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Mutual Pining

IchiHime Week 2017

Word count: 1605

Rating: T

Ichigo was staring at her hair.

Orihime’s back was to him as she animatedly told Tatsuki and Chad about a customer that had come in to the bakery asking for a large order of her newest creation: mint and lamb filled steam buns. Her boss had told her she was crazy, but lamb was served with mint all time so why not put it in a pastry? She was sure this was the beginning of her great bakery empire, and she would be sure and remember her friends from her lofty position Queen Baker of the Land of the Rising Sun. Her hair was swishing and trembling as excitedly as the rest of her body. She swept back some her hair over her shoulder, and Ichigo seemed to lean in closer and close his eyes a little.

Suddenly, she whipped around to say something to him, and with his battle-honed reflexes, Ichigo straightened and listened to her with calm and cool collection, answering her with only the tiniest of stutters and the slightest blush that could be mistaken for the heat of the day.

Renji snorted and rolled his eyes. And as if sensing his disdain, Ichigo turned and glared suspiciously. Renji crossed his arms and glared right back. The human was an idiot. Didn’t he see how much bullshit he and Rukia had to go through because he didn’t have the guts to be honest with her? Waiting for the right timing and accomplishments and her brother’s approval and blah blah blah. What did any of that matter? Renji uncrossed his arms, and reached for his fiance’s hand under the table. She didn’t even blink as she continued to calmly sip her tea, but he grinned at the red creeping up the back of her neck and the way her fingers curled around his as his thumb gently stroked the back of her hand
Yep, Ichigo was an idiot.

Of course, he was one to be talking, but he didn’t have an example of almost unrealized love right in front of his face like Ichigo did. There was no excuse for this – “Oh for pity’s sake,” Renji grumbled, as Orihime turned back and Ichigo went back to mooning over the back of her head like a sick puppy.

“Hm?” said Rukia.

“Your protégé is an idiot.”

“Hm, only an idiot if it takes him decades and decades and decades to be honest,” she said.

Renji cleared his throat and shifted at the steel hiding behind her velvet tone. “Right, well, I – he – he’s got me as a bad example, right? Right in front of him! But he’s been swooning for years now! He’s the savior of the world and legal and still hasn’t had a girlfriend.”

“Kurosaki-kun has a girlfriend?” Orihime asked cheerily. Rukia squeezed Renji’s hand so hard he whimpered, and Tatsuki and Chad looked at each other in mutual exasperation. Only Ichigo, whose face dropped with disappointment, didn’t notice that her happy tone was a little too high and like she’d forced her very generous happiness for him through a very tiny needle eye.

“N-No! I don’t…have a girlfriend, I…No, definitely don’t have one.” Ichigo was blushing hard and staring daggers at Renji. “What the hell are you two talking about over there?”

Renji rolled his eyes as he shook out his hand. “I said, you can save the world, but your pathetic ass has the reached the legal human and age and you still haven’t had a girlfriend.” He looped his arm around Rukia’s stiff shoulders. “What’s the good of all that if you ain’t got a girl?”

Orihime glanced between the two of them as Ichigo stewed and tried to think up an appropriate response. “Kurosaki-kun, he’s kind of right, you know.”
Ichigo gaped at her, betrayed.

“I mean!” she remedied, waving her hands. “You’re so busy and stressed with school, you should have…someone to relax with and have fun!”

All the hearts around her cracked a little at her earnestness, except Ichigo’s heart that was cracking for himself.

“Well, I…I don’t really – Hey!” he nearly shouted, startling her. “What about you? When’s the last time you had a boyfriend?”

“Boyfriend?” she asked, pointing to her own chest. “Um…well, I’ve been busy with the bakery and…stuff…no time for boys, eh heh heh heh.”

Rukia narrowed her eyes at the two. “Orihime, didn’t you go on that date a couple of weeks ago with a boy?”

Orihime blinked at her, the blush at the apples of her cheeks beginning to spread. “Um, well…yes.”

Ichigo’s face paled as his adam’s apple bobbed.

Tatsuki nodded. “You guys are meeting again right?”

Orihime dug her thumbnail into the edge of the table. “Well…yes.”

Ichigo continued to stare at her, strain showing around his eyes.

“What’s he like?” Rukia prodded. Renji turned to stare at her, but she elbowed him.

“Well…nice” she said.

The pale, carrot-topped statue next to her crossed its arms. “Well, why don’t you introduce us?”

“What?!” she stared up at him with huge eyes. “Introduce you?”

He grunted. “We’re your friends. We should check this guy out.”

“I already ‘checked him out,’ Ichigo,” Tatuski said with air quotes. “He’s really nice.”

“So, we’ve established he’s nice,” he glowered. “Any other qualities, or is he just a blob of nice?”

Orihime frowned a little. “Kurosaki-kun, I appreciate you looking out for me, but–”

“He’s hot,” Tatsuki stated.

“Tatsuki-chan!” Orihime hissed.

Her best friend shrugged and mouthed “what?”

Rukia chuckled into her tea as Ichigo looked as if he was torn between throwing this guy into the river or curling into a ball of misery.

“So,” he said when he found his voice. “He’s a…hot blob of nice.” Orihime choked. “Doesn’t mean he’s good enough for her.”

Orihime stopped fidgeting and straightened her spine a little, her voice soft and calm as she said, “Thank you for concern, Kurosaki-kun, but I consider myself an excellent judge of character through my highly developed female intuition. If we…get more serious, I’ll introduce you.” With that, she stood, calm and smiling, but with a little something off kilter about her expression and stance. “I’m sorry, I have to get up early in the morning. See you soon.” She smiled broadly at the Renji and Rukia, the subject of their little gathering. “Congratulations again, Rukia, Abarai-kun.”

They both nodded as Ichigo stared unseeingly at his beer. When she left amongst the chorus of goodbyes, Ichigo grabbed his glass and chugged until only bits of foam clung to the sides.

“More serious,” Ichigo grumped. “What the hell does that mean, more serious? More serious than what?” He paused, his glassy eyes growing a bit large under his scowl. “Does that mean they already are serious? You can’t be more serious unless you’re already some serious, right?” He cursed into his empty glass.
Renji and Rukia looked at each other and then simultaneously raised their fingers for more beer.

“Aren’t you two just too adorable,” Ichigo said acidly.

Renji and Rukia looked at each other and then simultaneously whirled their fingers in circles to keep them coming, ignoring the exaggerated gagging noises across the table.



After several minutes of watching Ichigo and his team practice for their next tournament, Orihime broke the blessed silence.

“Tatsuki-chan,” she sighed.


“Have you ever noticed?”

“Noticed what?”

“The way Kurosaki-kun’s hair changes to the same colors as the sky as the sun sets.”

With a long, low grown, Tatsuki lowered her head to the soccer ball in her lap and stayed there.

“Something wrong, Tatsuki-chan?”

Her forehead still touching the ball, Tatsuki turned to look up Orihime’s concerned face. “How it’s going with the hot blob of nice?”

Orihime started. “Huh? Oh, well, he…we decided not to see each other anymore.”

“Oh?” asked Tatsuki, completely unsurprised. “What happened?”

“Nothing, nothing. Just…the usual – oh! Did you see the pass Kurosaki-kun made? He’s getting much better about passing and not trying to win the whole game himself, don’t you think?”

“Orihime,” she said, lifting her head finally.


“What happened?”

“Well he started to go for the goal himself, but then saw one of his teammates wide open and–“

“For the love of – no! I mean with the nice blob.”

“Oh…you shouldn’t call him that,” Orihime said, managing to frown at her disapprovingly with her eyes still on the sweaty players.

“Well, I can’t remember his name. What was it?”

“It’s, um…aren’t name’s funny though? We should all refer to each other as poignant descriptions rather than names. Like Ishida-kun could be he-who-glints-his-eyeglasses-for-dramatic-effect and – “

“Oh my god, you can’t remember his name?”

Orihime sputtered and glanced at her sideways. “What? That’s silly. We dated for…well for a bit. Why would I forget his name? I just think hot blob of nice is…a nicer name?”

“So, what happened?” Tatsuki tried again. “You talk to nameless one too much about he-whose-hair-reflects-sunsets?”

Orihime sniffed and twisted the fabric of her skirt around her fingers.

“Oh my god.”

“Well, I don’t think I talked about him that much. Honestly…male egos, you know?


“Anyway,” Orihime said, her attention back on the practice field as the college boys strode back to the side, shaking hands and clapping backs. “It was fun while it last – oh.”

Orihime’s mouth remained stuck as a perfect ‘o’ as the stripping Ichigo pulled his shirt off the rest of the way. Sweat glistened off his naked torso that looked quite fetching in the low evening light, even to Tatsuki. She turned to her friend, who had leaned forward, her mouth still open.

“Hey Orihime? You should probably breathe.”



anonymous asked:

Hi! You said you kinda wanted to elaborate on your tony stark post (the one about his flaws) so I was hoping you'd be willing to? I'm interested in what you have to say!

Yes hello my new favourite person I have been waiting to meet you.

What I wanted to elaborate on is the distressing trend of equating flaws to mistakes. 

This is really freaking common especially nowadays and especially on tumblr. I cannot count the amount of times someone did/said something bad years ago, realised their mistake, apologized for it, and moved on only for some jerk with a bone to pick go through their blog and dig up all that nonsense again, and that is the exact mentality we see when people talk about Tony’s “flaws”. 

People will say things like “hey, remember when Tony got drunk in the suit and almost killed people?” to just shut down any conversation about his flaws. They do that all the time. They give no context, no character motivation as to why, and they say it when the context of the argument itself is inappropriate. For example, I’ll talk about the helicarrier scene and how I personally see Steve cutting into this man he doesn’t know in extremely personal ways as an indicator that Steve was very much in the wrong in that scene, and Tony Stark being on the defensive the whole time shows that Tony was, well, defending himself. The person I am then having that conversation with will say “hey, remember that time Tony kicked a one night stand out? He deserved it.” Just….out of the blue….The conversation had nothing to do with that. Why are they bringing it up now? So I will say something like “Um, that happened in the past. It has nothing to do with what we’re talking about and he is a changed man in a monogamous relationship.” and immediately we have the trademark “Yup, typical Tony Stan. Not willing to admit his flaws.” that makes me want to throw my hands up. 

