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Character Aesthetics: Newt Scamander // Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 

 “My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice.”

have you ever had your
fall out in a dream

i tongue the holes
spit out some blood and bone
hold on tightly to the sting

i can’t remember what my old bedroom
looks like
and that’s how i imagine you now
–i can’t

i think my molars are going to

—  bloodspit // Haley Hendrick 
Heaven is a Place on Earth  Joker X Reader

“I can see my baby swingin’

His parliaments on fire and his hands are up 

On the balcony and I’m singing  

Ooh baby ooh baby 

I’m in love”

“Come on baby it’s getting to hot in here” I heard him say glancing around the loud and glittering club, seeming to distrust everyone in the room. Some sort of silent exchange was made between Frost and himself due to the eye contact he made momentarily with Frost who only nodded back.. I slowly turned my head to him releasing myself from romantic thoughts of him and I that danced in my head. I smiled looking into his scared and tattooed face. His blue eyes met my green ones for a weird second before he came to a stand. He looked sharp as always. Black dress pants a crisp white button up. I swooned inside watching him walk so perfectly through the crowd taking my hand when I started to fall behind; being to busy caught up in how the muscles in his shoulders flexed as he moved. I held his icy cold hand firmly in mine; his grip was relaxed yet seemed to be ready to pull the trigger on any funny man that tried something. I giggled saying  ‘funny man’ out loud to myself. What an odd way to describe someone. The bouncers pushed the doors open and we entered Gotham’s cool night air that sent shivers up my exposed legs. “Where are we going honey?” I said playfully. He smiled then kissed my hand. “Oh just for a little drive” he said walking to the drivers side of the Lambo. I nodded becoming weary of the situation. It was always a toss up with J I never knew if he was ditching a scene to avoid a ‘vacation’ at Arkham, possibly a beat down from batsy or he was finally going to cut my neck and leave me to dry like he always threatened when he was angry. I swallowed hard noticing the two armed thugs standing behind me. I looked to J who was still standing by the drivers side in a trace, eyes locked on the ground. “Baby what’s going on?” I said weakly. Maybe this was it. He looked at me something sad coming to his face. “Nothing doll” he said “Get in the car so I can get you home. I’m not losing my doll again” I nodded compliantly getting in the luxury car his word echoing through my head. Lose me again? 

Two or three months ago I had been taken by Black Mask being used as a hostage until J, like the good man he is agreed to kill the mayor of Gotham. Since Black mask lacked the means to do it himself he needed J to do it, being he was gifted in anything having to do with murder though not gifted in being bossed around. If J completed the task Mask would return me safely home. Ultimately the plan failed miserably. I was locked in a damp basement for I think about a week until one day the steel door on the joint was blasted off of it’s hinges. Frost stepped in with a machine gun taking out the two creeps that guarded me then ushered for the other men to come down, J came down last making him vulnerable for one of Mask’s men to stick a gun to his head, which they did. All and all guns went a-blazing and Black Mask escaped the shoot out. Maybe he really did miss me? I bopped myself on the head dismissing the silly thoughts, my presence was an option for him not a necessity.   

J took no time starting up the car and jamming it down the street. The sheer power of the vehicle slammed me back in my seat ripping my focus from my thoughts. “J what the hell” I said smacking his shoulder. There was an odd silence between us until our eyes met putting a smile on both of our faces. This turned into giggles and in a few minutes we were two laughing maniac’s zooming down 12th street. “Oh baby” he said caressing my face with a smile. The lights from the buildings we drove past threw a sort of beautiful Aura around him. I smiled back leaning forward connecting my lips with his. 

