eh last post is fail :c


…. I’m sorry? xDD

Well what were you expecting from me? Something serious? C’mon, you guys know me already ( ̄ー ̄;) Last year Licht didn’t know the date, now he just forgot… at least he gave Hyde something? That’s a lot coming from him(?)

This came from a random conversation (with my friend Thunber, yes) about Licht totally being serious on giving Hyde those abusive balloons (they do exist, in case you didn’t know ww) and Hyde being actually proud of it x)

Eh, truth is… by this time of the year I wanted to post a teaser of a doujin I want to do… but I have failed in that task, so I made this to redeem myself… sorry :’c I made a couple more of short comics, maybe I’ll post them later, idk… I’m feeling kinda sad now, sob OTL

Anyway…. hope you like this <’3 Hyde is confussed but happy too(?)

anonymous asked:

I hope you can unsaltify yourself and write out your more deep thoughts on the S/C "they tried, they failed". I agree with you that they were together, pressure became too much, and cait ran. I think it took awhile for Sam to "move on" and now that he did, what? Cait's OK with it? Because, I'm not sure she is. And, if people actually stopped analyzing it all, you think they'd find their way back to each other?

Eh, the time for a deep and thoughtful posting on this matter is NOT today. Like trying to put out a fire with spit. Pointless.

To answer your last question, yes. Yes I do. It’s the same idea as those with a shy bladder. No matter how badly they need to pee, ain’t nothing coming out so long as someone is standing there expecting them to pee. One or both of them suffers the shy heart syndrome terribly.