Egyptian Vulture

The Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus), also called the white scavenger vulture or pharaoh’s chicken, is a small Old World vulture and the only member of the genus Neophron. The genus Neophron is considered to represent the oldest branch within the evolutionary tree of vultures. Egyptian vultures feed mainly on carrion but are opportunistic and will prey on small mammals, birds, and reptiles. They also feed on the eggs of other birds, breaking larger ones by tossing a large pebble onto them. The use of tools is rare in birds and apart from the use of a pebble as a hammer, Egyptian vultures also use twigs to roll up wool for use in their nest. 

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Egyptian Religious Calendar

Today 24 June 2017 - I day of Ipet-Hemet, the eleventh month of the Lunar Calendar (in the CDXVIII Great Year of Ra according to the Civil Calendar).

Beginning of the new lunar month, ‘Ipet-Hemet’, sacred to the Goddess Ipet.
Today is the first day of the Highly Sacred Feast of the “Beautiful Reunion” dedicated to the celebration of the Sacred Marriage of Horus of Behdet (Edfu) and Hathor of Nitentóre (Dendera).
Best wishes to all!!!

Religious Prescriptions:
Adverse day

Religious Festivities:
The I day of the lunar month is sacred to Montu-Ra-Harakhty. It is the “Feast of Psedje(n)tyu/Feast of the New Moon” and Thoth is the God of the Feast.

- Offerings by the chief of the singers, the performer of the ritual of the dismembering of Seth (thirty-day festivity, XXVIII day)
[T. Behdet, c. Hathor]

- Feast of the Conception of Horus son of Isis and Osiris (…) (twenty-seven days, XXV day)
[T. Behdet, c. Hathor]

- Procession of Hathor Lady of Nitentóre and Harsomtou (…) (twelve-day festivity, II day)
[T. Behdet, c. Hathor]

- “Feast of the Reunion, as it is called (I part, four-day festivity, I day):
celebrate the ritual of the First Fruits of the Fields in accordance with the decrees of King Amenemhat;
the Lady of Nitentóre goes in procession out of Her sacred domain (…).”
[T. Behdet, c. Hathor]

- Feast of Horus.
[T. Behdet, small calendar]

- Feast of the Beautiful Reunion (I part, four-day festivity, I day):
“Taking out in procession Horus of Behdet, the Great God, Lord of the Sky, to the river-barque ḥ3t-Ḥr(w), Hathor Lady of Nitentóre being in the river-barque 'Lady of Love’ (…).”
[T. Behdet, c. Horus]

- Feast of the Beautiful Reunion (I part, four-day festivity, I day):
“Making the procession of the Goddess (Hathor), the Lady of Nitentóre, to Behdet, to celebrate Her beautiful 'Feast of Navigation (…).”
[T. Nitentóre, small calendar]

- “Feast of the Beautiful Reunion, as it is called (…).”
[T. Nitentóre]

- “Feast of the Appearing of Min.” (every New Moon day)
[T. Ombos, west side]

(quotes from
“Egyptian Religious Calendar: CDXVII-CDXVIII Great Year of Ra (2017CE)”, where you will find the full version of the Egyptian Calendar with the complete translation of the Temples’ calendars. The book is available both in paperback format and as a digital ebook: )

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ISIS Attack in Egypt 26th May 2017: 28 people, including many children, were killed when masked gunmen opened fire on a bus carrying Coptic Christians.

  • Ten masked gunmen opened fire on buses carrying Coptic Christians  in Egypt
  • At least 28 killed and more injured when attackers sprayed bullets at the convoy  
  • Worshipers were heading to St Samuel Monastery to pray when gunmen struck
  • Egyptian bombers have hit ‘terror training camps’ in Libya in retaliation
  • President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi vowed Egypt will fight back against attacks
  • He also called for Donald Trump to take the lead in the fight against terror
  • ISIS has claimed responsibility for recent deadly attacks on churches in Egypt

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