egyptian babe

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Your home country is Albania babe.

No, it’s not.

My mother’s side of the family were brought to Egypt (in various waves) over a period of 1,000 years from Albania.

My father’s side of the family are from the Nile Delta, in a governorate of Egypt known as “Sharqia” (Shar'aya) where the people are known for their impeccable hospitality, kindness, and good looks. I.e. they are “regular” Egyptians.

Don’t call me babe, I’m not your babe. *hair flip, walk out, high-five of oddly supportive best friend*

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Hm. If we're keeping to Overwatch's theme with names/nationality (I think they did that for the most part?) wouldn't Lucio be Portuguese, or perhaps Spanish, rather than black/African American? Either way, it's awesome that there's more Ethnic groups being represented.

Me and Krunkidile were talking about that, it could be the case. Krunkidile has cousins that have names that are also Spanish/Portuguese-influenced. To me, Lucio comes off African-American in his speech patterns as well as his physical and facial features, but he might be African-Brazilian too. The latter’s what I’ll take as headcanon for now. 

Blizzard - excluding other games, factoring in comparison to TF2 since it’s their main competition so far - has done better than TF2 with gender* and colour diversity. I see TF2 fans commenting on how Lucio’s diversity is “pandering” and being pathetic on Lucio’s release trailer - that from somebody who claims to be a fan of TF2 fucking saddens me. 

(There was an angry response that meant well that also said he would be the first black character if we’re going on he’s black, but also sort saddens me BECAUSE MY EGYPTIAN BABE PHARAH)

* Within the main game. Before you show me the “but all the female roles are not diverse enough and the bodybuilder was modeled off a man” argument and telling me how TF2 does have females in the game that are prominent, let me remind you that hardly any popular TF2 player demographic up until Expiration Date/even until Gun Mettle had no idea who the fuck Miss Pauling was. Scout’s Mom serves primarily as a joke at Scout’s expense and everybody else’s eyes, Medic’s implied wife is AFK, and Heavy’s sisters and mom are only referenced in Poker Night which is non-canon. I had things to say about female representation and TF2 here