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Fic title: "The One That Got Away...With Murder" OR "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Dorm Room."

For the second choice:

To say finding her roommate’s boyfriend on the couch, passed out drunk, wasn’t surprising. What was strange was the fact he was cuddling a cat Darcy would call an adolescent cheetah if not for the lack of Mohawk fur.

    She just kinda stares at him until she goes to bed. In the morning, he’s gone and so is the cat and she doesn’t think about it.

    Then the huge cat starts following her around, no (now ex) boyfriend in sight, and she’s annoyed and kind of flattered this huge thing wants to lay in her lap and purr, bring her dead animals (gross, but it’s trying to take care of her), ad just be a pile of cuddly goo when she has a bad day.

    Of course, then she’s on her way back to the dorm and the cat, suddenly, turns into her roommate, and who happens to be the goddess Bastet. And fed her ex-boyfriend to her horde of cats because he cheated on her.

    “Are you fucking kidding me?”

Egyptian blue, also known as calcium copper silicate (CaCuSi4O10 or CaOCuO(SiO2)4), is a pigment used in Ancient Egypt for thousands of years. It is considered to be the first synthetic pigment. After the Roman era, Egyptian blue fell from use and the manner of its creation was forgotten.

The ancient Egyptians held the color blue in very high regard and were eager to present it on many media and in a variety of forms. […] Pharaohs consequently were devoted to the advancement of pigment technology.

Several experiments have been carried out by scientists and archaeologists interested in analyzing the composition of Egyptian blue and the techniques used to manufacture it.


——– blue would be the first synthetic pigment

Personality Types (MBTI) & Gods and Goddesses

INFP - Anubis (egyptian god of the dead)
INTJ - Hades (greek god of the underworld)
ISFP - Nu-Wa (chinese goddess of mankind, marriage and mud)
ISFJ - Chalchiuhtlicue (aztec goddess of water)
ENFP - Apollo (greek god of the sun, music, poetry and art)
ENTJ - Zeus (greek god of the sky and king of gods)
ESFP - Freya (norse goddess of love, fFertility and sexual desire)
ESFJ - Guan-Yu (chinese god of war)
INFJ - Tezcatlipoca (aztec god of night, death and temptation)
ISTJ - Set (egyptian god of chaos and storms)
INTP - Thoth (egyptian god of art, science, astronomy and literature)
ISTP - Artemis (greek goddess of the moon and the hunt)
ENFJ - Guan-Yin (chinese goddess of compassion and caring)
ESTJ - Athena (greek goddess of war and wisdom)
ENTP - Loki (norse god of mischief)
ESTP - Thor (norse god of lightning)

I have always been drawn to the culture and history of Ancient Egypt so it is quite an honor to have real Egyptian artifacts on display at the Prehistoria Natural History Centre in Toronto. This is my favorite of our specimens - the Amulet of Sekhmet! Daughter of the sun god Ra, Sekhmet was originally the warrior goddess and (in Upper Egypt) a goddess of healing. Her name is derived from the word “sekhem” which means “power” or “might” and she was often referred to by titles such as “Mistress of Dread” and “Lady of Slaughter”. Sekhmet is depicted as a lion (or with the head of a lioness), the fiercest predator known to their civilization, and lent her protection to the Pharaohs - even leading them in battle. The belief of Sekhmet was so strong that rituals had to be performed daily at different statues of the goddess, just to placate her wrath. It was even said that her breath formed the great desert!