egyptian spiny mouse

Cairo Spiny Mouse (Acomys cahirinus)

Also known as the Common Spiny Mouse, Egyptian Spiny Mouse, or the Arabian Spiny Mouse, the Cairo spiny mouse is a species of Spiny Mouse (Acomys spp.) that is native to northern Africa, with a range extending from Mauritania, Morocco, and Algeria in the west to Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Egypt to the east. Cairo spiny mice typically inhabit dry stony habitats with sparse vegetation and are commonly seen in cliffs, canyons, gravelly plains, and even human dwellings. A. cahirinius is a social species, living in male dominated groups. Groups of spiny mice will typically dwell in burrows and rock crevices, coming out at night to feed on a range of plant matter, terrestrial invertebrates, and even carrion. 


Animalia-Chordata-Mammalia-Rodentia-Muridae-Acomys-A. cahirinus 

Image: Mickey Samuni-Blank

Mishka is my mouse! She is about 3 and a half years old. She is an Egyptian Spiny Mouse. I got her at a reptile expo when she was young. She was being sold for food, for a very cheap price. (This is a photo of her around when I first got her!)

Was it a good idea to purchase an exotic animal that I did not know a lot about? No.
Was it a good idea to get a pet as an impulse buy?

They were potentially bad decisions (and not decisions I would make again) but luckily for both Mishka and myself, the situation turned out great! 

I spoil the heck out of her, because it’s what she deserves.
She’s never been anything but a wonderful pet, and I absolutely LOVE her.
She’s a sweetheart. She loves sunflower seeds and toilet paper tubes and mealworms and running on her wheel. She has a couple of bird ladders that I got her  recently, and she has a lot of fun on those too! 
She hates all chew blocks, and wants nothing to do with them and chooses to chew on the this wicker-like tunnel she has. 
She’s just the best!