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Daiya no Ace Act II comicbook Vol.7

 - includes ch56 - 64

- cover: Shirasu

- Additional page at the end of ch60: Miyuki batting + Furuya & Eijun adorably staring at each other

Close-up (because this panel is so cute):

- Bonus manga featuring Chris at the university + Miyuki & Sawamura consulting each other how to reply to Chris’ question:

Daiya no Ace #6 “First Impression

Team-mate: What? Really!?

Team-mate: You’re the same age?

Team-mate: So you are a player!?

Chris: I’m 18.

Team-mate: I definitely thought you’re older than 20!! You’re too calm [for your age]!!

Team-mate: I used the honorific language to you since I thought you’re the coach!!

Team-mate: Really, *how many times have you lived before!? [*common joke in Japan you say to people who are very mature for their young age as if they are living their life for the second/third/fourth time.]

Later in the evening…

Daiya no Ace #7 “A question from Senpai

Eijun: Miyuki-senpai, look at this!! I’ve got a LINE message from Chris-senpai!
Miyuki: Hm? You’ve got that, too?
Eijun: Eh? You, too!?

Chris’ LINE message to Eijun: Sawamura, please answer honestly. How old do I look? Btw, I don’t need any jokes right now.

Chris’ email to Miyuki: Do I really look that old? My senpai use the honorific language to me… […]

Eijun: Seems like something happened to him…?
Miyuki: What are you going to reply?
Eijun: What should I reply?

Miyuki: Maybe something like “You are so calm, that’s why you don’t look like a child”?
Eijun: That sounds nice!
Miyuki: What about your reply?
Eijun: Mmmmm, maybe something like “You look 5 years younger with your hair down”?
Miyuki: Yes, that’s it!
Eijun: Yes, this is it!

- Breaking News: Miyuki is confirmed to be a flip phone user (while Eijun, Chris and probably everyone else are smartphone users.)

- Chris-senpai sent an email to Miyuki while he contacted Eijun via LINE. This means that Miyuki does not have a LINE account. Someone give miyuki a fucking smartphone and teach him how to use LINE omg he’s the captain of the seidou baseball club after all. Seriously, how can he not have a LINE account xD

Haikyū!! Youtubers AU #2

I really should be doing my homework and projects but I really wanted to post this so here you go. This is Iwaoi’s Q&A after Oikawa proposed, shhhhh. This is how I imagined their Q&A went, they take turns to read the questions so why not.

[If you want this to be fluffy, imagine them sitting together on their shared bed with Iwaizumi on Oikawa’s lap.]

Question: How long have you two been going out?

Oikawa: 5-6 years? We started dating during our university years, though we have known each other since we were kids.

Iwaizumi: What he said.

Question: Who confessed?

Oikawa: Me.

Iwaizumi: Him.

Question: Who cooks or does most of the chores?

Iwaizumi: Me. This man can’t cook for shit, he must also never be allowed into the kitchen because he seemingly broke the sink, set our kitchen partially on fire and destroyed 26 of our mugs.

Oikawa: Iwa-chan! That’s an over-exaggeration!

Iwaizumi: No it’s not, stop denying it in order to protect your huge ego.

Oikawa: *Whines*

Question: Do you two want kids? If yes, how many and what would their gender be?

Iwaizumi: Two would be nice.

Oikawa: Yeah. We’re fine with any gender.

Iwaizumi: Just as long as they don’t grow up with his shit fashion choices.

Oikawa: Iwa-chan I’m your future husband why.

Question: Have you two ever fought?

Oikawa: Eh, yeah of course. But if you mean a serious argument, then maybe only once or twice.

Iwaizumi: During our University years.

Oikawa: Yeah, long distance relationships were really hard, we studied on opposite ends of the world almost. It strained our relationship because we couldn’t neglect our studies, we barely contacted each other, and that worsened things.

Iwaizumi: I was stressed out about all the assignments I had to work and didn’t want to lead him on, I guess I thought staying together was selfish on my part. 

Oikawa: It got better though. I flew over and we managed to work things out. Though before that we didn’t text or Skype for two weeks.

Iwaizumi: Stuff happens. He makes it better. 

Oikawa: Yeah, and I’m probably the luckiest guy to still be able to call him mine.

[*Oikawa kisses Iwaizumi on the cheek.*]

Question: What do you aspire to achieve here on Youtube?

Oikawa: More milk-bread.

Iwaizumi: A channel where people feel safe.

Question: Any embarrassing facts about the other?

Iwaizumi: He wears alien boxers, sleeptalks, sings in the shower; using the shower head as a microphone, and steals my fucking cereal.

Oikawa: Well you have a crush on Godzilla!

Iwaizumi: Everyone knows that!

Question: What do you love about the other person the most?

Oikawa: That’s like asking me which baby you want me to kill. I love everything about my Iwa-chan, choosing one is absolute torture… Although, you may not know this but Iwa-chan has a nice ass.

Iwaizumi: And he’s a dick to make up for his lack of one.

Oikawa: *Offended look* That was uncalled for Iwa-chan!

Iwaizumi: Your face is uncalled for.

Oikawa: And you know very well I don’t have a small dic-

[*He bleeped this part*]

Question: Any favourite bands or Singers?

