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The livestream kept dropping out and now I know what a pararibulitis attack feels like because my heart stopped several times (though sincere gratitude to sharkcats​ for literally saving my life on this front). But here are some things I’m thinking about this episode, sweet jesus dicks in my mouth, what a wild fucking ride and a half that was.

  • I screeched at the screen when Silas was trying to lie to his mother. Even with the very existence of Wendimoor at stake, he couldn’t bring himself to say that he’d killed his beloved. He said that Pantos tripped on a rock and his head exploded which wow, there’s being a bad liar and there’s being Silas. And “there’s no such thing as Dirk Gently” is excellent because it suggests that the prophecy knows who Dirk truly is. It didn’t tell them to find Svlad Cjelli. It didn’t tell them to find Project Icarus. It told them to find Dirk. But I love Silas and would happily fight someone to protect him.
  • Within ten seconds Dirk and Todd are fighting over Mona, and within ten minutes Todd’s being demoted over Mona. It’s hilarious, but also super-ominous. I don’t think Max is going to go for the whole love triangle cliche but still, why wouldn’t Todd be stressed and intimidated by the sudden introduction of a childhood friend who has the same experiences as Dirk? Who maybe understands Dirk in a way that Todd never could?
  • Why was Todd asking for a phone call at the police station? Who the fuck was he going to call?
  • … what if he was going to panic and call Estevez though.
  • “This is easily the best interaction with a police officer I’ve ever had” yes Dirk, because the other two died.
  • Dirk in handcuffs after being free for a fraction of a second. Presented without comment.
  • Dirk saying “I love you” for the first time on screen. Also presented without comment.
  • It’s highly likely that Todd’s “I need you to help me find Amanda” and “we’re all being punished” is going to be the start of Dirk’s existential hellspiral into holistic anxiety and depression and rewatching this episode in a few weeks time is going to be very painful.
  • I appreciate how relatable Susie was for the majority of the episode because it really hammers home how utterly human she is, and I feel like that’s going to be one of the most tragic parts of her character. She does some housework, fixes her hair and produces a metric fucktonne of money and literally all of us would do the same. It’s a fundamentally comprehensible thing that she does. She finally responds to her son in the way we all wanted her to respond. She’s one of us until the precise moment when she’s not.
  • I did not at all enjoy seeing Amanda covered in blood. I did enjoy seeing her and Vogel continue their road trip. And Vogel baby, I know you’re missing your older brothers but you’re plenty scary enough by yourself if you need to be. Please never change.
  • Dirk has a colourful jacket again and it’s not what he would’ve chosen for himself, sure. But he’s wearing a mutant hybrid of his Blackwing uniform and a gift given to him out of the kindness of Hobbs’ heart and that’s probably a very good representation of where he’s currently sitting emotionally. He’s just gained two new friends on top of getting two old ones back and therefore he doesn’t care as much that he’s still marked on his jumpsuit as government property.
  • “A government prison for psychics” is Blackwing in a nutshell though, I don’t give a single solitary shit how good Riggins thought it would be.
  • Ken had one scene and literally stole the entire episode. Much in the same way that he hopefully steals Blackwing. But I’m hoping that in the same way Amanda can virtually throw Vogel at people who piss her off, it’ll turn out that Ken can throw the rest of the Rowdies in the direction of the CIA and watch as they wreak havoc.
  • So I’m assuming that if Priest hadn’t turned up, Martin could’ve just… killed Friedkin? Flat-out murdered him? Is this a thing that was going to happen on-screen?
  • The entire fucking scene with Friedkin and Priest. I just. I don’t have words to describe how much I adored their dynamic in a hideously villainous, entirely magnetic kind of way. Friedkin was so shaken up after Martin fed on him, much in the same way that he was shaken up after being attacked by the Rowdy 3 in Very Erectus, and he instigated the conflict both times and fully deserves all of the trouble he’s in but it explains so damn much about why he’s doing what he’s doing.
  • Priest was responsible for bringing in thirty of the original forty-two subjects and I’m willing to bet cold hard dirty cash that he captured Martin, Gripps and Cross (and can you imagine how traumatizing it would’ve been if he captured a much younger Vogel too). He knew how to deal with Martin. He’s so confident in his ability to inflict violence that he can say to Friedkin “ethics is not a priority” and “I’m no good” because he knows damn well that Friedkin’s shaken up enough that he’s susceptible to someone more forceful (and I’m down for a power struggle between Priest and Ken over ultimately control of Blackwing).
  • It’s unlikely as all hell but christ, what if Priest was the one to collect Dirk during Blackwing Mark I? How terrifying would that be for a small child? Where is this angst fest?
  • Boy oh boy, “I’m just a gun, Friedkin… I don’t do anything unless you pull the trigger” is a hilarious counterpoint to “don’t take the shot” because Friedkin saw his shot to be in charge… took the shot… and now he’s so far out of his depth that it’s not even funny. I don’t know what the moral of the story is here beyond “some shots just shouldn’t be taken”.
  • The Lux Dujour poster on the wall like surprise bitch, bet you thought you’d seen the last of me.
  • And I’m officially calling it now; Susie used to be a first-class grade-A bitch before the accident. Her now-deceased manager said that the accident was the best thing that happened to her and I know he was an asshole, but that doesn’t mean that he couldn’t be right about this. Her son said that he’s not scared of her any more. Her new behaviour is different enough that her husband is commenting on it with “none of it is going to fix what happened… you can’t change who you really are”. I’m thinking that if the accident wasn’t her fault, it was at least some sort of cosmic retribution. And I don’t know how i feel about the whole disability-as-karma trope but I’m also willing to give Max the benefit of the doubt and see where they’re going with it.
  • But speaking of Susie curing her limp. It was utterly heartwarming to see her on the trampoline and it begs the question; could she theoretically cure Todd and Amanda’s pararibulitis? Or could she make it worse? Because lordy may, that could be a clusterfuck and a half if she turns out to be the Bellatrix to the Mage’s Voldemort.
  • That ending rivals the ending of Watkin where Gordon Rimmer beats Sammy’s head in with the guitar. This is a villain coming into their own. This is our introduction to someone with depth and complexity beyond what we’ve been shown so far and it’s chilling because they were so close to being sympathetic in so many ways. “The silence is nice” is going to haunt me for the next week at least, holy shit. The final scene was a literal “kick the dog” moment. Max, no. Max, why.

