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how would aliens react to tattoos? like, some humans undergo large amounts of pain to have an image permanetly inked on their skin and sometimes the reason is no more than "eh, it looks cool"

“Human Tyler, you seem to have acquired pigmented particles under your skin.” Rytrinq began, trying to gain their attention at the same time as xe remained polite and considerate. “Do you wish time to cleanse yourself?” Xe asked, quite pleased with xemself for remembering the appropriate question.

“Fuck off, don’t be rude.” Human Tyler repeated, looking enraged for some reason. Granted, Rytrinq didn’t have the longest experience deciphering human mannerisms, but the wording didn’t leave much room for ambiguity. “This took a loot of time, and I’ll have you know I’m really happy with how it turned out.” They added, baffling Rytrinq further.

“You got dirt under your skin on purpose?” Xe asked, getting more confused each time Tyler spoke. Fortunately, it seemed they realised xe genuinely didn’t understand. Or at least they were willing to indulge him. 

“It’s not dirt. It’s ink, and yes. It’s called a tattoo. It’s art.” They said, clearly still angry, though they did look slightly less terrifying, which xe decided to count as progress. Xe had heard that human art came in many forms, but xe had never heard of one involving the human body itself.

“Human Tyler, that is immensely intriguing. How is it made?” Xe asked, relieved when they seemed to realise it was a case of cultural confusion rather than xem being purposefully rude.

“Well, you go to a tattoo artist, and they make the design and then make a sort of template, I guess you could call it. Anyway, they put that on the place you want the tattoo, and it transfers a bit of ink so the artist’s got something to guide them. And then they have this machine, which is basically a bunch of needles that pierce the skin with ink. Which the artist use to sort of draw on the skin, leaving cool art like this.” Human Tyler said, adding a pointed look for the last part while showing off the art. Rytrinq was however too worried - and quite frankly terrified - to think too much about it.

“It pierces your skin and drags the ink machine through your skin? Is that not painful?” Xe asked

“What? No, no it goes up and down into the skin. If you drag it without the needles getting up you’ll end up with big scars. It does kind of hurt, but it’s not that bad.” They answered, clearly believing that to sound better. As if getting stabbed multiple times was no big deal.

“What purpose does it serve? Is it a hierarchical or sociological requirement?”

“No, some people don’t even like them. Think they look unprofessional or whatever bullshit like that. But it doesn’t really have a purpose.” Human Tyler answered with a brief elevation of their shoulder area.

“Then why do you put yourself through the pain?” Xe wondered. They had to have some reason after all, right?

“Eh, it looks cool. I mean, I just really like daffodils, always have. They’re cool.” They said, once again reminding Rytrinq that xe would never fully understand humans.

KNB~ Reacting to anime: Tokyo Ghoul

How the Kuroko no basuke characters would react to Tokyo ghoul. May contain spoilers so you have been warned~

Kuroko: I think Akashi-kun may be a ghoul…

Kagami: What the hell… There’s no season 3 yet?!

Riko: Yeah! Put Nishiki in his place Touka!

Hyuuga: *stares at the screen* Whoa.. that’s cool.. not as cool as my historical action figures.. Tokyo ghoul gets second place.

Kiyoshi: This is rather gruesome.. I don’t think we should watch this..

Kise: It’s over?! Why would someone end it like that?! *has tears going down his face watching the ending scene of season 2*

Kasamatsu: * can’t watch the show in peace so doesn’t even bother watching it.*

Midorima: Why does everyone keep comparing me to Arima? We look nothing alike!

Takao: But you really do look like him Shin-chan! It’s your long lost brother!

Aomine: Not bad.. I wish there were girls with bigger-

Midorima: Aomine!

Aomine: Eh?

Momoi: * crying during every sad moment*

Murasakibara: The ghouls can’t eat snacks?! That’s so sad… More snacks for me then. * stuffs face with sweets*

Himuro: * singing the theme song from season 1* 

Akashi: Someone get me in contact with Suzuya juuzou. I would like to ask him where he got all those knives.. I want them.. now! *packing up scissors for an upgrade*

Do No Harm - Chapter 9

I will abstain from all intentional wrong-doing and harm

Wanna read previous chapters?: Ch. 1, Ch. 2, Ch. 3, Ch. 4, Ch. 5, Ch.6, Ch.7, Ch.8

6866 Words

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Angela thought about putting up a fight when the other doctors shooed her out of the room, but she instead decided that wouldn’t get her anywhere positive. She would be gracious in her success. She could be.

Besides, Amélie was a bit too out of it to want to talk to her much. She spent a lot of time staring at her hands and offering brief answers to the long questions she was being asked.

So when a parade of more doctors came in, followed by a team of lawyers, Angela was content to leave the crowded room. She allowed herself one little glance back, and could swear she saw those golden eyes lift from examining cyanotic skin to follow her to the door.

Angela could hold on to that a while. She could wait. She could.

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April 6, 2017. 20:44PM Melbourne. 05:44AM Chicago.

Me: I don’t know if by some terrible miracle you’re awake, but if you are, please let me know?

In the sort of serious pain that isn’t quite bad enough to call an ambulance but is still scary and I’d love to hear your voice, though I’m reluctant to wake you up without you seeing these because involuntary pain noises are not my finest and would probably be alarming

This is the sort of cramping where I feel a bit like I’m giving birth out through my spine and my kidneys by turns and I wish I knew what triggered it so I could stop doing whatever the fuck that is

@lemonsharks: I am awake ❤

@lemonsharks stayed awake and on the line with me while I screamed. For over an hour. I sobbed and threw up and turned into a creature made of hurt and noise.

I did not go to hospital, because the last time I’d done that, for pain only slightly worse, I was sent home with a pat on the head and indigestion tablets.

“Has anything happened to you recently?” the ER doctor asked, looking exhausted.

“Well, the ambos think this might be gall pain, and I’ve lost 30 kilos in 12 weeks—“

“—­Good! Keep doing that. “

“Doesn’t weight loss affect your gall bladder? This was pretty quick…”

“Obesity causes more problems,” he said. “And you’re not out of the woods yet. Still. Well done.”

I’m usually good at pain, for a given value of unsurprised and able to talk myself through it. I’ve had my feet rebuilt three times. I’ve broken ribs eight times. I have the sort of endometriosis that used to make me bleed four weeks out of five while I curled around myself and ended up with chronic kidney infections. Sometimes my hands lock in the cold. I’ve had needles shoved directly into my eyeball. I know different textures and weights of pain. I knew the sort I can walk through, the sort where my body is actively trying to tell me something, and the times when too many signals have gone off all at once and I’m left with an aching, all-body hangover.

