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The New Guy

“I don’t know how you guys do it, she’s a smoke show. That girl makes a sweat mustache look sexy,” Javi Vargas, the new second baseman stated.

“Ahh, you’ll see, Baker’s just one of the guys,” Sal said.

“That woman will never be just one of the guys. Not with those legs and that smile,” Javi replied.

The current that went through Sal, Sonny, and Dusty was unmistakable. New guy was a solid acquisition for the Padres, but loose lips sank ships, and the S.S. Bawson never did well in waters such as these.

Same story, different guy. Team gets new guy. New guy crushes on Baker. Lawson gets pissed. Baker gets annoyed. Team ignores the pair of them like the plague. New guy gets traded, sent back down, or becomes Robles. Lawson pipes the fuck down. All is well in the clubhouse.

After the third guy, everyone had accepted the new normal with Ginny Baker on the team. One could argue that some men would have responded similarly with any female on the team. But anyone with eyes could see that Ginny Baker is stunning. And sometime after the, “pretty girl in the dugout” speech it all clicked. Ginny’s game was solid, she worked hard, and cared about the team more than herself; a genuine class act.

The guys knew that Ginny didn’t need a slew of macho Neanderthal men vowing to guard her honor and virtue at every corner, she had Lawson for that. But they would stick up for their teammate and stave off any misguided attempts to make life in the Bigs any more difficult that it already was. The same that they would do for any player. And if not for Ginny, then definitely for their gun shy Captain who was about two new guys away from a heart attack or a felony assault charge.

“I’d let that one go man, Baker’s got a code,” Dusty tried to explain.

“I heard, no ballplayers eh. Well, just call me Trevor Davis,” Javi stated before heading off to the showers.

“Old man Lawson’s gonna punch that guy,” Dusty said rubbing his temples.

“He might have to get in line, the guy’s a douche,” Sal replied.

“It’ll be fine. Baker can handle her own, and Cap,” Sonny reassured to an unconvinced audience.

The weeks that followed went painfully as expected. Vargas was persistent and the team knew it was only a matter of time before the main event.

It happened after a win. The team went out to celebrate in East Village at Bub’s at the Ballpark. After the drinks started flowing, Vargas began to make his intentions known. Subtle brush ups here, over the top laughs at her jokes there… all spelling impending doom.

However, if it bothered Ginny, she didn’t let on.

The group finally migrated to a more secluded table in the rear of the restaurant. Vargas was visibly upset when Blip sat down at Ginny’s left and Lawson on her right.

He tried to muffle his surprise when Lawson leisurely draped his arm across the back of her chair.

Though his time with the Padres had been brief, he was aware of the Ginny Baker bubble, only penetrable by Mike Lawson. It was obvious that none of the other guys dare get that close to Baker.

“Pussies,” Vargas thought to himself. No way in hell a relic with bad knees on his way out could successfully block him forever. He had heard multiple whispers around the league about Baker and Lawson, but no way in hell could the old man pull a girl like her. Legend or not.

“So what’s your type Baker?”

Ginny felt Mike’s finger tips pull into her shoulder just slightly.

“Don’t really have one. What about you? You got a girl back home in Albuquerque?” Ginny asked.

As unfortunate and unfair as it was, Ginny had become an expert in redirection. Redirecting unwanted advances, personal questions, persistent companies who were dying to have her face plastered on their product was the full time job she never wanted, but executed flawlessly. She would be kind and tactful maybe once or twice. But as a select few learned, Ginny Baker would not just burn the bridge, she would torch it for the idiot who took her grace, youth, and womanhood for anything other than strength.

“Nope, nobody back home,” Vargas said staring deeply at Ginny.

Mike was not amused.

Unnecessarily whispering softly into Ginny’s ear, Mike asked if she wanted anything from the bar before loudly placing his beer on the table and getting up, earning a chuckle from Blip.

“He alright?” Vargas asked, still reeling from the sight of Mike Lawson’s lips so close to Ginny Baker’s neck. Vargas wasn’t to thrilled about the blush that overtook her face afterward either.

“Yeah, he’s fine,” Blip said with a grin taking a pull of his beer.

“If only the new guy knew how close the table was to being flipped,” Blip thought to himself.

When Mike returned, the table was engulfed in conversation. The new guy couldn’t keep his eyes off Ginny. Not that Mike could blame him, but clearly the guy couldn’t take a hint. Mike was making every attempt to convey “fuck off” without earning himself an long and drawn out feminista rant. A delicate involved balance for someone who isn’t even anywhere close to being his.

“Not even a little hint there Baker?” Vargas asked with a wink.

“Alright, I’ll bite,” Ginny stated almost feeling the heat crest off of her captain.

“It’s no secret that I dated a player. He played a certain position. So yeah, that’s my type,” Ginny explained to a wave of grins erupting across the table.

“Catchers?” Vargas asked.

“With beards,” Ginny added gripping the base of her beer.

“Point taken,” Vargas replied dryly.

The guys laughter rang out from the table.

Sonny slapped Vargas on the back before dragging him over to the bar to lick his wounds.

Ginny’s face was already red before she peered up at her grinning Captain.

“Don’t gloat,” Ginny said tugging his beard.

