❝You’ve reached the end, you are the winner❞

          —— if this is what winning feels like, i’m starting to wonder if it was W O R T H all the effort.

                                                         ( @egyptiankebi ; continued from THIS )

     Renesmee admired Egypt’s view
     as she and her parents rode to
     the Egyptian coven’s home. It

     had been quite a long flight,
     and the hybrid was still
     suffering from jet lag, but
     her parents insisted on
     visiting the Egyptians

          Easy for them, considering they
          didn’t need to sleep.

     As the mansion came into view,
     Nessie sighed in content. The
     faster they got in, the faster they
     got out. She stepped out of the
     car before her parents and was
     greeted by Benjamin and Tia.

          “Tia, Benjamin! You are
          both looking lovely today." 

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