Mistakes  ≠ flaws

Which is why I believe there is so much vitrol spewed towards this character because this, in and of itself, is a mentality shared by, oh, about 65% of tumblr. They cannot possibly believe that an individual can change, can learn from their mistakes. Which sucks because that is what the entirety of Iron Man is about in the mcu. Learning from your mistakes. Changing yourself. Becoming something better. Becoming the person who helps instead of hurts.

People will say “you aren’t willing to admit his flaws” and from what I have observed, that is never true. You, dear antis, refuse to admit his growth.

The second thing I wanted to elaborate on is context.

As I mentioned in the earlier example, one thing they will always reference is Iron Man 2, because Iron Man 2 is littered with mistakes. And, uh, you want to know why there is a disproportionate amount of mistakes in Iron Man 2 then the rest of the franchise? He was dying. He was being poisoned by the thing he would later describe as “a terrible privilege” and he refused to tell anyone. That is the context. He was acting like a man about to die and it shows. But us? We can scream that Tony was dying until we’re blue in the face but the only response we’ll get from the people who irrationally hate him? “Good. He should have died.” They do not care about context. It’s why their token line is always “War Profiteer!” and will scream it any time they get the chance.

Tony has made a lot of mistakes, but he always learns and he always grows.

First Iron Man: Negligent in managing his company. Mistake. He then takes control of his company, cleans up the mess of illegal stashes of his weapons, and defeats the guy who was dealing under the table. I.E Learns to become responsible for his company.

Second Iron Man: Get’s rip-roaring drunk, fights his best friend and lies to his girlfriend which causes a huge rift. Mistakes. Cleans up his act, fights together with his best friend in a badass team-up, tells his girlfriend the truth and in the third Iron Man sees that the exact same thing is happening and right away tells her the truth. “I’m a piping hot mess.” I.E learns to be responsible to himself and his loved ones.

Avengers 1: No mistakes. None. He was rude but as we already established, that’s a character flaw of his, not a mistake.

Iron Man 3: Was rude to a man at a party once. Here we have an example about how this flaw gave birth to a mistake. He was rude at a party once, but he is consistently rude. The only reason this qualifies as a mistake is because he didn’t know he was talking to a whiny entitled piss-baby who decides to become a terrorist when Tony doesn’t give him the time of day.

An actual mistake made in Iron Man 3 is when he threatens a terrorist on tv ignoring the context of literally just walking out of a hospital and seeing his friend almost dead. Mistake. Which he then immediately faces consequences for, and then apologizes for. “That was selfish and stupid.” I.E learning to recognize and control his impulses.

Now we get to the fun bit. Ultron.

Age of Ultron: Didn’t tell his team he and Bruce were creating Ultron. Mistake, but oh boy very subjectively. 

Creating Ultron was not a mistake. Anyone who tells you that selectively ignored about 50% of the movie. Bruce and Tony were working on ultron way before the sceptre came into their lives and ultimately creating a peace-keeping AI would be amazing. Which, uh, is exactly what happened. Tony and Bruce created a peace-keeping AI that is good and kind and wise and is going to be instrumental in their fight against thanos. The only mistake made there is that they shouldn’t have been messing around with the sceptre in the first place, and considering they know that and, uh, the sceptre has mind-altering powers it’s pretty safe to assume the sceptre played a hand in their behaviour. Considering the sceptre literally created ultron, I am not surprised.

The actual mistake made in the movie was not trusting his teammates. That is a theme throughout the movie. “Sometimes my teammates don’t tell me things.” and “together.” making this very apparent. The mistake of this movie is not trusting his teammates, something he learns and understands by the end of the movie with his own echo of steve’s quote “together”. Now, remember when I said that this was subjectively a mistake? 

Because the lesson he learns here, wasn’t a lesson at all.

Civil War: Didn’t tell Wanda before telling Vision to keep her on lockdown. Mistake. Not keeping her on lockdown. That makes sense any way you slice it. It’s just the lack of communication that was the mistake. (seriously though the lack of communication is a mistake shared by literally every character in this movie). Bringing Peter in to the conflict. Mistake. Even though Peter was only supposed to “keep your distance web ‘em up.” he still brought a kid into a super conflict. He can’t do anything to fix his mistake with Wanda but in the next movie we very much see Tony take responsibility for this kid and make sure he isn’t needlessly throwing himself at danger. He supports him and helps him when he needs it and is overall perfect in that movie. No Mistakes in Spiderman: Homecoming (though don’t tell those bastards at tv tropes that or they’ll bite your head off).

Here is where we get to the fun stuff because that lesson he learned in the last movie? About trusting his teammates? Throw that out the window. Trusting his teammates is the mistake. Thinking they had his back was the mistake. Thinking they would never lie to him because they just learned what lying can do to a team was a mistake.

Trusting Steve was a mistake.

Trying to kill Bucky. Mistake?

I would say so just because I would be upset if Bucky died. But its like trying to say that a bear who mauled a man to death for killing her cub made a mistake. It’s like saying a kid who’s grown shouldn’t hurt the person who abused them just because they too were abused, that they didn’t mean it. It’s like asking a man with PTSD watch someone choke his mother to death to then let that man go. It’s impossible. People are emotional and loving but that can turn deadly in a heartbeat if you hurt the ones they love. It is innately human to respond this way. People will go to the ends of the earth to protect the ones they love and you think them already being dead is going to stop them? No. Tony going after Bucky maybe was a mistake, but a mistake he had no control over. It would take a ridiculously mentally strong individual and Tony is already compromised, same with everyone on the team. Though I will hate Wanda for the bizarre direction her wrath took, I will never begrudge her wanting revenge for her parents, even years later. Because that’s what humans do

As a mental exercise I ask everyone who seriously thinks Tony could have resisted the temptation to protect his family with; What if the situation was reversed? What if Bucky had to watch a video of Tony killing Steve? What if he knew vaguely that someone had hacked his suit but what if they hadn’t for this instance? What if this was all Tony? If Tony didn’t exist, Steve would be alive right now. And if Bucky looks into Tony’s eyes, he will see guilt and resignation, just as Tony saw in Buckys. Why didn’t someone just tell him if he’s so innocent?

So, no, I don’t think there was a single force on earth that could have stopped Tony from attacking Bucky. Mistake? Eh. I’ll let you decide that.

In conclusion, Tony makes a lot of mistakes, but every single time he picks himself up and becomes something better. Every. Single. Time. So when someone says “he has a lot of flaws!” tell them no, he has made a lot of mistakes. Flaws? He has about the same as any other human being, but more often than not the only flaw they care about is that he is Tony Stark, and that they believe there is something fundamentally bad about that. It’s usually only 1 of 2 reasons. 1) they hate the mentally ill. I have seen numerous posts about how Tony is “whiny” (lmao could you imagine?) or 2) He got in the way of the most popular marvel ship, Stucky. It is almost always this reason. They will scream their “facts” about why they hate him and we keep saying how that doesn’t make any sense and if, hey, you want to dislike a character you don’t have to make up bullshit! Just say you don’t like them! That’s fine! No one will begrudge you that. But it’s obvious after a time that all the people leaving nasty messages in out inboxes and telling us to kill ourselves always have a steve or bucky icon and a common ship in their bio. There are a few other reasons. Sometimes someone is just plain anti-marvel and hates all the characters, and hey, at least I can respect that. At least they aren’t hypocrites. And then there are a few that just genuinely dislike Tony, and as I mentioned above, That’s fine! These are also the people who, like, won’t talk about his flaws because they aren’t jerks who think their two cents about a character is needed if they don’t like them. They just stan who they like and leave other people alone. I love them. 

Tony is flawed, but so is everyone else. Steve is a stubborn, arrogant, patronising ass. Natasha is controlling and manipulative. Thor is a piece of work, he’s basically just as rude as Tony and just as arrogant and bull-headed as Steve. There are more, but I’m sure you get my point. They all have flaws. But I have never seen a single person go up to a cap fan and demand they list the ways Steve is flawed. I have never seen anyone scream about how Steve fans never admit his flaws, even though, uh, they never do and he has many. I have never seen the vitrol and hate spewed in my direction for loving a fictional character anywhere else in the marvel fandom, save for maybe Shaaron Carter. People will create entire blogs just to harass Tony fans. They will take pictures of him and put red Xs through them as their icon like how fucking Extra is that?

This post is just to remind everyone that every single goddamn Tony fan will admit his mistakes, as long as you admit he’s changed. If you can’t do that? If you are so caught up in sending death threats over fictional characters that you can’t fathom in your mind that people can change? Then we really only have one thing to say to you.

Tony Stark is perfect and has never done anything wrong ever in his life.

March 2017 in Numbers

How oh how is it April tomorrow? I still have a very clear moment in my memory from when I was a kid, and my mom saying “in the year 2000,″ and I was all like “no way, that’s the future!” And now here we are, well into the future

March flew by, as has 2017 so far. Here are some of the highlights for me from March 2017. 

16  ⇨ The number of times I worked out this month

Which, considering there were 31 days in March, means I worked out 51% of the days.  Truthfully it feels like way more than that (any day I go to CrossFit and/or a run is still a big, big, BIG deal, ha), but I’m still happy with this number (especially when I hardly worked our a mere few months ago).  I’m also really trying to focus on balance; by this I mean not go to the gym six or seven times a week, but rather something normal and consistent. For example I missed CrossFit last night to hangout with colleagues in town from Toronto, and as I type this I feel sick (cold) so I’m skipping it… balance! 

5 ⇨ The kilometers I ran this month (okay, so I went on one run, but it was a great run through downtown Detroit). 

I definitely had a holy crap I’m running through Detroit!!!!! moment on my run. It’s absolutely amazing the wonderful twists and turns life throws; WHO WOULD HAVE GUESS I’D EVER RUN THROUGH DETROIT?!

Here some bright n’ fun wall graffiti murals I saw on my run. 

6   ⇨The number of white roses I received. 

