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April 25, 2017 Mayday Parade - A Lesson In Romantics 10th Anniversary Tour in the Egyptian Room at Old National Centre, Indianapolis, IN. : Tony Vasquez

“Unexpected Romance” Ahkmenrah fanfic Part 3/?

AN: Hello there guys! I am so thankful for your lovely messages and likes. As promised some Ahkmenrah/Reader interaction here.

Word count: 1183

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After some good night sleep you have woken up at the early hour of six. You made your way towards the kitchen and having your standard breakfast of oats boiled in chocolate milk. Of course you had a pretty big day ahead of you and you had to allow yourself to keep your energy at its best! At eight o clock you’ve found yourself at the museum and went to the comforting back room to check your schedule. As you sat down on the blanket covered couch you went through your planner and noticed something interesting on the floor. It was a golden bracelet. From the texture you could tell that it was from ancient Egypt, most probably dating from the second intermediate period, maybe around 1600 BC. And what do you think what else is dating from that period… better who. You could recall Ahkmenrah wearing similar when you met him last night. You thought to yourself and slid the decorative object on your wrist. It reminded you of him very well and since you seemed to like the guy you could not remove the smile of your face.

Several hours of working and translating the hieroglyphics written on the back of the tablet had passed, it was time for a well earned time break.  You’ve reached to grab the black bag of the sofa corner, taking your sandwich out. As you began to eat Amy had entered the room with a bright smile on her lovely face. “Hello there___! How are you doing today?”

“I am doing perfectly fine dear fellah and yourself?” you smiled softly giving a playful wink to a lady that has now peacefully seated next to you. “I am doing excellent, thank you for wondering. How was yesterday? Your first day working here?” As she questioned you felt the familiar feeling of those clouds spreading and playing with your inner organs. But hey what were you thinking! It has barely passed 48 and you are thinking of the pharaoh like that. __ needs to give time to resolve her feelings well.

“The day was pretty nice, as I still am now, I was enjoying researching the tablet and Ahkmenrah’s family tree. You know the process of mummification and digging out big tombs for important personas of Egypt did not started like all of us know. For example did you know, that for the burial of the first recorded pharaoh, around fifty people were sacrificed including the most important people from his life. Including his concubines, good chefs, parents, family members and more.”  You were rambling on and on causing Amy to let out a silent giggle. “I understand sweetheart. Now I understand why you got this job. You enjoying talking about this so much. But excuse me it is four pm which means my shift has ended. I must leave now” She gave you a soft smile before standing up to take her bag. “It was lovely having this conversation with you.”

Despite the fact that your shift needs to end at five, you had found yourself buried in work until seven pm. You glances at the clock on your phone. Since you are here at this time, you could wait for a bit longer, you knew what was coming.. You watched the other employees leave their work places, the cleaning ladies doing their last bits and of course the famous night gourd Larry arriving. And minute after minute, the moment clock struck 7:33, the tablet above the sarcophagus lighted up the room for  several seconds and the objects around you began moving. Since you knew what is it about, you might as well meet the other plastic people. You noticed a man hopping of his brown furred horse and greeting Larry. That must be the president Roosevelt, so you approached to greet the man with a polite bow of your head. “I apologise for my manners, I didn’t introduced myself last night. My name is ___ and I am new here, it is an honor to meet you.” You’ve said and offered him a hand shake.

“Theodore Roosevelt, president of the United States of America. It is a pleasure to meet you young lady, I’ve heard so much about”

“You hear about me, you say? From who…?” You wondered even though you sort of already knew the answer… For the other exhibits and living people here that knew about the tabled, could notice Ahkmenrah having a little crush on your. Speaking of him; the brown haired man had entered the main hall and placed his golden crown on.

