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I love watching people dig their own graves in the comment section. Like I don’t even have to do anything, you came here armed with your own shovel and were polite enough to ensure your argument would collapse on top of you, meaning I don’t even have to fill you in.

Wonderful. Thank you.

Oh don’t worry though, I’ll make sure you get a lasting epitaph.

No I’m just kidding, enjoy your unmarked resting place, you small minded, hateful little bigot.




Jean: “- Miss Fyres”
Siobhan: “Jean?! …What are you doing here?”
Jean: “ - I just wanted to say hi to my favorite dance partner! *charming smile*”
Siobhan: “- Eh, you’ve been following me?”
Jean: “- Not at all, or… I’m here in business… aaand my assistant happens to be very good at finding people, so that’s how I know where to find you… on your way home from work… Does that sound creepy enough for you? hehe”
Siobhan: “- I’m just surprised to see you here…”
Jean: “- Are you in a hurry? .. Or would you like to have a drink with me? …I bet this fancy building has a bar?”
Siobhan: “- Sure… there is a bar on the third floor”
Jean: “- Well, come on then, I’m freezing! After you, M'lady.”

(Beautiful shopping center by casmar/TSR)


The Siemens S65? Yeah, it runs Doom.

Another tiny oldphone from @darklordoflinux’s Big Box ‘o’ Burners. This wee fella from 2004 sported a 132x176 display, a 1.3 megapixel camera, a packed-in 32mb MMC card for storing photos, and support for a variety of J2ME games. Bit of a far cry from what you probably have in your pocket right now, eh? Let’s let our submitter explain it:

So why did I do this phone?

  • It’s a goddamn legend! At least around here anyways.
  • It has volume buttons on the sides, which makes it possible to configure the controls to be about 1000 times less awkward.
  • Memory card, for storing .wads. The internal memory is about 10 megs, so that really comes in handy.


  • Once again, no sound.
  • It looks like crap, due to the very low-res screen. It actually comes out better in picture than in real life, unlike that K800i.
  • You have to kill the internal web browser to free enough RAM to even make it run. But who would use that thing these days anyway?

So, there you go. Pity about the web browser, though - I had a “WAP ‘n’ WAD” joke all lined up…

Thanks once again to darklordoflinux for their support and contributions! And their username.

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Fire thing for jinbe? Dunno if there's even a whole lot out there, but eh, im curious

I feel like people are pretty evenly divided with opinions on this so it’s not technically an unpopular opinion, but it’s the best I’ve got.

He is 100% Straw Hat material and I’m now absolutely certain he’s going to join the crew permanently at the end of this arc. Good person? Check. Secretly A Dork? Check. Luffy likes him and wants him on the crew? Check. Boom. Every requirement is filled. Not enough? Here are some BONUSES: Has a meaningful connection with at least 1 member of the crew? Check. Has fought alongside them in at least 1 battle? Check. Brings something new to the crew? Check (fighting style, race, Level of Strength, connections).

Like maaaan his credentials outstrip those of literally every other New Nakama candidate I’ve seen people rooting for, IDEK how people can question his joining the crew.


I love how when I say ‘I’ll post something soon’ it ends up being like four months.(Although, to be fair to myself in this instance, I got back into school/now have a job that’s giving me 25-30 hours a week. This is also why my commissions have been so slow ;;;)

Anyway, I said I’d get a full body shot of Ikona up, and here it is \o/. it was a shading experiment that I’m only partially happy with, but eh. You can still see her design well enough. 

(also some portraits because I remembered I had them sitting around.) 

Have some factoids!

  • Birthday is actually Feb 14th, hence why I got her up today.
  • Kinshi Knight class, more of a bias to her naginata than the bow
  • Hypothetical personal skill: Tailwind (If she starts combat she will double someone.)
  • Marriage to Sumeragi was arranged, but they got along well enough. Very much enjoyed being a mother.
  • Did a lot of political meetings with the Flame Tribe. It also means she can drink like one of them, so … just don’t try and get her drunk. 
  • the naginata she’s using is a personal creation called ‘Yandi’, and is basically the Hoshidan answer to Camilla’s Tyr axe. Hinoka inherited it after her mother’s death. 
  • Said death came from a fight over the Bottomless Canyon - she was knocked off of her mount by an Excalibur spell. All that her squadron was able to bring home was Yandi. her mount survived by sheer luck and returned to Shirasagi some years later with a mate. (Also her death gave ryoma a massive phobia of flying and he will not go higher in the air than is safe for him to jump down from)
  • The fact that she and Takumi share a strong resemblance caused some grief issues on Sumeragi’s end after her passing. Why, none of the staff were certain, but there’s some suspicion of a large argument happening shortly before Ikona’s death … 
Kuroko no Basket Fandisk 3  (English Translation)

Hello everyone. Several notes before I get into it.

