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Dating Tommy Holland might include:

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  • him laughing when he tries to teach you proper English table mannerisms
  • you trying really hard because you want to make him proud
  • “I guess you are too adorable to be proper, eh?”
  • if you are short: he would bring it up any chance he was given
  • because he is used to being the youngest and the shortest
  • he is pretty deviant and quite sly
  • you soon understand why Seb and Robert call him a little asshole
  • he tries so hard to open doors for you and pull out a chair and get your coat
  • he whines when you do them yourself
  • he whines in general
  • he’s a big baby and you take care of him often
  • when he is sick he will play it like he is dying so that you will take care of him
  • because he loves your cooking
  • praises it
  • he will often shower you in what you call over exaggerated compliments
  • but he calls them understatements of blatant facts
  • he can and will take any aspect about you and ramble about how much he adores it
  • but he is also the person where if you mention a flaw you see about yourself and genuinely would like to change it for the better; he will give you constructive advice and help you in anyway that he can
  • he wants you to love yourself as much as he does
  • hand holding
  • inconvenient hand holding
  • always touching in someway
  • an arm around you
  • glaring
  • at any man that walks past
  • even Harrison
  • just because
  • some random on the street
  • gave you a cat call
  • he was physically ready to slice of their arm
  • and beat them with it
  • “Guysss, I’m really homesick“ :(
  • “Tom, you just went home to grab a hoodie and came back seven minutes ago?”
  • “I knowww. But (Y/n) isn’t here…”
  • because home is where the heart is
  • “She left to get some coffee. You hugged her three minutes ago– what is wrong with you?”

You have seen the last of me

I may do another edit using this song it fits Anthy really well I think?


Digimon OTP Week Day 2: “The First Emotion of Love”

Decided on Daisuke x Ken for this prompt, cause these two dorks are adorable. I had plans on shading this piece differently from the previous one, but eh, time and motivation lost me so I ended up with cellshading here too. Still somewhat proud of it though, especially Ken’s face~

Daisuke is not good at playing videogames

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Re the character James Nightingale 😗😗😚😚😙😙

DANI ❤️❤️❤️

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: his dedication to his job and his support for Ellie
worst quality: I’d say his insecurities but they’re not, they make him endearing. He’s too proud, maybe. 
ship them with: no one currently, he needs a caring but exciting man
brotp them with: like seriously he needs friends too
needs to stay away from:
Scott and Mercedes and Mac (that’s a given)
misc. thoughts: I want to know more about him, I want past, present and future he needs therapy like I need air too

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Red and Spiced; jongyu; nc-17

“Don’t worry about it,” Jinki says.  “We’ll drink all of this anyway.”

“In one night?”  Jonghyun laughs. “Isn’t this the kind of wine we should appreciate?”

“The sooner we drink it, the sooner we can get rid of the bottles.  Then you won’t have to worry about someone finding them.”

Jonghyun sighs, but he’s already agreeing, lifting the bottle to his lips and taking a long drink.  It’s warm, and lightly spiced, layered with flavors he’s rarely gotten to appreciate.  “It’s good,” he says, and Jinki smiles, looking proud of his selection.  He takes the bottle from Jonghyun’s hand to have a drink for himself, and Jonghyun stares, already feeling warm as he watches Jinki’s adam’s apple bob when he swallows it down.  

i’m not too happy with this one, and the end is a bit eh, but i’ve kind of been itching to post something lately - hopefully y'all enjoy it! i’m still iffy on the title too so if it changes later, pretend you saw nothing. thanks to my friend who read this before i posted uwu 

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Extra Size
  • *Saitama comes home from the store, dressed in a giant sweater with a proud grin*
  • Saitama: I'm back, Genos.
  • Genos: Welcome home, Sensei. *looks back* Hm? Oh, you found a new sweater at the store today?
  • Saitama: *looks down at the sweater* yeah, it was on sale.
  • Genos: *tilts his head* but Sensei, it seems to be a few sizes too large.
  • Saitama: Eh? No it's not. It's the perfect size
  • Genos: ???
  • Saitama: *walks over and sits down in front of Genos, pulling the bottom of the large sweater over Genos' head*
  • Genos: *pops his head up through the neck of the sweater next to Saitama* ////
  • Saitama: See? It's built for two
  • Genos: ////!!!!
1939- at twilight

A short ficlet that popped into my head after those Labassa posts earlier today…those pesky muses!


The closure of the Grand Hotel in 1939 brought them back there. A sort of nostalgic revisiting of so much of her past and their shared history now.

“It seems a shame in a way.”

“If these walls could talk, eh?”

“I’m sure they’d have a great deal to say about my father.”

“I imagine they’d whisper one or two things about us too.”

He led her from room to room taking in the faded glory of a once proud hotel. They ended up in the Twilight Room, it’s floors scratched and dusty and the window panes cracked and broken. He slid an arm around her; his fingers splaying across her stomach and dancing against the wool of her tight skirt. She smiled up at him and his eyes sparkled with memories.

“Do you remember that night?”

“Of course. We danced.”

“You were remarkably good.”

“I had a good partner.”

“You still do.”

He was right of course. The world was changing but their relationship, their love for one another, held fast. They would need to cling to it in the coming years she thought, as she considered Prime Minister Menzies words on the broadcast yesterday…‘Australia is also at war.’

“You won’t do anything silly will you?”

“Not without discussing it with you first.”

“That’s not very reassuring.”

“Dance with me.”

She stepped into his open arms and clung to him as he led her around the floor softly humming. Eventually as his voice rumbled through her skin, she started to laugh.

“We’ve seen off murderers, thieves, ex wives and ex lovers. We’ll see off Adolf too.”

“Right you are, Miss Fisher. Right you are.”