egypt room


Self Love Story Time  ♡

I bought the girls a new book at the mall today. Y’all heard of it? 

I make sure my babies love every inch of themselves - especially their hair. So tonight, I sent them to sleepy land with a message of self love and self worth. 

My beautiful little chocolate drops - you are made of all the Black Girl Magic.

Night night ♡


Today, Latvia was attending the conference.

During a presentation by Egypt, there was a sudden power blackout.

When the power came back on, it was discovered that there were numerous symbols, numbers and untranslatable writing gouged deeply into all four walls and the ceiling of the conference room.

Latvia is now terrified, along with everybody else.

okay, just hear me out:

they definitely re-wrote the natm3 script. and when they did, they changed a lot of the scenes that involved ahk to involve dexter??? like okay just think about this for a minute okay.

this is ahk’s tablet that’s breaking, the mission directly involves him. my guess is that there were supposed to be a lot of parallels between larry and lancelot. like when the tablet is almost entirely corroded and everyone collapses? larry’s supposed to run to ahk’s side, not dexter’s, and then lance says something about realizing everything too late and being sorry and not realizing larry was on a quest for his own king, and it was about the people, not the object. larry saves them and is delighted everyone’s still alive, but obviously has the most concern for the exhibit that was literally fucking decomposing before his eyes. and lance is all weepy about loyalty etc.

and then the scene between larry and dexter as they say goodbye (in the EMPTY EGYPT ROOM??? OVER THE EMPTY PLACE WHERE AHK’S SARCOPHAGUS USED TO BE??? COME ON) is supposed to be between ahk and larry too, because if you notice in the final cut they never get a proper goodbye. they rewrote the scenes to be about dexter because why not? animals are sympathetic creatures and they add levity to otherwise heavy situations.

my guess is ahk came back with them for whatever reason (probably to collect the remaining pieces of his exhibit) and has a proper goodbye with larry (probably doesn’t include the kissing but okay whatever) that hints at it not really being goodbye.

like im serious. not to be weird or anything but if you take those scenes and put ahk in dexter’s place the whole script feels a whole lot more complete, and the movie feels like it really fleshes out the arcs about loyalty & familial dynamics that it’s supposed to? like i guarantee ahk had a bigger presence (just like he was supposed to in natm2) and someone read it over and was like ‘nah it’s too gay even though this movie is supposed to be about ahk let’s have him play second banana to a fucking monkey bc less gay’. 

i don’t have facts i am totally a conspiracy theorist, but think about it. makes sense.