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questionseeker  asked:

Seeing as though we're on the topic of EqG designs, what do you think of Sci-Twi's design in the EqG specials? She's the closest to a redesign for one of the Mane 6 we've gotten and, I won't lie, I think it's a tad too busy. :/

Well its…

Ya know, you’re right. Though I wouldn’t say it’s too busy. I’d say it’s too *noisy*, specifically when it comes to the colors.

They clearly wanted to use all the same colors as Pony-Twi’s EgQ outfit, but still make this outfit unique. But that resulted in the color that’s better as an accent (the fuscia) becoming a main color of the outfit, especially with her top being mostly made up of it.

Fuscia is such an INTENSE color, to use it as anything other than accent, at least in Twilight’s design, is overwhelming.

I think the design details of the outfit are fine. If you just presented this as colorless line work, it’d look just fine–though still, kinda in line with the older Mane 6 designs, which I still say is it’s own issue.

Because, I will say that I didn’t even remember Sci-Twi’s outfit here. I had to look it up. Despite being a recent design, it really fits in with the older designs–much like Sunset’s older design, being a bit more detailed than the others.

So yeah, I’m not a big fan of it. Not a big fan of Pone-Twi’s outfit either. I think the puffy shoulders=sleeves look juvenile and silly :V

Shoutout to The Crystal Prep Uniform though.

Now that outfit is cute af.