This pain? It made me babble. It stretched hours into minutes and then minutes into hours, gave me chills, made me throw up and whimper and ask the world to please, please stop hurting me. It was breathtaking. Humiliating. And it happened on and off over a year, ever since I went on a medically supervised fasting diet at the combined request of my GP, my eye surgeon (I was due for a transplant in the middle of 2016) and my mother.

I am, like a lot of sedentary ex-nightshift workers who take very important large amounts of progesterone to keep that endometriosis I mentioned from clawing me up from the inside, a fat woman. I’m mostly okay with this, because if I’m going to pick between ‘debilitating pain and anxiety’ and ‘bouts of self-loathing when I try to buy jeans’, I’m going to pick option 2 every fucking time. But that eye surgeon, with his continued muttering about how the fact that I didn’t have diabetes was a bloody miracle, really pissed me off. Fine, I thought. I will lose some weight and you will shut up and do your job and yeah, maybe it is time to untangle all that stress eating because no, I don’t enjoy it, and…ugh…just stop yelling at me.

So I asked my GP what I could try. I didn’t think just going to the gym would cut it in the early, inertia-prone stages and I didn’t want to deal with the additional self-loathing of having ‘failed’ if I ended up piking. She agreed, and suggested Optifast, a fairly vile but well established meal replacement plan, plus gym. I reflected briefly that it was good I was working two jobs, because this was going to be fucking pricey.

I did it. I spent twelve weeks subsisting on chocolate or coffee flavoured vitamin sludge with instances of steamed broccoli or bok choi as blessed relief. I took swimming lessons to relearn how to breathe while moving. That bit was actually lovely. I started to enjoy lifting almost-heavy objects, mostly because my scarred-up body and CP limp alarmed the local gym bros. Plus, it was a distraction when I had moments fantasizing about tearing off my own arm and eating it, mostly for a change in texture. It didn’t actually feel that bad. The first three days were horrible, for the second week I mostly felt vaguely high, and the for the rest of it I was just bored. The exercise, as discussed, began to feel unnervingly empowering.

The way other people responded to the weight loss, though? That was a complete mind fuck.

“You look so healthy!”


“I bet you feel so good!”

“You look less disabled now! I bet your pain has gone down…” (yes. Really.)

Get published? Eh. That’s the sort of thing Kit does. Nothing special. Lose a socially acceptable amount of weight? Oh my god world peace is just around the corner, you have done this brave and exceptional thing.

At the end of the twelve weeks, otherwise known as ‘the intensive phase’, you reintroduce carbohydrates back into your life. Slowly. That was when the first instance of horrible, stabling, babbling gut pain happened. I assumed that I’d not quite been slow enough with my reintroduction, and so took the ERs non-diagnosis as fact, because it did seem reasonable. Kind of.

I had the surgery, which meant that I gained a lot of the weight back because of the sheer amount steroids they put you on to stop your body from freaking out about having, in the words of Donna Noble, a dead person’s face on your face. I also wasn’t allowed to: swim (I’m still not, because of the stitches, and it’s been almost a year); do cardio; lift even mildly heavy objects or do anything apart from breathe and eat and wince as people gave me tragic looks for several months.

(Stabbing gut instances during this time: 4)

Then I started exercising again and the damn cornea realised it was dead and decided to reject. More steroids! Every hour. Through the night! For an unspecified period of time! My body stored fat like it was the end times, because wouldn’t you?

(staving gut instances: 6 – including the time when @lemonsharks had to deal with her weeping girlfriend at five in the morning)

Why am I talking about this?

Because feeling like you have a large metal spike stuck from your breast bone right out the middle of your back at random but narrowing intervals is fucking alarming, but the only thing my family and GP took note of was my weight. Is it going down? Fantastic! Is it going back up again? Well, to quote the GP who nodded sadly when I told her about the surgeon’s gym ban: “you’ll just have to go back on the Optifast as soon as possible. The stabbing pain? Probably not gall problems! You’re far too young for that.” (Though I was, she’d also pointed out to me, thirty, and so my chances of dying miserable and fat did grow every minute.)

The feeling of having fight or flight response slowly dripping into my bloodstream for months of nightmares and general exhaustion? “Oh, that’ll go away once you lose that weight again.”

I’ve just been off work for two weeks. It was unplanned. I have no leave balance (yaaaay, transplant!)

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 12:32 AM

Me: So…we know what the random gut pain was now, probably. Pancrea-fucking-titis

That stupid opifast diet has a lot to answer for

Me: 4:30am and and finally out of ed/into a damn bed

Still in hospital, if I vanish for a bit

@lemonsharks: D:

 On the one hand… Yay knowing what it is BIT ALSO NOT YAY on the hell diet and irritated pancreas

 Me: And possibly removed gallbladder, hence the hospital overnight madness

@lemonsharks: Wait wait did you just have emergency surgery to remove your gallbladder or is that upcoming?

 It was upcoming, because they had to wait for my pancreas to stop trying to eat itself in protest of my gallbladder deciding that it had one job: to make as many stones as my body could hold. And then some.

The feeling of having fight or flight response slowly dripping into my bloodstream? That was bile. I came home from work, the pain happened, and this time it didn’t go away after an hour of screaming. I cracked and called the ambulance, shaking and dripping sweat, throwing up when I wasn’t sobbing, two hours into it.

“Looks like gall pain,” said the ambos, as I apologised for wasting their time and they stared at me like I was insane and checked some regs to see if they could give me more morphine. “I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.”

(Ambulance Victoria is filled with good people and they deserve all the pay rises in the world.)

I don’t remember much of the next few hours. Just that I told them not to take me to the hospital where I’d been sent home with indigestion, and that I’d messaged @lemonsharks and desperately tried to be okay.

That bit where I vanish in the message thread? I was in the ICU.

Why am telling you this?

Because I’m fine. The pancreatitis went away and I feel 700 times less miserable (the first photo in this post terrifies me. It was the day before all this happened. I thought I looked normal. I look fucking wrecked. Sad and exhausted. Contrast with the second, where my skin is dodgy as fuck but I look like a tolerably cute and lively human being. That was taken last week, my first day out of the house after I got home from hospital a few days before.)  They took out my gallbladder and I now have a load of new puncture wounds and I need a lot of naps/feel a bit like the world is grey half the time because that’s how I respond to most general anaesthetics. That shall pass. I’m alive. I have amazing friends who’ve visited and given me soup and the best girlfriend in the world and I live in a place that isn’t going to punch me for going to hospital. Yay, socialised healthcare. Things could be a lot worse.

