Alright so I'ma shout out to all my Muslim followers!!

There are so many of you, and I get really super excited whenever I think about it.  I’m not sure why, lol, but I do!  I am also not sure why you guys but up with all my fanboying and follow me back.  But I love all of you!!!  YAY!!!  *Creepiness complete!*

Reviews - Part 1.

A review of some of the tumblrs I’m following…

I stumbled across this blog recently. It’s one of those blogs that force that soft ‘wow’ out of your lips. It’s simplistic, yet the powerful black and white feel will just makes you want to scroll and scroll and scroll. 99% of the blog is fully monochrome and yet there is no hint of dullness. The selection of photos and quotes is diverse and the blog has an aura of awesomeness.

One word for this blog is stunning. Really. This blog is literally alive. It almost feels like walking into a species rich rainforest with all the bright eye popping colors. Many of the photos are a reflection of the blogger’s love for India, cultures, children, faith and all that’s in the description. The blogger has recently reverted to Islam, and it is quite fascinating to follow bits of her journey towards becoming a true Muslimah. A vivid and highly polychromatic feel coupled with a beautiful layout that is very much assimilated into the content, prepare to scroll-to-infinity.

Ahh-mazing blog. A blend of Islam, human rights, Palestine, news and many other things that make you want to get off your seat and plan how you can make the world a better place. The selection of photos is impartial, and not for the light-hearted at times. But sadly, it is the reality of the world we are living in - the blog author sends that clear message to all. And ohh - she has my Aunty and my cousin’s name.

Literally, the blog url means 'Road to Paradise'…and alas! Who wouldn’t want to follow it? It is an elegant blog, diverse in its portrayal of the beauty the Islamic faith. Everything from brilliantly colorful photos, inspiring verses, heart-soothing text posts are available and in harmony with the polished layout. The blog author is charismatic, warm and interactive with followers.

One of my earliest follows. The blog is a bricolage of the thoughts of a revolutionist with a deep love for Palestine, the endeavor to be a better Muslimah, romance with a newly found fiancee, fights with anons and many many others. Interestingly, the author is Mexican and we can agree that Mexico is probably not the best place to be a Muslim. The author lights up the blog with her experience in her country and her struggle.

Easily the best personal blog on my follow list. The life of the 19 year old author is manifested in a lucid, smooth layout. As you scroll down, the word 'mashallah’ is one that you will be accustomed to saying, either out loud or in your mind - the photos, most of which belong to the author are an impeccable example of how beauty and modesty cannot be separated. It does take by surprise many non-muslims, especially the ones that have a prejudiced view that once one is muslim, beauty and style are no longer existent.

Revolution? Yes. Palestine? Yes. Anti-Zionist? Yes. Occupy? Yes. The ultimate political blog…and I don’t joke. The blog layout is in consonance with the material posted. I’m not sure if I ever came across a personal post of late, the author is undeviating in the political theme of the blog. If you are a Zionist and would like to ask questions, prepare yourself for a reply with ice in it - cold.

Please message me if you want your blog reviewed…

egyptianmuslima4life replied to your post: Memories of being asked to leave my Political Science class when I upset over half the class and shut the professor up.

Lol what were you debating about?

I told them capitalism goes against the fundamentalist christian ideology that runs this nation and it’s teaches the citizens to dispose of others if it means that they can receive financial gain from it and teaches that hypocrisy is the way of life.