And I’m going to spend the next week paranoid that the Mage is lurking behind me because of terrifying holistic reasons.

1000+ follower Art Raffle!

Alright, let’s get this started XD Woo, this is gonna be somewhat big xDD

Rules/Notes stuff: 
1. Gotta be one of the amazing people following me; or otherwise a new one, but don’t follow me just for the art please
2. No NSFW of any kind [Gore, Sin, etc…Not sure what else there could be but you get it]
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First place:
Fully finished artwork [Lineart, colour, shading, background] of any character [one only]. Example

Second place: 
Lineart and coloured with background, no shading of any character [one only] Example 

Third place:
Coloured sketch of one to two characters. Example: This, but with colour
Also note complexity of backgrounds doesn’t all that matter to me because they tend to all be simple for me. Complicated characters can be fine too, but note it’ll take longer the more detail they have

Alrighty then, that’s all for now :) Good luck everyone!

This raffle will be open until the 7th of August, or otherwise until reblogs start to lower xD

a-padonvillogo  asked:

I really love your style it's so vivid and unique! I am not really in any of your fandoms, so I actually love your original characters the most! Can I ask you if there's any artists you get inspiration from?

thanks, that’s so nice to hear *__*

eh….there is like 1000 artist that are my inspiration…
-manga artists ( I guess for drawing is my inspiration One piece, Ishinomori Shotaro’s works, Naoki Urasawa’s works, Ran to haiiro no sekai…)
-comics artists( Tove Jansson, Mike Mignola…)
-art history- I really love mediaval art…but then cubism is so great too… ..
- internet - again, so many great artist is here…it’s so unfair to name just few ( but I really love works ♥ )

and then, of course, illustrators that I loved as child( and I think they are somehow my biggest inspiration till now…)
there is few of them that are really nice and I don’t think my followers knows about them, so I’m going to share some of their art…
Cyril Bouda:

Josef Lada:

Jiří Trnka:

Zdeněk Miler

and then many more amazing artist and animators :D

Part 1

Summary:  Yorktown attacked. Enterprise Destroyed. Estimated 1000 Dead. The headlines roll in as JAG requests your aid in the wake of Krall’s attack on Yorktown. You know that Pavel Chekov was on the destroyed ship, but you’re not sure what you’re more afraid of: his potential death or having to see him again after all this time.

Word Count: 1,229

Author’s Note:  Here we have it: the Chekov series. It may be slow to publish, but we’re going to see how it goes. As with The Part That Counts, I am opening a tag list for this series, please let me know if you’d like to be included. Without further ado, please enjoy Part 1. I really hope you like it.

Table of Contents

Yorktown Attacked. Starfleet Flagship Destroyed. Estimated 1000 Dead.

“Hey, watch it!”

Your coffee cup rolled to a stop against your shoe and you looked down, watching the beige seep into the cracks between the sidewalk stones before you raised your eyes to the man next to you who was inspecting his dress greys for staining.

“I’m so, sorry, did I get any on you?” Your voice sounded hollow as it came out.

“Don’t think so. What the hell were you- oh. Did you just hear?” The man pointed at your PADD screen where you paused on the headline series.

You checked the news three times in the morning: once when your alarm rang at 0630, once on your way to the teleporter terminal, and once in the turbolift to your office. Since your last check before breakfast, the networks exploded with news of an attack on the newest Federation base.

“I didn’t… yeah, I just heard,” you stuttered, looking back at the articles you could select. Which one first? Starfleet Flagship Destroyed or Estimated 1000 Dead?

Keep reading


I am currently dying, crying, screeching, screaming, and happy asf inside and realizes I’m not creative and bad at making art raffle thingys and omfg all of those have CA I’m still dying 

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- I will NOT draw the following : 

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  • Anything offensive? Tho I don’t think any of you will ask for that.

- Things I WILL draw

  • Any fandom (tho I’m not familiar with much fandoms)
  • Any Ship (This is a free shipping blog, I never judge anyone in what they ship trust me XD I SHIP ALL AND RESPECT ALL SHIPS)
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