Iwaizumi: Get Scared, Starset, The Neighbourhood, Nine Lashes, Red and maybe Simon Curtis.

Oikawa: That’s a lot Iwa-chan. I only have one.

Iwaizumi: Who?

Oikawa: You. *Winks*

Question: Guilty pleasures?

Iwaizumi: Videogames or binge-watching The BigBang theory on Netlfix.

Oikawa: Fanfiction.

Iwaizumi: Of who?

Oikawa: *Hesitates* … dogs.

Iwaizumi: Liar. You read fanfiction of us don’t you?

Oikawa: The world will never know.

Question: Do you play/like Pokémon? If yes, who is your favourite legendary and Eeveelution?

Iwaizumi: Yeah, we play them. For me, it’s Umbreon and Giratina.

Oikawa: Mine is Sylveon. I don’t really have a thing for legendaries.

Iwaizumi: I just thought of something.

Oikawa: What.

Iwaizumi: You remind me of Empoleon.

Oikawa: What why.

Iwaizumi: Proud and Narcissistic.

Oikawa: …

Iwaizumi: It’s Pokédex entry is literally “If anyone were to hurt its pride, it would slash them with wings that can cleave through an ice floe.” It’s you as a blue penguin.

Oikawa: I’m not a penguin.

Question: Would you suck dick for a million bucks?

Iwaizumi: I suck it all the time so why not.

Oikawa: Iwa-chan I thought you said not to talk about our personal-

Iwaizumi: I do what I want.

Oikawa: *Is now aggressively turned on*

Iwaizumi: *He notices cause he is on his lap.*

Both: *Murmuring*

Oikawa: … Uhm, I have a gag reflex.

[Very obvious jump-cut because Iwa’s hair is rather messy and it clearly wasn’t just now. Also, *chokes* is that a glass of water that wasn’t there? Wow, what could it possibly be for?]

Oikawa: That’s all for today’s Q&A!

Iwaizumi: *Can’t talk*

Oikawa: Well, see you next time! Iwaoi out!

Iwaizumi: *Small wave*

[*Camera stops recording*]


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We’re in an evil campaign oneshot, sent by our guild to take care of a rogue necromancer some islands away.  After the pyromaniac wizard burns down a city I capture a woman in a bag of holding-esque thing.  This is afterward.

Me: Alright, this is our only lead.  I know that YOU don’t have any *glares at wizard* but do you, priestess?

Cleric: Yes, I can magically charm people.

Me: Thank Gruumsh that YOU’RE at least competent.  Okay, I’m going to let her out of the bag, then you charm her.  Clear?  Okay, let’s go.

Cleric: Alright, I know you’re very frightened but we have a few questions for you

Me: Hell’s sake just hit her with the magic!

Wizard: Eh, what?  Hit her with the magic?  Okay, *Finger guns* *casts firebolt*

  • *Sun makes a lame post-coital joke with Blake*
  • Sun’s Left Brain: Dude, what are you doing?! We’re blowing this!
  • Sun’s Right Brain: Well, what were we supposed to say?! We don’t know what made her like us in the first place!
  • LB!Sun: Fine, fine. Just calm down. Hard part’s over. As long as she doesn’t throw us any curveballs, I think we’re good.
  • Blake: So...what should we do now?
  • LB!Sun: FUCK!
  • RB!Sun: What the hell is she talking about?! What comes after sex?!
  • LB!Sun: I don’t know! All the dating sims just go to credits at this point!
  • RB!Sun: Well, she asked us a question, so we have to say something!
  • LB!Sun: Look...just say anything!
  • RB!Sun: Anything?!
  • LB!Sun: ANYTHING! Just...say it with confidence.
  • RB!Sun: Eh, alright! Here goes nothing!
  • Sun: We should get married.
  • LB!Sun: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!
  • RB!Sun: What?! You said “Say anything”!
  • LB!Sun: *sighs* You know what? It’s fine. We’ll play it off as a joke. No harm done.
  • Blake: *crying tears of joy* Yes! Let’s do it!
  • RB!Sun: Hey, she seems pretty happy about it! Maybe she knows something we don’t!
  • Blake’s Left Brain: BITCH! WHY THE FUCK DID YOU SAY YES?!?!
  • Blake’s Right Brain: I DON’T KNOOOOOOWW!!!

Hi ! So I made this posepack haha ! And as all your families are different, with different breeds (I’m a cat person, and eh, happy international cat day !), I made these poses with all the possibilites. :D I hope you enjoy it ! ♥ if you have any questions, IM me or send me an ask ! :3

♡。゚.(*♡´◡` 人´◡` ♡*)゚♡ °・

Poselist compatible.
Download :

♡。゚.(*♡´◡` 人´◡` ♡*)゚♡ °・

Up: Here’s the poses codes asked by an anon.

[NEW] My 20 year old Idol Husband - A BTS Fanfic

20 yr old Jungkook, at the top of his idol boyband career, has a secret only he & his bandmates know – An underground relationship, with you, a girl he met at a fanmeeting. Things get a little out of hand and you find out you’re pregnant. 

