So I want to expand on something interesting from the conversations yesterday about Molly/John/Sherlock.  I just thought this was an interesting facet that no one had brought up.

If Molly was in John’s place, what if it meant that she was exactly in John’s place, and wasn’t interested in Sherlock because he’s a man.  What if Molly was Watson, but like John, insisted in the show that she was not interested in men, yet she shared all the same scenes: the long intense stares, the handcuffs, the Reichenbach Fall.  What if she still shared all those scenes, but when people thought she and Sherlock were a couple, she always had to remind them she was not straight.

I don’t know, I just thought about this when posed to us as shippers.  We always have to look at John’s insistence on ‘not being gay’ and people often laugh, make fun of him, or insist he’s lying to himself.  The question yesterday was not about switching Molly and John entirely, so much as if Molly held the same importance in Sherlock’s life, if we’d “see” the meaning as romantic.  Of course I answered yes, but I didn’t consider the possibility of Molly sharing any of John’s traits.  I simply exchanged the Molly Hooper we know (who according to current evidence, is sexually interested in men) with John’s scenes and position.

So I asked myself, would I still ship Sherlock and Molly, if Molly were in fact Watson, and not interested in men.  They have all these same scenes, these intense, meaningful scenes, and yet, I’m faced with a character denying interest in the gender of the main character.  THEN, what if John were swapped into the shy pathologist role, who IS interested in men, and who shared all the same scenes that belonged to Molly.  What if John had shown up to the Christmas party in a nice, fitted dress shirt, extra clean shaven, with a special gift for Sherlock.  What if John had nearly cried from being insulted by Sherlock, who chided him for his audacity to show interest in him.  What if John had been the one who, in the darkness, Sherlock turned up to in his time of need, with the “real” (Moffat’s words, not mine) tears in his eyes, and said “I need you” to John.  I TELL YOU ALL, THAT WOULD BREAK MY DAMNED HEART. 

 Anyways…I thought, no, I don’t think I could still ship Sherlock and Molly if Molly were in Watson’s shoes, and shared his interest in women.  Likewise…if John were the lovelorn, lonely, seemingly friendless one hopelessly in love with Sherlock, that would be so heartbreaking.  I’m pretty sure people would root for shy pathologist!John.  

I….I sat on the potty for a long time last night, just rubbing my chin and pondering this.  These are the thoughts of a person far too invested in fandom, LOL. It was either think about this, or be really sad that no Pokemon were spawning in my bathroom… |:-{

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