/I am not aware of this questionable feelings this young lady has been giving me over the past sun downs. That hair… shines like silk that I could easily compare it to Konsu’s light. And considering her knowledge and education she must be incredibly blessed by Toth.  A woman like that is one of those females respected my Hathor. Oh dear Ra and the other various wonderful Gods, how I wish to hold her close to me and call her mine. Oh how I wish to see her more than just several moments before she has to go. Is this love? Might she be the chosen one from me from the Gods? /

After meeting several more of wonderful exhibitions here at the museum, you had came to a realisations that everyone is absolutely lovely. Every single one, had this sort of soul, but how? It was a mystery. So you decided to stay there.. the entire night, exploring this miracle and wondering how does rationalism and common sense approve all of these happenings. And eventually you had found yourself playing chess with Larry’s son Nick at the main desk.

“So you’re the new geek around here” He asked giving you a playful smirk. “I am not just a geek… I prefer the statement ‘I will not work at McDonalds with you’, besides this is something I really enjoy doing. It is, really close to my heart.” Your response made him understand so he nodded. “So it’s like me and working as  a DJ” , “Sort of like that yes” You chuckled softly.

The night has passed really quickly since you were having fun, and it was almost sunrise… So you have decided to take a one last turn in the Egyptian area and wish Ahkmenrah goodnight. You saw the man struggling with the linen sheets on the edge of the sarcophagus which made you giggle. A step by step you approached him with a soft smile. “Come on, lay down …” You’ve mumbled a little, might as well help him.

You helped him settle down on the bottom gently and slowly threading fingers through his hair. It is over 5000 years old but yet soft… you began wrapping the shets up from his torso and chest. Then as gently as you could you began to gently wrap his fingers up in the linen, slowly saying good night.

Side notes:  

Konsu – Egyptian God of the moon.

Thoth – Egytian God of literacy

Hathor – Egyptian Goddess of motherhood and females


Egyptian Faience Khnum Amulet, Third Intermediate to Late Period, c. 1069-525 BC

The striding ram-headed god is finely modeled, with hands clenched by his sides, wearing a shendyet-kilt, on an integral rectangular base, pierced for suspension.

Khnum was one of the earliest Egyptian deities, originally the god of the source of the Nile River. Since the annual flooding of the Nile brought with it silt and clay, and its water brought life to its surroundings, he was thought to be the creator of the bodies of human children, which he made at a potter’s wheel, from clay, and placed in their mothers’ wombs. He later was described as having moulded the other deities, and he had the titles Divine Potter and Lord of created things from himself. His significance led to early theophoric names of him, for children, such as Khnum-Khufwy – “Khnum is my Protector”, the full name of Khufu (r. 2589–2566 BC), builder of the Great Pyramid.

The worship of Khnum centered on two principal riverside sites, Elephantine Island and Esna, which were regarded as sacred. At the Elephantine temple, which dates to the Middle Kingdom (2055–1650 BC), he was worshipped alongside his daughter, Anuket and Satis, his consort, as the guardian of the source of the Nile River.  At Esna, the temple dates to the Ptolemaic Period (323-30 BC), when the worship of Khnum flourished there.