All Chpts: #My20YearOldIdolHusband

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Chemical Reaction x Jeff Atkins

Originally posted by words-plus-wisdom

requested by girlinmanyfandoms123 ; Can you write an imagine where Jeff wants me to tutor him at chemistry and he comes to my house but the studying takes many hours and so I end up asleep on him and he stays for the night? We aren’t still a couple but we have feelings for each other ; 

[Y/N] had been nervously walking around her house, waiting for Jeff to come over. He had asked her earlier in the week if she wanted to tutor him in chemistry, since [Y/N] was on top of the class. She felt nervous about it because Jeff was, well, Jeff. [Y/N] had always found him attractive, to say at least.
He was one of the only good guys in the school, and wasn’t a self-centered asshole like Bryce and his group of friends.
[Y/N] looked at the table, where she had placed her books and notes, some paper and a few colored pencils. She didn’t quit get why Jeff had asked her, since he normally always had Clay to tutor him. She had seen them together in the library more than a few times.
Maybe Clay was busy …
Or maybe, silly, he wanted to ask you since he likes you, a little voice in her head whispered. But she wouldn’t dare to really believe that.
And she didn’t had the time to think it over, since the doorbell rang, announcing Jeff’s arrival.
[Y/N] walked to the door, making sure she wasn’t too fast, or too slow; and then opened up.
‘Hi!’ She greeted him, smiling. Jeff looked up at her and smiled back.
‘Hey, [Y/N]. Ready for some chemistry?’ He said, grinning. Did he … Just …
‘Yeah, sure,’ She laughed, letting Jeff inside. ‘Want anything to drink? We got homemade lemonade.’
‘That sounds amazing,’ Jeff smiled again, dropping his backpack on the floor next to the chair he took a seat in. [Y/N] filled two glasses with lemonade in the kitchen, trying to calm down her heartbeat. When she walked back to Jeff, all her efforts had been for nothing. ‘Your notes are actually pretty sick.’ Jeff said admirable, while he flipped through her pages.
‘Oh, eh, thanks,’ [Y/N] said, a bit uncomfortable, placing down the two glasses and taking a seat on the head of the table, so Jeff was next to her, with a table corner between them. ‘Eh, just a question, why did you ask me? I mean, isn’t Clay your tutor?’
‘He is,’ Jeff said, while twirling around a pencil he had just took out of his backpack. ‘But he didn’t have any time for me this week. Not that I’m mad about that.’ Jeff admitted, smiling.
[Y/N] had no idea how to respond to that, so she decided to just not.
‘Let’s start then, huh?’

‘Okay, okay, how about this one. What do you do with a sick chemist?’ [Y/N] looked at Jeff, while grinning.
‘Eh, I don’t know? Go to the doctor?’ Jeff said, laughing.
‘No!’ [Y/N] laughed, hitting Jeff with a pillow. ‘If you can’t helium, and you can’t curium, then you might as well barium.’ She grinned, looking at Jeff, while his smile got bigger and bigger, until the point he was laughing out loud.
‘That’s a pretty good one.’ He said between laughs.
They had moved upstairs to [Y/N]’s room, since her parents had come home, and they still weren’t finished with the tutoring. Mainly because they had been telling chemistry puns for the last hour or so.
‘Okay, my turn,’ Jeff grinned. ‘What did one ion say to the other?’ [Y/N] smiled already, waiting for the answer. ‘I got my ion you!’ Jeff said, already laughing before even finishing the pun line.
‘Okay, okay,’ [Y/N] laughed, softly shaking her head. ‘Let’s stop making bad chemistry jokes.’
‘We have to make bad chemistry jokes because all the good ones Argon.’ Jeff grinned.
‘That’s a good one, I have to admit,’ she laughed again. It had been a long time she had laughed this loud and long. Her stomach was hurting, but it was a good hurting. ‘I think you got the whole chemistry pun thing. Maybe it’s time we focus on the actually chemistry again.’ [Y/N] said, yawning right after she had finished the sentence.
‘How about we take a break?’ Jeff proposed. ‘I mean, I think I’m going to need more than today anyway to understand it all.’
‘A break sounds good,’ she agreed, smiling. They pushed away their books from the bed, and leaned against the headboard. They talked about school and classes for a bit, but it was starting to get harder and harder for [Y/N] to stay awake. Her sleepless nights the last few weeks weren’t really helping out.
Eventually, she couldn’t open up her eyes anymore, and gave up, falling asleep on with her head resting on Jeff’s shoulder.

