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Commonly referred to as the River Sphinx, the Nile mermaid was once a revered, respectfully feared and auspicious inhabitant of the Nile River. Believed to be the consorts and companions to the Egyptian god Hapi, River Sphinxes were considered demigods of prosperity. Their presence in the Nile was an indicator of the rivers health. Along with the nilometer of Elephantine, the priests would monitor the River Sphinx’s behavior as a precursor and omen of flood or famine in the Nile.  

Unlike many of their European relatives, the River Sphinx is communal, living in family groups made up almost entirely of females. While each unit does have a single siring male, the unit is governed by matriarchal law. Adolescent males tend to school together until they are breech into a pod or create a new one. Family units can be found throughout the Nile river feeding on fish, waterfowl and have even been known to hunt down caiman.

A little throwback on how my Anubis piece were painted from start to finish.  For @FoxTaleGames ’s Tempest: Shards of the Gods tcg.
174 screenshots over some 6 months span(don’t even remember anymore) around mid 2016 last year. The effort was strenuous, gruesome and challenged one’s patience time and time again(lots of burn out from it too). I kept switching between multiple projects in order to push through it till the end.

It taught me endurance and pushes the boundary with unyielding force. The push would not be possible without advises and encouragement from friends and art directors alike. With every girth of energy one puts into the self, it is repaid in experience.

I definitely recommend everyone to balance long and short projects hand in hand, to keep pushing for experience and better understandings of our chosen fields.
Have a nice night everyone.
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So this one is done ! o/ By the way, finding the correct place for the ibis was a real pain in the *** ^^“

Pretty happy how it turned out as I wanted something more refined, essentially based on symbols more than a very detailed composition. However I like Mercurio’s expression and costume here, they suit him well, it is somehow interesting to see who he really was during his past, before becoming a god-like being without any kind of human behaviour.