Gintoki/Katsura/Takasugi, nsfw, 3k+ words

AO3 Mirror

He hasn’t done this in a long time. Not since they toppled the Bakufu and the ones who pulled strings from the shadows, built the nation anew- and in the months in between, Katsura had been buried under paperwork and legislation, without time for much else.

Including -and here was the surprising part- Takasugi himself, who had slunk into Katsura’s house post-war like an overlarge cat and refused to leave, contributing very little except for the lingering cloud of smoke and sharp, scathing comments from a corner of the room when Katsura had government officials over. He was impossible to get rid of; he knew about how attached Katsura was to his record of solving disputes without a sword and took full advantage of it. He played shamisen in the middle of the night. He never fucking slept. As far as uninvited houseguests went, Takasugi took the cake as the most horrible it was possible to be.  

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