why are you focusing on me?! Isn’t that taking the joke to far?!!”

Akashi: “Even though it’s a joke? You made fun of my mother, Ryota. You’ll have to pay the price.”

Kise: “Hey-! Stop i-!! Aaaaomine-cchi!!!!S-sa-save me!” *Trying to get away*
“This guy is seriously gonna…”
*Tries to reach for Aomine*

Aomine: “Shut up Kise. Right now I’m…” *Ignoring Kise*
*putting bows in Midorima’s hair secretly*


Aomine: “This guy doesn’t even realize…” *laughs* “Interesting.” *snickers as he puts more bows in Midorima’s hair*

Midorima: “Why is it that even though I comb and comb, Kuroko’s hair won’t stay down?!!” *#Frustrated*

Kuroko: “Even though you’re Haizaki-kun, you’re pretty good at this. I am surprised.”

Haizaki: “Eh?! Tetsuya, you bastard. You made fun of me just now, didn’t you?!

Kuroko: “Ah, so you understood that?”

Haizaki: “I’m gonna punch you, you jerk!”

Kuroko: “The braids really are pretty, aren’t they Haizaki-kun?”

Haizaki: “Listen to what I’m saying! Don’t ignore me!”

Momoi : *thoughts* “Kyaaaaaaa~ Tetsu-kun is doing my haaaaair~ Even though he’s messy, the Tetsu-kun that’s doing his best is too cute. What should I do I WANT TO HUG HIM!! Tetsu-kun is really an angel from heaven! *#fangirling*

Murasakibara: “Kise-chin, so noisy…” *munching on chips* *#Food4life*

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Poppy from Dreamworks’ “Trolls.”

Saw the movie on November, and I really enjoyed it. ;) It was a cute movie with Shrek elements and great designs (clothes made in felt crafts, vivid colors on trolls). I really love Poppy - she’s optimistic and very determined. I always enjoy with happy-go-characters since Spongebob and Sailor Moon. ^w^

The background was…. EH. Oh well. At least I tried my best for using Photoshop. Enjoy.