1. I have no idea if a translation has already been done, so bear with me.

2. I am not a native or fluent Japanese speaker. I can barely read hiragana, and I had to do this with a dictionary and guesswork. So bear with me.

3. I find Takao’s and Kise’s speech really hard to understand, so there are gaps or mistakes. So bear with me.

Oshaberi Shiyou ka?

Kagami: Let’s see…One large Cola and twelve cheesburgers, please.

Takao: Huh?! A dozen burgers?

Kuroko: That’s right Kagami-kun. That won’t be enough.

Takao: Eh, really?!

Midorima: Just to what extent are you going to eat?

Mibuchi: Everyone! Over here!

Takao: Mibuchi-san! What’s up?

Kuroko: Good day to you.

Kagami: Isn’t something off about this…like Akashi in Maji Burger.

Akashi: Is that so?

Midorima: Where are the others?

Akashi: Murasakibara contacted me to say he would be late. Himuro-san is with him.

Kagami: Tatsuya’s coming too?

Kuroko: I called Aomine-kun earlier, but he didn’t pick up.

Takao: Hmm…let’s see. That leaves…

Kise: Everyone! Hellooooo!

Group: Huh?

Kise: Sorry, sorry, did I keep you waiting? I’ve been shooting since morning. Ah, my second photobook is out. Good thing everyone is…

Akashi: This burger is delicious.

Mibuchi: It is.

Kise: How unfair!

Midorima: So, Akashi, what is the purpose of this meeting?

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Dean Winchester (I have my suspisions but I need to see a reaction <3)

Not Enough Alcohol in the World || No || Maybe if I were wasted || Maybe || Eh…Sure || Yes || TAKE YOUR CLOTHES OFF NOW!

So… there are not adequate words to answer this. The choices above do not express how COMPLETELY head over heels in love I am with this man. So I’ll just leave these here. (these are all saved on my computer, no idea where they came from, apologies)


Send me a character and I’ll tell you if I’d sleep with them!

Teach Me (NSFW)

Summary: Seokjin is your math tutor and math isn’t the only thing you do.
Genre: Smut
Pairing: Reader x Jin

tbh I saw this and i couldn’t resist.

Jin smut is probably my guilty pleasure.

I hope you like it anon!!!

Without further ado, let us begin!!

~Admin Amy

Originally posted by jungkooksarms

“Here, you just put this into this,”

“Like this?”

“Good, now do it slowly, you remember the last time you did it too fast, right?”

“Yes, God was that a disaster,”

“How do you think it was on my behalf, missy?”

“Hmm…is this right?”

“Mmm…let me see….eh, it doesn’t look right.”

“What do you mean ‘it doesn’t look right?!?’ It’s mine, so I should know!”

“See over there? That’s not right, I checked,”

“You checked? You’re not a doctor, thank you very much, Seokjin,”

“Y/N, I’ve seen enough to know that it’s not right. Stop being stubborn and fix your answer.”

Ah, your tutoring times with Seokjin are the best of times. Math was not one of your strong points, hence the reason why you have a tutor in the first place. Luckily, you found Seokjin, who was more than willing to assist you at the time, but some days you can tell he regrets it. 

There are just some concepts that you can’t grasp to your mind, even if you put in all your effort, it’ll take ten times that amount for you to at least understand some of it. So, you can tell that it frustrated him some days. 

“Here, is this better?” you hand him your redone problem. He quickly scans it over then smiles at you.

“Good job, Y/N! That looks a lot better,” he pats you head, making you puff your cheeks out in annoyance. He always did that to you when you would do something right.

“Here, let’s do one more problem then we can take a break, okay?” he says. You nod at him, then sigh, getting ready for another problem.