They’re pretty, eh? Along with this theme, and to throw another number into this post; 8. Eight is the number of dates I had with 1 guy.  I don’t really know what I’m doing or why, but it’s new and fun and for lack of a better way of saying it, a very adult “relationship.” (In quotes because hey oh, it’s not that serious yet.)  

I get dressed up in high heels and red lipstick, and we eat at beautiful restaurants, and walk around the Detroit Institute of Art. He brings me roses(!) and candy and cooks for me. He opens doors and kisses my forehead and holds my hand. It’s all very movie-ish right now; including me taking to my blog to write about it.  He’s a Doctor, which is interesting to hear about; both his everyday and the American health care system. 

I’m currently feeling very Sex and the City like though; dating at 32 and enjoying the city a lot! 

68 ⇨ The percent of income I saved 

68% is a bit misleading; I received a bonus this month for my rotation in Detroit, so my income is inflated this month. And to be transparent I get a lot of perks living in Detroit (car is paid for, allowance, etc.) so I advise to not compare your budget numbers to the ones below!  

Remember when I did that do-not-buy-things challenge for myself for the first month of January 2015? well I still think it was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself; it completely broke my habit of buying clutter and things, and triggered my savings; I’d still highly recommend it.  

0 ⇨ the number of books I finished

Ughhhh. This was a bad reading month. I finished a book last month, and don’t have a new one; suggestions are welcome! 

5 ⇨ the number of Big Little Lies I watched (it’s, so, so good)

Have you watched it yet? Get, on, it.  It’s a short series (5 episodes total) with Nicole Kidman and Reece Witherspoon and it’s binge TV heaven. 

2.4 ⇨ the number of pounds I lost

Boooohiss as 2.4 pounds seems very little for a month of eating really relatively well and working out. 

That being said, my clothes are fitting SO MUCH BETTER. So much so, let me add a self indulgent outfit collage below. I really need to start looking at the camera and/or not parting my hair to one side, but let’s ignore those two factors for a hot second, because I am feeling pret-ty good in my own skin lately.  My bum is looking great (for me) if I do say so myself (s.q.u.a.t.s.), and I took a nap in my jeans the other day. I repeat. I TOOK A NAP IN MY JEANS (#youknowyourelosingweightwhen).

3  ⇨ the age Lily turned in March

On March 14th, my beautiful niece, Lily, turned THREE! Obviously I headed back to Toronto to help her celebrate her ladybug themed birthday!  The night before my sister and I put together ladybug loot bags, and prepared everything for her big day.  She played with her friends, blew out her candles, opened presents, and celebrated the milestone with a consistent smile on her face. 

That evening her dad asked her, “Lily, what was your favourite part of today?” and she replied, “Seeing Olivia and Adele and Mason and Audrey and Auntie and Grandpa…” and the list went on! It was so cute. 

1,800 ⇨ the calories I aim to hit each month 

I hit over 55 days on My Fitness Pal counting calories. True, March wasn’t the most perfect month; I’d often start recording breakfast and lunch and then forget / not bother at dinner time, but still, I tried and didn’t drop off. As I type this I hope to stay consistent in the month of April. 

4 ⇨ the number of times I went to the Detroit Institute of Art

I’m not sure why I enjoy the D.I.A. so much or why I put so much effort into heading to their exhibits; but I absolutely love it! I live very close too, so sometimes I walk there and then stroll around for an hour or two, or sit in their cafe and listen to the harp man play.  It’s all very adulty of me, or at least I feel that, and a nudge to embrace the art in Toronto when I’m back, as I hardly ever went to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) downtown, or Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) when I lived really close to them too! 

8 ⇨ The number of new restaurants I went to this month

Okay, I actually have no idea how many new spots I went to in March, but I’ve been exploring the restaurants in Detroit, and have been so impressed.  Here’s the link to my Detroit Google Map (I’ve been to the red restaurants, and still want to go to the brown ones!)

213 ⇨ The days till Courtney’s wedding!

On the day of Lily’s birthday party I was triple booked! In the morning I zoomed to the west end of the city to meet the Bride-to-be Courtney, and her other beautiful bridesmaid to choose dresses!  

Here’s mine:

And with that, that’s a happy summary of my life in Detroit.  I started this post on April 30, and today it’s April 5, which shows how BUSY life has been! 

I’m slowly making friends and settling in and really enjoying the Detroit life. I’m still waiting to hear from work whether my stay here will continue on throughout the summer or not, but I’m really hoping it does; especially as I have so many Northern Michigan to-dos! We shall see :) 

Favourite Undertale quotes

(aka the reasons you should play Undertale if you haven’t yet)

  • *You came all the way back here to look at Toriel’s socks. *You have great priorities in life. 
  • *Wosh u SOUL
  • *Sans is selling tickets made of toilet paper.
  • *It looks like a snow ball… *Actually, it’s a snow decahedron.
  • *Partaking in worthless garbage fills you with determination.
  • *I’ll pay you 1000G if you get Mettaton to autograph my butt!
  • *Why do people find him so attractive?? *He’s literally just a freaking rectangle.
  • *Huh? *Everyone else is DEAD? *Does that mean I don’t have to work today?
  • *Thank you so much, dearie! *It’s all because of you *(r money).
  • *You’re making the switches uncomfortable with all this attention.
  • *In this hellish world, you can only take 3 pieces of candy…
  • *I’m literally going to make out with a fish.
  • *Mad Dummy is doing an armless ska dance.
  • *Now you’ll see my true power: Relying on people that aren’t garbage!
  • *i’ve almost got a mix cd finished for my scary neighbor… *it’s 74 minutes of people screaming their signature wrestling moves *but they’re all autotuned *i hope she likes it
  • *What do I look like, the ice-cream woman? *Do human ice-cream women TERRORIZE HUMANITY with ENERGY SPEARS? *Are their ice-cream songs a PRELUDE TO DESTRUCTION?
  • *I should have worn a few million more pairs of pants today.
  • *Mew Mew Kissy Cutie 2 Is Neither Kissy Nor Cutie. *Its Trash. 0 stars
  • *Sparkle up your day™.
  • *My hair… yes, I use metal hairgel. 
  • They say I have the voice of a Siren… awooga!
  • *… you really like hot animals, don’t you? *hey, i’m not judging.
  • *yeah, you’ve gotta save your money for college and spiders.
  • *I will make intent eye contact with you so you sweat while you talk.
  • *First off, I’m a baby KNIGHT! *Captain of the babies!!!
  • *This is Sans *Frisk, did you know that I love to “get owned?” *I also think Toriel is very good and fhfjkehfeaufsisf
  • *When I feel like relaxing, I always take a break there. *That means NEVER!! *I HATE RELAXING!! *I LOVE being ANGRY and STRESSED OUT!!!
  • *You can’t do the jimpity jumpity joodle!? *The limpity loppity leap!?
  • *Uh, if not for that grooty, I’d have kicked your booty.
  • *You make a snowball and throw it for the dog to fetch. *It splats on the ground. *Greater Dog picks up all the snow in the area and brings it to you.
  • *It looks like some sort of powerful bracelet… *Wait. *It’s just a croissant…
  • *It appears to be a self- sustaining tornado made of trash.
  • *I can’t go to hell. *I’m all out of vacation days.
  • *And I’m forecasting an incoming front of SHUT UP!!!
  • *I’m thinking of getting a spiked collar to show off my personality. *It makes a statement like… *“Attach a leash to me and take me for a walk please.”
  • *It’s kinda cute… *…I mean, uh… *I’m tough!!! *I love to eat rocks!!
  • *Well, maybe our cooking abilities aren’t exactly perfect. *Nah!!! *They totally are!! *Eat up, punk!! *(You hear spaghetti thwap against the receiver.)
  • *Perhaps mankind was not meant to pet this much.

Omg guys….I finally finished her. It didn’t come out perfect like I wanted but I honestly want to work on something else. Overall though I’m please with my baby. And another thing…her profile. It’s SUPER long. But please be nice. I hope she is a good character. And feedback is great. Hate is not. Ok here we go…

Name: Nora Bellamy

Meaning: Nora (short form of Honora or Eléonore) -“honor” Bellamy -“beautiful friend”

Nickname(s): Idiot, Dollface

Alias (if any): none

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Birthday: June 22

Birthplace (Which Wall, What town, etc.): Stohess, Eastern edge of Wall Sina

Current Residence (Which Wall, What town, etc.): Wall Rose (wherever Survey Corps Headquarters is located)

Sexual Orientation: “_”

Relationship Status: “single”

Life-Long Dream: leave the walls completely, see real ocean creatures

Goal(s): learn to cook, understand Titans better, become a leader

Like(s): books, organizing, journaling, sunsets, flowers, sitting on top of the walls

Dislike(s): liars, winter, tall men, being called “pretty”, judgmental people  

Bad Habit(s): saying yes too often, helping Hange (not really a bad habit, but others see it that way), will drink too much if offered alcohol

Hobbies: reading, writing, sketching

Fear(s): Thunderstorms, Permanent Injury


Positive: optimistic, reliable, open-minded, organized/meticulous, friendly, brave, admiring

Negative: opinionated, over critical (especially at herself), indecisive, emotional, laughs when nervous or at inappropriate times



chocolate, peaches

Color(s): light blue, peach, yellow

Season(s): Summer

Activities: sketching

Time of Day: dusk


-Height: 152 cm (5'4)

Weight: 58 kg (128 lbs)

Hair style (Always Down, Always Up, etc.): long bangs pulled back, shoulder length wavy layered hair

Hair Color: brown

Eye Color: green

Skin Tone: fair

Body Shape/Build: slightly built and toned (much like other soldiers)

Birth Marks: none

Scar(s): large scar going from left upper arm to middle of shoulder blade (previous injury) 

Other: beauty mark on left side of chin, long eye lashes


-Memory (any issues with this?): none

Sight (do you need glasses?): 20/20

Mental (Any problems? Example: depression):

   PTSD – due to the nature of what she has been through currently, she suffers from post traumatic stress. In order for her to cope with it she HAS to journal everything down, every detail. She will sketch things as well and record any nightmare she remembers.

