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The bromides which they holding a star also the TRIGNAL’S LIVE TOUR “SECRET GARAGE” BROMIDES THE COMPLETE ONES (Osaka, Fukuoka & Yokohama)


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Be My Steady
  • Be My Steady
  • ギャラクシー・スタンダード(西星学園)、諏訪怜治(cv:宮野真守)、黛 静馬(cv:平川大輔)、千代松万太郎(cv:江口拓也)、妹尾 匡(cv:鈴木達央)、黛 遊馬(cv:小野友樹)、奥村 楓(cv:豊永利行)
  • TVアニメ「プリンス・オブ・ストライド オルタナティブ」エンディングテーマ「Be My Steady」 - EP

Full version of Be My Steady by Galaxy Standard (CV: Miyano Mamoru, Hirakawa Daisuke, Eguchi Takuya, Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Ono Yuki, & Toyonaga Toshiyuki) // DL / listen here if audio dies or here

Miyano Mamoru urged Eguchi Takuya to take the first bite of Fukuyama Jun’s birthday celebration cake during an event. Despite Egu’s loud protest — “WHY ME? There’s A LOT of women around! WHY ME??!!” — he still came forward  to receive the cake.

JunJun cut a small piece with a fork and hold it up, ready to spoon feed Egu. Audience laughed while another seiyuu made a remark, “It looks like a wedding…”, making Egu screamed again, “WHY MEE???”

Mamo tried to resonate with him, but Egu still looked displeased. And right on the moment Egu opened his mouth, ready to eat the cake, Miyano Mamoru, the one who convinced him at the beginning to take the first bite of JunJun’s cake; shoved him aside and steal the cake!

Mamo looked so pleased with himself. He gave JunJun a handshake followed by a warm hug,

then proceed to take a bit of the cake using the fork. JunJun who standing near Mamo, shyly asked him, 

“Hey~ so when do you want us to get married?”

Mamo and everyone else laughed and clapped! Although complained about JunJun gave him a ‘Fatal Blow’, Mamo still held the fork with cake on it, ushered Jun to stand beside him and pointed the cake at Eguchi Takuya. 

Egu looked hesitated, but JunJun gestured him to take a bite…. only to shoved him aside a second later, and ate the cake by himself!  

So Miyano Mamoru and Fukuyama Jun live happily ever after, with a moping Eguchi Takuya.

The End XD

Maybe you already know, but A LOT of seiyuu (especially the male one -__-”), basically surviving by convenience store’s bento and eating out

Kaji Yuki is one of them. 

Seiyuu like Toriumi Kousuke (who can cook AND willing to cook), Yasumoto Hiroki (it’s basically his hobby), Sugiyama Noriaki (hobby also), Sugita Tomokazu-Nakamura Yuuichi (maybe just lazy to go out), Onosaka Masaya (hobby, again), Suzumura Kenichi (hobby, duh) are not many.

The younger one like Shimazaki Nobunaga (who cook because he misses his mother’s taste), or Umehara Yuuichirou (part hobby, part saving money) are even rarer.  

Aoi Shouta only knows how to make pancakes. KNOWS, not good at

Okamoto Nobuhiko basically lives by sweets.

Suzuki Tatsuhisa doesn’t have a preference and thinks that almost everything tastes similar.

Kimura Ryouhei and Uchiyama Kouki likes to go out together, trying a different restaurant each time.

Hosoya Yoshimasa likes drinking (sweet white wine) more than eating.

……… Let’s see if Eguchi Takuya’s still hold on his resolution, next year XD or he just get dragged by his friends and eating out again

It’s funnier when you know that the one who made the comments is the seiyuu of this guy:

And the one who own bottomless pit stomach is this guy:

Who is a really good friend with this eternal drunk guy:

At the late night radio program which was hosted by this two:

This is part of my Haikyuu!! [Inside the Recording Room] Theme: FOOD!!; It went crazy after I realize (long time ago) that 1) Too many stories. 2) It wouldn’t make sense without showing the relationship between each character’s seiyuu (they are pretty good friends, but several are besties). 3) It’s LONG. Like SUPER MEGA LONG! 4) Between they will never be posted, or small post, I choose to break it down and rewrite it again in the future. Hope it will make sense then.

– – – Namikawa Daisuke☆Yoshino Hiroyuki’s Sleep Talk Ep.23「浪川大輔☆吉野裕行のネゴト」第23回 –