“Wasn’t gonna,” Mike replied smiling down at his rookie.

Teiko hair problems~

Kise: “Hey Akashi-cchi? Yo mama hair is so short… she curls it with rice!” *laughs*

Akashi: *Pissed off* “Hey Ryota, hasn’t your hair grown quite a bit? Alright since you asked so politely, I’ll cut it off for you.” *gets dem scissors ready*

Kise: “EH?! NO.NO.NO. AKASHI-CCHI?!! Why are you focusing on me?! Isn’t that taking the joke to far?!!”

Akashi: “Even though it’s a joke? You made fun of my mother, Ryota. You’ll have to pay the price.”

Kise: “Hey-! Stop i-!! Aaaaomine-cchi!!!!S-sa-save me!” *Trying to get away*
“This guy is seriously gonna…”
*Tries to reach for Aomine*

Aomine: “Shut up Kise. Right now I’m…” *Ignoring Kise*
*putting bows in Midorima’s hair secretly*


Aomine: “This guy doesn’t even realize…” *laughs* “Interesting.” *snickers as he puts more bows in Midorima’s hair*

Midorima: “Why is it that even though I comb and comb, Kuroko’s hair won’t stay down?!!” *#Frustrated*

Kuroko: “Even though you’re Haizaki-kun, you’re pretty good at this. I am surprised.”

Haizaki: “Eh?! Tetsuya, you bastard. You made fun of me just now, didn’t you?!

Kuroko: “Ah, so you understood that?”

Haizaki: “I’m gonna punch you, you jerk!”

Kuroko: “The braids really are pretty, aren’t they Haizaki-kun?”

Haizaki: “Listen to what I’m saying! Don’t ignore me!”

Momoi : *thoughts* “Kyaaaaaaa~ Tetsu-kun is doing my haaaaair~ Even though he’s messy, the Tetsu-kun that’s doing his best is too cute. What should I do I WANT TO HUG HIM!! Tetsu-kun is really an angel from heaven! *#fangirling*

Murasakibara: “Kise-chin, so noisy…” *munching on chips* *#Food4life*

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First Time - San E (smut/fluff)

Feeling the softness of his skin as his fingers glided gently over your legs; you felt both a trickle of fear and excitement run over your back. San was just watching the TV, not indicating anything specifically with how he was touching you. It was simply something he always did whenever he got close to you. And normally the two of you were on the same page when it came to taking things slow. He knew you were still a virgin; telling you over and over again that he certainly did not mind waiting for you and that you were definitely worth it. It had been 3 months now of dating though; and as your eyes had been gliding over him; leaning back in the couch of your apartment and wearing nothing but his boxershorts; your mind had drifted elsewhere all of a sudden.

He looked handsome. Very handsome. And although you had already known that before this moment, there was something in that moment that made you feel different about him. You wanted to kiss him passionately and feel his hands all over you. Yes, you definitely wanted that… It was the perfect sign for you to realize that you truly were ready for this; not a second of pressure added to the whole situation but you simply realizing it was time. You wanted him.

Snuggling closer to him was easy with how his arm was already around your shoulders and with your legs sideways over his lap. You shuffled closer and placed your hand on his chest as you pressed a kiss to his cheek. Thinking about how subtle you could be when doing this, you came up a bit blank and simply decided to slide your hand down a bit lower; inching closer to the hem of his boxers ever so slowly. And oh he didn’t miss it. You felt how his body  tensed slightly.  Even if his eyes remained on the tv, he was definitely paying attention to you right now. And you knew you were right when a small chuckle escaped his lips. “Jagi, what are you doing?” he smirked as you looked up at him and mirrored his grin. But of course it was accompanied by you blushing almost instantly as well as you started to talk. “Well I… euhm.. I was thinking maybe we eh…” you tried hard to find the right words to explain it all and saw his eyebrows raise in question. “Is this conversation going in the direction I think it is?” he questioned once more as you went to sit up straight and nervously looking away from him for a second. “Yes, maybe it is.” You replied. “Really?” his voice was excited for a second before he recovered and spoke again. “I mean, I, uhm, are you sure babe? I told you before, I honestly don’t mind.” He told you with that gentle smile of his.

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Standing Ovation Ch. 1: Home Run Pt. 2

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Standing Ovation Cast

In the Baseball Stadium

“So, was there any interesting footage?”

Nec continues to type on her laptop while laughing at Izaya’s question. With that sort of behavior he thought they would have already been discovered, but when Izaya looked around them he saw more humans than he thought looking at their laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

It seems they are putting their reactions of the current status on the net and posting their thoughts of the baseball match on SNS while also enjoying the game.

-Haha, so having come to see baseball in person is directly correlated to the connection with the net?

-This is why humans are so interesting.

While he was thinking of such things, Nec stops moving her fingers crawling over the keyboard, her smile disappearing suddenly.


“? What’s wrong?“

“Well….since it was just at a still screen, I tried to remove it, but…”

On Nec’s screen, he could see several men doing some sort of cleaning in a basement-like place somewhere. Seeing the details of the conduct, Izaya thinks for a while - and gives the widest smile in the entire day.

That was a scene Izaya has seen many times in the past.

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