Astrotheology is the holy science that combines astrology, astronomy and theology. This holy science shows that in fact all myths, all story’s, the bible and all other holy scriptures, and even nursery rhymes are based on the movement and interaction of the seven lights we see in the sky. These seven lights we know as the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. They are the lights our eyes can see wandering in front of the fixed background of the stars. These are the main characters that create patterns in the sky, which have an effect on our lives here on Earth or Terra. “As above, so below”.  The brightest of these seven lights is the Sun also know as “Helios” in Greece and as “Helios Atum” in ancient Egypt. “Atum” sounds like “atom” and it is in fact the same because the sun is an atom. It has an electric light core and electron bodies floating around it. These seven characters are the Sun (Helios or Jesus), the Moon (Luna, Selene), Mercury (Hermes, Thoth), Venus (Aphrodite), Mars (Ares), Jupiter (Zeus) and Saturn (Chronos). The seven days of the week are named after these seven lights or characters.  In the bible the relationship between for example Abraham and Sarah and Jesus and Maria Magdalene both represent the interaction between the sun and the moon.   The seven lights also have a connection with the seven energy wheels, the chakra’s in our body. The seven light are also known as the Elohim. In the bible, we can read that the Elohim say: “let us make man after our image”.  A lot of stars are called, when translated: “the one who’s coming”, because they keep moving, coming and going in a year’s time. Illustrating examples of this are Perseus in Aries and Herculus.   The moon connects with our first chakra, Mercury with our second, Venus with our third, the Sun with our fourth, which is in the middle, our hart chakra, Mars with our fifth, Jupiter with our sixth and Saturn with our seventh chakra, which is our crown chakra. Our purpose in life is to activate these seven powers.  The moon is closest to the Earth and has an orbit of approximately 29½ days while Saturn is the furthest away from Earth and orbits the Sun in approximately 29½ years. In other words, Saturn “rules”. “Chronos” is the personification of time, the man turning the Zodiac Wheel, also known as Aeon (eternal time).  Saturn is the ruler of the ears because when there is minimum sunlight we depend on our hearing more than on our eyes. Saturn is the “God of law”. In court, they use a lot of “Latin language”, this is the language of Satan/Saturn.  The three wheels of time are:  o o o The Day (the Latin word is “Deis”), ruled by the God of day which is the Sun. The Year: which comes from the name of the Sun: IHS, JHS, jes, Yes, Yeah, Year. The Great Year: a time cycle of 24000 – 26000 years.  The Moon gives us the month and the minute. “Hours” comes from Horus, which is the name of the Sun when it rises: “Where is Horus?” meaning “what hour is it?”. The Day, the Year and the Great Year can all be divided into 4 parts. The day: morning, midday, afternoon, and night. The Year: winter, spring, summer, and fall. The Great Year: Iron, Bronze, Silver and Golden age.  By understanding these cycles, we understand why history went from good to bad and from bad to good. Day-night, winter-summer, Iron-Golden age, all these cycles dominate us!  Astrophysics and astronomy have proven that almost 90% and probably 100 % of all stars are in a binary. All stars need a dual. Our Sun Helios (Horus or Jesus) is also in a binary with another star. The star Sirius, which is in the constellation of Canis Major (the big dog), is in a binary with our sun, or “follows” our sun. Our year starts at January the first because of the alignment of the Sun, Sirius and the Earth.  It takes between 24000 and 25920 years for Sirius and Helios (Horus, Jesus) to complete one circle. The Pyramids in Egypt also indicate that there is a binary between Sirius and the Sun. One of the shafts in the great pyramid points directly to Sirius.   George R. Goodman (early 1900): “Our entire solar system with all its planets and moons describes a huge circle around another sun in space, the star Sirius”.   Albert Churchwood: our sun was thrown of from another sun”.  Sirius is also known by the Egytians as “the star of Isis”. The goddes Isis is embodied by the star of Sirius, like her son Horus is embodied by our sun Helios. This means in fact that our sun was born from Isis or Sirius, and that is why they are in a binary together. Therefore, Isis and Horus are the same characters as Jesus and Mary and are in fact the Sun and Sirius moving away from each other and moving towards each other in their binary.   All heavenly bodies in our solar system have relationships with each other. Also do planets and star constellations harmonize with our bodies. The Zodiac Wheel shows us how this holy science works. The life of Jesus represents the sun moving through the 12 signs of the Zodiac.  The 12 signs are the 12 potential energies which harmonize with the five basic energies or elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Aether. The 12 signs also harmonize with the seven chakra’s. Each of the 12 star signs represents a part of our body. The 12 star signs also represent the 12 apostles in the bible.  When you study ancient maps of the world, you’ll see a wave in the middle of the earth moving around the equator, this is called a sine-wave. It is the path of the sun moving through the 12 constellations. This is a fractal of everything. It is the “man in the sky”.   The “man in the sky” is Adam Kadmon, the first being to emerge with the creation of the Cosmos. His body is the body of the world. “As above so below”, so it also represents our human bodies.

j2asndh  asked:

1) I cry bc I just saw an ask on a blog where a white American actress was condemned for wanting to play Cleopatra, "an African queen". And I just... When will Amricans, of whatever skin color, stop using historical figures as sjw winning points?