   Depression- Most soldiers probably have this condition just like Nora. Again to help with it she journals and sketches. She usually is rather upbeat, but does have “bad,” days. Losing people along with how humanity currently is another reason she may not feel happy. She doesn’t let it control her in battle and will often try and think of positive thoughts even if it’s something like feeling the wind through her hair or “flying.” When she is depressed she seems much more tired than usual or will skip meals

   ( Binge Drinking- When it’s time to let loose, Nora really let’s it go. She cannot handle alcohol very well and will drink a lot at one time. She isn’t an alcoholic but she may be heading down that path. )

Physical (Do you take care of your body or harm it? Also include injuries): For the most part yes, she exercises to stay in shape. She does skip meals sometimes. The injury to her arm means she sometimes has days when she is consistently in pain, but often powers through it.  

Sleep patterns (how you sleep and how much rest do you get?): 4-6 (really depends on if she has nightmares, or if she’s helping Hange late into the night)

Allergies/Other: none

Abilities/Statistics (1- lowly skilled, 10- highly skilled and tell why)-

  3D Maneuvering Gear: 10/10 ~The one thing she excelled at and puts to good use in the field. Very good decoy      

Intelligence: 6/10 ~She is is smart, but doesn’t believe in herself enough for making strategies, or leading. She prefers to do research and analyze.

Martial Arts: 3/10 ~She prefers to use words over violence, but if it’s necessary she will use force, but her skills are rather basic

Battle Skill: 5/10 ~She’s killed titans, but would prefer not to after wanting to research them more. She tends to not hit the nape on her first try. She is known for maiming them enough, especially if they are to be captured, but her solo kills are still on the low side for a veteran.

Agility: 8/10 ~She is pretty fast and with her 3d maneuvering skill she is able to easily dodge and get out of the way

Strategy: 3/10 ~Her biggest weakness besides martial arts. She prefers to trust her superiors over believing she could come up with one herself

Teamwork: 8/10 ~She works very well with her comrades and has more Team kills than anything

Passion: 9/10 ~Her passion stems from wanting to leave the interior and the walls all together. Later on wanted to learn more about them thanks to Hange. Her passion also stems from the hate she has of her father and wanting to prove to him she can be a good soldier no matter what path she chose. 

   Total:52 /80

   Avg: 6.5 (according to a guide the average soldier is a 5)

Titan Kills:

Solo: 4

In Team: 22

Total: 26

Affiliation: Survey Corps/Scout Regiment

Former Affiliation: 102nd Cadet Corps (think my math is correct)

Grad. Rank: Outside Top 10

Status (Alive, Missing, etc.): alive


-Parent(s): Livie Bellamy (mother), Waldemar Tanzer (father/deceased)

Sibling(s): Christoph Tanzer (older brother, deceased)

Other Relative(s): Eléonore Bellamy (grandmother, deceased)

Love Interest: Hange Zoë

Best Friend(s): Moblit Berner, Nifa

Friend(s): Keiji, Googles, Levi, Nanaba, Mike, Petra Ral, Erwin (she’s closer to some more than others)

Enemy(ies): none

Hero(es): Erwin, her mother/grandmother/brother

Rival(s): Levi (not really a rivalry, but she is envious/admiring of his skills)

Quote(s): “I just need the strength to protect and help my comrades. Even if I’m considered weaker than anyone else I would rather die so they can live.”  

   "Just smile. Sometimes it’s alright to do it during this cruel horrible time…“

   "Eh, Hanji, I know it’s for research, but please be mindful!”  

   "Even though they are destroying humanity…just killing them isn’t doing it for me anymore; I want to know more about them….“
   "I hate when people assume things about me, and I hate when people just call me “pretty,” I’m so much more than that..I’m a soldier…I’m a survivor.“



Nora grew up in well off home life. She attended school until she enlisted in the military. She found herself particularly interested in reading and life outside of the interior. Her father was pretty strict, compared to their mother, however they were not able to leave the interior or even mention it. Her mother worked up until she was 10 when she decided to retire. Her grandmother was her primary caretaker while her mother worked, and would often tell Nora stories of the world without Titans. The Bellamy family has been around for a long time so Eléonore shared stories that were passed down to her. She even harbored illegal books and showed them to Nora, furthering her interest in the outside world. She has a weird interest in the beach and ocean life. She wants to see more than just fish that swim in the rivers.

   Soon after her parents divorced and her father moved to the Ehrmich District. She rarely saw her father or brother, but when he would take her, she was constantly reminded of joining the MP and that is the best decision her and her brother could make. During that time, she and her brother would often cause trouble because of boredom. Nothing to crazy, but it was enough to get scolded often by their father.

   Waldemar and Livie had an even more strained relationship after the divorce. Waldemar felt he was a better parent to Nora and sought custody after he had her grandmother arrested for the books and “taboo ideology,” instilled in his daughter’s head. Livie didn’t back down and was able to keep Nora with her. She allowed Nora to make her own choices with her future. Despite being an ex-MP herself, she knows she can’t keep her daughter inside forever. Her grandmother left her a pendant which she wears to the present time. She hates her father for what he did and hates that he tries to intervene in her life and pretend he’s a good parent. Her brother, Christoph kept a close relationship with his sister and she looked up to him, despite be separated.

   Cadet Training/First Expedition (841-844):

Nora enlisted in the military at age 16, the dream of leaving the interior finally happened and she knew the only way to leave the walls all together was to join Survey Corps, like her brother did. She got word soon after enlisting that Christoph died on the latest expedition. Saddened Nora almost practically failed out of training, but a late delivered letter from her brother helped pushed her to succeed and graduate. She graduated with the highest marks in 3d maneuver gear of her class, however her marks in other areas kept her from the top 10, which she was happy about, since she couldn’t join the MP like her father wanted. She enlisted in the SC even though she was absolutely terrified, but her curiosity took over more at first. She’d never seen a Titan or even seen life outside the interior. So she was rather excited, but of course knowing her brother died she hoped she would survive. Initially she was rather naive about things and others disliked her for it. She left safety and a good life to “mingle,” with commoners. It wasn’t that she wasn’t well liked, but her fellow cadets thought she wasn’t cut out for the military because of her upbringing, but Nora proved otherwise.

   On her first expedition, she was initially excited to leave the Walls all together and see what was out there. Not that she believed Titans didn’t exist but most of the time, people in the interior never believed they would see one. At first the expedition was going well until they were ambushed and she ended up seeing her comrades eaten and torn apart. Initially, she was horrified at the sight of the Titans and the blood and carnage. She felt herself go numb. Instead of giving up she assisted and managed to maim a Titan enough for her commander to kill it. Even though she survived, she fell of her horse once they made it back inside the walls. Later on she cried every night for weeks and nightmares plagued her. Nonetheless she managed to survive on other missions, and each time they made her heart feel heavy.

The Fall and After (845-850)

: By 845, Nora was one of the few Cadets who survived thus far and was able to participate in the horribly fated expedition. She did end up injured with a shattered arm after she ended up in a tree. She also has a huge scar and more nightmares to remember it. Much like other members of the SC she felt hopeless and a failure that things didn’t turn out better (not that it was even directly her fault) The mentality of the SC changed that day and she hated that feeling. She also met Hange on a more personal level in 846, and slowly formed a friendship among other things over the years. Nora became even more interested when she chopped off limbs of a Titan, and she watched them grow back, practically putting herself and others at risk. But ever since then she became more fascinated with them. She found herself reading in the library and studying all the information about Titans that was available. Throughout the years she became known for disfiguring Titans, distracting them and maiming them enough for them to be killed thanks to her 3d maneuver skills.


It wasn’t until 850, when Hange asked for help with capturing a Titan that Nora’s curiosity peaked more. When asked, she agreed, which excited Hange, but the idea was rejected by Erwin until Ilse’s notebook was discovered. And even then she wasn’t able to participate in capturing one. Nora was currently in a different squad, but she convinced Erwin to transfer her to Hange’s squad for the sake of research and wanting to know more about Titans. By no means was she completely comfortable with her decision, but she felt compelled to do it. Erwin granted her request and she was now part of Squad Four, led by Hange. Her skills in maneuvering played a good part in why Erwin granted the decision, trusting in her skills. Despite wanting the help capture Titans, it was left up to Squad Levi. But her own skills and observations have played a part in assisting Hange with research. She uses meticulous note taking and sketching along with her overall photographic memory.      

Fun Facts:

~Nora becomes slightly obnoxious after drinking, so much so she’s annoyed Levi to where he’s dropped kicked her a few times

~She is very skilled when it comes to sketching and extremely detailed. Her photographic memory is very very good. She likes to share them with Moblit and compare them with his.

~She has sketches of every person who played a role in her life, so if anything happened she wouldn’t forget their face

~She’s written so many journals over the years she claims she could fill a room

~She can’t cook AT ALL; she’s more likely to set the place on fire (she is banned from ever helping cook meals for soldiers)

~She likes to sit on top of the Walls during sunsets if her work is finished for the day

~She always wears a pendant that her Grandmother gave her after she died. Nora believes its her good luck charm and it’s kept her alive

~Being called “pretty,” triggers her to stand up for herself because that’s not the only thing she is (only Hange can call her that)

~Hange gave her the nickname “dollface,” because of Nora’s facial features

~Her way of thinking got her in trouble most of the time. Her father thought she was ruining his name (despite her last name being changed to Bellamy)

(( I’m more than willing to write about the relationships she has with canon characters. If anyone else has ocs that would like to be friends, let me know! i’ll add them in also!!! ) )

Sun and Moon Headcanon: Burnet and Guzma

I’ve had a headcanon that Professor Burnet and Guzma were siblings ever since I saw them beside each other, but after playing the game and using a bit of some analyzing, I’ve written out an entire story for them being siblings, and if you’re interested in this, I’ll put this under a read more! It’s just some interesting thoughts of mine that kind of turned into a story near the end!

