Teen wolf 5x16 reaction

What I loved about this ep:

-Liam beating ass

-Malia taking corey’s pain

-Malia not giving up on Kira even tho she could’ve killed her

-Stiles running non stop

-Stiles calling Theo a piece of shit

-Theo having his thigh pierced

-Parrish saving everyone

-Meredith saying Lydia and Parrish were conencted

-Malia having Stiles jeep keys 

-Stiles trusting Malia enough to let her drive his jeep even tho he knew it had problems and Malai wasn’t so good at driving

-Natalie and Lydia’s hug

-Hayden’s phenomenal jump

-Mason’s nervous speech to himself

-Mason being plan B

-Stiles being like ‘Lydia, jsut shut up and let me save your life’

-Lydia exploding Valack’s head off

-Stiles holding Lydia (multiple times)

-Stiles reflex to protect Lydia from the glass shattering

-Lydia and Parrish are connected

-Malia thinking about Lydia non stop and her first reflex being to ask about Lydia being alright or not

What I didn’t like about this ep

-Kira not having much scenes 

-Theo got what he wanted

-The full moon is getting closer

-They didn’t find who the beast was

-Lydia’s drool 

-Tracy’s pseudo fight

-Hayden’s way of dealing with Liam and Theo at the same time

-Lydia thinking Stiles is the only one that saved her

-The whole pack disappearing when they took Lydia to Deaton

-Lydia having gui injected into her skull

-Parrish vanishing after carrying Lydia out of EH

-Both Parrish and Stiles helped Lydia out of EH and saved everyone but only Stiles is thanked and Parrish isn’t there anymore

-Mixing Marrish and Stydia

-My feelings are all over the place


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