But also, I nearly fucking died. Because of that heady combination of: pressure toward weight loss, culture that reinforces particular types of suffering for the sake of ‘health’, and the tendency to minimise female pain as normal, as expected.

My GP, rueful on the phone as I tried to explain that I was being told I had to have surgery and that I was unprepared and terrified, said: “I’m sorry I didn’t think to take your bloods earlier. It is a shame you can’t do the Optifast route again now, though.”

And that is why I’m posting this. That, along with the small, regretful part of me that agreed with her, because fuck that. Fuck that industry, and the pressure that makes life and safety less valuable than the size you are. 

I can’t do much about some of the mess in my own head, but I can post this and say: you do you. Be safe. You’re loved. And if you do go down the meal replacement path, because as much as I want to burn it to the ground I know that there is no single response to anything, get regular blood tests. 

(mostly though. fuck that. and thank you, @lemonsharks)

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can you do a follow up to the "dr1 guys having a nightmare their s.o died only to realize it was real" hcs with the v3 and sdr2 guys? ty!

Sure thing Anon! Another Anon requested the NDRV3 guys before so you can read this right here but here are the SDR2 guys!

SDR2 Boys having  a nightmare about their S/O being killed in the killing game, when they try and go see her it turns out it wasn’t a nightmare after all

Hajime Hinata:

- He’s running

- He heard your scream so of course he’s running towards it

- If he recalls correctly, the scream came from the supermarket

- When he gets there he’s panting heavily but he has to know you’re okay he has to kn-

- You’re lying in a pool of your own blood and your eyes are still open

- They’ve lost their shine, they’re dark and dead now

- He wakes up and finds himself struggling for breath

- “What a horrible dream. This killing game is really messing with me”

- He just kind of lays in bed and stares at his ceiling for a while

- “… I better check though”

- He gets dressed quickly and walks out, heading for your cottage

It’s not daytime yet but… This was too realistic…

He’s outside your door, he’s about to knock but then he just… Stops

Am I scared? Why am I scared?

He exhales before knocking once

No answer

He knocks again

No answer

- No. No please. Answer the door S/O. Please.

- “Hinata - kun?… What are you doing?”

- He turns to find Nanami sleepily rubbing her eye

- “Nanami… S/O is… Where is she?”

- “Do you not remember?…”

- “Remember?”

- “The trial for her death was yesterday… I think.”

- “Wh- That’s… Impossible!”

- “You’re probably blocking the memory out because you don’t want to believe it… But she’s gone now.. Sorry”

- He takes a quick glance at Nanami before quickly returning to his cottage

- “Ahhhhhhhh!”

- Why?!

- “Ahhhhhhhh!”

- Why did it have to be you?!


Kazuichi Soda:

- Where are you? 

- He was running all over the islands trying to find you but it was almost as if you’ve vanished

- He went to the fifth island, and he finally found you

- You were in the warehouse but the only thing that was different about you was the fact that you were stained in blood

- What… What’s going on?…


- He kneels by you… Maybe it’s just his mind playing tricks on him!

- It wasn’t… You were really dead

- He screams again but when he looks around he finds himself in his cottage

- “A… Nightmare?”

- He laughs a little, of course it was just a stupid dream!

- He gets up and just splashes cold water in his face

- He’ll see you at breakfast, yeah, that’s it

- As soon as the Monokuma announcement rings, he is ready to go

- Surprisingly, he’s one of the first people to breakfast

- People start turning up but.. He can’t find you anywhere…

- Did you sleep in?

- He turns to the nearest person who just so happens to be Koizumi

- “H-Hey… Koizumi do you know where S/O is?…”

- “Are you stupid?! F/n - chan got killed yesterday! Did you honestly forget already?! I thought she mattered to you!”

- “Wait… Killed?”

- “The trial was yesterday!”

- Yesterday… Wait… Then that… Wasn’t just a nightmare?!

- He starts shaking and crying

- “Wait, Soda? What’s wrong? Hey!”

- She grabs hold of his shoulders and tries to calm him down

Nagito Komaeda:

- S/O - san where did you go?

- He’s looking for you seeing as you promised to meet up with him but you were over an hour late

- At first, he thought you just stood him up but judging from your behaviour, you’re not the sort of person to do that so he decided to do a little investigation

- He did manage to finally find you

- You were at the beach house, lying on the floor with a knife in your stomach

- “S/O - san…”

- You didn’t reply of course, so he carefully knelt beside you

- “I’ll find who did this to you… Clearly they are filled with nothing but despair, and for that they will pay the highest price.”

- He just wakes up normally and stares at his ceiling

- “A dream?… The details were so realistic though…”

- He sits up and looks out of the window, it was still dark

- “Even if I did want to check up on her, I should wait until morning”

- Once morning finally does come, he makes his way towards your cottage

- “Nagito - chan! Good morning!”

- “Oh, hello Mioda - san”

- “Where are you going? Ibuki sees you’re heading towards F/n - chan’s cottage for some reason!”

- “Oh, I was going to check up on her”

- “EH?! Did she come back to life?! Is she a zombie?!”

- “Wait what did you say?”

- “That’s she’s a zombie?”

- “No, before that”

- “… I asked if she came back to life!”

- Came back to life… Does that mean his dream… Wasn’t actually just a dream?

- “Mioda - san, did we have a trial yesterday?”

- “Eh? Well yeah although Ibuki doesn’t remember a lot of it! You and Hajime - chan were the ones who did the most talking anyway!”

- You’re… Really dead… Haha… Dead… Hahahaha…. No… It wasn’t meant to be real… Is that due to his bad luck again?… Oh what a worthless human he is… He can’t even save someone’s life

Nekomaru Nidai:

-  What is this?!

- He can see you, but you’re lying on the floor in the library with blood pouring out of the back of your head

- “S/O!”

- It’s horrible, he doesn’t want to look at you like this but he still does

- How did someone as lively as you end up dead within such a short time?