He takes your book and scans it over, looking for a good problem for you to complete, “Try number 75,” he hands you the book back. You look to the problem, then back at him, then back to the problem.

“Why do you hate me?” you groan, the intensity of the problem practically making you shake just looking at it.

“C’mon now, it’s not that hard…”

“Uh, yes it is.” you huff.

“Just do it, I know you can, Y/N.”

“I hate you,”

“No you don’t. now c’mon,”


You just suck it up and do the problem. You could do this. 

“……Done!” you throw the paper at him and the pencil and lay back on your bed.

“….It’s wrong,” he says quietly.

You shoot straight up at him and glare daggers. “God dammit, Kim Seokjin.”

“C’mon I’ll order pizza,” you hear Seokjin say. You snuggle deeper into your sweatshirt and nod at him. You finally, after many, many, many, tries got the problem right, and as promised, you two were taking a break. You are reclining back on your couch as you watch some random drama on TV, your brain absolutely fried. 

You and Seokjin relax for a while, waiting for the pizza as your stomachs growl. After a long awaited time, the pizza arrives. Seokjin stands and goes to receive the pizza. He walks back in and places the pizza on the coffee table right in front of both of you. You sit up to grab a slice.

Seokjin collapses right beside you a pizza slice in his hands, “You know,” he says, “In all honesty, that last question was pretty puzzling for me too.”

You raise your eyebrow at him, “No way.”

“Yes way, I’m serious,” he takes a bite of his slice. “It actually took me a longer time to figure it out than you did.”

“No way,” you say again, your eyebrows still up with disbelief.

He nods at you, “I’m dead serious….”

You smile to yourself, you’ve never been advanced of Seokjin before, so it gave you a pleasant feeling. You both sit in silence as you eat up the rest of your pizza, him cleaning everything up while you excused yourself to the bathroom to wash up. These things when you would be tutored by Seokjin weren’t uncommon. He was a cool guy to hang out with, and you loved every second you could spend with him. Although you weren’t dating, he still made your heart flutter with some words he says to you. 

You’ve always had this crush on him. Ever since the day your friend introduced you to him. He’s smart, he’s kind, he takes care of his little ‘friend group’. He’s handsome. Excuse me, he’s gorgeous. And his voice. Honestly, it’s not a crime that you fell for him. 

When your mom saw you were struggling with math, she gave Seokjin a call, and now here you are. Your grades were already getting to improve after just a couple tutoring sessions with him. His company was like a balm on the wound you made for yourself with your failing grade in math.

“And I was thinking,” he says, his attention strictly on the TV screen. You look at him, anticipating his answer.

“That you should be awarded.” he says. Now he turns to you, giving you a deadly look. He begins to lean closer to you, you just stare at his eyes. He’s never done anything like this before.

“Uh…what do you mean?” you quietly say.

“Y/N, stop playing games.” he says, getting even closer to you. “You know I like you, and I know you like me. And we both know you deserve this,”

You gulp, he begins to move even closer to you, his forehead on yours.

“Will you let me give you your reward from me?” 

You close your eyes and just listen to his voice. Your arms snake around the back of his neck and you nod at him. You could here him chuckle then his lips are suddenly on yours. You gasp but then subside, his lips obviously dominating yours.

You’ve never seen this side of Seokjin before, but you absolutely loved this side of him. And now you had the chance to see more of this side.

He maneuvers you so you’re able to lay your back flat on the couch while he’s on top of you, your lips never breaking. You were so distracted with his hands roaming over all the curves on your body that you didn’t even notice his tongue suddenly peaking out and dragging across your mouth. His tongue enters your mouth and you let your tongue peak out, lightly fighting with his predominant tongue, while his hands are still feeling your body. He drags them from the deepest part of your curves, to your hips, then back up your body. 

Hmm, you got yourself a multitasker.

After he seemed satisfied with your little tongue battle, he began to kiss down your face to your neck. You expose your neck to him and he attacks it with fervor. His hands trail under your shirt and begin to gently massage your skin under your shirt. He finds the spot on your neck that made you moan loudly and brought all the attention to that spot. 

“Seokjin…” you breath. He gives a quick final kiss to your neck and looks to you, his lips swollen and eyes wide, afraid he did something wrong. “Bedroom.”

