egypt and nubia

blue-green glazed faience amulet of the Eye Goddess, the “Eye of Ra”, represented winged, lioness-headed and wearing the Solar disk with the uraeus; the wings bend sharply downward, and on each arm is an uraeus with horns and the Solar disk.
From the Pyramid (pyramid 51) of a Queen of King Piankhy (ca. 743–712 BCE), Royal Necropolis of Napata, Kush (Nubia). Now in the Museum of Fine Arts of Boston…..


Some of the worlds oldest pyramids are situated in modern day Sudan and last winter I went to see them for myself. Most of them have been destroyed by the Italians who blew the tops up inorder to steal the gold inside. 

The other photos are people we met during the long drive to the pyramids of Al Bajraweiya, Sudan. 

Pt. 1

Photos @enragedblackkid/ @emotionalblackkid


One of the most exquisite works at the National Archaeology Museum in Athens. The intricate inlaid wire patterns cover her body in patterns perfectly fit for body tattoos.

Statue of the princess-priestess Takushit Copper alloy hollow cast Late Period, end of 25th Dynasty, ca. 670 BC The long, diaphanous robe, which is decorated all over with incised patterns that were filled with precious metal wires (technique of damasking), accentuates the beautifully shaped, sensuous body.