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I was just talking to guy I've known since I was a child and he (a wealthy black man) said that the "white privilege" is over exaggerated. He said it's something people tell themselves they have someone to blame because they aren't where they want to be in life. Just wondering what your thoughts are on the subject...

I agree completely.


‘sup, Agent Kindling. Nice of you to make your debut.

She was sitting on the edge of the bunk with her head in her hands, her lekku slumping forward over her shoulders, when the door slid open.  It took Hera a moment to look up, barely able to believe it; the door hadn’t opened since she had arrived, however long ago that had been.

There was a human man standing at the top of the steps leading out of the cell, lit from behind so that his face was shadowed.  Just beyond him, Hera could see a pair of stormtroopers in the corridor outside, their backs turned to her.

“Hera?” said the man. “Hera Syndulla?”

She scrambled to her feet as he came down the steps towards her, the door sliding shut behind her with a throat-clenching thump. “Who are you?” she demanded. “What do you want?  I’m – you can’t keep me here!  My father –”

“My name is Roberto Beneke,” the man said, raising his hands in a soothing gesture.  “I’m an agent from the Imperial Security Bureau.”

i feel that like the chaos orb juice (cause i did NOT want to say sorcerer ball) would taste RLY sweet or the fluid inside of a glowstick