I realized i have NEVER drawn a self portrait in my entire life.
Maybe because for the biggest part of my life time, I was super self-conscious about myself and my appearance. Only after I had left school and moved away from my parents, I started to feel more comfortably in my body.

And of COURSE it helped me a lot to cut my hair short, lol.

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Thoughts on shipping?

i’m not a shippy-shippy kinda girl. that’s an objective fact. you can tell by thew way i write it; how awkward it comes across, and how difficult it is for me to convey those kinds of emotions.

which is heartbreaking, because erin is all heart. she has so much love to give – it’s a little overwhelming, really, because when i write for her, i really feel it. i see her heart, and i see all the wonderful things she wants to put it towards. i see how it’s been broken before because of how readily she gives it away. i see how alone she was. still is, sometimes. she craves the support and the validation and i want to give her that.

but hooooooly shit, sister. i am a defender of erin gilbert. i want what’s best for her, because i know she deserves it. she doesn’t see that she does, but i do. i will give her that, because erin gilbert deserves a happy ending, ‘kay?

erin gilbert deserves someone who is ready to stand by her. erin gilbert deserves someone who understands that things are a little hard sometimes, but that it’s not always the end of the world. erin gilbert deserves someone who will readily accept all the love she offers unconditionally and won’t take it for granted, because it is so precious. erin just… deserves someone.

what a great mind. great soul. great face. i’d like to think that she does let herself fall in love eventually, even though it scares her a little bit. when she loves, it’s for good. there isn’t any running away.

please, fall in love with erin gilbert.