Art Raffle Time!

Alright, I guess I’ll do this for 50 followers! (Sorry for procrastinating XD)


  • You must be following me to qualify.
  • You must reblog this post. Likes don’t count >_<

What I will draw:

  • OC’s (as long as they aren’t too complex)
  • Others

What I will not draw:

  • NSFW
  • People (Some exceptions)
  • I’d rather not draw furries/animals but I could I guess…

Here are some examples of the prizes. (Only pick one character per prize)

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A lil pose-off with a few squids I used a looong time ago.  I decided to give them a team captain and a bit more personality.

This time with a bunch of sheldon’s picks, since I never really used them…. ( I really dunno why they all look great D: )

It feels good to see some familiar faces. Maybe someday I’ll have characters that I’ll stick with. ^^

ew I’m so tøp trash I hate myself. literally my shirt, my pillows (idk if you can tell oop), and the flag…I cri every time

but I mean my hair grew back so idk if that good or what :/ it’s super weird though bc I got like 2.5 inches cut off like last week and it grew back ???

anonymous asked:

YES IM SO HAPPY YOU GUYS ARE TOGETHER! Also, I'm curious does this mean you're bi? Cause you were dating a guy...a while agoish? If you are that's super cool my best friend is bi so it's always best to find more ^^ if not then that's still coolio and I'm glad you two are together!

Welp, I’m pretty sure I’m asexual, but I’m…biromantic I guess? Like, I get crushes on guys and girls, and I’m in love with a girl. 

imagine being a dirty bomb mercenary and prepping your expensive guns and ammo up with your squad then this blue haired japanese girl on the opposite team brings an orbital laser into the battlefield how would you feel