The moment we made contact it was as if everything exploded. All my fears and insecurities gone with the touch of his icy hand and sound of his purr. We continued on kissing (and driving) until there was a violent crunching sound and I found myself being hurtled through the air. My eyes only connecting with the night sky, squinted a little trying to avoid their horrible glare. This was an unfamiliar situation usually I loved to gaze up and see the twinkling lights of other worlds but my eyes couldn’t take it. The initial impact of the ground didn’t hurt being so my brain was still trying to comprehend why the stars were acting the way they were. Then the sliding began and suddenly none of that astronomical mumbo-jumbo mattered. My skin felt like it was being lit up fire then dosed in chemicals over and over again. All 115 pounds of me slid a crossed the black top only being stopped when my head smacked off a brick building knocking me temporarily unconscious. When I came to I could hear gunshots around me but no person came into view, until I saw a black caped figure stalking towards me, his eyes seeming to glow a blue color. My heart quickened as my arms attempted to drag me away from him until the pain hit. I screamed in agony looking down at my body. Parts of my arms and legs were completely skinned and bloodied seeming to create a pool of my own life source below me. He scooped me up looking quickly round him before firing what I now know to be his bat-claw “J!” I screamed looking down below as the Dark Knight whisked me through the air. I spotted J for a short second he was slumped up against his car completely still. “Baby!” I screamed fighting Batman’s grasp. I kicked my legs and writhed around until I broke his hold falling freely down until I found myself rocked by a black nothingness. 

For a quick second I thought I was dead; my eyes opening to be stared down by a fuzzy light above me. Was this heaven? To my dismay it wasn’t A pretty brown haired nurse came and stuck a needle in my arm. “Ow lady watch it” I said weakly. She simply smiled at me and continued about her business. Sorely I looked around the room it was that of any basic hospital. A beeping machine stiff white blankets, the smell of cleanser. The only difference was I seemed to be in a sort of solitary confinement room. It was completely cement and had a heavy metal door locked tight instead of the flimsy blue curtain they usually had. I peered through the little window that that was on the door spotting the bat’s black cowl. Anger vibrated me and I felt my legs coming to a stand forcing me to run to the door. “I’m going to kill you Bat-freak let me out of here!” My bloodied fist pounded on the glass until I felt it crack underneath my fist. I smiled a sense of encouragement enabling me to hit harder until I was able to crash my fist through the window my hand grabbing the first throat I could. It was the nurse that had poked me before, the bat was completely gone. Most likely due to the fact he wasn’t there to begin with, only being a figment of my imagination. 

A week ago I had a nail technician due my nails longer and sharper for no reason really besides I saw the ones Cat women had and thought eh why not try something new? J when he saw them held my hand in his a mischievous grin coming to his face. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me in tight. “Whaddya say we go in the back and break those puppies in? hmm?” I laughed kissing him on the lips as he lifted me up laughing as he made his way to our bedroom. I grew sad at the memory digging my nails deeper and deeper into the nurse’s neck hoping that maybe the harder I squeezed he would come strolling down the hallways machine gun in hand, Frost to the side of him taking out any loser that came at them. Her warm blood trickled in between my fingers making it harder to keep my grip turning her whimpers into deafening screams. 

A team of cops suddenly lined up in front of the door. Their guns drawn. “Open the doors boys and the lady gets to keep her neck” I peered into the cops faces recognizing one to be Jim Gordon. He was talking harshly into a walkie talkie. “So what are we supposed to do let this crazy bitch walk free. She’s practically got a staff members throat completely ripped out.” Whoever was talking on the other end seemed to easy Jim’s conflict which worried me. Was my Price okay? Was this one of their tricks where they say if I cooperate I could see J but when  they let me out he’s laying dead of a stretcher. My nostrils flared, anger boiling in my stomach. “Okay boys you have one more chance let me out of the nurse is going to have a serious throat ache.” I watched the police their shoes shining excellent off of the polished speckled floor. Gordon nodded giving the ‘go ahead’ nod to an officer who opened the door. I stepped out smiling at Gotham’s finest dragging the nurse with me. “Now could any of you tell me where my Prince is?” I made steady eye contact with every officer. They kept their justice loving mouths shut. “Fine then” I said squeezing the nurses throat harder. She fell to her knees with a scream. All the police officers lunged forward looking to Gordon for directions. I locked my eyes on his. “God dammit. Y/n stop. He’s in route to a different hospital.” I smiled at him “See was it really that har-” everyone’s attention was pulled away when the hospital doors flew open revealing a patient with pale skin and green hair.. 