- He was crying when the body discovery announcement rang

- When he woke up, tears escaped from his eyes

- “Dream… Just a dream”

- He decides the best way to forget about it is to go for a run

- Running along the beach is usually really calming yet… He still can’t seem to forget that dream

- Why did it seem so real? Urgh this isn’t helping

- He makes his way to the hotel, breakfast with everyone, with you, will definitely calm him down

- When he arrives there are already some people there but… You’re not

- Huh weird, you usually wake up early

- He waits a bit more but you still don’t turn up

- That’s it, he’s going to get you

- He power walks to your room and knocks on the door


- “Um… S-Sorry to.. Interrupt… But d-do you have to shout so loudly in the m-morning?”

- “Huh? Oh sorry Tsumiki”

- “Can I ask… Why are you k-knocking on S/O - san’s door?… She w-won’t answer”

- “Won’t answer? Why’s that?!”

- “Ahh! Sorry! Don’t you… Don’t you remember her trial yesterday?…”

- Trial?… Yesterday?…

- Without another word he goes back to his room

- He doesn’t come out for a while

Gundham Tanaka:

- When he heard the body discovery announcement the thought of the victim being you never even occurred to him

- He just casually made his way towards the crime scene

- When he got there, everyone was crowded around the body so he couldn’t quite see who it was

- “Tanaka - san! Please wait!”

- Sonia stood in front of him, blocking his way

- “Sorry She-Cat, I have to see who the victim is”

- “N-No! If you do…”

- He raises an eyebrow at her but gently pushes her to the side and makes his way towards the body

- When he does finally see the victim, he understand what Sonia meant

- “S/O?…”

- There are bruises on your neck, it appears someone strangled you

- He wakes up and finds himself breathing heavily

- “Just a dream” he says as he pinches the bridge of his nose

- He tries going back to sleep but as soon as he finds himself drifting off the Monokuma announcement rings

- He makes his way to breakfast and everything is just as its supposed to be except… You’re not present

- He decides it’s a waste of time to ask people about this so as soon as he finishes eating, he makes his way over to your cottage

- He knocks on the door but surprisingly he finds it open

- When he steps inside he finds it empty but the smell of you is present

- He doesn’t touch anything but he does sit on your bed

- Where are you S/O

- “Tanaka - san… Did you come here to remember S/O - san?”

- He looks up and finds Sonia standing in the doorway giving him a sad expression 

- “Remember S/O?”

- “She died yesterday… Don’t you remember?”

- No. No he doesn’t. His dream was just a dream… Right?!

- He puts his hands on his face

- Why… Why you… You promised him that the two of you will rule world one day

- Come back, S/O

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu:

- As soon as he saw Peko running towards him he knew something was wrong

- “Young master… You must come with me right now”

- He doesn’t ask why, he just follows her

- She leads him to his very own cottage

- He instantly opens the door and sees you sitting against the back wall, throat slit

- “Ahhh!”

- He sits up in bed and turns to the spot you were in

- Nothing

- Should he be happy or concerned? This felt too real…

- He walks over and inspects the place more looking for things such as blood

- It’s completely clean

- At that moment, the Monokuma announcement rings

- He doesn’t bother listening to it, he just quickly gets dressed and makes his way towards your cottage

- “Young master.”

- He turns to see Peko standing behind him

- “Jesus f- Stop doing that.”

- “Sorry. Where are you going?”

- “To see S/O”

- “Sorry? I don’t understand”

- He gives her a confused look 

- “I’m going to meet up with her…”

- “But… Young master, we don’t even know where her body is”

- He grabs her shoulders and squeezes them


- “Ow… Don’t you remember? When the trial finished you ran to your room but she was already gone”

- He lets go and squeezes his hands into fists

- “DAMMIT! Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.”

- He starts punching the nearest wall and before Peko can stop him his hands were bleeding 

Byakuya Twogami (Imposter):

- He declared himself the leader of this group but really it was you who kept giving him a lot of helpful tips

- He was thankful for that, it’s good to have someone who understands you

- That’s why when he finds you under that table after the blackout he screams

- W-Why are you dead?!

- Or no is it a party trick? Yes that must be it! You must be faking this right?!

- You weren’t faking it of course, not with wounds like that

- He wakes up and he can swear he can feel the pain in his chest where you’ve been stabbed

- He is greeted with the morning announcement

- Time to meet up with everyone

- Before he can make it to the hotel he feels a tap on his shoulder

- When he turns, he finds Soda 

- “What do you want?”

- “Woah man, why so cold? I was just checking up on ya”

- “Huh? Why would you need to check up on me when I’m perfectly fine?”

- “You got over it so quick? Wow… I don’t know whether that’s impressive or… Insensitive in a way?”

- Wait, what is he talking about?

- Before Twogami has the chance to ask, Soda has already walked off

- He makes sure to sit next to Soda at breakfast before simply asking

- “What did you mean by that back there?”

- “Huh? Well you and S/O were a thing right? I thought you’d be a bit more sad after her death but… You seem the same as usual”

- “Wait. S/O’s death?”

- “Uh, yeah it happened yesterday… Don’t you remember the trial?”

- He drops his food

- How is this possible?! What happened in his dream couldn’t of been real!

- “Tog-”

- He leaves before anyone else can say anything more

- He goes to your cottage but… It’s empty

- Why is it empty?!

Teruteru Hanamura:

- He would always compliment you by saying that you look hot or that you look tasty enough to eat

- But he was not prepared to see you with an iron skewer through your heart

- He collapsed on the floor by you

- No… No this can’t be… Not you… No… NO!

- He wakes up with a pain in his chest

- A dream. That was just a dream

- He doesn’t move for a while, he has to calm down first

- Seeing something like that was… Scary, horrifying… He doesn’t ever want to see that again

- When he does finally decide to move, the pain in his chest doesn’t leave

- Why is that?

- He promised everyone that he will prepare breakfast and seeing as the Monokuma announcement hasn’t rang yet it means he has time to make something

- By the time he is done, everyone has already gathered

- Everyone… But you

- When he comes to Owari with the food that she basically snatches from him he stutters out the question

- “Um… Owari - san… You don’t happen to know where S/O - san is do you?…”

- As she’s stuffing her face with the food she looks up at him

- “Didn’t she die yesterday? Pretty sure it was her.”

- What.

- And she said it so casually too…

- So was that.. Not a dream?

