Alright guys, I wanted to take some time out from the lovely vape porn and vape humor to discuss something serious. Something that may or will affect all of us. 

Recently, the FDA rolled out a proposal to have authority over e-cigarettes. As far as we know, it regards e-cigarette juice and possibly hardware. What many of us do know for sure is that they want to now classify e-cigarettes as tobacco. Now, going by semantics, this topic is already up for debate, and what a hot debate it is. 

As an avid vaper and business owner, this scares me. Terrifies me to be completely honest. Not to mention there are many people out there who are making a living and even feeding families in this industry. Now, many of us aren’t even sure of what the future holds for us and it’s looking pretty bleak. And it’s not just about the money,  look at our community. Our community is one of the best around. We have the most kindest and helpful people in the vaping community. People who invest a lot of time into helping others get educated on vaping as well as even spending their own money helping people get started on their path to being smoke free.  

FDA’s proposal is out to kill our innovation. Look at that mod you’re vaping on. The Kayfun and other awesome RBA’s will possibly be non-existent. Think of all the people who are out there finding new and innovative ways to safely vape your favorite e-juice. Look at all the awesome e-juice makers who are constantly putting out awesome flavors and combos. They may not exist either. 

Will we be like our stoner friends who have to speak in code in order to buy our devices and juices? Will we have to find unnecessarily creative and possibly illegal ways to purchase our favorite flavors and gear?   

Will we all have to turn into 21st century Al Capone’s, finding discreet ways on getting these products into our and others’ hands? 

I don’t want to keep rambling on, but I just want to end it with this. These are personal details and I want to share with my fellow vapers. 

I lost my father to cigarettes. He died when I was 13 years old. He tried everything to quit smoking, but this was in the nineties, vaping was pretty much non-existent back then. 

He tried the patch, didn’t work

He tried nicotine gum, didn’t work

He even tried nicotine lozenges, didn’t work

After a year of not touching a single analog, he went back to smoking and died in his sleep.  

Think of all the people we’ve helped by making the switch

Think of yourself, how did you feel when you switched over? 

Think of the first time you woke up in the morning being able to breathe easily without coughing up all of that nasty phlegm. 

Think of how your friends and family tell you how you don’t smell like an ashtray anymore. 

I still remember that day, after having not smoked an analog for 8 months, where I ran a whole 5k and still being able to breathe at the end of it. 

I still remember that first morning I woke up being able to breathe. Didn’t cough up any phlegm at all. I still remember my loved ones telling me that I no longer smell like an ashtray. All the money I saved. No longer needing to look around for a lighter. Being able to run and not have to stop and ‘catch my breath’ after only 10 minutes. 

I am going to create a page on this blog with informational links on this issue so that we all can stay informed. If ayone wants to help, feel free to hit the ask box or e-mail 

Vapers, bloggers and business owners: we need to stick together and fight this. We just can’t take this laying down and think that everything will be okay. But, let’s do this the right way, let’s stay informed and not resort to hysterics. We need to fight this with knowledge, maturity and dignity or else no one will take us seriously. 

I’m not asking for you 'like’ this or reblog this, but I am asking that you spread the word and continue to support your favorite vape companies. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today.