Renesmee admired Egypt’s view
     as she and her parents rode to
     the Egyptian coven’s home. It

     had been quite a long flight,
     and the hybrid was still
     suffering from jet lag, but
     her parents insisted on
     visiting the Egyptians

          Easy for them, considering they
          didn’t need to sleep.

     As the mansion came into view,
     Nessie sighed in content. The
     faster they got in, the faster they
     got out. She stepped out of the
     car before her parents and was
     greeted by Benjamin and Tia.

          “Tia, Benjamin! You are
          both looking lovely today." 

My character has somehow ended up straddling your character. How does yours react?

     Kebi’s eyes flare, her willpower just enough to supress an angry snarl. The amle atop her is easily a foot higher, and despite her superhuman strength, she can feel his weight.”Get. Off… now. She pushes against his leg roughly, watching him angrily.

Sabra smirked lightly at the female below him, “Okay, but that’s your loss.” He teased with a chuckle as he removed himself from her.

Another Life | Human AU

    Amun woke to the sounds of Cairo. The traffic, the distant chatter, a faint melody playing not too far away. The sunlight was shining into the bedroom through the window, as a gentle breeze blew the curtains gently. He looked to his left to see his wife beside him, sleeping soundly. A small smile appeared on his face as he reached up to brush a piece of hair away from her face.

He enjoyed seeing her at such peace. Having three children that seemed to run on nothing but sugar for majority of the day was tiring. But thankfully it was the weekend, and Amun didn’t have to work. He got to spend the day with his family.