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murkbone you beautiful fool... your url is a perfect warrior cat name. your warrior cat self insert is Murkbone

honestly i considered it, i thought about it long and hard and the longer n harder i thought about it the more i saw my url as an edgy 2006 rp forum wc name n had to stop

his name is garbage


Who do you think is a Political Animal?”

“I really would say, I mean, at this point I feel like Obama is definitely the most, the biggest celebrity in the world at this point, and also… It’s funny you said, you know, it’s funny because I say that because he’s the most known, but I don’t really think we really know who the most powerful political animal really is.”

Touka: Wipe off the coffee.
Kaneki: …Got it.

Kaneki takes a sip from his remaining coffee.

Touka: So, what?
Kaneki: (What could be the meaning behind that question… Someone help me…)
Touka: You look like a dead man.
Touka: The only here who thinks that it would be great if you died…
Touka: Is you so…

Touka closes her eyes and faces Kaneki.

Touka: When the time comes, I’ll let you do it.

Kaneki gets flustered.

Kaneki: …Uh.
Kaneki: (What is she saying…?)
Kaneki: (So in other words… Touka-chan… and me…?!)

Kaneki: (In the first place, Touka-chan is… I should stop…)

Kaneki: Y-you’re putting on an indecent face. That’s not good, you should treasure it.

Touka: There’s one more thing I wanted to ask.
Kaneki: …What is it?

Touka: During the time you were a Dove. You visited by yourself once in a while right?
Touka: Sitting down then opening a book. But…

Haise is seen reading ‘Delicious Coffee’.

Haise: Ohh… The 'no’ character hmm…

Touka: And you looked at me.
Touka: To me, those eyes were very familiar.

Touka: It was the same eyes you had when you looked at Rize.

Kaneki: …

A voice repeats in Kaneki’s head.
“I thought she was beautiful.”

Touka: …Was I wrong?

Kaneki covers his face with his hand.

Kaneki: Haise…
Kaneki: I… acted like an idiot.

Touka: How about me who was happy about it, does it make more of an idiot?