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STORYTIME: A few months ago, when I decided to add DEITIES artwork to my eternally-WIP portfolio site, I realized that the best way to save gallery space, was to combine the pairs of colors tests onto a single canvas. Doing so helped condense the image count for that portion of my gallery and even tidy up some layouts, and I ended up liking the results!  

However, I debated for the longest time whether or not the updated color tests were worth posting again since… I’m essentially sharing fairly old artwork in a different format >> But then I figured ehh, why not. At least for this version, everyone can view their deity- and animal forms side by side, and this one can be directly linked to the blog from the start o)7

With that said, I did cut out a few details from some of them to make them fit, so anyone can view the original deity forms HERE and the animal forms HERE.

Additionally, all the character designs are being gradually “updated” as I practice drawing them. Their respective tags, along with a larger supporting cast of deities, can be found on the Characters page of the project blog.

At some point, I hope to revisit these and draw updated references and/or model sheet for the main cast. But until then feel free to view and share these early color tests, and thanks again for everyone’s continued support!

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Ancient Astronauts depicted in cave art tens of thousands of years old

Evidence of ancient aliens can be found in the ancient cave paintings from around the world. Hundreds of unexplained images have been discovered on every continent, and many of these clearly represent alien creatures, alien space crafts, and other unexplained objects or out of place technology

Commonly referred to as the River Sphinx, the Nile mermaid was once a revered, respectfully feared and auspicious inhabitant of the Nile River. Believed to be the consorts and companions to the Egyptian god Hapi, River Sphinxes were considered demigods of prosperity. Their presence in the Nile was an indicator of the rivers health. Along with the nilometer of Elephantine, the priests would monitor the River Sphinx’s behavior as a precursor and omen of flood or famine in the Nile.  

Unlike many of their European relatives, the River Sphinx is communal, living in family groups made up almost entirely of females. While each unit does have a single siring male, the unit is governed by matriarchal law. Adolescent males tend to school together until they are breech into a pod or create a new one. Family units can be found throughout the Nile river feeding on fish, waterfowl and have even been known to hunt down caiman.


My half of an art trade with Villyre! They asked for Egyptian designs of Ladybug and Chat Noir.

I had a lot of fun doing these! I got to research loads of Egyptian clothing and weapons and incorporate them into my designs! I know they’re most likely not 100% historically accurate, but I still really enjoyed doing them ^_^

EDIT: Check out Villyre’s half IT’S SO ADORABLE

Judge, jury and executioners. A quick sketch.

I’m in love with the Egyptian ladybug’s design and I am a full supporter of the Egyptian Chat Noir’s ability to actually become a lion. I saw that somewhere around here, but I can’t say where.