The next morning, [Y/N] woke up, a bit disorientated, even though she was in her own bedroom. She was tucked in under her duvet, still fully clothed. Just when she was about to get up, her door opened up again. It was Jeff.
He was still here?
‘You’re awake,’ Jeff smiled. ‘We have to be in school in about an hour. So you still have time to get ready and have some breakfast.’
‘You stayed over?’ [Y/N] asked, frowning.
‘Yeah, eh,’ Jeff was starting to get red cheeks. ‘you kinda fell asleep on me, and I didn’t want to wake you up. It seemed that you needed that. I tugged you under, but I, eh, didn’t want to undress you because … Yeah.’ He nervously rubbed the back of his neck and looked back at [Y/N].
‘Thank you,’ she smiled, appreciating that he had thought it through like that. She had heard stories, and was glad that she had been right about Jeff.
‘Eh, yeah, no problem. You shouldn’t have to thank me for it.’
‘But I do.’
‘That’s okay,’ Jeff said, a bit awkward. ‘So, I should go now. See you in school?’
‘Of course!’ [Y/N] smiled, pushing the duvet of her body and standing up.
‘Oh, and [Y/N], think you could make some time for me to tutor me a bit more? I think I don’t understand it quit yet.’
‘Sure, it’d be my pleasure.’
‘And maybe we can go somewhere after? Like grab some food? As in, like, a date?’ [Y/N] wasn’t used to Jeff being this nervous. He usually was pretty smooth around girls.
‘A date?’ She whispered, now nervous too. ‘That’d be lovely.’
‘Great!’ Jeff smiled, and all the nerves seemed to disappear. He started to walk out again, but then changed his mind and turned around. ‘Hey, [Y/N]? I think I got an ion you.’ He grinned, gave her a wink and walked away.
There was the Jeff she knew again, she thought, while her heart seemed to beat faster than before and her whole body tingled with a new sort of sensation.
Was this the chemical reaction called love?

It’s a Buck Girl Thing (4/?)

Based loosely on ‘It’s a Boy Girl Thing’ (2006)

Summary: You (female reader) pine after Steve Rogers whilst Bucky is being a little shit. One night after an argument on the rooftop you wake up in each other’s bodies.

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Word count: 3.3k

Need to catch up? Here’s PART 3 or IBGT MASTERLIST

Warnings: Okay… So it starts of with SMUT - I know it’s weird to imagine yourself in Bucky’s body but I can’t see a way round it - there had to be a hand job. There’s also sexual content and swearing.

A/N: Well, riding on a wave of inspiration that hit me like a train yesterday here’s another big chapter from me. I hope this fic is still making you smile and want more?

Originally posted by buckypupbarnes

After yet another awkward interaction with Steve, a cold shower sounded like a good option. You needed to calm down quickly, otherwise he’s only going to suspect something more serious is going on. And who knows how long you’d be able to keep up the pretences?

Physically - the cold shower seemed to help, but mentally - you still couldn’t shake off the constant dirty thoughts about Steve. Not sure how long this charade would continue, you needed to find a better way of managing your constant arousal. Maybe Bucky was right and you needed some release?

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A Dangerous Game (Suho Mafia!au fic) Chapter 10 - Cinderella

Originally posted by veriloquentmind

Warnings: None

Ch. 1, Ch. 2, Ch. 3, Ch. 4, Ch. 5, Ch. 6, Ch. 7, Ch. 8, Ch. 9, Ch. 10, Ch. 11Ch. 12Ch. 13Ch. 14Ch. 15(M)Ch. 16Ch. 17(M)Ch. 18Ch. 19Ch. 20, Ch. 21Ch. 22, Bonus Chapter

The next morning it was difficult deciding on what to wear, I didn’t want to over dress, but I didn’t want to underdress, but quite frankly…I had no idea what Taekwoon and I would be doing so that didn’t help the situation. In the end I chose a nice pair of black jeans, a nice sweater, and some hightops. Casual but at the same I still looked night for a cool spring day.

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Faking It? (Chris Evans X Reader)

Characters: Chris Evans X Reader

Universe: IRL 

Warnings: Verbal abuse, judgemental parents


Request: Can you please write a fic where the reader has to go visit family and they’re super judgemental so the reader get Chris Evans to be their fake boyfriend (they’ve been best friends for years) and they realise they actually have feelings for each other? Thanks x

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

“Y/N are you coming over for dinner tomorrow?” Your mother asked suddenly over the phone.

“Wait what? I never said I was going over for dinner.” You informed her.

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anonymous asked:

Hey Mama, is it okay if I request some HC's for Demigod!Kuroo? How would he tell his Human!SO about him being a Demigod? And how would he introduce them to his mom especially when they are a fan of Athena because she's a badass heavenly being. (Athena is my favorite goddess period and having Kuroo as her son is 💯‼️) Please and thank you. P.S Lana is the goddess of writing smut. 😏

The Demigod AU will always be my favourite AU. Hopefully you enjoy these headcanons. :) But I like bing the Goddess of Smut, this title suits me well. I’ve taken several quizzes which all points to Zeus being my Godly parent. I think that’s about right and considering that he enjoys sexual pleasures, he’d be proud of having a daughter that is the Goddess of Smut. ;)