That simple phrase set him off. He stood from the couch and lifted you in his arms. You wrapped your legs around his waist and balanced yourself with your arms on his broad shoulders, you now with the ability to look down at him. He didn’t even miss a beat and he placed his lips back on yours. You had to admit, his kisses were rather addicting. 

From this position, you were able to tangle your fingers in his hair and bring him closer, if that was even possible. He slowly began the journey of the couch to your bedroom, with you in his arms and kissing him all at the same time. But…you barely even made it past the couch before he needed to just stop and let you feel what you’ve done to him. 

He lets you rest on the arm of your couch, your legs spread open and him comfortably in between them.

“Y/N, look what you’ve done to me,” he huffs. Your eyes slowly trail over his body down to the tent forming in his pants. You bite your lip and begin to whimper slightly, wanting, no, needing to feel some relief. 

You look up at him with pleading eyes, “We need to go to my room…”

He nods to you and lifts you up again. This time, he rushes there, quickly throwing you on the bed. He quickly gets up again to lock the door, then he comes back over to you. He begins to kiss you again, but it seemed more rushed this time, and you knew that he needed this relief just as much as you did. He dispatched from your lips to remove his shirt, and you do the same, both of you flinging the clothing somewhere in your room. He kisses your cheek then looks up at you with both of his hands over the fabric of your bra.

“May I?” he looked up at you so innocently, but his swollen lips were telling you another story. You nod at him and he reaches behind you, attempting to unhook your bra.

… . .

“Uh, do you need help?” you ask. He was struggling to remove your bra, and it almost made you chuckle. He looks to the side, a huge blush on his face.

“You know, for someone smart enough to tutor me, you’re not really as smart as I thought,” you giggle and quickly discard your bra.

“Hey now,” he complains, back on top of you after his little embarrassing moment. “I’m suppose to be giving you a reward, right? Just please accept it, and I never really was the best with those, okay?”

“Nah,” you smile at him then smirk, “That just means you’ll need to practice more on me, then.”

He looks up at you, and immediately you both are back in the mood. He finally takes the situation at hand, and begins to massage your breasts. He trails his thumbs over your hardening nipples  while he begins to suck on your neck again.

“Y/N, your absolutely gorgeous,” he whispers into your neck. You just moan a response as he begins to kiss down your chest over your left breast.

“Se-Seokjin…” you moan. He takes your nipple into his mouth and circles it with his tongue. He flicks the hard peak with his tongue, while his thumb flicked the other. He then kisses a trail across your chest to the other nipple and gave it the same treatment he gave your left one. 

All of his teasing made your senses go on a frenzy. You’ve never felt this way before, and you never thought that Seokjin could make you feel like this.

He suddenly stopped sat up on his knees looking down at you. 

“Y/N, I really need you right now,” he says. You nod at him, agreeing exactly with what he said.

He takes off his pants and his boxers with one go, and you gawk at the sight of him. “He’s not too big, not too small, just perfect”, you thought, and smiled. You reach in your drawer to pull out a condom, then begin to remove your pants and panties in one go as well. He tears open the condom packet and was about to put it on himself but you stopped him.

“Allow me,” you smile at him. You tease his cock a little, slowly stroking it, enjoying the feeling of it in your hands. You looked up at him to see his reactions, and he was loving it. He held his bottom lip captive between his teeth and he moaned lowly. You continue to tease for a little longer, then you place the condom completely on him.

He gently lays you back and you spread your legs for him. He looks to you, silently asking you one more time for permission. You nod at him and then he spreads the lips of your center open. He takes his cock in his hands and enters you slowly. He moans at the feeling of you gripping tightly around him and you moan, loving the feeling of him entering you. You reach your hand out to him and he takes it, intertwining your fingers together as he fully enters you. He lets you adjust to him, waiting for you to give him the signal that it’s okay for him to being moving. You nod at him and he slowly pulls out, then forcefully pushes back in. He does that over and over again, the feeling really intense for you.

“Seokjin, faster, please….” you moan. You want to feel more, you knew you both needed more. He nods at you then begins to pound into you. 

“Y/N…baby you feel so good…” he moans.

“You do too…” you moan back. He pounds into you harder, and you begin to meet his thrusts by moving your hips slightly along with him. He powerfully rolls his body, finding a way to reach so deep into you, and it made you feel so good. 