- “I-Is that so…”

- He turns on his heel and walks back to the kitchen

- He begins to sob

- No… He will keep you alive… He’ll… He’ll name his new best meal after you… You’ll never be forgotten!

somewhat gay kpop music video masterlist

some of these videos may not seem gay to you but basically they’re up to interpretation and i myself believe they are gay to an extent so yeah click the songs to see the music videos also i can’t promise a portion of those songs are good but yeah enjoy!!

if i am forgetting any other music videos or if any of the links don’t work please tell me and i’ll add/fix them thank u so much


Well here is some pure Steve Rogers smut. You can’t go wrong with some nice simple Steve smut. I haven’t written smut in quite some time so apologies if it’s a little dodgy! But enjoy anyway folks. As always please do let me know what you think :) 

“Come on it’s fucking freezing just fix the damn thing!” You shout at Steve from the sofa, curled into the smallest ball possible. Steve is standing in front of the boiler, looking puzzled. He is wrapped from head to toe in as much clothing as possible, socks on his hands, two hats on his head, the works.

“Do you not think I am TRYING?” He shouts back, impatiently storming away from the boiler. It was mid-winter and temperatures were dropping below zero at night. Not an ideal time for the heating to break in your old, draughty apartment.

“We will just have to wait till tomorrow.” You say, trying to control your chattering teeth. “I’m gunna go get into bed.”

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Sk: - Sensei, need help with those copies? Sm: - Uh? Oh, if you had the kidness, eh… How’s your name? Sk: - Sakamoto, sensei… — Sm: - Thanks for the help, Wakamoto! Sk: - Is Sakamoto, sensei Sk thinking: “Saitama-sensei is weird, thats was not normal, he’s different from the others”// “Oh, he looks cool, althought he’s standing doing nothing…”// “I NEED TO KNOW HOW HE DOES IT” (Sorry for the bad english lol, i still need the traductor to know im doing it correctly ( .///.)“) Omg, I repeat… what-am-i-doing? What is this? Its all, ALL YOUR FAULT!
But, I really like the headcanon of Saitama and Sakamoto being brothers (I read that in the blog of Batneko-san)

the one where they first meet // a.i. college series

Hello so some of you might remember my “ashton dates a college girl” series, well it’s back! and for those of you who do not remember, this is a prequel to @assholecashtons college series! anyway, enjoy guys :) 

The bartender set his drink on the counter, Ashton going to grasp it before another hand beat him to it.

“Um?” He started, turning to see a girl, the glass already against her lips, head thrown back as she drank. “That was mine?” She set the drink back down on the counter with a dull thud, her eyebrows raised.

“No?” She said, fingers curling around the glass a little tighter. “I ordered before you so this is mine.”

“Jack and coke?” He asked, arms crossing over his chest, giving her a look of disbelief.

“Yeah?” She confirmed, taking another drink. Ashton shook his head, a small smile forcing his way onto his face.

“Never would’ve pegged you as a jack and coke girl.” She snorted, lips curving upward in a smirk.

“Yeah, well, I pegged you as a dick, and would you look at that? I was right.” He reeled back for a moment, not sure how to respond until he saw the teasing glint in her eyes.

“Are you flirting with me?” He asked, eyes sparkling in amusement, pressing his hand over his chest in mock shock. She bit her lip and looked down at her drink, swirling the liquid around.

“Maybe, maybe not.” She lifted her head and met his eyes again, a fleeting look of uncertainty on her face.

“Well I hope you are,” He said, giving her a wink that caused a blush to spread across her cheeks. “I mean I already got you a drink.”

“And they say chivalry is dead,” She joked, holding her hand out towards him. “I’m Y/N.”

“Ashton.” He took her hand and shook it, her hand warm and a little rough with callouses.

“I know.” She pointed towards the drink the bartender had set in front of him. “I’m guessing that drink is actually yours?”

“So it would seem,” Ashton agreed, his cheeks turning a slight red. “I guess I do owe you a drink.” She laughed and waved him off.

“Nah, this is my only drink for tonight, I gotta go home and study for a test tomorrow.” She sighed and took another long drink, Ashton also taking a sip of his.

“So, a university student?“ He asked, waiting as she nodded in confirmation. "What brings you out on a school night?” He asked curiously. She tilted her head towards a group on the dance floor, waving her hand towards them dismissively.

“A friend of a friend’s birthday, I promised I’d come out until at least 11:30.”

“So that means,” He started, pulling his phone out of his pocket. “I’ve got about 45 minutes to get to know you.” She chucked, setting her empty glass on the bar and swiveling her stool to face him.

“Kind of a shit place to try and get to know someone, don’t you think?” He shrugged, throwing back the last of his drink and setting it on the counter, pulling his wallet out and throwing a couple of bills down.

“Well then let’s find a place a little more quiet, yeah?” He offered. She chewed on her lower lip for a moment before she nodded, the grin on his face infectious. He held his hand out towards her and there was a beat of contemplation before she took it, letting him drag her through the crowd to the back door, both of them stumbling outside. “Here,” He said, pointing towards a rickety set of stairs. “They lead to the roof.”

“Looks dangerous,” She murmured, setting her foot on the first step, leaning all over her weight forward.

“Trust me, they’ll hold,” He promised, nudging her forward slightly. “C’mon, I only got 38 minutes left.” She giggled and climbed up the stairs, eyes never leaving her feet as she ascended. He watched her intently, wondering to himself just what the hell he was doing. They made it to the roof, her immediately wandering over to the ledger and looking out over the city.

“Wow,” She mumbled as he came up next to her, hands stuffed into his pocket. “Do they only ever let rockstars up here?”

"Rockstars, actors, actresses, famous athletes and pretty college students who drink jack and cokes.” He joked, already deciding he liked the way the apples of her cheeks heated up when he smiled at her. “It’s a pretty exclusive rooftop.”

“I can definitely tell.” She turned around and sat down on the ground, leaning back against the ledge, staring up at the sky with a small frown. “You know, this is one of the reasons why I don’t care for living in the city.”

“What’s that?” He asked, sitting down next to her. She pointed up towards the sky.

“You can’t see the stars. I grew up away from the city and you could see stars for miles. I could lie there and stare at them forever.” He titled his head back to look up, brow creasing in confusion at the lights twinkling back at him.

“Well what are those then?”

“Satellites,” She sighed, her hand dropping back to her lap. “Satellites or planes.”

“How can you tell?” He wondered.

“The color of them, mostly. And the fact that they move way faster than stars.”

“What do you study, astrology?”

“I think you mean astronomy,” She giggled, his face heating up at his blunder. “And no, actually, I study psychology. I just love space.”