-Admin Lana

How He Tells You He’s a Demigod

  • Honestly, Kuroo hadn’t really planned out on how he would break the news that he was a demigod. He figured it’d come out sooner or later, which it did. Except not in the way he would have liked.
  • He had planned on taking you out on a quiet date to a lake with a promise to treat you to a wonderful picnic lunch he created by himself. Unfortunately for you, you didn’t get the chance to even open the basket before disaster struck.
  • Neither of you noticed the unusual ripples in the water, figuring it was simply the marine life that lived in it. It gradually grew larger and larger until the creature made itself known. Just as luck would have it, it was a damn Cetus.
  • You let out an ear-shattering scream, scrambling to run as you tugged Kuroo’s arm in an effort to escape. But he didn’t seem to budge as an expression of fierce determination morphed on his features. Maybe this was all a weird dream, but you were pretty sure that the creature charging at you was very real. 
  • And so was Kuroo’s sword as he struck off an arm. You were in shock at this point. Nothing made sense anymore. A creature out of Greek Mythology had quite literally appeared on your date, and your lover was now wielding a sword.
  • He screams at you to run and you did just that, hiding in the distance as you watched the battle unfold. It was strange, Kuroo moved with lithe and precision as if this wasn’t the first time he’s battled such a creature. If anything this was a part of his daily routine. It didn’t take too long before he defeated the monster, leaving with hardly a scratch. There were so many questions running through your mind, Kuroo could tell. But first he had to get you out of here and to a safer place.
  • It isn’t until you’re in his apartment where ehe sits you down with a steaming mug of jasmine tea, allowing you to ask anything that comes to mind and he’ll answer as truthfully as possible. 
  • “What the hell was that, and what the hell are you? There’s no way any human being could have even had a chance of doing what you did?”
  • He was silent for a moment as if debating something, but he knew his mother would scold him if he lied now. You knew too much as it was. Time to come clean lest he want to put you in more danger. “I guess it’s time you know the truth. I’m not quite human, but rather a demigod.”
  • Laughter was the first response that bubbled from your throat which quickly died out when he remained with a serious expression. Kuroo was not joking. Naturally you asked whom he was the child to, excitement and curiosity rising within you. If this all turned out to be true, that means that Greek Mythology was true, not made up stories. You always loved learning about the Greek Gods and Goddesses. Your lover knew too about your interest in myths, more specifically in Athena. You were going to have a field day when he told you.
  • “My mother happens to be the Goddess of Wisdom. I take it you know her?” He was teasing you with that smirk, but you could hardly register anything past the sentence he just uttered. The Goddess you most admired was your boyfriend’s mother? Well this changes everything.

Meeting His Mother

  • You were nervous, actually beyond that. You were terrified. It wasn’t an everyday experience where you get to meet your boyfriend’s mother who happens to be Athena? Athena for Olympia’s sake! No amount of research nor reading “How to Get a Goddess to Like You” wiki articles could prepare  you for this moment.
  • Kuroo laughed at how flustered you were, but it was understandable. To make matters less intimidating he managed to get his mother into the human realm for a while, knowing full well that if any of the other Gods/Goddesses were present, you’d faint.
  • “What if she doesn’t approve of me?” was the main question that left your mouth in the time spent waiting for her arrival, but Kuroo constantly reassured you that she’d love you. Besides, you were quite dedicated to her.
  • A knock resounded at the door and you wanted nothing more than to scream and cry. This was not real life, this was not happ- A powerful firm voice rang through the air as Kuroo opened the door, greeting the visitor with a hug and kiss to the cheek. This WAS happening!
  • Kuroo sent you a wink as he entered the living room, a tall figure following behind him. A feeling of awe filled every inch of your body as your eyes settled on the literal Goddess in front of you. She was tall and beautiful, radiating intelligence and authority like no other. You weren’t sure whether to bow or shake her hand, but she answered your question as she opened up her arms for an embrace.
  • You wanted to melt into her arms, burning this memory into your mind for a lifetime. You were in the arms of such an amazing being, it was almost ethereal.
  • “You must be ______, I presume. Kuroo speaks so highly of you, it’s a pleasure to meet the woman he’s so smitten with.” Athena spoke, a gentle smile withered into her features, Kuroo shooting her a sheepish glare. It was so strange to be having a normal conversation with her, but you felt comfortable with how down-to-earth she was. 
  • You wanted to ask several questions like what were the other Gods/Goddesses like, what was Olympus like, etc, but you didn’t want to bombard her with questions. You had to keep it cool. So of course the first thing to come out of your mouth was, “What was Kuroo like as a child? He never shows me any pictures.”
  • Athena took an instant liking to you, more than delighted to show you childhood pictures and embarrass her son a little bit. It may not have been too fun for the demigod, but it was lovely seeing his two most beloved women in his life getting along so well.
Unexpected ♡ Grayson

Request: ‘’Hey sweetie💜 I wanna ask u about G imagine where He has as bad relationships w his girlfriend as She has w his boyfriend, and one day they just meet each other and fall in love uncontrollably🙌 thanks xx💞 ‘’    

Word count: 1.337

Your POV

‘That’s it, I’m out of here,’ you say to your boyfriend while you stand up from your chair. ‘Yeah, you better go back to that boy, you dirty slut. Go back and just make out with him. God knows that’s all you have been doing these last months,’ he says with a disgusted look.

You sigh deeply, you were so frustrated. The fact that he just called you a slut didn’t even bother you. ‘Oh my god! How many times do I have to tell you that I’m not cheating?!’ ‘How many times are you going to lie to me?’ he asks.

You were furious. Seeing him sitting at the table, acting like he was always right and the best person in the entire world, made you want to punch him in the face. But you rather didn’t and just leave, so you grab your bag from the kitchen counter and walk with fast steps to the door.

‘If you won’t be coming home tonight, I’m going to fight that boy,’ your boyfriend yells. ‘Yeah, good luck,’ you chuckle humorlessly, knowing that there wasn’t one.

