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I’ve Found You

Summary: You had lost your son years ago. You’ve managed to track him to the one spot that holds one of the most feared villains, yet you go anyway. You’d do anything for Rumple, no limits, no boundaries will keep you apart from him. When you finally reunite with him, you find someone else. Someone you haven’t seen in years. Someone you once called your fiance… 

Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader, mother!Reader x son!Rumplestiltskin

Word Count: 2785

Warnings: None

(A/N): Yeah, I know. Haven’t posted in a while. But, I’ve got a GOOD explanation this time! So, first of all, I was grounded. Then, I had to take Driver’s Ed and I was very stressed. Yes, that’s right, I’m a 16 year old just NOW getting her permit. But eh, it’s whatever. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little thing that has been sitting in my drafts, collecting metaphorical dust. I don’t know if I’m gonna do a part 2 to this yet. Tell me what y’all think. Enjoy!

The ~’s means that it is a flashback. The bold/italic words within the ~’s are you speaking. The regular italics are some one else speaking. If the italics are outside of the ~’s, then that is indicating your thoughts. (Sorry if this is confusing)

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You: “Nh… K-Kou-kun, what are you–”

Kou: “Shh. You were the one who made me excited, so you need to take resposibility.”

You: “Eh? But someone’s watching… so please, don’t–” *gets bitten* “Ow!”

Kou: “Fufu, it doesn’t matter~ I’ll punish you right here for being so appealing.” *keeps harshly nipping on your skin*

You: *yelping from pain and shame*


MC x Iori

Genre: Vampire AU

Summary: You’ve hidden it so well, so well in fact you forgot about your true self. Leaving late at night, finding poor victims who wish for death. You thought you were doing the right thing. What happens when you get caught—and by him no less?

Rating: PG-13 (Violent scenes warning)

A/N: A short little drabble I’ve had in my drafts for some time. Polished it up and here you are. Eh? Enjoy!

You casually flipped through your journal pages, trying to find some spark for inspiration from past songs as you gnawed on the top of your pen.

“Orange breath?”

Scratching your head you flipped through the pages again, irritated that nothing popped out to you. Maybe it was time to start all over. Again.


“Ahh!” You squeak, turning around to find Iori glaring at you in full force.

“I’ve been calling you for a while now,” He said, flicking your forehead.


“Dinner’s on the table already, let’s go.” He said, turing and leaving the room and you behind.

You sighed, chucking your pen on your desk and closing your journal. Not a single word down and you were already stumped as to what to write. What was even worse was that you were starving, but not for human food.

Years you’ve lived this life, and have yet to find someone with decent enough information, and trustworthy enough, to help you.

You were tired of the restless nights. Leaving in the middle of the night to only survive for a few more hours and having to hide yourself from everyone around you. You couldn’t come clean to anyone, it would mean your death. 

Sighing you sat down at the table and engrossed yourself in the small chit chat. Eating slowly, it only hurt your stomach more as the smells of everyone around you grew stronger. Shit was it hard…

And getting through dinner wasn’t the hardest part, it was escaping after that that left you nearly on lockdown.

“Where are you going again?” Iori asked, arms folded as he blocked the doorway.

“A walk, why?” You asked, trying to cover the obvious reason as to why you were leaving.

“This has been going on since—” He paused, thinking of a number to throw out before it dawned on him how often it truly was, “Since I’ve met you.”

“And it helps me think this way.” You said, ducking under him and scurrying outside to fresh sweet sweet smelling air.

He was enough to drive you wild. 

Not because he was a member of Revence or because he was the heir to Enjo group. It wasn’t his sadistic teasing or his complete blindness without his glasses or how he called you orange breath. It wasn’t about any of that. It was his smell. The amount of times you caught yourself before taking the fatal plunge in devouring his sweet sweet blood was one too many, and after your stash of food went dry due to your source getting caught—you were left to fend for yourself for food. And to fend for yourself meant to drink someones blood. That someone being alive.

It was rough at first. You didn’t know how to suppress the mans screams in pain and pleasure as he twitched and squirmed underneath you, but your thirst was to great and before you knew it you sucked him dry, surprising yourself. 

You really had it in you to kill someone, just like the rest of them.

And before you knew it you couldn’t stop.

You were watching to path you were slowly falling down. Finding victims, drinking their blood, it was going to get you killed. And strangely enough, you didn’t mind the thought. Living the life you lived, 100 years, 200 years, you lost count. It wasn’t fun. Nothing was new. 

He was your only relief. Iori Enjo—the sadist king himself.

The times he comforted you when you were in tears about what to do. All the times you were so close to drinking his blood he somehow told you just what you needed to hear, held you just the right way, kiss you so sweetly when you needed the touch and never pushed you to tell him what was wrong. You weren’t sure what would hurt more: outliving him, killing him yourself or telling him the truth?

“N-No please! Is it money you want!? I-I know a guy I swear!” The man yelled underneath you, crying and moving about like a mad man trying to get free.

“That won’t do.” You said, almost monotone as you sunk your teeth into his pale, fleshy neck. It tasted so sweet, so exciting, to drink straight from a human before you knew it he was limp in your arms. 

“Tsk.” You could never stop yourself in time.


Fear ran through your body as you didn’t dare turn around. You knew that stern voice anywhere. 

“Why?” You asked, not having the strength left to face him.

“Yumi are you—”

“Am I what?” You asked, griping the mans shirt in front of you, shaking his body some, “A murderer? A damn vampire?” You asked, turning around so he could see your face. Your red eyes, blood falling from your mouth and running down your chin, fangs exposed and protruding, “What do you see?” 

The shock in his face was priceless. Here he was, the prince in everyones eyes, deceived and lied to by you, a small but powerful murderer. How people would kill to get their hands on you. To experiment on you and to rip you apart for science.

“Let’s go home.” He said, holding out his hand to you.

“Didn’t—” You were so shocked, so mad even, didn’t he just see you kill a man? “I am a vampire Iori!” You yelled, getting off the man and point a finger at him, “Are you stupid?” 

“I must be.” He answered, laughing a little, “Your stupid must have rubbed off on me.” He said, shaking his hand in the air, “Let’s go home.”

Anger boiled inside of you, but…wasn’t this what you wanted?

You wanted someone to accept you for all your flaws. Surly he knew what you did every night now. Going out, killing people to survive, all while keeping on the act of Yumi you perfected oh so well. 

Why did it make you so mad?

Before you knew it you already grabbed his hand, pulling him towards yourself and to the ground where you hovered over him. He didn’t struggle, just stared. And before you knew it you were already drinking his blood. The sweet sweet blood you desired for so long. 

It was good.

“A-arg,” He panted under you, gripping your shoulders but not pushing you away, not fighting you. Why was he like this, after everything he went through, he was prepared to die like this?

Were you prepared to kill him?

You already knew the answer to that.