Pain-Free Convictions

I discovered the Egoscue Method three years ago while experiencing the worst episode of immobilizing back pain I’d had in the entire 15 years I’d spent up until then of dealing with recurrent chronic back problems. When I got the book Pain Free from the library and started doing the exercise menu for low back pain, I was wearing a back brace, using a cane, and taking prescription opiate painkillers which I urgently wanted to get off (my system does not like the opiates one little bit).

Four days later, having done the exercise menu each morning, I looked at the clock and realized it was 4:00 in the afternoon and I hadn’t taken a painkiller all day — not because I was trying to tough through the pain, but because I hadn’t thought about it.

I called the Egoscue Clinic in San Francisco that afternoon to make an in-person appointment. If the book could make that much of a difference, I wanted a personalized program just for me.

Now, three years later, I walk, I run, I ride my bike, I climb trees, I’m training to do a half marathon, I want to take tumbling classes, and I’m stronger and fitter and more flexible than I ever have been in my life.

Egoscue rocks.

From a post on the Portland Egoscue Clinic’s blog:

The Egoscue Method is based on certain beliefs that Pete Egoscue has. Let’s call these beliefs “Pain Free Convictions.”

  • You know more about your health that anyone in the whole world.
  • Your instincts will guide you if you listen to them.
  • The body has no design flaws.
  • Pain is merely a signal – the body’s voice. It should not be feared and will not if you are listening to your instincts.
  • Effective therapies treat the whole body as a unit.
  • Age is not the determining factor in health.
  • Your attitude must be positive.
  • Thoughts unexpressed are detrimental to good health.

Which of these statements challenge your current beliefs?

Do you see any of your current beliefs that might be worth reexamining?

Let me know what you discover by commenting below.