You close the door behind you and look up to the sky. Tears were falling down your cheeks, and you felt very sad. Why were you the one crying? You hadn’t done anything wrong. Your boyfriend was always accusing you of things you never did.

You didn’t know if you still loved him. Clearing your mind was the only thing that you had to do now, so you decide to take a walk to the park. At least the weather was nice today.

Graysons POV

The sound of a breaking bowl that splintered on the ground fills the living room. ‘And now it’s enough, Em,’ you say as you walk up to your girlfriend. You try to calm her down by gently grabbing her hands, but she aggressively pushes you away.

You have to take a step back to keep your balance, surprised by how strong she was – and that she actually had hurt you. ‘Leave me the fuck alone,’ she says with an angry voice.

‘Please,’ you beg her when she picks another bowl from the table, threatening to drop it. ‘I’m going to throw it to your face if you don’t tell me who that girl is.’ You raise your hands in confusion. ‘What girl?! There is no other girl!’ you loudly say. She was going mad.

‘Don’t you dare raise your voice at me! Then where are you going to every other day?!’ she yells, throwing the bowl in your direction. You cleverly know to avoid the heavy bowl that’s now flying against the wall, breaking into a thousand pieces. ‘To Ethan!’ you say. ‘You liar!’ she says.

‘Emma, why are you acting this way? Why are we fighting all the time? I hate this,’ you sigh, slowly walking towards her. She had to believe you; of course she was the only girl you were dating. She slaps your hands away.

‘I hate you!’ she creams. There is a short moment of silence. ‘Well, if you hate me, then I think that this is over.’ You wait for her answer, but you actually couldn’t really care what she was going to say.

‘Okay, then,’ she says eventually, looking at you with narrowed eyes. You look at her one last time before you turn around, walking to the exit of the apartment. When you’re outside you feel like a huge burden had fallen of your shoulders. You let out a deep sigh, feeling very relieved.

Your POV

You hear someone sitting down on the bench you were sitting at. ‘Eh, hey there… Is everything okay?’ an unfamiliar voice on your left asks. You sniff and wipe over your nose, trying to stop yourself from crying. ‘Yes, everything’s fine,’ you murmur without looking up. ‘Well, you don’t exactly look fine,’ the boy says. Who was this annoying stranger (with a very pleasant sounding voice)? Why couldn’t he just mind his own business? ‘Well, thanks.’

‘No no, I didn’t mean it like that, I just –‘ he tries to apologize quickly, but you chuckle and look at him. ‘I’m joking, it’s fine.’ Your eyes meet the most beautiful eyes you had ever seen, but they weren’t as beautiful as the rest of his face – not to mention his body.

He was very tan and his muscly biceps were clearly visible through his tight shirt. His hair was very messy - like his hands had went through it multiple times today. Even that looked cute. But his cuteness couldn’t take away the question you had on why he just had started talking to you.

‘Who even are you?’ you ask without trying to sound rude. He blinks his eyes like he just realized that you were nothing but a stranger. ‘I’m sorry, my name is Grayson,’ he says and reaches out his hand. ‘I just saw you crying and I would feel really bad if I just let you sit here alone.’

Your eyes flicker from his face to his outreaching hand. It was very large; it looked like it could carry a lot. ‘I’m Y/N,’ you say, gently shaking his hand. His hand was soft and warm and for some reason you felt better after you let go of it.

You wipe the mascara away from under your eyes and sigh. ‘I just had a huge fight with my… Well, I guess I should say boyfriend. But I’m going to end what I have with him. We fight like every day and now he thinks I’m cheating on him.’

‘I’m so sorry… I actually just broke up with my girlfriend too. She also thinks I’m cheating on her,’ he says. You frown your eyebrows. ‘Really? You don’t seem like the guy who would do that.’

Grayson chuckles, which made him even ten times more cute. You quickly look away to prevent yourself from blushing. ‘Thanks. I could say the same to you, though. Well, you’re obviously a girl, but you understand what I’m trying to say,’ he nervously says. You giggle. Grayson was very sweet. Why were you having this weird feeling in your stomach, and why was your heart beating so fast? ‘Wait,’ Grayson says.

He leans in as he puts a hand on your thigh, moving his big hand towards your face. You’re very aware of his hand on your leg as he removes a lost eyelash from your cheek with a concentrated look. He blows it away.

You bite your lip as you look at his hand that was sending an electric shock through your body. ‘Oh, eh, I’m sorry,’ he says softly while removing his hand, his cheeks turning red. You smile. ‘It’s okay.’

Grayson and you start to feel less awkward and start to talk. About the fight, about your boyfriend, about everything. You ask him questions too, slowly getting to know him better. You had to admit that you were beginning to like him. After a while it became quiet, and you realize you had been talking for half an hour straight.

‘Hey, ehm… Do you have any plans for tonight?’ he asks. You shake your head slowly. Why in the world were you hoping that Grayson would ask you out? You had a boyfriend, for God’s sake. But not for long, a voice in your head said back. Grayson strokes a hand through his fluffy hair. He looked nervous. ‘Look, I know that this is very weird because I just met you and everything, but eh…’

‘Yes?’ you encourage him. ‘But – would you – do you want to grab some coffee? Like, right now?’ he asks. He studies your face in anticipation while he waits for a reaction. You chuckle and look at your hands. Then you look up to him again.