“Y/N….I’m close,” he mutters. You nod at him, and the warmth begins to fill your body as well, and you knew you were close too. He reaches down to circle your clit, wanting to give you the best finish as possible. 

He thrusts into you the fastest he did ever since he entered you, then he brought you as close to him as possible, filling the condom with his cum. He circles your clit faster, and you come to your release almost directly after him. He collapsed on top of you, the aftermath of your orgasms hitting both of you hard. 

After he somewhat caught his breath, he pulled out of you and stood to dispose the condom. You were slightly sad, feeling empty. He came back to you, a tissue in his hands and gently cleaned you up. He also changed you in some clothes, and he gave you his shirt to wear. He just put on the pants he was wearing earlier and cuddled next to you. You cuddle into his side and sigh.

“So, same time tomorrow?” you ask him. 

He laughs and kisses your forehead. “Of course.”

I hope you liked it, anon! I really loved writing this!!

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Is your comic still a thing? I'm really hyped about it, I love your art so much I can't seem to get enough of it!! xxxx

Hii. I will do everything in my power to draw that comic. Me and @prettytruthsandlies have got the whole thing planned out.

A few weeks back I suggested to Jess to postpone it a bit because I didn’t feel secure in my skills and I felt like I needed to improve on human anatomy. (not that anyone here on tumblr really cares as long as it is cute, eh?)
Right now I don’t feel too good and I am not sure what will happen with my blog and my drawings. So I can’t promise you it is 100% going to happen.
Me and Jess both very much want to draw something together and we want to create something nice for everyone else in the fandom but she’s very busy with university and work and I just feel too sad rn to draw anything.

Hiya!! So I’m new to tumblr.. I don’t know if this is a community thing like a lot of other social medias I’ve been on are? (I mean, I’ve only been on fandom based forum social medias, really, and Pinterest, so I don’t really know much). Maybe I should say some stuff about myself? Sure, why not.

Um, hi! My name is Emil. Emil Braith, or at least that’s what you can call me. I’m known by a lot of my peers as “Inspibraithional”, hence my url. This is because everyone on my sites know me for my random inspirational posts. I’ll be sharing quite a few of them here, and writing quite a many more. I’m a 13 year old who believes I can change the world. I’m a boy, although I’m assigned female at birth and closeted in real life. I believe in a world where fear and hate and being ashamed of anything isn’t real. Depression is accepted as something that is real and valid, despite it not being good. Sexuality and gender and not hetero and cis normative, and the world understands everyone. I know that world is not here yet, but I do believe that I can at least put the world on it’s course to getting there. In fact, I believe everyone can. We all have voices. They may not talk in the same way, but they are still voices. I talk with writing, while others may talk through paint or music or smiles. And all of those ways are perfectly valid and real. I may “just be” a 13 year old boy with big ideals, but I refuse to believe they are naive and impossible. : )

Anyways, that’s really it for me. I’m looking forward to meeting new people here!! :D I’ve heard a lot about this place, and my Pinterest is full of many text posts from here, but I guess now is a great time to start it myself! Looking forward to whatever this place has to offer me. Plus, feel free to send me a message if you feel down or want to talk. You deserve someone who will listen to you no matter what you are feeling. If it’s important to you, it’s important to me. : ) Also, if anyone wouldn’t mind giving me a break down of this site, that would be great. >~<

Sharing a room - always...

Most stories are set in Baker Street and London in general, and if they have to go to the country to investigate, Holmes and Watson usually return to Baker Street by the night train (interesting enough, that thought), but when they are forced to spend the night in a hotel, they manage to end up sleeping in the same room ridiculously often.

In Sherlock, Mofftisson made fun of this, I think:

Hounds of the Baskervilles:

GARY: Eh, sorry we couldn’t do a double room for you boys.

JOHN: That’s fine. We-we’re not…

So they are more open in the original canon that in the series, for crying out loud!

Here you go:

The Valley of Fear, chapter 4

Sergeant Wilson: There has been nothing like this that I can remember. There are some bits that will come home to you, Mr. Holmes, or I am mistaken. And you also, Dr. Watson; for the medicos will have a word to say before we finish. Your room is at the Westville Arms. There’s no other place; but I hear that it is clean and good. The man will carry your bags. This way,gentlemen, if you please.