“Psychology,” He repeated with a slight nod. “Why psychology?” She shrugged, looking down at her hands in her lap, picking at her cuticles.

“Dunno if my reasoning for it is really something to tell someone I just met but uh, it’s cause I have a neurodevelopmental disorder and a couple of mental illnesses.” She continued to look down at her hands, offering him another shrug. “It makes me feel more okay I guess knowing that there’s a science, a reason I guess as to why I’m like this.” He couldn’t help himself as he reached towards her and grasped her hand, squeezing it slightly.

“I think that’s great,” He murmured. She turned her head towards him and gave him a soft smile.

“Thanks. Sorry, I don’t always know when to shut up.”

“No, hey don’t apologize for that.” He shifted his body towards her, taking both of her hands in his. “I think it’s awesome being that open and wearing your heart on your sleeve like that, it takes a lot of courage.” Her face was bright red, the smile on her face so wide little crinkles formed at the corner of her eyes.

“You’re really sweet, I take back what I said earlier about you being a dick.”

“Yes!” He exclaimed, punching the air as she laughed. “Yes, goal achieved!”

“You’re ridiculous,” She giggled, rolling her eyes slightly. “Don’t take this the wrong way but I honestly would have expected you to be looking for a casual hookup, not someone to actually talk to.” He chuckled slightly, not surprised by her assumption.

“I’ll be honest with you, normally that’s what I’d be looking for. But just right from the start, I didn’t want that with you, you’re different to me, in a good way. I don’t do this with just anyone, truly I never really do this.” She groaned loudly, shaking her head at him.

“And here I just said you weren’t being a dick, how cliche of you! Does that bit normally work?” Her words seemed harsh but her tone light and teasing.

“Ugh I know, this is right out of a bad rom-com?” He laughed along with her, shaking his head slightly. “Sorry that was terrible, I’m usually smoother than that.”  

“Eh.” She shrugged, her smile still bright and wide. “You’re smoother than you think, I’m still here aren’t I?” She glanced down at her phone, a look of panic appearing on her face. “And fuck, I really gotta be going.” She scrambled up, Ashton following suit. “Shit, fuck it’s past midnight. Fuck, I’m gonna be up all night.” Her expression was pained, the look on his face mirroring hers.

“Do you have a ride?” He asked, feeling a little disappointed at her nod. “Then can I-?”

“Sorry, sorry I really gotta go. Fuck this was great but holy shit I’m so screwed.” She wasn’t paying any attention to him as she headed to the staircase, practically flying down the steps.

“Wait- Y/N!” He called out after her. She didn’t seem to hear him, running down the street and climbing into an uber. The car pulled away right when he reached the curb, his body sagging as he watched her drive away. “Fuck,” He mumbled, running his fingers through his hair. “Fuck.” He kicked at the ground, his foot catching on something and kicking it further away. He creased his brow as he went over and picked up a small card, turning it over in his hands to see her younger face smiling up at him. Her driver’s license. He shook his head and smiled, bringing the card up to his lips and kissing it, unable to stop himself. He got his second chance and he’d be damned if he was gonna blow it.

The Outsiders Preference #1 [part 1]: HOW YOU MEET DALLY

(Okay, so I have writers block or some self esteem issues but I’m posting this preference in parts because I just can’t think of every scenario today… This is all I had the capacity for. I promise that there will be more/others just as soon as I’m not busy and I get some inspiration. :P Sorry for being a butt-butt. Besos <3)

(erm… sorry Anon person, I’m a bum. I took forever writing this. And it probably reeks. 2 b@d eim fabuloose k byye)

* *** *

Dally: You two met at the Drive-In. Some corny beach party movie was playing and you were bored out of your mind. You were there with some Socy chick your parents stuck you with to be a ‘good role model’ for you in your time of cringe-worthy angst. Needless to say it wasn’t working. The girl was all but an empty bottle of hairspray who’d never shut up. This awfully mean looking hood that was sitting behind you two started harassing her all to heck too.

“Yo, skirt - why dontcha shut up and use that mouth of yours for somethin’ a lil’ more fun, huh?” She paled; not fully convinced he actually suggested what he did. 'I don’t talk to strangers’ Gimme a break…

“Who said anythin’ bout talkin’? I was thinkin’ more like screamin’ n’ moanin’-” Flustered, Your blushing 'role model’ fled to the ladies’ room.

“What 'bout you, Dollface? You up for it? 'Cause it’s certainly up fro you.” He grinned at you sharply. It was kind of sadistic; animal-like. But very intriguing. For some reason you felt the feisty need to wipe that smirk right off his face.

“You do know you just confessed to having a boner in public, right?” You said a little too loudly. He raised one pale brow.

“I mean I can’t really sympathize… Look, if it’s really that bad… Heck, don’t you boys keep lotion and tissues in your car at all times?” He surely isn’t grinning now.

“Hey! Excuse me! Does anyone have a Kleenex and some hand cream-” Before you could continue embarrassing him he got up quickly and stalked away.

A few days later you caught him out of the corner of your eye, following you. You spun around.

“Back for more, eh?”

“Definitely not.” He brooded.


“…I’m Dallas… And you are hands down the best dirty talker this side of Tulsa.” Somewhat reluctantly he held his hand out for you to shake.

“Buddy, I would but I don’t know where that’s been.”

“Godamnit Just go out with me wouldja?!”

“Wash your hands and we’ll see… Where to?” You began walking side by side.

The crazy, wild grin returned as he said “The Drive-In - we got lots of Socs to annoy.”

(meh? So more or no?)


― Rino is always scolding me. I feel bad that she has me as a big brother. I can’t apologize enough
― I-I don’t think that’s true.. Rino talks about you at school quite often, and she looks kind of happy when she does. Uhm… I don’t know how to explain it, but… I can really tell she loves her big brother… so… 
― Eh… I see. Then I’ll continue to be lazy with confidence.

captaindiana  asked:

RFA reactions when they find that MC has a fanblog of them on tumblr?