My heart dropped “How in the- Why is he here” Gordon shouted talking excitedly into his walkie talkie.Everything in my brain broke loose not being able to fathom the emotions the coursed through my body. My grip tightened on the nurses throat until I was able to completely tear a section of her jugular clean out. Blood splattered a crossed everyone’s faces. None of that mattered though my legs broke out into a full sprint. “J!” i screamed. He looked back. “Y/n!” he sat up quickly and took out the doctors surrounding him. I was just feet away from him. No not feet inches both of us reached out our hands about to touch when I was pulled back. My eyes looked down to see two nightmarish rubber black arms then up to J. “No!” he yelled trying to fight the swarm of cops that was subduing him his eyes looking into mine with panic? or fear swarming in them. I called out his name over and over again until a pinch on my arm brought me back to the nothingness I had just broken out of. 

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Thanks for reading! More to come Same Bat-time Same Bat-channel :) To honest I’m not sure why I put the song lyrics in the beginning but I just felt like it. The Song it “West coast” by Lana Del Ray. All credit for the song lyrics goes to her. 

Merry Christmas, Darling {S.M}

non-requested// imagine based off of the song, “Merry Christmas, Darling” by the Carpenters 

author’s note// so this year, I wanted to do a christmas special that is more christmasey than last year’s so enjoy this and i hope you are ALL having a very merry christmas! 


Greeting cards have all been sent                                                                       The Christmas rush is through

You looked at your best friend’s Christmas card she had made with her boyfriend. They were wrapped up in lights and sitting by a Christmas tree, kissing. It was gross, really. They decided that in addition to the family Christmas card her family sends out, she would send one out with just her and her boyfriend. You wished Shawn were here so you could make fun of Valerie and her boyfriend. 

Shawn didn’t like Valerie. He especially hated Valerie and her boyfriend. It was kind of funny, since he said that he was grateful for them, only because he wanted to know exactly what not to do. A smile crept onto your face thinking of all the times he had made comments on how their relationship justified every single reason why everyone hated Americans. He also made jokes about you being American, which slightly ticked you off, but you would do anything to hear another American joke come out of his mouth. 

“Y/n!” Your front door opened, and your mom, holding shopping bags walked in. You looked up momentarily from the Christmas card. “NO! You could see one of your presents!” She shrieked and you laughed, your hands moving from your kitchen table to your eyes. 

“Mom, it is Christmas Eve, and you still aren’t done shopping?” You teased, laughing to yourself again. She always did that. Waited until the very last minute. You never minded. She was always home in time for Christmas dinner, which your stepdad and stepsister always cooked. 

“Like I say, the Christmas Rush is over today! Best day to get out and buy presents!” She sang from somewhere in the house. You smiled to yourself, momentarily forgetting the small hole in your heart that only Shawn could fill.

But I still have one wish to make,

A special one for you 

“Hopefully I got you the number one thing on your list.” Your mom hollered from the living room, assuredly wrapping the presents she had just bought. You kept your hands over your eyes. 

“Unless you are in there wrapping my boyfriend in cheap Santa Claus wrapping paper, I’m afraid not.” You hollered back, resisting the urge to peek through your fingers. 

“Y/n if I hear you mention Shawn one more time…” Your stepsister, Lydia, yelled from the kitchen. She and Rodger, your stepdad, had been hearing about how much you missed Shawn and how much you wished he were here for the past hour as they got Christmas Eve dinner ready. You aimlessly walked around, whining and complaining, since you were no help in the kitchen. 

“Awe honey.” You felt your mom’s arms wrap around you. You kept your hands over your eyes, just in case there was a present in the living room, since you could see the living room from the kitchen table. “I know you miss Shawn, but it’ll be fine. You’ll see him next week, won’t you?” She squeezed your shoulders, trying to make you feel better.  

“I know. It is just…” You started, collecting your thoughts. “It is just that it’s a last minute wish for Santa. That he is here. I would do anything for him to be here.” 

Merry Christmas, darling

We’re apart that’s true

“Okay, keep your eyes closed.” She mumbled, feeling badly that she can’t help you. You did too. You missed him. 

“Y/n, why don’t you call him? Wish him a Merry Christmas. You’re dating the boy for crying out loud.” Lydia called from the kitchen. “DAD THE POTATOES!” She shrieked. 

“Good idea.” You said, taking one hand away from your face to pat around the kitchen table for your phone to call Shawn. Then the rest of Lydia’s words registered and both hands fell from your face and whipped around to face the kitchen. “Rodger, did you ruin the potatoes? The best part of Christmas?” You snapped jokingly. 

