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Name: Karim
Age: 16
Country: Egypt

I’m karim, I’m a boy and I live in Cairo, Egypt. I’m looking forward to making internet friends who I can talk about my favorite tv shows with (Grey’s Anatomy, Suits, American Horror Story, 13 Reasons Why, The Strain), And also practice English. I can help you learn Arabic if you want. Moreover, I love music so much and I listen to The NBHD, Nirvana, Pink Floyd, The beatles, The Who and many more.

Preferences: 18 and under. I prefer online communication.


Bill’s younger brother shows up in a whirlwind of flailing, incoherent shouting and with limbs trembling even as the Auror dragged him to a secluded area before hastily erecting a privacy bubble. “I thought you didn’t have time off to visit until-” he starts to say.

Ron flails a bit more and now Bill can see his brother was holding a letter, “THAT’S NOT IMPORTANT RIGHT NOW!

“Did you just leave?” Bill sputters because his brother loved his job, for him to leave when he was on duty to visit - though… “Did you just Apparate to Egypt!?

The letter was waved in his face, “NOT IMPORTANT!” Ron bellows at him, “DRAGON! AT! HOGWARTS! CHARLIE!

“Let me see if I got this right,” he says, voice forcibly clam because one of them has to and clearly it wasn’t going to be his brother. “Charlie wrote to you about a dragon at Hogwarts-” Ron nodded rapidly and Bill guessed, because it was Charlie and it wasn’t the first time something like this had happened - it had probably been too much to hope that this particular habit wouldn’t pop up at Hogwarts. "-that he’s hiding from the teachers and now he wants our help to ‘free’ it into it’s natural habitat?“

Ron manages to keep from yelling though his words come out as loud and chocked, ”How? Dragon! How?!

”…I have no idea.“ Bill admitted, earning a kind of groaning shriek of dismay.

He was taught to deal with fearsome goblins, horrible curses and lethal traps - not dragons.

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Name: Lujain
Age: 15
Country: Egypt

hello! my name is lujain, i’m 15 and a junior in high school. i’ve always been interested in the idea of having a penpal so i thought i’d give this a shot.

i’m open to anyone and i’m pretty much willing to talk about absolutely anything. i’m mainly interested in astronomy and linguistics. i’m fluent in arabic and english and i’m currently studying french.

Preferences: 15+
i don’t really have any specific preferences but i’d love to meet someone from france as i’m currently learning french + it’s where i want to attend uni. as for forms of communication i’m fine with anything :)

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This 176 page book of Sam Winchester love and appreciation was given to Jared Padalecki at the DC convention, July 26th.  100 people from the United States, Russia, England, Ireland, Mexico, Brazil, Romania, Turkey, Czeh, and Egypt contributed their love letters to Sam Winchester, their hero and inspiration.

Jared carefully picked up the book and looked through the pages, then he looked back at me with those incredible beautiful eyes of his and softly said, “thank you”.  I said “thank you” and showed him my Always Keep Fighting flyer and where I wanted him to sign. I was in the autograph line and didn’t want to hold up the line and said “thank you” again to Jared when he finished signing and I quickly left, more like I was flew away on cloud nine.  I’m pretty sure I wasn’t bouncing out the Theater room like a meme cat on an invisible pogo stick.

In every arabic course, you will always find your teacher telling you to be always careful on how you spell or write the letters, and in tajweed, how you should be pronouncing the letters and words. 

Why? because the Qur'an is the words of Allah and that with some mispronunciation and wrong spelling the meaning of the arabic word can change, I remember my teacher would always tell me this example:

Qalb[heart] and Kalb[dog], only one letter difference and yet the meanings are too far from each other. 

Why am I sharing this? It’s because this was how keen the Sahabah Radiyallahu Anhum were in regards to their spelling, writing and the arabic calligraphy.

You will always find in history books that ‘Umar Ibn Al Khattab rebuked people who made mistakes in their arabic writings. 

He appointed scribes who were experts in their fields. We all know how they have different expertise and the Caliphs just like the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam made use of each Muslims’ expertise.

Abu Musa Al-Ashari once wrote a letter to 'Umar, and 'Umar wrote to him, “Your scribe made a mistake, you should rebuke him.”

Ibn Al Jawzi narrated once that 'Amr Ibn Al-'As when he became governor of Egypt, he sent a letter to 'Umar, which contained the word 'Bismillah’ with the letter 'seen’ missing in it. 

'Umar wrote back, “Punish your scribe who made this mistake.”

Subhan'Allah. If you are a student of 'ilm or you are studying arabic you should feel little relief that the teachers are not as stern as 'Umar was. 

But see, the effect of the sturdiness of 'Umar on the Muslims brought out the best of them, they became more careful and more thorough on all their works. 

Hence, Muslims were very keen to their language, arabic indeed is a hard language to learn but very fulfilling once we have, the results it gives are very rewarding, one of those is the khushoo it gives during salah. 

Alhamdulillah. We should also realize that books were not yet available during the time of the Sahabah Radiyallahu Anhum, they would be taught verbally, they would need to travel to one city to another to learn, while nowadays, learning arabic has been made so easy for us yet very few try to learn. Astagfirullah.

And we pray that with this story, Allah Azza Wa Jall brings about a change in our hearts and start to be motivated to learn the language of the Qur'an with the intention of becoming closer to Him and understanding His beautiful deen.



Story: Manaaqib 'Umar, Ibn Al-Jawzi

Dear Harry,Happy birthday! Look, I’m really sorry about that telephone call. I hope the Muggles didn’t give you hard time. I asked Dad, and he reckons I shouldn’t have shouted.

It’s amazing here in Egypt. Bill's taken us around all the tombs and you wouldn’t believe the curses those old Egyptian wizards put on them. Mum wouldn’t let Ginny come in the last one. There were all these mutant skeletons in there, of Muggles who’d broken in and grown extra heads and stuff.

I couldn’t believe it when Dad won the Daily Prophet Draw. Seven hundred galleons! Most of it’s gone on this trip, but they’re going to buy me a new wand for next year.

We’ll be back about a week before term starts and we’ll be going up to London to get my wand and our new books. Any chance of meeting you there? Don’t let the Muggles get you down!

Try and come to London,

P.S. Percy's Head Boy. He got the letter last week.