ahmahgad would you guys be okay with me just dumping my [OBVIOUSLY EGOTRON] sketch dump? i have almost 5 pages of doodles (and that’s not counting my digital sketch dump yo) from that book that i posted the cover of some time ago

if you guys want to see it i guess just let me know because i don’t know when i’ll be done with them

i had to add this picture because i feel obliged to post with content- always original  (◡‿◡✿)

sorry it’s not colored idk i can’t do it right now unfortunately because >school but it was one of the less sloppy ones i have around my folders heheh

Imagine the chat, in its entirety. 

Imagine us, existing not in the way we do now, online in text & cam form. Imagine all 30 or so of us in a college campus setting, all staying in the same dorm. We meet in the common room at 1 in the morning most every night and discuss Egotron and other personal things.

We swap sketchbooks and have drawing parties and contests for who can draw the best Egotron porn.

We have a drawing party one night. Everyone is in a circle drawing porn.

Suddenly, Arin and Jon stumble into the common room, both clearly inebriated.

We all turn our heads at the same time to stare.

What would we do?

Today’s my birthday so i decide to give this to all the egotron fan boys and girl,cumfaggots, Lovelies,ect

This is Jon and Arin’s Baby. I put both their pictures in a Babymaker and here’s their love child. Ladies and Gentleman, Please Welcome Baby Grump. I posted this before but I accidentally deleted it. Sorry guys!{For people wondering,I use I put Arin as the mother and Jon as the father}

ever had a feeling u wanted to put on a piece of paper
but u don’t have the artistic mastery to do it
so u jus-

anyway what i really wanted to put across with this was that across my life I have met the most amazing people. 

They all have flaws, they all have talents (yes every single fucking one of you. shut up) they all have dreams, they all have fears, they all have stories to tell. I just wanted to let you all know when you find people like this don’t your dare let them go. You have found a fucking diamond, a puppy, a taco i don’t know whatever the fuck is “precious” in your opinion. And you don’t just fucking throw that shit to the wayside. And don’t you ever think you’re a burden to them or are being annoying.

For ya’ll who say or think “oh no my problems are annoying”. no honey. Your problems are human. We each have them, different kinds, some are physical, some are emotional, some are mental. But you know what? Your friends, your real friends, won’t give a damn about that. They’ll be too busy obsessing over your wonderful personality or the way you laugh or the way you make others laugh or the way you just fucking exist. So hold tight to these friends man.

They’ll keep the demons at bay.