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Nut Aesthetic

Nut was the Egyptian sky-goddess, whose body created a canopy over the earth. Her body arches across the sky, wearing a dress decorated with stars. She was the sister and wife of Geb, the god of the Earth. She was also the mother of Isis, Osiris, Nepthys and Seth. The ancient Egyptians believed that at the end of the day, Nut swallowed the sun god, Ra, and gave birth to him again the next morning.

The Evolution of box braids

Box braids didn’t become popular until the early 80′s when the GOAT Patrice Rushen took to the R&B and jazz scene

But at the time, they weren’t really called “box braids.” They were individual braids inspired by North African cultural aesthetics, especially Egyptian. However, box braids have their roots in our home region, West Africa as well.

Early on, you saw a peep of these beautiful, intricate hairstyle in the late 70′s from the female singers in Oddysey and S.O.S. Band

I believe both singers from these bands appeared with these hairstyles in the year 1977. So box braids have been here in African-American culture for a LONG time. It just didn’t really become a fad until the early 90′s because before then, these hairstyles were looked at as “trippy” Afrocentric hairstyles that artists would wear to get in touch with their African roots. The 80′s was a time where a lot of African-American artists’ fashion were inspired by West and North African roots.

 At the turn of the decade, you began to see box braids become more mainstream with Janet Jackson, Naomi Campbell’s ethereal ass, rapper Yo-Yo, and Jada Pinkett Smith.

Then in the mid 90′s, Stacey Dash makes braids en vogue by sporting the famous look in Clueless.

All the middle to upper-class girl caught on to box braids because of this but who should really get credit is the incomparable, Brandy Norwood!

Ask for “Moesha” at the hair salon, and it was say no more.

Mariah’s white-passing ass tried them on for size in her Thank God I Found You remix video and they looked dope!

And then here comes sexy stemme Alicia Keys bringing back our great-great-great North African ancestry in 2001

She made cornrows cool for all the black girls in grade school!

And I almost forgot! Beyonce really made kinky twists hot in the early ‘00s as well

Always looking like somebody’s cool redbone cousin rollin’ up at the family cookout 

Then Christina Aguilera tried to join in on the fun, but we said, “Nah, sweetie. You Latinx but you not afro honey. But you look cute sis”

*fast forward to several years later*

Unfortunately, box braids were no longer as popular as they were in the early ‘00s. Bad, synthetic weaves dyed a tacky brown were in from 2004-2008.

But in early 2013, box braids had a revival!

Thank you, Keri Hilson! You may not be shit, but you did that thing! I always said you was my hair-fashion icon tho. I can’t stunt on you.

We had Zoe Kravitz make braids cool for the edgy, sarcastic and loner black girls like me!

Soon, we saw so many pictures of black girls modeling box braids on Tumblr and Instagram!

Solange soon rocks these braids because she’s hip and poppin’

Then Christina Milan being Afro-Latina, she had to get in on this

Even Tia or Tamera

Soon, these 90′s R&B girls came back for a reunion with their beautiful, braided locs!

We all saw Ayesha Curry try to butter up to the black female community by taking an adorable selfie with her mama 

Now we got Instagram models and actresses making braids en vogue!

(Babyhairs aren’t mandatory and I recommend women with type 4 hair to get these styles. If you are under, I wouldn’t keep these in for very long)

So now box braids are everywhere, and they are the go-to for a black girl’s protective style, especially if they have my hair type! But anyone who is black and of African descent can wear them. You don’t have to have tightly-coiled hair to wear these, but they are what the styles are intended for since the hair is apt for them. 

 And notice something else; none of these styles were coined or invented by white or non-black women. They were all made and adorned by black women. And Patrice Rushen is the Godmother of protective styles. Don’t whitewash these!

Painted wooden box from Ancient Egypt, used to hold either ushabtis or canopic jars.  On the side shown, the goddesses Isis and Nephthys venerate a djed-pillar (representing the backbone of Osiris).  Artist unknown; ca. 850-700 BCE (Third Intermediate Period).  Now in the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore.  Photo credit: Walters Art Museum.

~ Paint Box.
Culture: Egyptian
Date: 1302–1070 B.C.
Medium: Ceramic and pigment cakes

From the source: Animal images were used to decorate a range of objects in ancient Egypt. This paint box is unique in being made of ceramic and bearing a sliding lid whose grip is whimsically decorated with a creature resembling a rodent. The hollow well held water to moisten the brush and the cakes of yellow ochre, Egyptian blue, calcium carbonate for white, hematite and some calcium carbonate for red, plain hematite for dark red, and two charcoal blacks. Artists used such pigments to decorate tomb and temple walls and statuary. Only a few of these paint boxes survive from ancient Egypt.

Thoth Hides the Book of Thoth

“Ah, how shall I do it? Oh, I know… I’ll put the book in a box; a lovely golden box. And then I’ll put that box in a box, and then I’ll put that box inside of another box, and then I’ll hide it at the bottom of the Nile, and if anyone finds it—AHAHAHA!I’ll kill their entire family!

thekyuusanna said: Damnit now I’m very very tempted to just reblog it with said word as my only response FFFFFFFFFFFFF

NO. Sgsga I hate it so much. You guys have something very similar, it’s called Surströmming I believe. 8C

Every sham El nessim, without fail, Egyptians everywhere bring a box full of feseekh and the smell of rotten fish lingers everywhere. I mean- they bring less smelly and yummy stuff too but everyone has to nudge you and go “soooo how much feseekh did you have? ;))”


This wasn’t fair.