“Y/n, EYES!” Your mother yelled, and both hands shot up to your face again. 

“Almost! Not quite!” Rodger added in. Everyone laughed from various places in the house. 

“Y/n, go upstairs and call your boyfriend.” Your mother sighed. “Lydia, lead your sister up the stairs so she cannot see this present I am wrapping.” Lydia grumbled and trudged over, grabbing your arm to lead you up the stairs. 

“Don’t be too long! Just wish your boyfriend a Merry Christmas, and come back down.” Rodger hollered from the kitchen. He wasn’t Shawn’s biggest fan, to say the least, but he knew you loved him, so he supported it. You and Lydia made it to the stairs, and you opened your eyes. You started to walk away from your kid step-sister, but she grabbed your arm abruptly. 

“Y/n, wait..” You turned around to face her. “Why is it so important you be with Shawn at Christmas?” Lydia was only thirteen. She didn’t quite get the whole “love” thing it seemed. 

“Cause we’re apart at an important holiday… And I love him so much.” You smiled and Lydia rolled her eyes, trudging back down the stairs. 

But I can dream, and in my dreams

I’m christmasing with you

You basically sprinted back up to your room, more excited than anything to hear your boyfriend’s voice, even if it was just over the phone. You wanted to wish him a Merry Christmas, and talk about what you would be doing together if you were together at Christmas. So you jumped on your bed, grabbing your phone from the charging port, already seeing two texts from Shawn and a call. Your eyes lit up and you slid across the notification to call Shawn back. It only rang half of a time before he picked up. 

“Y/n?” He sounded so happy. He sounded like this was the best day ever. You were so happy to hear his voice. 

“Hello my love.” You smiled, and you were almost certain he could tell you were smiling through the inflection of your voice. 

“Merry Christmas!” He basically squealed, you heard voices asking questions. You couldn’t make out exactly what they were saying, but it was probably the guys asking why he was squealing. “It’s Y/n, guys, sorry.” You laughed a little. He was on the road with the band and everyone, without his family. It was hard. he was exciting for him to hear your voice. 

“I miss you. I wish you were here, Christmasing with me.” You chuckled a little, feeling some tears pool in your eyes. You missed him more than words can say. 

“Next year, my love. I promise. Next year will be the best Christmas we have ever had. We will make cookies, and go shopping for Christmas presents, and eat with our families it will be… It’ll be perfect.” Shawn sighed. You nodded, letting the images sink into your brain. Letting the daydreams of Shawn and you in ugly Christmas sweaters and taking disgusting couple photos fester in your head. 

Holidays are joyful

Always something new

“Yanno what else we can do?” You raised an eyebrow, even though Shawn couldn’t see. 

“What is that?” He questioned. 

“We could make a holiday card together next year.” You heard him laugh. You paused and so did he. 

“Oh, sweetie, are you serious?” He stopped laughing, but you could tell it was hard for him to stop. 

“Well, Valerie and Johnson did.” You had trouble holding back your laughter. 

“Oh then we must do it. Holidays are the most joyful time of the year, why not try something new, eh?” That Canadian ‘eh’ always had you feeling some type of way. 

But everyday’s a holiday 

When I’m near to you

“Shawn, my family is waiting on me.” You heard him sigh, and you swore you could feel his heart sink. 

“Yeah okay.” You felt like crying. You wanted to be close to Shawn, you wanted to be with Shawn on Holidays, especially Christmas. It was your favorite Holiday, and you just wanted to be with the love of your life. 

“I just miss you so much…” You felt like you were going to start sobbing, but Shawn’s voice reassured you. 

“Everyday is a Holiday when we are together, my love. When I get home next week, we will celebrate like we should, together, okay?” He reassured you. 

“Okay, sounds lovely.” You started. “Merry Christmas, I love you so much.” 

“I love you too. Merry Christmas.” The line clicked off. You smiled to yourself, knowing that even though Shawn wasn’t with you, he was kind of, in spirit. And next week you’d celebrate together. And you got super excited when you heard Rodger call;

“Y/n, dinner!” 

author’s note// shawn’s live album got me feelin some type of way, but Merry Christmas everyone. Have an amazing one. Also please request bullet point imagines!! btw sorry this sucked I needed to write fast cause it’s christmas eve lol