egyptian outfit


Elizabeth Taylor’s wardrobe for Cleopatra (1963). She allegedly made 65 costume changes in the film however since the film was cut by several hours only 38 outfits appear. You can see images from the cut scenes and outfits not included here.


“Sit, Bob. Good dog. You are the only one who knows the truth, mon petit. You know how your mistress died. You also know, I think, who killed her. He or she passed you by as they laid the trip wire, saying to themselves, "Oh, this is only Bob, a fox terrier. He cannot speak. I am safe.” Such foolishness, n'est-ce pas? But you and I, we know, Bob, that one does not have to speak in order to tell. And you will tell me all, in your own good time.“

Atem from the game, Forbidden Memories. He has the exact expression I had when I first played it as a kid. I wasn’t a fan of that game, and it got more ridiculous as I got older.


Fate/Prototype: Argent Fragment - Best Friend ACT-2. New servants are finally revealed.

The first and third image show Caster Fragment. According to the plot, Caster Fragment was Misaya’s father’s servant in the previous war. Now he is Misaya’s first servant before Cu Chulainn and serve as main protagonist of Best Friend Act.

Caster Fragment, a magus who founded the discipline of physican, botanist, alchemist, astrologer and toxicology. His identity is  パラケルスス - フォン・ホーエンハイム (Spoiler)

The second image, Rider Fragment (In casual outfit) is Egyptian Pharaoh servant. He summon shiny flying ship and sphnix, divine type of phantasmal beast. He has more phantasmal beast in his NP. The identity has been rumored and speculation that Rider Fragment is Ramesses II ever since Sliver Fragment mention about his attitude and personality. However it’s not 100% confirmation of his identity yet due his name is not revealed in this chapter.

Vlad Clothing Challenge

Vlad Masters. Mr. Silver Fox himself. A lot of people in the Phandom love him for the under-handed bastard that he is, others enjoy the pained twisted side of him crying out for love from others. But whichever side you’re on, you gotta admit he’s pretty hot, and not just because he’s in a slick business suit.

Each Day, there’s a different style of clothing to put Mr. Master or his ghostly alter-ego into. Whichever one looks better. Just remember to have fun and maybe even get a bit better drawing in the process.

  1. Medieval
  2. Favorite AU
  3. Clothing Swap (Vlad wearing the clothes of another DP character)
  4. Casual
  5. Lingerie
  6. Formal
  7. Pajamas
  8. Swimwear
  9. Favorite Canon Outfit (something he wore in the show)
  10. Traditional/ Stereotypical Non-American wear (Japanese Geisha outfit, Egyptian Pharaoh)
  11. Winter Wear
  12. Red Carpet/Celebrity Wear
  13. Goth
  14. Greaser
  15. Crossover Clothes (dress him in the style of another series OR as another character from another series)
  16. Free Day!!!
  17. Crossdress (different from lingerie in the sense that it has to be some form of women’s outerwear)
  18. Cowboy
  19. Victorian
  20. Hipster
  21. Harajuku street fashion
  22. Urban
  23. Zoot Suit or 1940s
  24. 50s Beatnik
  25. Colonial American or 1700s
  26. Ancient Rome
  27. 1990s Grunge
  28. Sports Wear
  29. Costume/Cosplay
  30. Futuristic
  31. Birthday Suit

Thanks to latte-dah and ghost-chicky for most of the theme ideas

anonymous asked:

(Extra Hero RP) Police and other authorities had surrounded a man in what seemed to be an ancient egyptian outfit "Sir put down the sword!" One officer yelled as the man brandished a large sword.

“W-Whoa!” A 15 year old kid in blue said seeing what’s going on.


Egyptian outfit :

  • Tunic : Padmarashka’s Tunic dyed in True White 
  • Leggins : Rebel Sorcerer’s Leggings ( from Rentus )
  • Shoes : Rebel Sorcerer’s Shoes ( from Rentus )
  • Shoulders : Fierce Skirmisher’s Pauldrons ( from Blood Mark quest reward) dyed in True White 
  • Gloves : Rebel Sorcerer’s Gloves

Accessory :

  • Hat : Danann Divine Hat dyed in True White
  • Weapon : Sunayaka’s jewel ( I wish I had the Vasharti one would have been better with the blue of the hat )