See, this was how it was supposed to work.  Bucky was going off to join the Foreign Legions, make enough money for a good nest egg or so, hell, maybe find some actual fucking treasure, bring it home to Steve and they’d live happily ever after.

The original plan was Epic Pining until Steve found himself a classy, sweet girl who’d see Steve for the exceptional fella that he always was and maybe Bucky would bury his broken heart and find a girl of his own and it was a Good Plan.  It was a Smart Plan, considering the times.  Except Steve put the kibosh on that Plan by crawling into his lap and kissing the breath out of him and okay, nope, the new Plan was that they were going to Paris or basically all over the world and maybe they still couldn’t be married but they’d pretty much make a go of it together. 

So Bucky leaves Steve with his cousin Tony, because Steve is an aspiring archaeologist and the Starks have connections to all these academic communities and stuff.  Steve was going to be safe in a library with all the ancient books and history and Bucky could rest easy that his adored, trouble-prone punk could actually stay out of danger, because, hey, library.  What was dangerous about that?

He spoke too soon.

So Tony Stark, that obnoxious, cheating little prick, wins the ancient Egyptian puzzle box off Bucky in a poker game.  Bucky had meant to give it to Steve but Cousin Tony beats him to it and of course, of course, Steve’s the one who figures out the puzzle box and finds the map to the lost city of Hamunaptra.  Steve wants to drag Bucky along into this adventure across the desert, to find ancient books, as if there weren’t enough damn books in the library already!

“Think of the knowledge, Bucky!” Steve wheedled.  “All that ancient lore, the history!  That’s a treasure worth more than gold.”

“Sign me up for the gold, ‘coz.  You can keep all the books you want,” Tony volunteered.

“Shut up."  Bucky tried to stand his ground.  He was not going to give in to big blue eyes and a grumpy pout.  "We are not going.  Cursed place.  Across the desert.  If we don’t die of thirst, God only knows what kind of ancient Egyptian ghosts or ghoulies or whatever we’ll be waking up in that place!  We ain’t goin’!”

Steve crosses his arms and sets his jaw in that familiar way that means Trouble and Fuck It All We’re Doing the Thing.    “Ancient Egyptian superstition.  Plus, people are already shooting at us for having this box alone.  I ain’t gonna get run off by bullies, Buck.”

Yeah.  There you go.  Fuck it all we’re doing the thing - Bucky sighed, mentally reviewed where they could get themselves the best gear with Tony’s money and finally said, “You’re a punk, you know that?”

“Jerk.  Disappear without a word for three months, not even giving me a letter to let me know you ain’t dead.  The idea was that you survive to come back to me, remember?”

“Oh, here we go.  Lovebirds a'twittering!  I am OUT of here,” Tony flounced out, which was a blessing, because that meant Bucky could stride over and lift his idiot punk up for kisses.  For once, Steve didn’t punch his shoulder for the manhandling and just winds his arms around Bucky’s neck, kisses back with everything he’s got. 

“We’re going, then?” Steve asks, a bit breathless and prettily flushed but still determined.

“We are and you promise me that you are not going to run off to get yourself killed.  Death by Egyptian ghoulies - Christ, Steve, only you could get into that kind of mess.”

Steve grinned.  “I promise.  Just don’t go get yourself killed either.  End of the line, remember?”

“For richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish…”

“James Buchanan Barnes, are you actually proposing to me?”

Bucky grinned.  “I’ll get around to it as soon as I have a ring to give you.”

Bucky will get around to proposing, eventually.  They just had an Undead Mummy to deal with first.

- tbc -

Note:  I CRACK WHAT I WANT.  Also after this post, I had to put my money where my mouth is.  Hello, trippypeas!

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Omg you post the best stuff, i cant get enough of your account. Ive scolled all the way down to the original post about the Egyptian mystery box. I think im dying.... (youre great!!)

I appreciate this a lot but I regret to inform you that the Egyptian box post is not the original post on this blog. While it is a noteworthy post, there’s actually about 4 or 5 years worth of pre-box posts for you to sift thru that are absolute garbage, should you dare. Have fun and enjoy your stay!


Egyptian Polychrome Box Dedicated to Osiris, Anubis and Khepri, 26th Dynasty, C. 662-525 BC

This wooden box is covered in polychrome gesso with four major panels dedicated to Osiris, Anubis (twice), and Khepri. The box was made for Lady ‘Setja-imen-kewai’(?). The hieroglyphic text has been translated as follows: Panel with the jackal facing right: Recitation by Anubis [damage] he (says): I have come to you, o Osiris Setja-imen-kewai(?) justified, in order to [damage] you. “to do something to you” (where “something” is a verb that is damaged in the text)].- Panel with the beetle: Recitation by Khepri [damage] self, Osiris Setja-imen-kewai(?) [damage].- Panel with the jackal facing left: Recitation by Anubis(?) [damage], Osiris Setja-imen-[damage]. - Panel with the face: Recitation by the Osiris Setja-imen-kewai (?): your limbs (?) are alive, they are your eye (?) of [unclear].

Ankha Giveaway

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Ankha the snooty Egyptian cat is in boxes in my my cycling town! She’s not one of my dreamies so I’m gonna try and make someone else happy and give her away!

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She should be mostly original, I haven’t interacted with her at all.

I’ll pick a winner Thursday, around 5pm using, the winner will have 24 hours to respond and then I’ll be redrawing.

Please don’t just turn around and trade her, I want to be able to give someone their dream villager!