Burnet was the elder child of the two by about 2~4 years, and Guzma born after. Burnet was a smart child, beloved by her parents and obviously the favorite child. Guzma…not so much. He was ignored in favor of his more talented and excelling sister, and due to that he started to go outside more and discover things outside the house of praise his sister lived in. Burnet, however, was always pressured to be the best due to her talents, and her parents wouldn’t allow her to be anything but. While Guzma grew into his newfound talent of Pokemon battles and won his contests, Burnet preferred to stay inside, not be called by her first name (the prized name of the prized child she so didn’t want to be), and leave herself to the things she wanted to pursue. This is the reasoning behind her quote about “looking in the mirror” and not knowing who she is anymore. Her parents created a mold for her that she didn’t want to fit into, so she was stuck between who she wanted to be vs. who her parents wanted her to be. Throughout years, it gave her self-esteem issues and worried about her own future. Despite this, she was still the favorite. With this status, she looked over Guzma and talked well about him so the parents wouldn’t get mad at him for nothing. It was sisterly instincts.

Despite her trying to look over him, the divide causes trouble between her and Guzma. Guzma, being the newfound rebel and looked down upon child, refuses to talk to his sister and heads out to start his island challenge with a couple of kids from around the neighborhood (unbeknownst to anyone, one of which would become his sister’s husband). Guzma had his fun in his challenge with his pals, but soon enough he started to go a little overboard with his obsession of battling. This angered his father, who wanted nothing more than to have two perfect role model children. One was smart, alright, but not what he had in mind. His only son, though, was a ruffian. He was extreme. He wasn’t what he wanted, and it really did seem as if something was wrong with him. Burnet was upset because she tried her best to help him out, but he refused any help. 

Cut to Burnet, about 18-20, ready to leave off to a region far away from Alola to escape the fit molds her parents put her in and study the field of her dreams. On the day she is to leave, though, she sees her father ready with a golf club over her brooding baby brother. Without hesitation, she goes over to her father and drops the golf club herself onto the floor. This shocks both brother and father, and she then waves goodbye to both, but not before whispering in her brother’s ear that he write her anytime things got bad and that she’d send a letter through so he could get the address. With that, she’s gone. 

Things just get worse for Guzma, He’s going out to battle late at night, gamble and get drunk to forget what he can. He finally finishes up his challenge, and is one of the strongest trainers out there…yet no sign of him being captain. His “friend” Kukui, however, is asked to be a captain. Guzma sees this as utterly wrong, but, eh. Kukui turns down being a captain and sets off on his own goals. This still doesn’t get Guzma a captain spot, but he’s strong. He needs to prove to his parents that he can be as good at something as his sister could, and this is what leads him to start getting stronger and stronger. With that, though, he had to leave and run away. Remembering the address of his sister in Unova, he writes her a letter to explain his choices. 

He can’t “get it through his thick skull that he won’t amount to anything”, according to his father. A hit. He can’t get that “he’s nothing but a punk”. Another hit. He can’t understand that “he was meant to be a good kid, just like his sister.” Enough with his sister. Enough with him being mistreated. Enough with everything. With his skills learned out with the punks of Melemele, he returned every punch and left, knocking down every picture of his parents’ children as he made his made to the door. He knew then that he had to be his own leader, his own boss. He just needed to get it through his thick skull.

Burnet comes back to Alola for a meetup of Professors, and she comes to visit and criticize her parents for once and explain how badly they messed her up as a child. Even more so, she wanted to see Guzma. She wondered how her baby brother was doing now, after all these years. Turns out, her own parents don’t know either. He ran away, they said, and we’ve not seen him since. Burnet guesses that protecting him from the club was the last time she’d ever see him again too. 

Guzma is the boss of Team Skull. He rules with violence and chaos alongside his grunts. He’s too busy in his underground life to ever wonder about his family. The only worthy one was his sister, and she ran away as quick as she could too, away from that wretched place called home. She never wrote him after she left, so he wanted to forget her. Guzma held more rage against those who he felt needed it most (especially that now regional Professor…).

Burnet gets a lab and a husband. She lives happily in Alola, finally being the person she wants to be. She wonders if her brother ever got to do the same, wherever he was. Pretty far away, she guessed. Burnet told Kukui she had a brother, but never cared to mention a name. It’s a hard topic for her. He has no idea that the white headed kid tagging along on the challenge was the same as his brother-in-law.

Burnet, the elder child, and Guzma, the younger. The only thing keeping them any similar to each other is the blood that runs through their veins. 

Could it be? (Pregnancy prompt)

Something was definitely going on with Star. And it wasn’t going to be nice, or at least that’s what she thought. The blonde girl had been acting even weirder than usual, for the surprise of her mother, her college professors and her roommate. Star was for the first time in a long time concerned about her health. Yeah, the magical warrior, heir to the throne of one of the most powerful dimensions, Star Butterfly was genuinely afraid, so you can imagine how serious the situation was. You may wonder why she was so scared. Well, it all began a week ago, when she was doing her weekly training with her mother.

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•Writing Prompts•

“Write hard and clear about what hurts.”
~Ernest Hemingway


1.“Bring me coffee ice-cream, Peasant!”
2.“It’s four in the morning and you want to cuddle?”
3.“Do you really love me?”
4.“Sweetheart, I love you and I’d do anything for you. So I say this in the nicest way possible. Please, leave my kitchen before you burn it down.”
5.“I can cook!”
—"No, you can’t.“
6."I can’t swim!”
7.“But do you like pineapples?”
8.“Cheaters never win,”
—"Yes they do, because when they find a loophole they win the game.“
—"Stop thinking logically!”
9.“Truth or Dare?”
10."I can’t do this anymore!”
—"I know, me neither. How do you girls tie the flowers like that?“
11."I’m rolling my eyes!”
—"I am too!“
12."You look like crap.”
—"Thanks for the boost of self-confidence.“
13."Well aren’t you just a hot chili pepper.”
—"Was that supposed to be your go to pick up line? Because if it was pick it up and throw it out the damn window.“
14."It’s a child not a bomb, chill.”
—"Well, it could be holding a bomb!“
15."Is that a puppy? Where’d you get a puppy?”
16.“I wanna cuddle. Cuddle time with you.”
17.“What are you drawing?”
18.“What is your deepest secret?”
—"I’m in love with you.“
19."Jump off the cliff.”
—"What? Are you insane!“
20."You’re insane”
—"I know, isn’t it awesome!“
21."Oh, it blew up.”
—"Of course it blew up! You set the whole thing on fire!“
22."Sing us a bedtime song.”
23.“Please, can you read us a story?”
24.“You are an amazing lost girl.”
25.“I hate you!”
—"Love you too, darling,“
26."Trust me, I know what I’m doing.”
—"That’s a lie.“
27."It’s not stalking! It’s simply admiring from afar.”
28.“Delete that, right now!”
29.“Can we stay just a little little longer, please?”
30.“You know you snore a little when you sleep? It’s like a little kitten purring. So adorable.”
31.“You’re just so cute.”
32.“I’m sorry, this isn’t going to work. That shirt is absolutely hideous. I can’t even look at you right now. Did your grandmother make that for you?”
33.“I like listening to your heartbeat. It calms me.”
34.“I’ll get you back.”
35.“What are you doing?”
—"Oh, just hanging.“
36."Oh, a pillow. What are you going to do? Fluff me to death?”
—"Good idea. How ‘bout we test it, hm?“
37."Do you wanna kiss me? Because I saw where those eyes landed.”
—"Shut up.“
38."Loose the shirt.”
39.“Loose the shirt. Girls dig that.”
40.“You look…”
—"Beautiful. I know. Can we please move on?“
41."You thief!”
—"I’m no thief! I’m just really good at acquiring objects that just so happen to not belong to me.“
42."Can you please keep it down over there?”
—"She’s having a panic attack!“
—"Yeah, well can she panic a little quieter?”
43.“You’re a complete psychopath.”
—"I prefer creative.“
44."It seemed like a good idea yesterday.”
—"You really pissed him off, you know?“
—"Yeah, I can see that.”
45.“Did you think I wouldn’t notice you sneaking out?”
46.“I don’t like that dress.”
—"What? It’s your favorite.“
—"Yes, when I’m the only one who can see you in it.”
47.“Look at his stupid face. So…so stupid. I just wanna…squeeze the stupidness out of his stupid face because he’s so damn stupid. God, I wanna kiss him.”
48.“You’re obsessed.”
49.“That was the last cookie! My cookie!”
50.“You know we aren’t all born with the ability to throw fireballs, right?”
51.“Just calm down!”
—"An arrow was just lodged into my leg and you want me to calm down!“
—"Well, I don’t get why you’re yelling.”
52.“What now?”
—"I don’t know. I honestly thought the jump would kill us.“
53."It’s ok.”
54.“Hear my heart beat? Just focus on that.”
55.“I got you, Pumpkin. I’ve always got you.”
56.“What are you doing?”
—"Hunting for elephants. What do you think? I’m sleeping.“
57."Hey, can you do me a favor? Shut up.”
58.“Eh, I never liked him anyway.”
59.“So…I just realized I broke my arm.”
60.“Can you pick me up?”
—"It’s three in the morning.“
—"What’s your point?”
61.“I’m going to kill you.”
62.“You’re going to lose her…just because you’re terrified she makes you happy. You know that happiness escapes you whenever you finally get a feel of it.”
63.“You can’t have her.”
—"Why not?“
—"Because she belongs with me.”
64.“Sorry, I’ll be dead that week. Can we try the week after that?”
65.“God, I hate her. She’s so perfect. So damn perfect that I want to taste every imperfection she has.”
—"Why don’t you?“
66."He’s in the attic.”
—"Oh, my god! You kidnapped him?“
—What? No. I’m talking about your brother. He’s in the restroom.”
67.“You have a beautiful name.”
—"Thank you. I got it for my birthday.“
68."I can just feel the awkwardness flying in the air. Can you guys feel it?”
69.“How can he be so damn hot and sexy even when he’s supposed to be…the opposite.”
—"He’s an alien.“
70."Sorry…about your window.”
71.“Here’s your camera…I broke it.”
72.“Hey. Hey. Hey. No, pay attention to my shoes. Look at how shiny they are.”
73.“I’ve always wanted a kid. Although, this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. Where did you find him?”
74.“Have the day you deserve. You know, let karma sort it all out.”
75.“I never liked him anyway.”
—"Oh, please, you were obsessed.“
76."Oh, is it hot in here or is it just me.”
—"Keep your shirt on, pretty boy.“
77."Can I borrow your phone?”
78.“What’s a life anyway, right?”
79.“Yeah, I’m not jumping.”
81."Is that a lion?”
82.“You stole a penguin?”
—"It was sad!“
83."Nice ass.”
—"Nice eyes. Can I have them for my collection?“
84."I’d shut up if I were you.”
85.“Unless, you don’t value your tongue I suggest you shut up.”
86.“You kiss your mom with that mouth?”
87.“Aw, is she yours?”
—"Oh, no. I’m babysitting for a friend of mine. He’s her father.“
88."Chicks dig guys that are single and have a child.”
—"Who told you that? A little birdie?“
89."I challenge you.”
90.“Off with their heads!”
—"Woah, calm down Queen of Hearts.“
91."Do you even know what golf is?”
—"A sport.“
92."Wait! I have no idea what I’m doing!”
93.“Only if I get paid in chocolate…or food in general. Either one.”
94.“I give them two minutes.”
95.“Give me that.”
96.“Crap! We’re late!”
97.“Put your shirt on!”
98.“You’re such a goof.”
—"Yeah, but I’m your goof.“
99."When you finally let go and you slay that solo you’ll be as powerful as ever.”
—"Poor guy won’t even know I was quoting Meghan Trainor.“
100."She’s 'The One’. I know it.”
101.“Try me. I dare you.”
102.“Don’t test me!”
103.“I love you as much as food. Almost.”
104.“You taste like chocolate.”
105.“I shouldn’t be in love with you. No. No.”
106.“Especially you!”
107.“I think I’ve just been holding myself back from falling in love with you all over again.”
108.“Don’t do it.”
109.“You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”
110.“Tell me you don’t love me and I’ll leave.”
111.“Tell me you don’t love me and I’ll let you go.”
112.“Marry me?”
—"We’re ten.“
113."I didn’t do it!”
—"Then why are you smiling?“
—"Because who ever did it is a genius.”
114.“Ok. That, except do like the total opposite of it.”
115.“You didn’t impregnate her, right?”
116.“That’s not your kid.”
—"That’s not my kid.“
117."Oh, god! We brought home the wrong child!”
118.“Aw, look at the dog! You can’t miss the cute doggy.”
119.“I love you.”
—"I love you too.“
—"I was talking to the cake.”
120.“Stop poking me!”
—"Then give me your attention!“
121."I don’t even know how I did that.”
122.“I don’t even know.”
123.“Oh my gosh, I did it again. He said I broke his heart.”
124.“I don’t know why they all ways fall for me. They’re like dominos.”
125.“Oh, hell to the no!”
126.“His ego’s so big he deserves a medal.”
127.“I want to break this curse.”
128.“Want to play hide-and-seek?”
130.“I’m a child not an adult.”
131.“I’m ringing the alarm. You better run!”
132.“Go to hell.”
133.“Do you want me to leave?”
134.“And take your fishes with you!”
135.“I can barley breathe.”
—"Cause I take your breath away?“
—"What? No, I choked on my soda.”
136.“Is the temperature rising in here or is it just a me?”
137.“This could take some time.”
138.“So, let me get this straight. You bought a monkey for your girlfriend, who you actually hate because you love Y/N, but instead your girlfriend loves you even more for buying her the monkey because she’s an animal lover, which by the way is something you didn’t know even after dating her for over four months. So now you want us to help you sabotage your own date because you’re to scared to break up with her because she’ll break you?”
—"Yeah, sounds about right.“
—”…alright, let’s do this!“
139."I love it when you call me princess.”
140.“Stop, I’m blushing.”
141.“I’m making those really fancy chocolate thingies.”
—"I’ll pretend I understand and leave you to it then.“
142."I’m still getting schooled.”
143.“Did she/he just roast you?”
144.“I’m going out.”
—"The backyard because that seems like the only place I can afford right now.”
—"Why are you dressed so nicely then?“
—"Got to look good for the ground, right?”
145.“You have over 50 pairs of boots.”
—"All the more reason why I need more.“
146."Anyone seen a kangaroo hop by?”
147.“She’s fast. So fast she can almost fly.”
148.“All I see is trees.”
—"We’re not lost.“
—"We’re lost.”
149.“You were holding the map upside down!”
150.“I’ve found my home.”

