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98, 37, and 20?

Hi there, thank you for the questions love! ♡

98. Do you have any scars?
Just answered this right here! :^)

37. Favorite swear word?
I probably use ‘fuck’ the most? However, I really like some of those good ol’ Danish swear words (Egon Olsen is my hero lmao). I also really like the word ‘wanker’?

20. Are you religious?
Nope. I was kind of religious as a child (up until I turned 14, I think?), though.

Ask the mysterious Dane random questions! :^)

Growing up Danish
  • “Dog farts” and “Big Boobies” candy
  • Mathilde vs. Cocio discourse was intense
  • “Skide godt Egon”
  • Watching the same Olsen Banden movie every other week because it was always on TV
  • “Snurre Snups Søndagsklub” and Bubber in general
  • Literally being excited for December because of Rice Pudding all year and singing that “it is rice pudding… Tsk tsk tsk” song every time you eat it
  • “Ole Bole gik i skole…”
  • “Aura for Laura bukserne de flagre” and “Dem der hvisker lyver, bukserne de flyver…”
  • Going to Bon Bon Land in the rain but still enjoying it
  • Going to the beach in 15 degrees celsius because the sun is shining a little bit and it’s been a rough winter
  • Fastelavn
  • Your parents bashing Halloween and Valentine’s Day because “we’re not in America” but still letting you go trick and treating (but only at the houses with pumpkin deco)
  • Hjemis!!!
  • Not being allowed to go on the Golden Tower in Tivoli Gardens
  • Salty black licorice
  • That one classmate who had licorice root in their lunch box
  • Finding out that “Children’s hour” on TV is only half an hour long and getting severely disappointed
  • Pyrus!!!
  • Trying to convince your parents to let you open your Christmas presents before dinner but having to wait until after you’ve danced around the tree
  • Jumping into the new year
  • “Nature and technology” classes
  • That one really morbid song about Ducktown that everyone wanted to sing in music class
  • Kim Larsen
  • Rollo og King

@fuckyeahnorwegian   americans go their whole life….without watching Olsenbanden Jr……… how.. wHY??. asexual mastermind kid criminal Egon Olsen with his two friends running around kicking adult ass with musical numbers and SEVERAL cakes…. set in the 1960s…… defending the orphans…… egon olsen.……….hating the police, being the antihero, doing right by doing wrong, friendship, DYNAMITT-HARRY. YOU DON’T KNOW DYNAMITT-HARRY