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Look what came in the mail as a late birthday gift! Her name is Fairy.

okay but what I wanna know is why are they yellow??

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Dragon Age AU: Laurence is a Fereldan sea captain who had ran away from the Chantry/Templars when he was a kid, but he still retains some of his Templar training. He gets accidentally conscripted into the ~GREY WARDENS~ circa before the Fourth Blight when there were still GRIFFINS around. And I guess he finds a griffin egg so that’s cool, eHH EH???

Tharkay is a Tevinter mage but his mother had been an elf so his altus status is basically null and he’s pretty bitter about that but whatever, now he’s living the great shapeshifter apostate life with his numerous birds. He is basically morrigan but with slightly more social skills but the same about of sarcasm.

Granby is a disaster-prone fire mage (possibly ex-apostate, but that’s none of ur business) and also a really tall beanpole elf, as it was meant to be.