Close Encounter pt. 1: Sirius x Muggle!Reader

Request: a oneshot where the reader goes to a party in the summer with lily and marauders are there (reader is Lily’s friend and knows she’s a witch and about hogwarts/James but hasn’t met the rest of the marauders). And maybe reader and Sirius get to talking at the party (Lily’s maybe off with James?) and they kiss then the next day reader goes on the date with James friend Lily’s been wanting to set her up with for ages. She gets to the date&Sirius is her date? And super cute date pls? Either like Lily’s best friend from a young age as a muggle or she goes to beauxbatons maybe but whichever you prefer is fine for me☺️

Warnings: none

A/N: I set this modern, because I don’t know how parties worked in the 70′s whoops I’ll ask my mom later. Also this one was turning too long, so it’ll be a two parter ;)


Originally posted by boudless-soul

“Lil, are you sure this is a good idea?”

“Of course!” she says, putting the finishing touches on my makeup. I turn around and examine my reflection in the mirror.

“Whoa.” My (y/h/c) locks are in perfect, fat curls, and my makeup expertly accents my (y/e/c) eyes. “I look great. It’s almost like magic,” I say, tickling Lily in the stomach.

“Oh, shut up,” she giggles. “I still know how to do things the normal way, you know.”

MY normal way, or YOUR normal way?” I tease with a smirk, and she smacks my arm.

OUR normal way. Honestly, I’m not even sure you’re allowed to know about my magic.”

“Oh please,” I huff, plopping down on her bed. “I would’ve figured it out sooner or later. Remember the time you set Ashley Randolph’s homework on fire when you saw her cheating?”

“We were eight and I didn’t do it on purpose!” she groans, collapsing on the bed next to me. I sigh, brushing my hair behind my ear. She turns to me and offers a small sad smile. “It’s not quite fair, is it? Me being a witch and you not being at school with me?”

“I don’t know if fair is the right word,” I respond, giving her hand a quick squeeze. “I mean, it’s not like it used to be. But I’ve had six years to adjust. I’ll survive.”

She smiles again, for real this time, and pulls me into a hug.

“I wish you could be at Hogwarts with me. You’d love it there.”

“I don’t know. Castles have never really been my thing,” I reply glancing over at my leather jacket hanging on the back of her door. “So I’m finally going to meet these other friends of yours, eh?”

“YES!” she exclaims, practically bursting with excitement. “Merlin’s Beard, you’re going to love them.”

“’Merlin’s Beard?’” I quote, giving her a look. “Honestly, Lil?”

“Listen, it’s a popular phrase among us magic-folk, alright?” she quips, throwing my shirt at me. I laugh, and change into it, along with a pair of white skinny jeans and black heels.

“You ready?” she asks grabbing my hand.

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” I respond.

“Just hold on tight, and don’t let go. This is going to feel pretty awful, okay?”

“Honestly, couldn’t we just drive?” I ask, whining slightly.

“No. It’s a four hour drive, (Y/N).”

“Fine,” I sigh. And just like that, I hear a crack and feel myself yanked as if from all directions and then feel an intense pressure around me like I’m being squeezed through a small tube, and finally I feel my feet hit the floor again.

“Whoa.” I say, regaining my balance. “That… was not normal.”

“That’s apparating,” she says with a shrug and heads up the path we’ve landed on, leading up to the house in front of us. “Welcome to your first real taste of magic.”

I can hear music from inside the doors, and I anxiously tug at the hem of my shirt as we walk up the path. I honestly have no idea what to expect…. How do wizards party?

Lily walks up to the front door and taps the knocker a single time.

“Lily, no one’s going to hear that over the music in there,” I scoff. She smirks at me and turns her attention back to the knocker. I follow her gaze and gasp at the sight. The knocker has turned into a golden, fat face with a bold mustache, gazing back at my best friend, and I feel my jaw hit the floor.

“Password?” it asks her.

Lily rolls her eyes, and replies, “James Potter is the best,” and the door swings open.

I laugh and follow her in, and my jaw drops again. I don’t know what I was expecting–flashing lights, and loud music, and beer and mixed drinks, yeah. But there were no speakers–the music came from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. It quiets when you were talking to someone, loudened when you were dancing, and surrounded you from all sides. The lights blink from invisible sources, dancing through the air in various colors that keep from blinding you. The drinks? there’s this table at the far side of the room with empty goblets. Lily leads me through the crowded room to the table and grabs one for each of us, and at her touch, it fills with a drink, and I take a sip.

“What is this?” I ask, mesmerized by the foamy drink.

“Not sure,” she replies, quickly downing her entire goblet and placing it back on the table. I laugh, follow suit, and watch as hers begins to refill under her touch, while mine sits empty and unmoving. I see an embarrassed blush reach her cheeks as she looks at my vacant goblet. She reaches over and it begins to refill again under her touch. She smiles at me apologetically, and I shrug back at her with a smile.

“So, where is this ‘James Potter’ then?” I ask, bumping my hip against hers, as the music quiets slightly around me.

“You called?” I hear from behind me, and turn to see a tall boy, probably about 17 just like us, with dark, messy hair, hazel eyes, a goofy grin, and glasses.

“James!” Lily says with a hint of delight, and his grin grows even wider.

“Evans,” he replies, leaning over to kiss her on the cheek. “This your friend, then?”

“Yeah, James, this is (Y/N)! (Y/N), James.”

“Pleasure.” I extend my hand to him, and he shakes it chuckling at me.

“She’s certainly got the right look, but I don’t know, Lil, she may be too nice for him,” he says, leaning towards Lily as if I can’t hear him. She throws her head back laughing.

“Oh, please,” she laughs.

“I’m sorry, who?” I cut in.

“You know that boy I’ve been writing you about? The one who I keep saying you’d be perfect for?” she asks.

“The one who you refuse to tell me his name?”

“Yeah,” she says. But doesn’t continue.

“Is that all?”

“Yep,” she says with a smile, turning to face James.

“Alright, then,” I groan. “James, could I use your bathroom?”

“Up the stairs, second door on the right.”


