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Long Way Down // Spencer Reid x Reader

Warnings: A little bit of everything really

The end had finally come and despite the amount of time you spent preparing for it, it still felt like a punch in your stomach. The knot in your throat was painful and your lungs still struggled for air to breathe. Tears clouded your eyes and turned your vision blurry until his face was unrecognizable.

“You’re a coward,” you cried. “A fucking coward!”

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booth & brennan | between the raindrops
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okay but like do you ship Detroit!phichit/yuuri?? bc I can't make my own decision on whether I ship it or not but hopefully you can do it for me lmao

Eh, idk how I feel about it! I’ve seen some art that is pretty cute but it’s really hard for me to ship Yuuri with anyone but Victor…. I mean, look at them

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wow this turned into a monster okay bye

Another blurb for classifiedluke and tokyoluke because I’m thirsty like that ;)

Tattoo artist!Calum asking you what kind of tattoo you wanted and where you wanted it. You quickly pull up your shirt, pointing at the area of skin right above your hip, “A rose, please.”

He smiles at you, and you can’t help but notice that he is extremely attractive. “Why there?” He questions before clearing his throat, “I mean, if it isn’t too much to ask.”

You laugh, “No worries. It’s just so that I can cover it up if I need to.” He nods and gets to work, and soon, a bright red rose with a curling dark green stem and a few thorns is inked into your skin, Calum quickly applying a soothing cream and bandage.

“Don’t take this off for the next few days,” he says, and you nod. He scratches the back of his head sheepishly, “You know, my band and I are performing at a bar next week, you should come.”

He pats his pockets, cursing when he fails to find a piece of paper. “Here,” you say, extending your arm towards him, and he grins at you, glad that you seem just as eager.

He rapidly scribbles down the date, time and location, and you leave the tattoo parlour with a wide smile and a bit of an aching hip.

Needless to say, you aren’t all that surprised when you arrive at the bar the next week and take a seat, listening to Calum’s band, and hear the lyrics: “She’s got a rose tattoo but she keeps it covered.”

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Hi, idk if you still do this stuff, but my patronus is a wildcat and I feel kinda eh about it, it looks just like a common cat ? could you help pls

  • WHAT TEAM???!?!
  • seriously troy bolton would kill to have a wildcat patronus just saying
  • sometimes they hunt deer and antelopes and just props to the wildcats man don’t need to tell them to pick on someone their own size
  • loads of scottish tribes love wildcats for their ferocity
  • until the 50s they were thought to be man killers which again shows you how fierce they are
  • solitary animals which probably means you like your personal space
  • they will fight to the death defending their kittens
  • and the female will bring live prey to the den to teach the young important hunting skills
  • overall the vibe I’m getting from this is SURVIVOR 
  • found in p much every habitat suggesting you’re adaptable and opportunistic
  • the biggest threat to wildcats is that they keep doing it with domestic cats which I know shouldn’t be funny but it kind of is
Post Chapter 61 - Baz

howdy here is the sequel to Post Chapter 61 (I need a better name for it tf) that no one asked for but eh I wanted to write this. this one is set immediately after the last one but from baz’s perspective but still in third person because idk. This is super short but idc. 



 Only moments after their brief exchange, Simon’s breathing levelled as he drifted into a deep slumber. Baz could see the moles on Simon’s bare chest peeking over the bed sheets, he was tempted to count them (or kiss them). Simon’s face looked like it always did when he was sleeping: soft, peaceful, perfect. Baz was certain he would never be this happy again. Baz’s arm wrapped around Simon in a tight embrace, his intoxicating smokey scent caused Baz to take long inhales in an attempt to absorb it, Baz wanted time to stop. If it wasn’t for the nerves in his neck alerting him with a shiver down his spine of every time Simon’s breath brushed against his skin, Baz could have almost convinced himself that he had succeeded back in the forest and had miraculously ended up in heaven. Because Simon was here and he was beautiful.

And he loved him.

Because this had to be love, whether or not the feelings were recuperated, Baz couldn’t deny the giddiness that swept over him every time he thought of Simon’s lips on his. Or the way he was prepared to give everything for Simon’s wellbeing. He wanted this to work. Possibly more than he wanted to solve his mother’s murder. He wanted Simon’s love. He wanted someone to be with him, not some ghost or family member. He wanted someone who chose him. Simon.

There was a brief period after Baz was turned when he was certain his humanity would drain out of him. That eventually he would lose all ability to feel or love. That he would lose all his morality and fall victim to the temptations of human blood. Baz still sometimes thought that. He was waiting for it to happen, to finally snap and become the monster everyone expected him to be. But now, with Simon tucked tightly under his arm, he could feel his doubt slipping away; if just for a moment. Tonight he was just a teenager with a pretty boy. Tonight he wasn’t a villain or a burden. Tonight, because of Simon, he was alive. Alive, alive, alive. 

Elsanna week day 7: whatever the fuck it was idk here take this

late. obvs. as per the norm, eh? apologies for weird tense shifts. you know how these things go. dedicated to the nice anon who messaged me about this <3


When Anna suggested meeting up again, Elsa wasn’t entirely sure how to answer.

It’d been almost a month since that disastrous first meeting, and conversations between the two of them had been… sporadic.

‘im so sorry i just have some things on atm’ Anna had texted when Elsa brought it up. It left a sinking feeling in her heart, but at least Anna was still texting.

So, she’d agreed. They planned to meet that Saturday at a little café. It was close to where they’d had the picnic, only now Anna was planning it. There was just one thing Elsa had to do.

She needed to write a letter.

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This has to do with personal stuff more than LE, but what are the pros and cons to marijuana usage? I'm scared to talk to my parents about it, and I don't know anyone who could tell me anything new. Also, if you don't mind answering, how old were you when you first got high? You're also super cool and shit, keep up the good work.

uuhhhhhh listen I’m no genius or know much about it, probably be better to research this kinda stuff yknow.

I mean, I use it for that good ol Anxiety, and I personally feels like it helpds with my ADHD (although I’m on meds too so eh) and idk man, if I’m feeling Bad I smoke weed, most of the times it helps but there are times where it makes me more Paranoid than ever??? And uhhh I was 16 so Yeah that’s some Jenna Knowledge I guess

(But really research this kinda stuff)

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tbh I always kinda thought zadr was kinda eh but ur art slammed me head first into the ship and now idk what to think but it's all cute


Idk man, I honestly don’t ship a lot of pairings like ZADR. It has that ‘wow these two hate the fuck outta one another’ in it but there’s something about it. I suppose I feel the need to back my reasons for loving it up and how I wanna portray it to make more sense of what it is about this pairing that makes it work for me if you’re interested in knowing? I could… explain and shit but that’s if y’all wanna hear why I ship it as hard as I do v/w/v

But I am happy my art managed to change your mind?? I do apologize if you didn’t wanna like it tho lol;;; I JUST.. IM SORRY GUYS;