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mun are you actually married and in a relationship I'm confused

        defrosted;    i’m legally married. but it’s more or less best friends who share the same bed and enjoy the tax benefits that come with marriage. i mean, i’m one hell of a wing man. so. idk man. i can’t explain it. it’s open, but not. we’re in a relationship, but it feels so fucking normal that we just pass each other in the house and give a little bro nod. i don’t know dude.

Friday Ask Fun... A Tom & Noelle Drabble...

A/N: For oldvictoria, who sent me this with the quote “Which of your OTP would wear this shirt?” I replied, “Well…how about I make this into a drabble? “

She padded into the kitchen, her bare feet gliding from the carpet onto the tiles. Noelle watched Tom’s head perk up, just an inch or two, acknowledging her presence.  He continued pouring coffee into his mug, never turning to her as she waited at the counter behind him.

“I’m sorry for what I said when you tried to wake me up,” Her voice sounded hushed, lowered. With no response from Tom, as he now stirred his cup with long circles, she began to bounce back and forth on her feet.

“That was wrong of me, I shouldn’t have said and done that.  I am sorry.” Her fingers gripped into the counter as he turned, eyes the color of the deepest sapphire as the words flew forth.

“You told me to ‘fuck off’ and called me a ‘lanky asshole’! Was that necessary?” he cried, slamming the spoon into the sink.

Noelle ran her hand through her hair as she began to stutter, “I- I am not a morning person, Tom! You come in all sunshine and rainbows at six-thirty, I can’t be held responsible!”

“Did you have to elbow me in the throat too?” he gasped, running his hand over his clavicle and collarbone.  Noelle threw her hands to her mouth, not realizing she hit him there, only assuming it was in his chest or arms.  She used it as her only defense as Tom returned from his run, still dripping with sweat as he attempted to get her to join him in the shower. Only one thing would keep her from that, and it was her blessed sleep, which she would gladly fight for at a moment’s notice.  

She sighed, “Honey, I am so sorry.”  She crossed the kitchen, even though his face warned her against any further action.  However, as her fingertips grazed over his cheek, she saw the slightest drop of his anger in his eyes.  They softened under his lashes as his eyes flicked downward toward his girlfriend.

“Shall I kiss it and make it better?” she murmured, as her lips brushed over the skin of his neck, down to his chest and where his fingers remained at the area of ‘attack’.  He removed his hand from the dip under his Adam’s Apple, encircling her waist to wrap around her back. 

He groaned before his voice came through, a bit hoarse, “Yes, that will do.” Noelle smiled against his skin as she pushed his body into the counter, and removed his shirt, which still retained the scent of soap from his freshly cleaned body.