<so, i had like half of this finished by today, and when i had actually finished it i accidentally refreshed the page and lost it all ughhhhHHHHH! I’m so sorry this is out so late, darling. and I’m sorry to you guys for not posting in a long time. this request does hit vvv close to home though♡> 


  • so you had left your laptop open accidentally
  • and the boy was curious
  • so he took a glimpse and saw a tumblr page all about him open
  • he saw your constant fangirling over him and instantly turned red
  • he saw every little fantasy you had written out about him, every little picture you posted, fanart you did, writing you posted, WHATEVER YOU POSTED
  • “MC got my exact personality right…does she know me too well or am I just bad for not noticing this much about them?”
  • once you came home he couldn’t look at you in the eye
  • you knew that something was up
  • “Yoosung, what’s up. You’re not looking at me.”
  • “Heheh i-it’s nothing MC!~ You definitely didn’t leave your laptop open on your tumblr page!!”
  • you mentally face palmed, but were quick to forgive him
  • i mean you were the one who left your laptop open
  • “So…you really think that sorta stuff about me?”
  • “…maybe.”
  • “..what’cha say to maybe trying some out, eh?”

Jaehee Kang:

  • so, she has her own little tumblr
  • obviously not for Zen
  • but she was looking at her recommended blogs
  • and she found your fanblog about her
  • at first she just was kinda ???!!!!!!!?????
  • ^she could’ve sworn that someone was stalking her
  • but then one day she saw you posting on the same blog she found about her
  • “MC, you’re the one with a blog about me?!? Why me of all people?”
  • you literally face palmed in front of her, that blog wasn’t meant to be found any time soon.
  • “I kinda didn’t think you would’ve found that-wait. You have a tumblr?!?”
  • you both were vvvv embarrassed, but shared tumblrs anyways
  • “You really think about me in this way? I’m no Zen, I’m just a normal person..”
  • “Jaehee, you’re more than normal to me. You’re the best thing that every happened to me, you need to be shared with the rest of the world.” 
  • “Thank you, MC. You’re too kind.”
  • the both of you since then found yourselves up until 3 in the morning, fangirling together about things on tumblr


  • he knew that many many people had tumblr blogs about him
  • but he didn’t expect to see you had a blog about him
  • he found it since he was holding your phone for you, and it buzzed with a notification from tumblr, with a blog user that he seen before
  • since it was a blog about him
  • “So, I see I’m dating my own little fan-blogger eh?”
  • you could feel yourself turning red as you swatted at him
  • “Yet another thing to inflate your ego, hm Zen?” 
  • “Of course baby, any time my princess supports me my ego inflates by 10 times.”
  • he wouldn’t stop bringing it up to everyone he saw since then on 
  • …and even made his own personal (and fake) fanblog of himself so he could follow you and see what fantasies you had about him.
  • “So, you wanna see me in that cheerleading uniform I had to wear once for a production, eh?”
  • “I can’t help it!! You’re too cute, MC! You and your fantasies!”

Jumin Han:

  • well he had never known about the whole tumblr thing
  • not until once he had come home from work and saw you on your laptop
  • he thought you were working, but he peered over your shoulder and saw “tumblr” written on the screen
  • “Tumblr? What’s that MC?”
  • you jumped out of your seat, giving him a clear view of your laptop, so he took it into his hands to learn more about it
  • “You’d like to see me in my tank top, the one I wear under my dress shirt? Is this a…web page dedicated to me?”
  • “…it’s a blog I’ve made about you, yes.”
  • “Why?”
  • “Cause I love you and need an outlet to express my love for you.”
  • “You could’ve asked for a journal.”
  • you literally wanted to smack him but you loved him too too much, so you grunted and shook your head
  • “No, share you with the rest of the world, not just myself.
  • “But why would you wanna do that, I’m only for your eyes to see, MC. I appreciate the love and support though through this, sort of odd way.”
  • he eventually found your user again, and re-read every single post to know how he could torture you and what you loved about him so very much


  • the first thing he checked once you were together for a long time was your social medias on your phone
  • and thus he stumbled across your tumblr
  • you walked into his room once, after coming home from food shopping, to see him scrolling on your tumblr page
  • “Oh, MC. You never told me that you were super adorable and made a whole blog dedicated to me! I mean, I get it, I’m God Seven, but I don’t need a whole blog about myself!”
  • “…shush it you. Pretend you never saw that, and I’m gonna make a mental note to delete that later.”
  • …he convince you not to delete your blog as long as he would delete every trace of your tumblr being on his computer so he would never see it again
  • …..but he still had it on his phone, so he could check it every so often
  • and thE NON-STOP TEASING!!!
  • “Guys, guys, look at what MC posted on her blog about m-”

<ahhh i felt like this one was decently cute, i hope this is what you wanted, darling♡ thank you for the request!! i’m also sorry once again for the lack of posting, but expect an announcement to be posted shortly after this post!!! i love you all so very much!♡>


Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, 

Words: 4,775

Request From caityrice: So happy requests are open 😀😀 i was wondering if you could do one where Jensen and the reader meet at a con ?

Thanks for being so patient guys. I had some internet problems this morning as well, so it took me even longer. Hope this is worth the wait. Love you all!

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ficlet: Don't Tell Mom (The Babysitter's Hot)

swarm0 asked you: Cophine prompt. The Niehaus’s hire Delphine as a babysitter, and everything they tell her to watch out for seems like it’s for a hyperactive kid, but it’s actually for Cosima who’s only about a year or 2 younger than Delphine. (They really just want to make sure Cosima eats on time and doesn’t burn down the house with experiments, yes she almost did that, it was really only the garage!).

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Confession Rehearsal Novel (Chapter 2)

Here’s the second chapter of the novel adaption of HoneyWorks’ “(Confession Rehearsal) Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu“!

Masterpost with links to all the translated chapters can be found here.
You can find the masterpost with all the Confession Rehearsal/Sound of Confession Project-related translations here.

←Chapter 1 | Chapter 3→

*If you can, I highly encourage supporting the creators by buying the book for yourself at Amazon!

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Author: limitlessmonster
Title: Unconditionally
Pairing: AoKise (brief mention of KagaKuro)
Genre: Fluff/Angst/Fluff
Word Count: Approx. 1700
Summary: Aomine fucks up big time and it takes more than “I’m sorry” to win back Kise’s thousand-watt smile.

AoKise Week Day 4 Prompt: Inspired by a song

Always for Sachi.

On AO3.

Aomine knows he’s in trouble. He knows it even before he reaches the door of the apartment he shares with Kise, his phone clutched tightly in his hand like a lifeline, even if Kise’s ignored every call and text he’s sent.

“Oi, Ryouta, open up!”

