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I can’t remember what town/village it’s in. Winterhelm? No…oh! It’s in Dawnstar. :D I was reading about the quest and it says that it triggers when you reach level 20. Which it did for me. :D

Ooh, right! The museum invitation you receive, from that guy who delivers messages, right? My sister already got that, but she didn’t go to Dawnstar yet XD She’s doing some other missions she stacked up first.

I just finished rewatching Megamind because a certain person named Cat keeps reblogging it.

It was even cuter the second time, like I can’t even hold all my “ohmigosh so adorables” right now. I am generally not a fan of Dreamworks movies (I enjoyed Monsters vs. Aliens but probably wouldn’t watch it again), but I LOVE Megamind. It’s a clever little reversal of tropes and the soundtrack is excellent. And, again, the romance adfasfdsa SO CUTE.

So, anyway, Cat, if that was your goal, you may consider yourself successful.

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I’ve actually been playing it since I got it. I made a Wood Elf with black hair. *-* I kind of wish I could change her face though. She reminds me of some sort of alien from Star Trek. XD

Oh YAY!  A Wood Elf, huh? That sounds cool, the Elves are a pretty interesting race in Skyrim, although I also agree they have kinda… Unusual faces xDD Hahahaha, Star Trek! But I guess you get used to it, some of the NPCs in the world have rather unique faces. You weren’t able to change her facial features, though? I thought that was possible with every race o.o

Anyways, where are you at now? Did you go for the Imperials or the Stormcloaks? *-*

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Ah yes. ^^; I plan on playing Skyrim soon. I got a quest that’s making me wonder that if I do it, I’ll be helping a bad guy. xDD;

Yay! Also, if you’re ever able to (and only if you want, of course XD), I’d love to see images of your character! *-*

Hmm, what kind of mission is that? But yeah, sometimes we don’t really know if we’re doing the right thing when we’re assigned certain missions… Like having to steal something for a person ‘XP If anything, you could always save before doing it and decide what you’re gonna do depending on the result. My sister always does that, and if the mission ends up making things too complicated for her or messing up her “reputation”, she loads it and stall the mission until we know what to do xDD

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Lol! It’s fine. Yeah, DLC is stupid. Buy games with DLC is like buying an incomplete game. My bro followed the empire guy and you do end up in riverwood. I’m pretty far in the game and I haven’t had to choose sides yet. xD

Yeah, that’s right… Unless the DLC is like, optional additional content - like new clothes for example - something cool but that’s not strictly necessary, it’s a pain in the ass >_>

Aaah yes, I imagined so XDD It’s probably not so different until the time you have to go pick a side. As far as I know, you have to go to Windhelm talk with Ulfric to join the Stormcloaks, and I think the Imperial whoever-is-in-charge is in Solitude xD I guess that only going there you’ll have to choose. But it’s obligatory that you do someday? At least from what I know Lol

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Whaa~ Look at all the cool stuff you got! *-* I also got Skyrim for Christmas!

Yep, it was a really great year, a lot of cool stuff happened and I won many incredible things >w<

Really?? OMG, that’s so awesome, Cat!! *o* My boyfriend gave it to me, although my sister is the one currently playing it… But I’m gonna start it sometime too! Let me know when you start playing and tell me what kind of character you made, it’s a really amazing game <33