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Hi would the DL boys date a girl with cornrows. Please answer honestly. Because i hear some guys don't mind it and other guys like to run there fingers through their girls hair. Thank you for your time. ^^

Thanks for the ask I will do the S&M boys because I’m lazy

Ask: Would the Sakamaki and Mukami Boys Date a Girl With Cornrows

Shu: Doesn’t care

Reiji: No. period.

Ayato: Yes. He thinks they are cool

Kanato: absolutely NOT.

Laito: He would date anyone tbh.(having your hair like that makes it easier to pull ;))

Subaru: yes

Ruki: Maybe not.

Yuma: Sure

Kou: eh he’s iffy about it but still finds them interesting

Azusa: of course this cinnamon role would date you. So pure.

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