egyptian gods and goddesses

Can we talk about American Gods? We really have a dark-skin black woman playing a Biblical Queen and a Love Goddess. We have Black People portraying Egyptian Gods. The lead of the show is black. They have West African Gods being portrayed on mainstream media. Seeing black people’s mythology and history represented on screen by black actors is a big thing. People aren’t even aware of nor regard the several figures in Abrahamic religions being African. .

Nut Aesthetic

Nut was the Egyptian sky-goddess, whose body created a canopy over the earth. Her body arches across the sky, wearing a dress decorated with stars. She was the sister and wife of Geb, the god of the Earth. She was also the mother of Isis, Osiris, Nepthys and Seth. The ancient Egyptians believed that at the end of the day, Nut swallowed the sun god, Ra, and gave birth to him again the next morning.

isis · goddess of magic

As the wife of Osiris, Isis assisted her husband during his earthly reign. In the Pyramid Texts, allusions are made that indicate that Isis foresaw her husband’s murder. Following his death, Isis tirelessly searched for his body so that he may be properly buried and may rest in peace in the Underworld. Through her magic, she brought Osiris back to life so that he could impregnate her with their son Horus. Isis was a great magician and is famous for the use of her magical skills. For example, she created the first cobra and used it’s venomous bite to coerce Re into revealing his secret name.

Personality Types (MBTI) & Gods and Goddesses

INFP - Anubis (egyptian god of the dead)
INTJ - Hades (greek god of the underworld)
ISFP - Nu-Wa (chinese goddess of mankind, marriage and mud)
ISFJ - Chalchiuhtlicue (aztec goddess of water)
ENFP - Apollo (greek god of the sun, music, poetry and art)
ENTJ - Zeus (greek god of the sky and king of gods)
ESFP - Freya (norse goddess of love, fFertility and sexual desire)
ESFJ - Guan-Yu (chinese god of war)
INFJ - Tezcatlipoca (aztec god of night, death and temptation)
ISTJ - Set (egyptian god of chaos and storms)
INTP - Thoth (egyptian god of art, science, astronomy and literature)
ISTP - Artemis (greek goddess of the moon and the hunt)
ENFJ - Guan-Yin (chinese goddess of compassion and caring)
ESTJ - Athena (greek goddess of war and wisdom)
ENTP - Loki (norse god of mischief)
ESTP - Thor (norse god of lightning)


Mythology Moodboard Isis

Egyptian Goddess of Magic, Life, and Wisdom.

“Her best known story illustrates why she is simultaneously known as a creation goddess and a goddess of destruction.”

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sekhmet · goddess of war and destruction

Sekhmet was the lioness-headed goddess of war and destruction. She was the sister and wife of Ptah. She was created by the fire of Re’s eye. Re created her as a weapon of vengence to destroy men for their wicked ways and disobedience to him. She is generally portrayed as a woman with the head of a lioness surmounted by the solar disk and the uraeus. The name “Sekhmet” comes from the root sekhem which means “to be strong, mighty, violent”. She was identified with the goddess Bastet, and they were called the Goddesses of the West (Sekhmet) and the East (Bastet). Both were shown with the heads of lionesses

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