The Man with the Twisted Lips

Now, Watson,” said Holmes, as a tall dog-cart dashed up through the gloom, throwing out two golden tunnels of yellow light from its side lanterns. “You’ll come with me, won’t you?

If I can be of use.”

Oh, a trusty comrade is always of use; and a chronicler still more so. My room at The Cedars is a double-bedded one.”

The Speckled Band 

Watson: Sherlock Holmes and I had no difficulty in engaging a bedroom and sitting-room at the Crown Inn. 

The Missing Three-Quarter

Holmes to Watson: This little inn just opposite Armstrong’s house is singularly adapted to our needs. If you would engage a front room and purchase the necessaries for the night, I may have time to make a few inquiries.

The Priory School

Watson: Sherlock Holmes left the house alone, and only returned after eleven. He had obtained a large ordnance map of the neighbourhood, and this he brought into my room, where he laid it out on the bed, and, having balanced the lamp in the middle of it, he began to smoke over it, and occasionally to point out objects of interest with the reeking amber of his pipe.

The Boscombe Valley Mystery 

Watson: We drove to the Hereford Arms where a room had already been engaged for us.

The Beryl Coronet 

Watson: It was not yet three when we found ourselves in our rooms once more. He hurried to his chamber and was down again in a few minutes dressed as a common loafer.

(Baker Street rooms, but it is Waston’s room that is located upstairs! What was Holmes doing there? Has he moved in with Watson?)

Charles Augustus Milverton 

Holmes to Watson: We have shared the same room for some years, and it would be amusing if we ended by sharing the same cell. 

Exactly how closely are those two living together in the books? 

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Can you do 11 or 15 with Tony stark and his daughter if you're still doing these? Did not know you wrote for marvel!

Yesss, indeed! I mean, I haven’t recently since eh idk apparently Supernatural is the main fandom atm XD But if you wanna see more of the Marvel stuff I wrote, I encourage you to check out my Masterpost and scroll down a bit to get to the Marvel stuff :)

“I’d kill for a coffee… literally.”

Tony grinned, “Aren’t you too young for caffeine? Sugar’s your thing.”

You narrowed your eyes, “Seriously, dad?”

Tony chuckled, “Kihidding. I know you’re old enough. Come here and I’ll make you something fancy. Like a cappuccino or a…. latte?”

You smiled wide and bounced over to Tony, “Suhure,” you hugged his arm.

“Don’t be annoying about it. Just this once. You gotta fend for yourself in the future,” he winked at you.

You chuckled and nodded, “Rohohoger that.”

“Where? Where’s Rogers?”

You rolled your eyes, simply amused by the fact that your dad thought he was hilarious. 

And he hussled you by acting like this process was gonna be hard. He literally pressed a button on a fancy coffee machine and out came a french vanilla cappuccino. 

You huffed and chuckled, “Thahanks, dad. Couldn’t have figured it out myself…”

Tony laughed and pinched your side, “Ehenjoy your caffeine, buttercup.”

You jerked and giggled, taking the warm coffee and sitting with it happily. You’d soooo annoy him later by being super caffeinated. 

i like the idea of tilda bonding with thranduil whenever he visits bard and since hes got like several hundred years of parenthood to back him up hes pretty tolerable to whatever tilda wants to do with him— if anything maybe he kinda enjoys it cuz tilda is a child and children are so rare among elves cuz why bother having them when youre just gonna live forever??

im tagging this as barduil cuz gdi i want more stepdaddy thranduil in my life ;_; give me all the family feels, pleeeease

also i have double and triple checked and im almost certain that ‘pen-neth’ means 'little one’ in sindarian, but please correct me if im wrong u_u;;

eh…. wanted to say something

look, regrading last night (by now ur probably all like, “rani pls let that shit go” but don’t worry, this is the last time I’ll bring it up), here’s something I wanna say.