I make my way back down the stairs, pausing on the last one so I have a view over the people’s heads, my drink still in hand, but Lily and James are nowhere to be seen.

“Oh, shit,” I say, searching the crowd for a head of red hair and find nothing.

“Looking for someone?” I hear from the stairs behind me, and turn to find a tall bloke with black hair and a leather jacket. Damn, I think to myself as I take in this rather gorgeous young man in front of me.

“Er, yeah, sort of. It’s not important though, I’ll just find her later.” I take a small sip from my drink and move off the stairs to the side, so I’m not straining my neck to look up at this guy, and he follows.

“This is crazy,” I say looking around the room, and he chuckles.

“Never been to a party before?”

“Not one like this.”

“James certainly knows how to throw a party.” I smile back at him before finishing off my drink. “Can I get you another?” he asks, gesturing to my empty goblet.

“Yes, please.” I hand it to him and he walks over to the table, tapping the glasses on the top before walking back over, the drink refilled.

“Question,” I say, as I take the goblet back from him. “Why not just make them bottomless drinks?”

He chuckles, “We’ve thought about it. Mostly so people don’t lose track of how much they’ve had and end up like Peter over there.” He points into the crowded dance floor at a boy who’s dancing like there’s no tomorrow, and I laugh at the sight.

“Alright, fair enough,” I say, taking another sip of the drink.

“So you’re not from Hogwarts, are you?” he asks, leaning his arm against the wall, slightly above my head.

“No, I’m not,” I smirk back. “Is that how you know James, then?”

He chuckles, “That’s how we met, yeah.”

I feel a buzz in my back pocket, and pull the phone out to see a blurry screen going slightly haywire.

“Oh, shit,” I say, trying to find the issue.

“Oh, that’s not going to work in here. Too much magic around,” he explains to me.

“Right,” I say, shoving the useless block of technology back in my pocket.

He smiles and leans a little closer. “Are you muggleborn, then?”

“Yeah, you could say that.”

30 minutes pass of the two of us talking and laughing and flirting and the boy asks me to dance. I agree, and he takes my goblet back to the table, before pulling me onto the dance floor. The moment my foot touches down on the hardwood floor, the music changes and a slow song begins. He pulls me close to him by my hips, and I wrap my arms around his neck. I don’t know the song, but I just look up into his grey eyes and he looks down into mine as the music surrounds us. I see his eyes flicker down to my lips, and without a moment’s hesitation, I press my lips against his hard. He responds immediately, moving his lips against mine and I melt into the kiss, bringing my hand up and tangling my fingers in his long hair. His lips part as a slight moan escapes, and I take the opportunity to deepen the kiss even further. In no time at all, he and I are full on making out on the dance floor… in a room full of strangers. And as the song ends and the next begins, I pull away from the kiss and look up into his eyes, biting my lip slightly.

“I should probably go find my friend.” I feel the warmth spread to my cheeks, and see him grin a bit too.

“I think you owe me your name, first,” he responds, taking my hands in his.

“(Y/N). And yours?”

“Sirius,” he says.

“Well, Sirius. Maybe I’ll see you again sometime?”

“Soon, I hope,” he says, pressing his lips to mine again.

After a long kiss, I pull away and say, “Very soon.”

Single Awareness Day (Rap Monster, You) Scenario

Originally posted by rapfluff

It’s that month again.

You groaned as a variety of red objects floated in your line of vision. Red hearts, red bags, red candies, red balloons… 

Red. Red. Red. 

Everything was so red it was giving you a headache. 

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Make A Wish (Upon an Evil Blue Star)

Megamind fanfic

Rating: T

Summary: Make-A-Wish tells Roxanne that a young boy wants to meet Megamind, so she lets him know and together they make a plan.

(idea inspired by @oneiriad)


“Oh good, it’s you.”  Those were Roxanne’s first (entirely sincere and not sarcastic at all) words when she shook off the effects of the knock-out spray and realized she was in the company of her frequent kidnapper.

“What did you just say?”

Sounded like Megamind was behind her.  Not that Roxanne could see him anyway because she had a bag over her head.  A bag that smelled strongly of air freshener.  "Spraying the bag with febreeze doesn’t count as washing it,“ she snarked, and he whipped it off her head.  "I need to talk to you.  Time out?”

Really. About what?”  His giant blue head filled the left side of her vision as he leaned over her shoulder.

The supervillain didn’t usually get quite so close to her.  His proximity made her ear tickle, but she couldn’t rub it because her wrists were tied behind her.  So she did the next best thing and indulged her impish desire to bop him on the nose with her own nose.  He flinched back in surprise with a blink, which she counted as a minor personal victor even though it was childish. “Stand in front of me where I can see you properly.”

Megamind’s laughter was teasing as he indulged her request instead of asking about what she’d just done and why.  "One incredibly handsome criminal genius, for your viewing pleasure.“ He stepped around Roxanne’s chair fluidly and adjusted the draping of his cape with a flick of his fingers at the same time. 

"Hm, yes.  And mastermind of all villainy, too. Can’t forget that.”  He preened.  "But!  The time-out. You’ve heard of the Make A Wish Foundation, right?“

"That charity helps sick children, right?  But why are you asking me about that?” Minion appeared carrying a nefarious-looking contraption.  Roxanne had no idea what it was meant to do just from looking at it, so she didn’t get any clues for the plot of the week, but Megamind just pointed at the wall to her right and made this sort of twisting shove motion with one hand. She glanced at the fish-operated gorilla suit as it moved to the wall and set up the Thing of Evil.

“A boy named Kevin wants to meet you.”  Wow, she almost never got to see Megamind speechless.  "I had an interesting conversation last week.  A Foundation representative met with me to discuss the viability of you fulfilling this boy’s Wish.  Since you kidnap me all the time, you see.“  Roxanne flexed her wrists in their ropes.  "I told her it was possible, since you always treat me well when I’m kidnapped, but I would need to talk to you first to find out if you were up for it.  So…”  She glanced back and forth at the two evil cohorts.  "Are you up for it?“


"We are here today at the Metro City Children’s Hospital…”


“I can’t just go visiting a hospital, Miss Ritchie.  And I will not threaten children with an evil scheme, not even for pretend.”  Megamind was frowning at her, blue face serious and arms crossed.

“But what if I was there?  You and Minion have kidnapped me from all kinds of places.  I’ll go and you can come get me.”

He nodded slowly.  "You’ll need your own reason to be there.  Could you do a report on site?“


”…recent joint donation from the Scott and Anderson families.  As you can see, the patient rooms have been…“


"At the hospital, check.  Unfortunately, a news reporter has no reason to visit Kevin specifically.  Make A Wish does, but because you’re a supervillain we’re already trying to do this… eh… carefully.” How did one explain such an oxymoron of a situation?  As a clandestine public encounter?  An overt covert plot?  Maybe a self-guarding diversion.

“If you see me before I can capture you, you can ‘run away,’” Megamind did air quotes with his fingers, “and hide in Ke-vahn’s room.  Wherever that is.”


“Plans include a new recreational floor and, when demolition is complete, a semi-private park for patients and their families.  All south-facing rooms will also have a view of…”


“There won’t be much time for the meeting once my presence is reported to the police.  The officers themselves might not be a problem, but they will call Metromahn, and we shouldn’t have a confrontation in a hospital.  The potential collateral damage…”

“I’ll call him in advance to explain.  Metroman will show up late, or not at all.  He’s done Make A Wish before, he’ll understand.”  

Megamind and Minion both looked apprehensive, but—"Okay, Miss Ritchie.“—they decided to trust her.  And that was (the villains trusted her, trusted her to keep Metroman away from them) interesting in a way she didn’t quite know how to react to.


”…looking forward to the future.  This is Roxanne Ritchie, signing off!“


Roxanne glanced at the room numbers as she ran down the third floor hall away from Megamind and to (There!) 317, occupied by one Kevin O'Neil.  The nine year old’s bald head shot up from the comic book he was reading to look at her in surprise as she slammed the door shut behind her and yanked the curtain quickly across the window.  She turned to face him as she backed away from the door with an index finger held to lips, and got to see the exact moment he recognized her and figured out what he thought was happening.  His jaw fell open slowly and his brown eyes opened very wide—

She had to look away from him as she reached the wall opposite the door.  His expression was so perfect, exactly what she was hoping for, that she was afraid she would break character for the want to laugh in joy.

Right on time, Minion broke open the door, "She’s in here, Sir!” and he and Megamind barreled in.  Megamind shut the door behind him and immediately shot it with the de-gun to seal it with some kind of quick-dying transparent glue since there was no lock installed in the handle.

“You thought you could escape me, Miss Ritchie?”  She glared at him and he ignored it.  The signature multi-setting firearm (Which de- setting was glue?  She really wanted to know, now, she had no idea his gun did that.) spun around his hand as his low menacing laugh filled the small room. Behind him, Minion waved at Kevin, who was completely oblivious to the comic slipping from his fingers.  "You—"

Megamind didn’t get any further in whatever kidnapping speech he’d prepared for their visit because the child for whom they had planned this scenario shot up from his bed and lunged at Megamind.  "It’s you it’s you it’s you I can’t believe it!“  Kevin hugged the blue man tightly around the middle.  While the kid couldn’t see her, Roxanne shot the incredibly shocked hug-recipient a thumbs-up.  "Oh my gosh, Megamind is in my room, this is the best day ever!”  Megamind’s face flickered and then he winked at her.

“'Best day ever,’ do you know who I am!?”  

Kevin let Megamind go to gaze up at him in wonder.  "You’re Megamind,“ he said in a reverential tone of voice Roxanne had heard several times before but only when people were talking about Metroman, "Incredibly Handsome Criminal Genius and Master of All Villainy! The best bad guy ever!  You’ve escaped prison so many times, it’s awesome!  And you never give up, no matter what happens!” In a flash, he retrieved his comic book from the bed and presented it cover-first.  "Will you sign this, please please PLEASE?“

It was a Metroman comic, because of course the guy couldn’t be hero of an entire city without his own comic series getting published at some point.  Based on the cover art, it seemed to be about Plan: Snow Day, the day Megamind stopped all activity in the city port by burying it in several feet of white powder and freezing a square mile of the lake around it overnight.