Why was he so beautiful? ‘Yeah, I would really like that,’ you answer with a soft voice. He smiles and stands up, reaching his hand out to you. ‘Shall we?’ With a happy feeling you grab his welcoming hand, and together you start strolling through the park.

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Alrighty, so it is remarkably rare for me to draw anything even remotely shippy, regardless of whether or not I myself actually ship it (any genyatta implications in the sassy Zenyatta comics are purely for comedy, so I don’t personally count those but whatevs). But the question came up and I was like eh, I’ll draw Mei and McCree, sure, why not. So here’s them being palsy over hot coco. I guess. XD Interpret however you want, tag however you want, I care none at all. Go forth and do whatever. ♥


Spoiler Alert: He did say yes :D
And Loric probably immediately ran to Josephine after it to tell her the news.

Ok so this is my contribution for the Dorianmance Week and jeez this got alot more detailed then I actually planned. I wanted to make it more sketchy and simple but I guess I did end up putting a bit more work into it.
But I really, really wanted to do soemthing for this week cause I really like my current Inquisitor, Loric, and I love Dorian in general so you can figure out the rest. I feel like I kinda screwed up the first two panels but I’m actually pretty proud of the rest, which is probably a bad thing to say but eh. 
So yeah, I hope you guys like it, I really wanna get back into drawing more Dragon Age stuff but I got so much other stuff lined up right now that it will probably take a bit ;;

But if you have like, any questions about Loric or something, just feel free to ask, I would love to talk a bit about him, even though I still ahev to figure out alot of stuff about him!

  • Ezra's Left Brain: Dude, what are you doing?! We're blowing this!
  • Ezra's Right Brain: Well, what were we supposed to say?! We don't know what made her like us in the first place!
  • LB!Ezra: Fine, fine. Just calm down. Hard part's over. As long as she doesn't throw us any curveballs, I think we're good.
  • Sabine: So...what should we do now?
  • LB!Ezra: FUCK!
  • RB!Ezra: What the hell is she talking about?! What comes after sex?!
  • LB!Ezra: I don't know! All the dating sims just go to credits at this point!
  • RB!Ezra: Well, she asked us a question, so we have to say something!
  • LB!Ezra: Look, just say anything!
  • RB!Ezra: Anything?!
  • LB!Ezra: Anything! Just...say it with confidence.
  • RB!Ezra: Eh, alright! Here goes nothing!
  • Ezra: We should get married.
  • LB!Ezra: NNOOOOOO!!!!
  • RB!Ezra: What?! You said "Say anything"!
  • LB!Ezra: [sighs] You know what? It's fine. We'll play it off as a joke. No harm done.
  • Sabine: [crying Tears of Joy] Yes! Let's do it!
  • RB!Ezra: Hey, she seems pretty happy about it! Maybe she knows something we don't!
  • Sabine's Left Brain: BITCH! WHY THE FUCK DID YOU SAY YES?!?!
  • Sabine's Right Brain: I DON'T KNOOOOOOWW!!!
1. Roses // Klance

{Part 1 of my Valentine’s collection.} »

“So, Keith and I have our first date tomorrow.”

“Yeah, I know,” Hunk said. “You haven’t stopped talking about it.”

Lance groaned and put his elbows on the counter, resting his chin in his hands. “I know, I know, I know, I just… ugh, I don’t know what to do.”

“It can’t be that hard,” Hunk said, stirring something in his mixing bowl as he futzed around in the kitchen. His apron was already covered in alien flour. “I mean, just do whatever you’d normally do if you were hanging out with him.”

“But then it wouldn’t be a date!”

“What is a date if it’s not just hanging out?” Hunk asked, and damn, he had a point.

“I don’t know—I guess a date is supposed to be more… romantic?” Lance said. “Like, more holding hands, and that shit?”

Hunk nodded. “Okay, easy. You hold hands. Sounds like a plan to me.”

“I just feel like I’m missing something,” Lance said. “Like, should I do something special? Should I bring him something?”

“You could get him roses,” Hunk suggested, and, holy shit, that right there—that was it.

“Hunk,” Lance said, “I love you, man. That’s perfect.”

“Really? I mean, okay,” Hunk said. “Good luck finding roses in space, I guess?”

Oh. Right. Space.

That could end up being a problem.

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SH and MH Phone Calls (A Log)

Based on @flaignhan‘s post

06.17.20– | 03:15 PM

MH: Hello?
SH: Molly, I left a very important object in your flat last time I was there.
MH: What?
SH: I need you to find it. This is urgent. Life or death situation. There’s just one problem. I can’t remember what it is.
MH: What?! How can you not–
SH: Luckily, I have a solution. Ask me some simple questions that might jog my memory. Simple questions yes? Answerable by yes or no only.
MH: That doesn’t make any sense–
SH: Hurry, Molly! Time is of the essence!
MH: A-Ah.. Uhm. What am I supposed to be looking for? Is it small?
SH: Yes.
MH: Does it fit in my palm?
SH: Yes!
MH: Is it a common item?
SH: Eh.. Maybe.
MH: Is it jewelry?
SH: No.
MH: Do you use this item all the time?
SH: Occasionally, but only when allowed.
MH: …
SH: ….
MH: Is it cigarettes?
SH: YES! That’s it, I left my smokes under your bed. Dropping by in a few
MH: HOLD ON. You said this was life or death!
SH: Well yes, nicotine clears my mind and is absolutely necessary since it is my brain that does all the work. And, being that my line of work is quite possibly detrimental to my person, it is considered life and death, if my brain is not suitably relaxed and focused. I’m on the way.
MH: I’m not in the flat.
SH: Stole your key from your key chain yesterday.
MH: …