If you’re afraid to talk to an artist, just, do it. Chances are the artist would love the company. You wanna send em an ask? Just do it, dude!
There’s a ton of artists who get saddened that they don’t have enough interaction with people (me included..), and probably won’t continue with art because they won’t be motivated to do it if they don’t get the feedback they’re requesting. Some people are legit hurt and think they did something wrong if the case is that there’s people afraid to talk to them.
Look, it might be hard, but it’s ok. I say this cause, i realized, there’s probably a lot of people who are actually afraid to talk to me, and I didn’t really know why. Ok so, I’m an artist with, I’ll say, DECENT art, nothing fancy. But for pete’s sake it’s like I said before, I call everyone “cool beans” or “my dude” and I ironically use 90s slang. Like, I’m probably the least intimidating person ever, lmao.
Pretty much all artists on here are huge dorks, and are, remember, people just like you and I. They might be known by a lot of people, but in the end we’re all human beings.

tl;dr if ur afraid of an artist, it’s ok!! But if u wanna talk to them, you should go for it. hit me up soul brotha

@killerborn​ from here

      ❛  that sounds EASY enough. wouldn’t
      be the first time someone’s used you
      as a PUPPET, eh ?  ❜

a flash of silver and the blade comes down HARD. he’d like to think he doesn’t have time to DEAL with one of gotham’s many BROKEN THINGS, but hood didn’t give him a choice. he wanted the mercenary’s attention –and now he’s GOT it.    

  ❛  it INSULTS me to kill for free, hood.
      don’t make this night CHARITABLE in
      my defense. i’ve got a JOB to do.  ❜

Even with his strength and speed, Jason’s arms buckled slightly as he caught the weight of the strike on one of his pistols, parrying it down with as much grace as one could with one of the world’s deadliest killers bearing down on him.

Though, that same label could be just as easily applied to The Red Hood.

“You’re getting slow in your age, old man. How about you save us both some time and just roll over” Jason proclaimed, his words cold and harsh, as he brought his other pistol up to fire “you’re not the only one with better things to do”

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I guess because they don't give you enough moments to fangirl about. Sometimes I wonder why the hell I even like them as a pairing. Yes, they probably have little moments here and there but those never got me excited anymore. I mean, I went crazy when Jun/Sho touched each other or Nino/Aiba goofed around but I ended up getting annoyed every time Nino/Jun had a moment. Eh, I'm sorry for venting on you like this.

I actually think they have quite a few moments. The most obvious one is that kiss from 5x10. There was also that one from ZIP last year where Jun was touching Nino’s face and put their noses together. AND THE GRINDING FROM SHAKE IT. Or that time that Nino said he would marry Jun and in response Jun said he would hug Nino the next time he saw him. Team Matsupi’s shopping channel from D no Arashi was gold. Oh and that time when Jun showed his fingers down Nino’s throat to help him throw up? How Jun answers the phone with “Are you okay?” when Nino calls? How about that time when Jun called Nino “Kazu”? Or all of Nino’s nicknames for Jun, most notably J? And what about Jun very desperately trying to grope Nino’s nonexistent ass?  Jun saying that he likes the shape of Nino’s face? How they are both the bitches in Arashi? THEM GIVING EACH OTHER FLOWERS DURING ARE YOU HAPPY. OR NINO GIVING JUN FLOWERS WHEN THEY WERE JUNIORS. How about Nino not being able to finish Shitsuren Chocolatier because he got embarrassed watching the bed scenes? How about them reenacting the Titanic scene?  And again? How about that cuddling during the LOVE con? HOW ABOUT THEM TAKING CARE OF A KID TOGETHER FOR CHILDMINDER? The matching hair in VSA?

There’s definitely a lot more than those, but I don’t want to go on forever. Hopefully I’ve shared some moments that you weren’t aware of! :D


From translator’s notes: In Japanese, “I like you” is suki, while “moon” is tsuki

Natsume Soseki, the most acclaimed novelist in Japan, once taught his students that the correct Japanese translation for an English sentence “I love you” is “The moon is so beautiful”.

TL note: But here Shouya’s [Maki’s] answer appears to be a total coincidence. We are yet to see if Nishimiya Shouko [Hanayo] ran because of embarrassment (for saying “I like you” first), or if she loved books enough to misunderstand Shouya’s answer as yes, I like you too.

Koe no Katachhii Chpt 23

fuck u stop enabling me to do these things god GO D!!!!!

of course i parodied the cutest scene in the entire manga, but thinking abt this au as a whole is prETTY FUCKING SAD but someone come down in this hell w/ me tho