Dean Ambrose – The Smuggler: He might not look like much, but he’s got it where it counts, kid. Able to make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs and known to slip through the clutches of even the galaxy’s vilest gangsters, this hotshot pilot always shoots first and always rides solo — unless a princess happens to catch his eye.

fav dark souls lore:

  • all angels are fat
  • crows can talk and they have names like pickle pee pump a rum
  • crabs love skeletons
  • if skeletons get stuck together they’ll turn into a skeleton boulder
  • sex reassignment is done through magic coffins free of charge

Phanniemay 4 - Ember

You got that right, baby pop.

A side note: I’ve never tried anything like this before. I’ve never cosplayed. I’ve never even done my makeup before. I’ve definitely never played the guitar. XD
Also I don’t have a good camera…or lighting.

I hope you like it.


The is a ghost horse with no name other then the one given to him by the ponies who where forever spooked by him. He is known as The Fearful Wanderer 

Lore has it that he was once a really terrible pony who did terrible things so the goddesses gave him eternal punishment, forced to wonder the lands of equestria feeling nothing but guilt, sadness, fear, anxiety, tears, and erased memories of his past therefore he will never understand why he has these feelings or why he even exists.

No one truly knows who he is or what era he is from, but some speculate that he was a mad scientist using unethical practices like capturing unsuspecting ponies to do all sorts of unruly experiments while some other rumors suggests he was a wealthy business pony who would constantly purge the poor and helpless. No matter how much the ponies debate on what he did one thing is for certain…

The Fearful wanderer will remain in that state forever…

*professoressa dopo due ore di rientro* : “ah ragazzi, è stato stancante eh?! Maggio purtroppo è così”
: eh già
Prof. : si dovrebbe prendere qualcosa
: cosa?
*in sottofondo* (la dro..)
Prof. : eh, la droga ah ah ah!
: ….
Prof. : ….
Prof. : ma che! vado a prendere il magnesio in farmacia, sciocchini!