Onceler Fairytales

So today at lunch I came up with a few Onceler fairytale titles. I’m working on one of them, so I’ll posting that soon, hopefully.
Little Red Riding Gent (credit for this goes to stopaminutecutie. I’m currently working on this)
Steamler in Wonderland
Honest!Onceler and the 7 Loraxes
The Gentleman and the Beast
The Little MerSnug
Hansel and Gretel(Ted and Audrey)
Tel-punzel (Telepathic!Greedler)

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Hey, so, I did some baking today ‘cos I got bored and thought maybe you’d like to try some.

It’s just brownies, I mean, nothing special. You’re probably used to a bit more…refined desserts but I’m not that good in the kitchen.

So, uh…yeah. Here.



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Oh…well thankya, Ego. Very much. Really, there’re really good. Besides, it’s th'thought that counts, right? Heehee.

Thank ya very much, Ego. This…this was a really great gift, heehee~

I would like to make a quick announcement concerning October and Halloween.

Due to Twitchy’s condition, this will be a spook-free blog. No URL change, no theme change.

I, however, will probably be sporting some kind of Halloween costume toward the end of October and I will start distributing candy for the week before Halloween.

Twitchy will just be hidden in the bathtub with a knife.

That is all~