2) I mean, she wasn’t black American either, so how about we just give Cleopatra roles to Egyptians only and all the Americans just shut the fuck up about her supposed heritage?

Lol, this reminds me of when some social justice people on here complained that Rami Malek, “a white guy” as they called him, was playing an Egytian pharaoh, when Rami Malek is, in fact, Egyptian. 

To be honest, Tumblr’s idea of what Africa looks like is rather bothersome; often they will speak of it as if it’s one big country, where everyone is black and everyone shares “black culture”, when this idea is entirely meaningless in an African context, it is incredibly reductive, untrue, and very offensive, in fact. 

Africa is a continent composed of many different people and cultures who all are distinct from each other and didn’t always get along. To act as if this isn’t the case is pertaining in a form of the “noble savage” trope which is dehumanising and doesn’t help anyone. In fact, acting like North Africa is solely black is also insanely offensive and stupid from an historical point of view; because it ignores conflicts and atrocities which existed and were committed by other ethnic groups living there, such as the Arab slave trade, which in large parts involved the enslaving of Black African people (and yes the Nile Basin was involved in it). 

As for Egypt, those of us who can actually place the African countries on a map, will know that it is entirely to the east of North africa, and touching the Middle East, so people there will unsurprisingly look North African, and somewhat Middle Eastern, such as the aforementioned Rami Malek. The idea that Egyptians are, and were, 100% black is egregious and doesn’t make a lick of sense considering the geographical location of the country (which, yes, has more or less always existed at the same place). That is not to say that no Egyptian were and are black, but no a lot of them weren’t either. 

As for Cleopatra, most of her ancestry was Macedonian Greek, which makes the likelihood of her having been black close to zero. All descriptions of her and depictions in Roman art (who, yes, were perfectly capable of depicting other ethnicities) points to someone who looked Mediterranean, hell, even mentions of her famous strong nose points to a Greek look. 

Personally I don’t really care if Cleopatra is played by a black girl, it doesn’t bother me, but to act as if anything else is offensive and “erasure” makes no sense, and this sort of baseless whining doesn’t help actual erasure being taken seriously when it actually DOES happen (for example, in France, we have Alexandre Dumas STILL being played by 100% white actors, when he was mixed). 

So… like… pick your battles, and make sure you are informed before getting offended over nothing. 

Entering the Sancturies of the main god - Osiris in Abydos, Egypt. 

You will notice the face of the gods are defaced, because after this religion fell, a lot of coptic christian egyptians moved into the temples and started living there. These coptic egyptians believed that these “old gods” were evil spirits and there was no need for this religion anymore. So they defaced the pictures of the gods in order to destroy the remains of the old religion and ward off evil spirits. 

Sometimes I think too hard

about illuminati, new world order, aliens, pyramids, 2012, monarch programming and the agendas of the government. There’s nothing I can really do about it, but let try and spread the word about all of these things. 

Controlling you through fear the government gives you a false sense of safety. Taking advantage of you and now watching your every move. They can detain you without reasonable cause. All the TV networks and music labels are run by the same people. They control everything you see. Since you were little putting subliminal messages in your Disney movies.

Seriously educate yourself people. Read the lyrics in the songs you listen to, pay closer attentions to music videos you watch. 

Sumerian Records, the sphinx is real.

Born of Osiris.


Every heard of the Illuminati Card game?

it explains their plans in detail, and a lot of the plans have already carried through.