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a-padonvillogo  asked:

I really love your style it's so vivid and unique! I am not really in any of your fandoms, so I actually love your original characters the most! Can I ask you if there's any artists you get inspiration from?

thanks, that’s so nice to hear *__*

eh….there is like 1000 artist that are my inspiration…
-manga artists ( I guess for drawing is my inspiration One piece, Ishinomori Shotaro’s works, Naoki Urasawa’s works, Ran to haiiro no sekai…)
-comics artists( Tove Jansson, Mike Mignola…)
-art history- I really love mediaval art…but then cubism is so great too… ..
- internet - again, so many great artist is here…it’s so unfair to name just few ( but I really love works ♥ )

and then, of course, illustrators that I loved as child( and I think they are somehow my biggest inspiration till now…)
there is few of them that are really nice and I don’t think my followers knows about them, so I’m going to share some of their art…
Cyril Bouda:

Josef Lada:

Jiří Trnka:

Zdeněk Miler

and then many more amazing artist and animators :D


I am currently dying, crying, screeching, screaming, and happy asf inside and realizes I’m not creative and bad at making art raffle thingys and omfg all of those have CA I’m still dying 

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You don’t need to be followin me 

Drawing Info 

- I ain’t the best artist out there what so ever so sorry if what I draw isn’t what you expect QvQ..

- I will NOT draw the following : 

  • Nsfw
  • Mechas 
  • Very very complex things or backgrounds (still not a great artist)
  • Anything offensive? Tho I don’t think any of you will ask for that.

- Things I WILL draw

  • Any fandom (tho I’m not familiar with much fandoms)
  • Any Ship (This is a free shipping blog, I never judge anyone in what they ship trust me XD I SHIP ALL AND RESPECT ALL SHIPS)
  • Literally almost anything that isn’t in the “NOT” list.
  • OC’s (yes a character based off a cannon character or a different version is counted as on OC)

If ya got any questions or whateve ask meh in an ask or message me


(Oh look that’s Time’s bday-)


Dopo l’impresa dello scorso anno (1000 tra musicisti e cantanti suonarono Learn To Fly dei Foo Fighters per invitare la band a Cesena) il 24 luglio sono tornati allo stadio Manuzzi di Cesena con Rockin’1000: il primo concerto della più grande Rock band del mondo, 1200 musicisti si sono esibiti nelle canzoni che hanno fatto la storia del Rock.

1200 playing Smells like teen spirit by Nirvana

(sarò anche scema, ma a me fa venire i brividi)


Hiking au and first date pchat w/ @pemprika

Not so high and mighty now eh Mika? (pun 1000% intended) Mika’s actually a loser on the inside, theyre both fucking losers lmao

since she havent uploaded it here yet, im taking the liberty of doing it for her. Mostly bc im so happy and proud of this. My characters look akward but hers look so niceeeee. I swear she’s so good at making everything beautiful.