08.28.20– | 07:04 PM

MH: Hello Sherlock.
Sh: Molly, there’s a suspect that escaped custody. I need help finding him.
MH: Uh, okay. Do you need me to run some forensics?
SH: No, no. I just need you to list as many words rhyming with the word ‘supinate’

11.12.20– | 09:55 AM

MH: Sherlock, why are you calling? You’re right across the room from me.
SH: I can’t leave my work station. I need some help.
MH: I’ll just walk over.
SH: No. Stay there. I’m doing an exercise in lip reading. Can you say “cheeky Capuchin’s chin” over and over again? Very important.

12.03.20– | 10:39 PM

MH: Hello? What is it this time?
SH: There is this song that I can’t get out of my head. Mrs. Hudson was playing it today and it is bloody irritating. I need to identify it and delete it from my hard drive.
MH: *sighs* Just ask John.
SH: John is rubbish at pop culture.
MH: Oookay fine… Do you have the lyrics? 
SH: No. Just the melody. It goes like La la la hhmm hmm, lala la la hmm hmm baba dee dum dum.
MH: …
SH: Well?

01.07.20– | 02:42 AM

MH: Hello? Sherlock? It’s 3AM in the bloody morning for god’s sakes!
SH: Crime doesn’t sleep Molly Hooper!
MH: ….
SH: ….
SH: I’m thinking of an object.
MH: *hangs up*

Never Have I Ever | Dan Howell

Hello! This is a short fanfic about Dan Howell based on the request below. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think!

“Hello!” Y/N shouted as she entered her friends’ flat, hearing some shouting coming from the lounge. She took off her coat and made her way into the living room to find all her good friends sitting in a circle. “Y/N! You made it!” Phil greeted her with a hug and after having greeted everybody she took place in the circle as well, folding her legs under herself. “What are we doing?” Y/N asks, looking around the group. The total amount of people was probably around eight, Dan and Phil included. It was a circle comprised of what she would describe as her closest friends, and she once again deemed herself lucky to have found such a nice group of people who all got along so well. A recent member of the squad handed her a drink and she took a sip after thanking her friend, turning her head to the group once more for an answer to her question. “Never Have I Ever!” One of the girls suggested, who immediately afterwards started pouring shots for everyone who did not already have a drink to down when the questions would start. Y/N felt her cheeks heat up and her body get tense. Fuck. This was not her kind of game. She’d talked about love and relationship before with her friends and some of them had done some truly crazy shit. She, on the other hand, had never even kissed another person and she was not about to make that any less of a secret. “I just eh, need to use the bathroom.” Y/N excused herself. “You can start without me.”

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We Can Feel So Far (From So Close) (2/2)

Waiting until your best friend left for a cross country tour was a fine time to realize you’re in love with him. Captain Swan.

Almost 3 months after posting the first part of this story, I’m finally here to finish it off. Believe me when I say I wasn’t planning to take so long, but a rough semester of school kept me from doing as much work on this as I wanted to. I didn’t think I’d be posting this today since this morning it wasn’t even finished, but somehow or another my heartbreak over Jen announcing her exit from OUAT caused me to throw myself into this. (I’ll be completely honest, the only time I haven’t been bawling my eyes out today is while I’ve been writing.) Also, a big thank you to everyone who have read and reviewed this story so far. You honestly don’t know how much the kind messages and reviews have meant to me over the past few months. I hope you enjoy the final part of this two shot as much as I enjoyed creating it. <3  

Part 1 | Rated T | Word count: 9,529 |Also on AO3 and

You could blame it on Neal, on her wavering self-esteem, or on a number of different things she’d been forced to deal with during her nearly twenty-eight years of life so far. Either way, Emma found it nearly impossible to believe that Killian could somehow be in love with her.

If anything, he probably viewed her as the sister he never had. And she’d seen enough movies and TV shows to know how situations like hers typically ended: awkwardly. It was just best all around if she kept all of this hidden, and hoped she would be able to act somewhat normally around Killian when he came back from the West Coast. (This causes her to wonder, not for the first time, if he’ll even be back for long at all once the tour is over with. It’s not likely that he’ll want to stay in Boston and work at the bar again when he’s guaranteed to have dozens of opportunities thrust at him.)

Their next Skype call takes place two weeks later on a Saturday afternoon (morning for him) when he’s in San Francisco, taking advantage of the wi-fi at a cafe near his hotel. Emma tells him he looks like something out of a movie, the outline of the Golden Gate Bridge even visible from a distance behind him. “I feel like you should be writing me a love letter or something with dramatic music playing in the background,” she tells him while she finishes off her second plate of pancakes. She quickly regrets the “love letter” part, and hopes he doesn’t read too much into those particular words.  

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