egotron high school au


“You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” One Arin Hanson, the only one like him in these parts, chuckled with a mischievous mirth that made him so irresistibly charming, bending down to pick up the various textbooks and notebooks and sheafs of paper now scattered in a circular explosion around the two boys in the emptying school hallway. 

It was odd, Jon thought, to have someone as intimidating as The Arin Hanson be, well… nice. He had expected something along the lines of, like, a slam into the lockers and a growly but kinda cool who do you think you are, you piece of shit? To this short nerdy scruffy kid, who was so clumsy to boot that he probably gave Arin a bruise somewhere– Gulping, his picking up of his work became even hastier. It seemed that his hands were finding it impossible to actually pick anything up at the worst possible time. Ever. 

Oh god, what is he gonna think of me?! Jesus FUCK, whaaat the fuuu-

And interrupting his thoughts as he stole a peek under the dark curls that obscured his vision at the undoubtedly handsome rugged boy, nay, closer to man than anyone in his grade he had ever seen, was Arin staring back. 

And oh, what a stare it was. For what felt like forever, as the cliche goes, he could feel himself get so lost in the depth of those dark pools with such intent and soft kindness that he almost lost control of himself, eyes rolling slightly and the attack on his dry lips renewed, the grip of his bite on his lower lip hard enough to make it bleed. He felt the already-few papers slide between his fingers and gently wave to the floor at his feet. Their eye contact never broke, as Arin scooted closer towards him, as awkward as it was in their crouching positions, and without skipping a beat he picked up the few sheets Jon had dropped in one hand and the other somehow, somehow, naturally rest on Jon’s knee and he felt like he was going to just. Keel over and fuck off to heaven. 

“Did my stunning attractiveness just knock you out?” 

Arin smiled a wolfish grin, and his eyes never left Jon’s, and Jon could feel himself getting a little lightheaded again. Perhaps it would not be entirely unsuccessful if he did just so happen to ‘faint’ right into Arin’s shoulder and sneak a deep inhale of his hair…