Jehan Sadat (b. 1933) was the First Lady of Egypt between 1970 and 1981, and used her position of power and influence to better the lives of millions in her country. She was highly influential in the reformation of civil rights laws in Egypt, particularly those concerning the rights of women, such as alimony and custody of children.

She has founded a number of organisations aimed at helping the poor and disadvantaged; these include the Faith and Hope Rehabilitation Center, which offers medical and training services to disabled veterans, and the Arab-African Women’s League. Additionally, she was an active participant in the creation of the Egyptian Blood Bank and the Egyptian Society for Cancer Patients, among others.

Memphis (منف‎‎) was the ancient capital of Aneb-Hetch of Lower Egypt. Its ruins are located near Mit Rahina, 20 km from Giza. According to legend, it was founded by the pharaoh Menes. Capital of Egypt during the Old Kingdom, it remained important throughout ancient Mediterranean history as it occupied a strategic position at the mouth of the Nile delta. Its port harbored a high density of workshops, factories, and warehouses that distributed food and merchandise throughout the Ancient Kingdom. During its golden age, Memphis thrived as a regional center for commerce, trade & religion. Its history is closely linked to that of Egypt itself. Its eventual downfall is believed to be due to the loss of economic significance, following the rise of coastal Alexandria. Its religious significance also diminished after the abandonment of the ancient religion following the Edict of Thessalonica. Its ruins today show fragmented evidence of the past that have been preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. It’s open to the public as an open-air museum.


4,200 Year Old Egyptian Temple Discovered

Scattered throughout modern Egypt are many ancient temples which are famous for their splendor and historical significance. The perfect example of one of these breathtaking displays of luxury is the Temple of Hathor. Built around 2250 BC, the artwork that runs throughout the building is remarkably well kept, despite being thousands and thousands of years old. As the main temple within the significant Dendera Temple complex, it is known for being one of the best-preserved sites in all of Egypt.


Syrian kids deserve a chance to feel the childish joy of running out of their houses at the sound of an ice cream truck and buying ice cream

Pakistani kids deserve the chance to go to an amusement park and feel the rush of the wind in their face as they try the biggest rollercoaster in the park

Afghan kids deserve a day to sleep in and wake up lazily to the warm glow of the sun and the sound of happy voices coming from downstairs

A young Iraqi girl deserves the chance to discover the amazing world of cake decorating and realize that she was born to decorate incredibly stunning cakes

A boy from Uganda deserves to fulfill his dream of becoming a singer because his whole family and all his neighbours always praise his beautiful voice

A little Somali girl deserves to know all the different art mediums that exist so she can explore her God given talents as an artist and mesmerize everyone with her work

A brown man enslaved in Kuwait deserves to wake up early and surprise his wife with breakfast in bed and to hold her in his arms

A little boy in North Korea deserves to feel the nervous excitement as he gets on a plane to fulfill his dream of traveling the world

A Palestinian girl deserves her chance to stun the world with her superior acting skills, a surefire Oscar winner if the world ever knew it

A Kashmiri boy deserves a chance to delve into the world of literature and be the greatest poet we ever knew

A Native girl in Canada deserves to find out she’s an amazing swimmer and fulfill her dream of one day competing in the Olympics

A Sudani boy deserves to feel the excitement of seeing a magic trick for the first time and then putting on his own little magic show for the neighborhood

An Egyptian girl deserves to find out she can make the best blueberry muffins you ever tasted and she opens her own bakery to discover she’s a talented businesswoman as well

A black boy in America deserves the chance to graduate from his dream law school and become the best humanitarian lawyer to practice

A Nigerian boy deserves the chance to wake up at dawn and go on a beach trip with his friends so they can catch the sunrise and stare in awe at the explosion of colours against the sky

A Yemeni girl deserves to feel the exhaustion after spending an entire day doing dares with her friends and she goes to sleep with a smile on her face

If they were born on this planet, they were meant to be here. Everyone deserves a chance at a life. They deserve to know peace.

The daily struggles of the children around the world should include arguing with their parents about not wearing a sweater because it’s not that cold out, not making sure they live to see another day.

Everyone deserves a chance at life.

Do what you can to save humanity. Change starts with you.