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155. This is really weird, but I always pictured Percy having a younger sister (from a different mother) who is blonde and is descended from both Egyptian and Greek. She’s basically a magician like Carter and Sadie, but her Greek magic she inherited from Poseidon causes her magic to affect herself and others differently. She has a hand mirror given to her by Hecate that belonged to the Egyptain goddes Hathor (Egyptian version of a mix of Hera/Aphrodite) and Iris. The spirit in the mirror is named Akkiki, and he annoys the heck out of Mr. D and Chiron, because he pops up in every mirror everywhere.

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Miami’s Gods and Monsters Challenge

I turn 21 on the 26th October, and I wanted a way to celebrate because I have two two hour lectures on my Birthday… which is no fun. Particularly for a 21st Birthday. 

Soo, I decided to run a challenge! Thus, my Gods and Monsters Challenge was born!

Below the cut are two lists.
One list consists of 20 Gods/Monsters, the other is a list of 20 Prompts.
- Pick One God/Monster and One Prompt.
- Send me an ASK with your chosen God/Monster and Prompt, alongside the character you wish to use.
- Supernatural Only. It can be any character from the show.
- No duplicates. Only one of each Character per monster. (So if someone already claimed Sam with a werewolf, no one else can use Sam with a werewolf.)
- Your piece must have some reference to the God/Monster. This can be in anyway (ie: they could be the reader, the antagonist, lending a hand, etc…)
- You can include angst, smut, fluff, etc… there’s no restrictions here.
- Entries must be reader insert only.
- You must use the tags ‘Miami’s Gods and Monsters Challenge’ and ‘Miami’s Birthday Challenge’ in the first 5 tags.
- Submission Deadline is October 31st.
- There are no word count restrictions! It can be as long or as short as you want!
- If you need an extension, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m not gunna say no.
- Contact me if you have any questions or concerns!
- Reblog for a signal boost, even if you can’t/don’t want to participate! (Not essential, but it would be incredibly appreciated!)

I will be updating this post periodically. 


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