Megamind took it, mostly just because that’s what you did when handed something, and flipped quickly through the pages. "If it’s a villain’s autograph you want, a villain’s autograph you will get.  Minion, Code: Pen.”  The fish was already holding one out.  "What is your name?“

"Kevin O'Neil!”  He started bouncing in place, too excited to hold still as Megamind braced the comic flat against the wall to write on it.  "Could, could Minion sign it too?“


Megamind scribbled over the METROMAN header and drew his own logo quickly right under it in metallic blue ink.  Under that, he wrote, “For Kevin O'Neil: Always Be Bad” followed by his full self-description and name signed with a flourish.  Minion signed next in blocky letters with a doodle of his head on the end, then passed the comic and pen to Roxanne.  Roxanne signed at the very bottom and carefully crossed out Wayne’s face where the hero was drawn flying in from the side.

Roxanne returned the comic book to Kevin while Megamind shot the window with a gun definitely not set to either dehydrate or the glue option, disintegrating it and a large portion of the wall around it at the same time.  "Squad D, to me!“  Brainbots flooded to the brand new escape route from above.  "Lensi, come here.”  One floated into the room with a bowg.

“You named a brainbot Lindsey?”  Roxanne noticed that this particular brainbot appeared to have a larger 'eye’ than the others.

“Of course not.  I named this one Lensi. The photographer.  Look at Lensi, Ke-vahn!”  When he turned as instructed, incidentally turning his back to Megamind, Megamind clicked open the latch of his cape and smoothly relocated it from his shoulders to the boy’s.

“Hey, what—”

“Everyone look bad!”  Megamind turned Kevin’s head to look at the brainbot and lifted the de-gun.  They froze until Lensi bowged.  

“Sir, the police.”  Sirens were getting louder as police cars approached.

“Hurry, you have to leave before Metroman comes!” Kevin pulled at Megamind’s hand to draw him forward, then stepped around him to push him closer to the ex-window and cloud of brainbots.

“He is correct.  Brainbots!  Take us to the roof!”  Half the group went to Minion and four each from those remaining lifted Megamind and Roxanne.  "Time to finish this kidnapping. Goodbye, Ke-vahn O’Neel!“

"Wait, your cape!”  

Megamind was already out of the room when he shouted back, “Keep it!”  That quickly, they were gone.


“That was really nice of you to give him your cape.”  Megamind scoffed, but he was grinning.  Roxanne, still bound but no longer blindfolded after they left the hospital to finish Plan: Make A Wish, clicked her heels against the telephone pole she was tied to.  She was essentially being held hostage until Metroman came to 'save’ her.  "You really made his day.“

"You mistake my motives, Miss Ritchie.  This was merely an excuse to kidnap you again.”

“Sure it was.”

“I have a question.”  Megamind stepped closer until he stood right in front of her, only about a foot away.

“I have an answer.”

“Why did you do this?”

“Do wha—”  He leaned forward quickly and touched his nose to hers, almost like a pecking bird, then looked at her expectantly.  "Oh.  That.  No reason, really.  Just because.“

"Just because.”  That would have been a question if it had any inflection to it.  Without inflection, it was more of a puzzled repetition to confirm that those were the words she said.


“Is this a thing people do?  Just because?”

“To people they like,” Roxanne said before her mental filter could engage and remind her she was talking to Megamind.  Minion gasped and her face steadily turned red in embarrassment.  "I mean…“  She tried to think of a way to backtrack and failed.

"Does this mean you like me, Miss Ritchie?  That you have some affection for the supervillain?”  Megamind was practically purring, like a cat who found a treasure trove of cream.  "What,“ he bopped her nose again gently, "would your boyfriend in tights say?”

“He would say, 'We’re not really a couple,’ and, 'Just kiss her already, I know you want to.’”  Wayne Scott, a.k.a. Metroman, was floating mere inches above the ground a few feet away from Minion.  Minion screamed and leapt away from the hero, Roxanne screamed his first name with appalled disapproval for the sheer bluntness of his words, and Megamind made a peculiar strangled squeak.  "Also, while touching noses isn’t necessarily affectionate, Roxanne here does do random things to people she likes enough to do random things to, and touching noses counts as that.“ The topic of conversation twisted beneath her ropes in irritation. "I watched you with that kid, by the way.  You didn’t see him after you left the room, but let me tell you, he looked like Christmas and his birthday both came early and he won the lottery all at the same time.  He’s gonna remember this day for the rest of his life.”

Considering he had just received confirmation that the woman he always kidnapped and was enamored with actually liked him back at least a little, that her not-boyfriend told him outright to kiss her, and that the hero approved of the villain’s actions earlier in the day, Megamind could be forgiven for not saying anything any more articulate than, “Uh huh.”

In a blink, Metroman’s eye lasers cut the ropes around Roxanne and they fell in a loose heap around her feet.  "How would you like to complete today’s rescue, Roxanne?  Would you like to be taken back to the news station, the police station, or the hospital?“  He asked her politely but had a shit-eating grin on his face.

"I really want to punch you right now, Wayne.” Roxanne turned to Megamind.  "Well, I need to go back to work now.  Show people I’ve been saved from your evil clutches.“  She nudged him with an elbow and laughed lightly, pretending the hero of Metro City hadn’t just embarrassed her on purpose.  "See you soon?”

“Of course!  You haven’t heard the last of Megamind!”

“Great!”  She poked him on the nose (with her finger this time).  "Bye, Megamind.  Bye Minion.“  She waved to the fish as she walked past him to Wayne.  "To the police station, please.  I want to get the kidnapping report out of the way.”


“So you sent a framed copy of the picture to Kevin?”

“Yes.  A brainbot delivered it.”

“And you sent a business card to the local Make A Wish office.”  The same representative had appeared again while Roxanne was in the office (“No, we won’t publicize it.  Why do you think we did it the way we did?”) and showed her the little black paper embossed with Megamind’s logo in blue.  Nothing else was on the card, but nothing else really needed to be.

“Broke in and left it on the front desk.”

A beat of silence.  "It’s a bit soon for a kidnapping.“  Plan: Make A Wish had been only three days ago, in fact.

"I came to deliver your own copy.”  The package wrapped in glossy black paper was a little heavy, about what she could expect for a framed photograph.  Before she could unwrap it, he poked her nose—"Ciao!“—and ran back out her balcony doors to fly away via hoverbike.

Making it Official

Because my muse needed a little break from smut, have some tooth-rottingly sweet fluff!

Ten x Rose AU, ~2500 words, kid!fic

James finally gets a night alone with Rose to ask her the question he’d been burning to ask for weeks.


This was it. The big day. The day James Wilfred Noble asked Rose Marion Tyler, the love of his life, his very best friend, to marry him, and to join her little family. He was terrified.

He’d had the ring for weeks, but could never work up the nerve to actually give it to her, much to Donna’s annoyance. But now he finally had a Plan, and by the end of the evening, if everything went wonderfully, he would be engaged to the most beautiful, most perfect woman in the universe.

James had arranged everything so that they would have the night alone. Donna was going to take little Mattie along to see a production of The Lion King that a local theatre club was performing, and would keep the almost six year old – (yes, that distinction was necessary…ever since James had taught her the fundamentals of rounding numbers, the little girl insisted she “rounded up” to six, though her birthday wasn’t for another two months) – overnight to give her mum and James a bit of privacy.

“Are you excited for tonight, darling?” James asked, sliding into the booth beside Mattie with a heaping banana fudge sundae.

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The Avengers and the Media

Based on my headcanons here. People seemed to like them, so I whipped this up because I needed fluff. 

The GIF of Steven Colbert feeling up Captain America’s bicep becomes an internet sensation within seconds of it happening.

The GIF of Steve Rogers turning to the camera, looking right at it, and saying “no homo” in a perfect deadpan almost breaks the internet.

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Nice But Unexpected- Part 2

Hi again! i have finished uni and can work solely on fics! woo! on the downside…i turn 19 on sunday, and i am not dealing with this well at all. You know, no disney princess was ever older than 19? (elsa doesnt count because i dont have magical ice powers) you know what that means though? i’m not a disney princess, this was hard to take. really really hard. So i will ignore my impending old age and write apparently. and probably drink a lot too.

anyway, thank you for the lovely messages on chapter 4 of pet goldfish!! i read and loved them all, especially those of you who genuinely seemed to like the chapter despite the lack of Rinn - you are good people. (and yes chapter 38 was a little salute to jane eyre ;) i love that book)

Sorry, for the ranting. So this is a second part of Nice But Unexpected which was supposed to be a one shot but clearly i’m shit at keeping with one shots. so this will probably go on to three maybe four parts? i was thinking of getting Rae and Finn to Knebworth? maybe.

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It hadn’t been easy. Trying to talk to Rae is like trying to rewind a cassette with your fingertips; painful and it gets you nowhere. He had been trying though. Ever since that night he’d stayed with her after Archie stood her up, he’d been trying. Too bad Rae was having none of it. She consistently rebuffed his woeful attempts at conversation, choosing to favour Archie’s boring history lessons and incomprehensible quotes instead. Finn didn’t understand that at all, Archie had fucking stood her up and they acted as if they were best mates.

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Mad Moxxi visits Gearbox Software

Disclaimer: This is a long, LONG read. My tour of Gearbox Software was a dream come true and I feel it would be positively criminal to leave anything out. Except for the super secret bits for Gearbox eyes only. ;) This tour was so awesome and mind-blowing that I may be mixing up some minor details regarding what was on floor 11 and what was on floor 12, but I assure you despite the floor it was all there and more! I was pretty quiet and took less pictures than I hoped because surprise! I’m actually kind of shy and was pretty nervous. Not to mention I wasn’t sure what was off limits to photography and felt it was better to be safe than sorry! Grab a snack, sit back, click Read More and enjoy the tale.


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We're Us


Makoto and Haru have always had a curious relationship.

“Then I’ll kiss Haru-chan instead!”
“Because…” Makoto stopped, bit his lip. “H-Haru is family too…”

Words: 1370

A/N: Makoto mentions in an interview that Haru is like family.
In High Speed! 2 Kisumi thinks that Haru and Makoto are like brothers, but not quite.



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