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I started 2016 off with a goddess & wanted to end it with a goddess! 
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One thing that’s bugged me for years is the bad rap that Anubis tends to get in popular culture. Stop passing him the Villain Ball. He ain’t that bad/scary.
…Well, and neither is my depiction of Ammut. 9_9
What a pair.

so I just watched the second Night at the Museum movie for the first time yesterday (almost a decade late, whoops)

and like

has anyone ever explored that ending and what it implies? that at least some, if not all, of the characters were reincarnated at some point like Amelia?

what if somewhere in Asia, there’s a reincarnated Attila? Another Octavius running around in Italy? Jedidiah doing his cowboy thing somewhere in the southern US? what if a reincarnated Sacagawea is living on a reservation somewhere? what if a reincarnated Teddy is still flirting with her?

what if one day at his job as a teacher, Larry notices an immigrant student from Egypt who looks exactly like Ahkmenrah and has to stutter out an apology when the kid notices him gawking?

is this a thing? because it should be a thing.

GOT7: Sexy Zodiac Time 🌚

My BTS version of this got so much love, I figured y’all would like one for GOT7 as well 💞 This is what I think Thot7™️ would be like during sex based on their personalities and 🔮zodiac signs🔮

*This is all based on my intuition/imagination and should be taken light-heartedly


BTS version 🌝

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Isis: Rite of the Night

I hail You and praise You,
Glorious Goddess,
At the end of this day which You granted me.
May my actions within its hours be
judged to be justified,
And my words within its hours found to be true.
Drain from me all ill intent and action;
I offer to You all energy I have locked
In unworthy action or reaction
May tomorrow by Your grace find me
Wiser and my joy in the Universe still greater.
I ask Your welcome now in the Temple;
Accept me this night for rest, for study, and for worship;
Grant me dreams of meaning and the memory to recall them.
Hail to You, Goddess of the Starry pathways,
Hail to You, Goddess of the Deep Black,
Hail to You, Goddess of the Shining Sun at Midnight,
May I partake of Your glory forever.

Ahkmenrah x Reader: The Maid

Warning(s): smut hinted in the end but nothing graphic
A/N: We don’t really know anything about what Ahkmenrah and Kahmunrah were like when they were alive, so this is just my idea of what they were like then. I hope you enjoyed!
Second person’s point of view

You were four years old when the Egyptian army conquered your home. You, your mother and your sisters were taken to Merenkahre’s palace to serve as maids. You don’t remember much from your life before being taken since you were so young then.
Your mother was assigned to serve Shepseheret, the pharaoh’s wife. The queen liked her but she died three years after you got there. You were seven by then, old enough to start learning about serving the royal family. The woman assigned to train you was a very harsh woman with little empathy. Your sisters were eventually gifted to noblemen by the king so it was just you left. When you were fifteen years old you were assigned to be the princes’, Ahkmenrah’s and Kahmunrah’s personal maid.
It was far too much work for one person but your supervisor didn’t really care. You had to wash their clothes, clean both of their chambers every week, take their breakfast to bed if they decided not to join their family at the tables and complete other tasks given to you by them.
Ahkmenrah was always nice to you, though he rarely spoke to you and when he did he just gave you tasks. But he always asked nicely, unlike his brother who would give you harsh orders and make nasty comments.
Currently, you were cleaning Kahmunrah’s chambers when he and his brother entered the room. It was odd seeing them together, especially in private. The policy was not to speak to the royal family unless you’re spoken to so you just redirected your gaze to the tiles you were cleaning.
You were about to finish cleaning the floor when Kahmunrah spilled his wine all over the white and blue tiles. Your jaw almost dropped, but you stopped it in time. You took a deep breath and wandered over to them to clean up the mess. The older prince chuckled at his “prank” and continued his conversation with his brother. When you were finished you stood up and bowed. You were about to leave the chambers when Kahmunrah’s annoying voice cut through the air.

“Not so fast, sweet cheeks! Bring in some more wine!”
“Yes, sir.”, you nodded politely and exited the room.

Before you could close the door you would have sworn that you actually heard Ahkmenrah saying “You shouldn’t talk to a lady that way!”

*time skip*

A few months later Merenkahre died. When the princes found out that he made Ahkmenrah his legal heir Kahmunrah was furious. He broke nearly everything in his chambers that you were left in charge to clean up. Since the pharaoh had his very own chamber maid another girl was assigned to Ahkmenrah. It was like that for a week when requested you to be his maid again and gave the new girl to his brother who became even more irritable since he was stripped of his throne.
One day you were cleaning Ahkmenrah’s room while he was sitting on his balcony, looking at his kingdom. You were surprised when you heard him calling your name. You hurried to stand by his side.

“You called, pharaoh?”, you asked while bowing.
“Yes, (Y/N). Tell me, isn’t it a pretty sight to behold?”, he asked.

You assumed he was still looking at the landscape before him but actually he had his eyes on you. You nodded and muttered and awestruck yes. He smirked, gently taking your hand in his. You flinched at the unexpected contract.

“I was looking at you, my love.”, he smiled.
“Oh.”, you looked down, “I… I don’t know what to say.”
“I was in love with you ever since you were assigned to be my maid when you were fifteen and I was seventeen. I want you to be my queen.”
“But I’m only a maid.”
“You don’t have to be anymore.”

He took you into his arms, kissing you deeply. He made love to you for the first time that night. You were supposed to announce your plan to marry the following week but you never got to do that. He died that following night, of suspected poisoning. As it was customary five of his servants were killed and buried with him, you among them.

*time skip to the time between the first and second movie*

Ahkmenrah had a lot of friends in the museum but he still couldn’t forget you, the love of his life. The most vivid memory he had from the time he was alive were the ones about you. He was lonely, even when he had all his friends with him. For a while, he felt like they were trying to hide something from him. One night, when he awoke the museum was surprisingly quiet. He walked to the main hall where most on his friends usually were. Sacajawea, Teddy, Larry and Nicky were already waiting for him.

“We have a surprise for you!”, the young boy said.
“An archeologist found another mummy in your tomb, on a lower level of it. She was brought here today and she’s still in the storage room.”, Larry said.

His eyes lit up as he practically ran to the storage room. He saw a sarcophagus in the middle of the room. It was clearly a servant’s and there was clearly a woman inside it, based on the voices. He took out the piece that held it in place, then the lid flew off. His heart fluttered at the sight of you. Frightened (e/c) eyes were looking into his blue ones.

“Ahk?”, you whispered.
“It’s me, my love.”, he pulled you into his arms, spinning you around.

He held you close to him, kissing you deeply. You only pulled away when you heard the residents of the museum clapping for you two.