The signs as The Heartbreaker or The Heartbroken
  • The Heartbreaker:Aquarius, Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius, Leo, Aries
  • The Heartbroken:Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn
1. I’m always sad, even when I’m happy. I could be laughing but you have no idea what is really going through my head. I’m thinking that I’d rather be dead.
2. He makes me feel safe and I’ve never had that before. Silences have become comfortable and he understands. I can feel him when we aren’t together. It’s the strangest thing.
3. Being alone is what I’m used to. Go ahead. Walk away. I’m not going to chase after someone who only cares about their own broken pieces. I’m broken too.
4. I promise I won’t leave your side. You’re the one for me. I can’t imagine life without you. I hope forever exists for us.
5. Let’s kiss. Let’s forget that there is so much against us. I’ll stop caring if you do. Stop being afraid of this. You told me you wanted this more than I did. Prove it.
6. We might have had forever but I grew so tired of the late nights and the yelling. I was so tired of the bloody lips and the constant search for happiness. I was clinging on for both of us, but nothing I did was ever enough. Sometimes I wish I was enough and sometimes I wish I could hate you.
7. I love you.
—  7 things I said to the wrong person // j.c.
I can’t believe I’m turning twenty.

I don’t wanna be an adult.

I’ve got enough adult.

Give it to someone else.

Also I like how it’s on a Saturday for the first time in a while, but only after I graduate and no longer have to go to school.

It was a snowy night in Paris. I was looking at the bright Eiffel Tower when I felt a hand clasped mine. I turned around to see who it was… and it was Jack, smiling at me.

“Do you know that Eiffel for you?” He joked. Even thought it was corny, I laughed. Then his face expression became serious when I stopped laughing.

“Elsa… I want to ask you something.” He looked at our intertwined hands, the seriousness in his voice made me uneasy.

I gulped nervously, “What is it?”