Silence greets him despite the loud knocking that can probably wake the entire neighborhood. Kise’s insomnia, sometimes brought on by stress from work, rages with the resistance to sleep, more so when they’ve had it out like a bunch of love-sick teenagers involved in an emotional brawl. The light from their window emits a faint glow, dimmer through the curtain of rain that’s insistent on soaking every bone and fiber of Aomine’s body. He knows Kise is still awake, knows he is probaby stomping around their apartment cleaning the place, or worse yet, gathering the ace’s belongings to ceremoniously fling them at him in that movie-drama way once he does end up opening the door. 

Aomine couldn’t argue with it if Kise did. He deserves it. He did forget Kise’s birthday, after all. 

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bettiespager  asked:

One of my favorite jokes of all time is when Holly comes back and Michael puts on his effeminate voice and the camera pans to Oscar making a face, and then two seconds later Michael does a bad Hispanic voice and they show Oscar again turning around with another upset look. As if he's saying "Really? Two for two, eh?" 😂😂 So clever. Hilarious. I crack up every time.

A note from Atticus: The Young & The Creative

I went on a Twitter grumble earlier today and as that my audience here is much larger, I’m summarize. I sincerely hope it helps.

I feel really bad for young folk who look at hot shot lists, “The TOP TWENTY UNDER 20 HOLY WOW HOW ARE THEY EVEN THIS FAMOUS OMG” – and then think their career is stalling / “not where it should be” / etc.

Here is the cold truth: It literally does not matter. Just keep going.

More under the cut for brevity (for a weirdo who writes short stories, I sure do know how to ramble eh?)

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Old Acquaintances

Fic A Day In May-Day 6

Withmywordsispeaktruth kinda hint-hinted at wanting this so here you go bb!

The man walks into the Chicago bar, after visiting a place he once knew. He grew up a few blocks from here but it all seems foreign to him now. Nobody knows his name anymore, no one recognizes his face. In a way he’s cool with it, he’s moved on to greater things, but it also makes him sort of sad.

Besides his family, who eventually followed him away from the area when he got successful enough in his job, he always regretted leaving certain people behind. There was one person in particular he regretted not saying goodbye to, still does actually. He was a few years younger than him but he was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. He knew it was probably just some fun fucking for the younger kid but he himself always wanted more…always felt more.

So the man, who was now a stranger in these parts, walks into the bar, not expecting to see anyone worth his time. He figures he’ll just get a stiff drink or two in him before he heads back to home, far away from this place but when he opens the door he sees him.

Red hair bright as fire on a dark night, shinning in the dim lights of the bar. The man shakes his head thinking, there’s no way but as he walks closer he can see the distinct features of a boy he once knew, no longer a boy but a man. The freckles are no longer apparent on his face but they were still incredibly prominent on his arms and hands. 

The man nervously approaches the bar to the left of the redhead, passing him as he does so. He clears his throat. “Gallagher? Ummm Ian Gallagher?”

The redhead turns to the voice and stares at him. “Yeah?”

“It’s umm Rodger. Uh Rodger S-”

“Rodger Spikey!” Ian looks at him, wide eyed, finally recognizing him. “Wow, man. It’s been awhile.”

Rodger smiles surprised Ian still remembers him but then Roger realizes he probably was Ian’s first. Guess you never forget your first. “Yeah. Four? Five years? Shit, Ian. You grew up” Rodger says marveling at the man before him.

“Haha yeah, yeah it happens. How’ve you been?”

“Eh not bad.” It’s not exactly a lie. “You?”

“Pretty good. Well really good actually” Ian says a bit timidly. 

“Oh yeah? You uh… you with someone?” Rodger whispers close to Ian, careful that no one can hear and have Ian’s sexuality exposed. 

“Yeah he’s in the bathroom. And you don’t have to whisper here. No one cares. Hell,” Ian looks around, “I think everyone here knows”

Rodger is a bit shocked, people on the southside know Ian’s gay and the kid is still walking. Guess people can surprise you. Rodger then asks in normal conversation volume “How long you’ve been with him? Or did you just meet or something?”

“Nah we’ve been together a few years.”

“Oh wow. That’s great." 

"Thanks. There were some ups and downs but I think we’re finally going to be okay. What about you?”

“Oh well I’m alright. Got a good job in New York. Doing well." 

"That’s good.” Ian could see Rodger was trying to avoid the relationship conversation.

“Yeah.” Rodger looks at Ian, almost sad he couldn’t rekindle what they had but strangely not jealous that Ian was okay. “I’m really happy for you though. I was always afraid the wrong person would find out about you or some shit. Didn’t want that.”

Ian smiles genuinely “Ah well you don’t have to worry about that. Least not anymore.”

Ian sees Mickey eyeing Ian curiously. Ian gestures with his head inviting Mickey to join and Mickey struts over.

Mickey stands by Ian as Ian wraps his arm around Mickey’s waste pulling him closer. 

“Mickey this is Rodger. Rodger this is Mickey, my boyfriend”. Ian still winces when he says it, still not fully sure Mickey is okay with the term.

“Mmm Gallagher. I get all tingly when you call me that.” Mickey laughs.

Ian chuckles. “Fuck you.” He playfully pushes Mickey away and crosses his hands back on the counter. Mickey holds out his hand, politely to shake Rodgers, who accepts the gesture. 

The handshake goes on for an awkwardly long time as Roger thinks. He lets go of Mickey’s hand and stares “Wait…Mickey… Not Mickey Milkovich?”.

“Uhhh yeah why?” Mickey questions. Did this asshole have a problem with him?

“You related to Iggy?”


“Oh shit. Me and Iggy go way back. How is that fucker?” Rodger grins.

“He’s good I guess. Same old." 

"Yeah I bet. Small world.” Rodger shakes his head then checks his watch. “Shit. I gotta go. Great seeing you again, Ian. And Mickey nice to meet you. Tell Iggy I said hey.” Rodger says 

“Yeah sure.” Mickey answers as Rodger leaves the bar. “The fuck was that?” Mickey asks Ian. “You fuck him?”

“Yeah, like a long time ago. Before Kash.”

“Shit. Wait..Rodger…." 

Ian smiles as he see’s Mickey placing two and two together.

"Wait a fucking minute was that Rodger Spikey?”

Ian nods.

“Shit I was wanting to suck that dude’s dick since I was fourteen.”

“Well he just left. You might be able to catch up to him.”

“Fuck you. I only want your dick now”

“Well thanks” Ian says as he pulls Mickey’s head down to kiss. Mickey breaks the kiss for a moment. 

“Shit you really fucked Rodger Spikey?” Ian shakes his head and places it on the bar, laughing.  "Damn. I wonder how he knows Iggy"